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Almost All Nighter

by Sissy_Mayuri

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© Copyright 2019 - Sissy_Mayuri - Used by permission

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This is a true story depicting one of my adventures with self bondage.

Having days off alone at home are nice and peaceful. They’re also great opportunities for some cross dressing and self bondage. I haves some bondage gear I have acquired over a couple years that I like to tie myself up with or wear around the house when I’m home alone. Combine that with a little cross dressing and it’s a fun day. All I have for cross dressing at the moment though are tights, panties, a skirt, a couple leotards, a corset, and a pair of heels. I plan on getting more things to dress in but I’m happy with what I have for now.

I decided one morning that I wanted to completely tie myself to my bed. I grabbed a pair of tights, a leotard, and my corset. Things wouldn’t be complete though without a chastity cage and a butt plug. So after I lubed up the plug and slid it inside me and locked my chastity cage on, I was ready to get dressed. I put on the tights first then slipped on the leotard. Next I put the corset on over the leotard making it to where I would have to remove it first if anything else was to come off.

The bondage gear I chose was a set of locking wrist and ankle cuffs, lockable harness ball gag, a blindfold, a few coils of rope, and some zip ties.

I secured the rope to the bottom corners of the bed and to the top of the bed in the middle. I placed my cuffs on my wrists and ankles and locked them on. I set my keys just under my pillow in case I needed them. I also grabbed a pair of scissors and laid them close by the top of the bed as a safety release. I positioned myself on my bed and started to secure my ankles to the bottom corners of the bed. Then came my blindfold and my harness ball gag and I locked it on too. With the harness gag over the blindfold, I couldn’t take it off unless the gag came off first.

The rest was a little bit more challenging to complete now that I was blindfolded. I found the rope I tied to the top of the bed and tied it to the D-ring at the top of my harness gag. This made it impossible to sit up or move around the bed. The only thing left to do was to secure my wrists. I took some zip ties and placed them on the rings of the cuffs. Then I placed my wrists above my head and under the rope tied to my gag and hooked the zip ties together with a final zip tie.

My bondage was complete and I couldn’t go anywhere. I was in ecstasy. I was dressed up, locked in chastity, butt plug inside my rear, and tied up to my bed. I tested my bonds and struggled, enjoying the feeling of being bound up. I was straining in my cage and could feel the plug in my butt pressing against my prostate. I wanted to cum so desperately, but had no means to get myself off tied like I was.

Sleep almost took me after all the struggling and trying to do whatever I could to get off in my bonds. Two hours passed and I wanted to release myself. I tried to move my hands up to where I put the keys to the cuffs under the pillow. I was mortified to find out I couldn’t move my hands far enough down to reach them. I felt around trying figure out why my hands were stuck and discovered where I had went wrong. The zip tie connecting my wrist cuffs was secured around the rope tied to my gag, not under it. My wrist cuffs were fastened to the rope tied to my gag and I couldn’t move them too far anywhere.

I tried to reach for my scissors, but of course couldn’t reach those either. I felt defeated and scared. If I couldn’t find someway to get free, my only way out would be one of my roommates when they got home. I absolutely did not want them to find me like I was. I would die of embarrassment on the spot. Another hour passed before an idea struck me. If could loosen the rope tied to my gag, it might provide just enough slack to reach either the keys or the scissors.

My fingers fumbled with the rope and finally found the knots and went to work on them. I was able to get the knot loose only slightly. Luckily it was just enough to reach the keys under my pillow. Relief hit me like a crashing wave and I started on getting my locks opened on my cuffs. Hearing the click of the lock popping open made me feel ecstatic. Once my hands were free the rest was no problem.

I’m happy I was able to free myself and save myself the embarrassment of being caught. I can’t help but wonder what might have happened had one of my roommates found me. I guess I’ll never know unless I ever make a mistake again while tying myself up. Part of me wants to never go through the humiliation of being caught, but another part of me wants to one day be discovered dressed and completely bound and helpless.


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