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Allotment Adventure

by DMW

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© Copyright 2009 - DMW - Used by permission

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John arrived outside the main gates of the local allotment.  Since food prices had risen so sharply, he’d decided that getting one was not only economical but good exercise as well.

That wasn’t the only reason; John liked to dress up in his wife’s clothes and he realised that down there was pretty secluded and he could wear her clothes under his own while he worked.

As time went on, the thrill of wearing women’s clothes and the risk of being caught caused him to introduce bondage into the cross-dressing.  Tonight was going to be the night of his longest session so far and he couldn’t wait.

He told his wife he was going round Eddie’s to play on his PS3 for the evening but headed straight to the allotment, taking a plastic bottle with him.  His wife told him to text or call as he was leaving but he said she’d probably be asleep before that happened and he wouldn’t want to wake her.

Arriving as the sun began to fall, John wasn’t surprised there were still people around, just a little disappointed.

Instead of letting it get to him, John grabbed a hoe from the shed and starting weeding a bed.  While he was doing so, the rubbing of his cock against the black silk thong he was wearing caused him to become a little aroused and it wasn’t long before he found himself falling out of them into his jeans.

More aroused now and confident everyone else had left, John went back into his shed and pulled out a plastic bag hidden underneath before going inside and closing the door behind him.

Quickly stripping off his jeans and t-shirt, John tucked himself back into the thong, checked the suspender clips and ran his hands over his stocking covered legs.  Reaching into the bag, he pulled out a black bra, completing the set with his thong, and put it on.  Grabbing a pair of high heeled shoes he put those on as well.

He was so tempted to step outside of the shed and walk around his plot but the light hadn’t faded quite enough and there were houses overlooking the allotment that people might see him from, especially as it was a full moon.  Deciding that the risk wasn’t worth the thrill, John stayed inside his 6’ x 4’ protective shell.

Emptying the contents of the bag on the shed floor, John laid out the blanket he would be resting on, figuring that would be better than any splinters.  He sat down on it and grabbed some rope, specially modified with a release clip at one end and began wrapping it tightly around his ankles, making several knots at both front and back so he wouldn’t be able to undo them until his hands were free.

The light had all but gone and John checked the battery level of his portable light before switching it on.  The moon couldn’t be guaranteed and since he knew from his experiments that the key holding ice would still be good for about another 2 hours, he’d need to see the key to obtain his freedom.

Lying down on the blanket, he adjusted his position to that which was most comfortable for him, put the bottle within reach by rolling over and picked up the handcuffs.

Locking his arms behind his back, he fumbled for the clip on the end of the rope and attached it to the centre link in the handcuff chain.

And exhaled.

John lay in the dark enjoying his solitude.  The sounds outside were almost non-existent as nature went to bed and John was happy to think he might be the only human being on the planet.

The clothing felt good against his skin and he shuffled around to make sure he stayed comfortable.

His solace was interrupted by his phone vibrating in his jeans pocket.  Laughing as he chastised himself for not putting it inside the thong for extra stimulation, he wondered who it was.  There were a few minutes of silence where he was just re-entering his zone before the phone went off again.

“Sorry,” he said to any animals who might be nearby.  “I can’t come to the phone right now.  I’m a little tied up,” and laughed again.

The phone stopped again and it was a few minutes before John began to wonder if he could get enough stimulation on his own and started pressing his groin into the floor.  It certainly felt good and he figured it might just give him enough but after realising that he didn’t know how long he might still be there and not wanting to lay in hold cold cum, he stopped.

As he did so, he heard a noise outside and froze instead.  He thought at first it was an animal but quickly realised that it was constant movement and it was coming towards him.  Suddenly, the light from outside was all but blocked.  Someone was looking through the window!

John’s heart had never pounded so hard as it was now.  He wondered who it was.  There was an allotment watch so it could have been a warden. Had someone seen the light from his shed?  Or his car still parked at the gates?  Or maybe one of the houses over the way had seen him go into his shed but not seen him come out.

The door opened.

“So this is where you are.”

It was his wife.

“Hi honey,” John managed with a weak smile.

“Hi,” she smiled back but it was a hard, thin lipped smile.  “You didn’t answer your phone, so I called Eddie.  I thought it was strange he knew nothing of you going over to see him but now I understand.”

John caught the tone in her voice.  “You understand, but you’re not surprised.”  It wasn’t a question but his wife answered it anyway.

“Not exactly.  I’ve known for a while that you like to take my clothes.  My drawers being messed up or my underwear I know I haven’t worn in the wash.  And now I find you here, like this.”

Despite himself, John found himself getting aroused.  He tried to adjust himself on the blanket but couldn’t get comfortable.  His wife, seeing this, put her foot on his shoulder and tipped him backwards.  His erection was clearly visible over the top of the thong.

“And you like it,” she said.  It wasn’t a question.

“Honey, I can explain.”

”I doubt you can,” she replied.  “But I’m willing to give you a chance to try.”

”Well, you see,” John began but his wife interrupted him.

“Not now, in the morning.”

“The morning?”

“Yes.  You seem to like it down here so I’m going to give you more time.  I’ll come back for you sometime before noon and you can take me out for lunch and explain.”

With that, John’s wife picked up his jeans, t-shirt and frozen water bottle and left, closing the door behind her.

John knew he was stuck.  Even if he had a spare handcuff key, his car keys were in his jeans pocket and he certainly wasn’t going to walk home dressed as he was and although he could release and stretch his legs, he knew he couldn’t free them from the ropes or leave the shed.  He was stuck.

As he lay there, John rolled over and flicked the light out since there was no point in risking anyone else coming to see who’d left a light on.  He pondered what he could possibly say to his wife although he wasn’t sure how she’d take it or even if she’d stay with him though he hoped she would.

He released the safety clip and turned over into the foetal position.  In the darkness, the fantasies came.  Just before he fell asleep he smiled and wondered if her knowing would be a good thing after all.




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