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Almost Caught

by Fetter

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A True Story

Something triggered my interest in bondage around eighth grade. I’ve thought about it many times but I cannot narrow it any better than to "something". I do recall playing tie-up and escape with my best buddy and that meant grammar school as we went our separate ways for high school (we would each other and see if we could escape: he never escaped from my tying and I never failed to escape his). Anyway, by the next grade, high school, I was into bondage, but totally self. And I was ashamed for bondage always seemed to result in ejaculation and I knew masturbation was a serious sin.

I remember reading several Micky Spillane novels. There seemed to be some type of bondage scene in many of them. One of the novels had his secretary, Nelda, nude and suspended. I read and re-read that passage, which is clearly where my preference for suspensions came from.

There were two favorite bondages that I used. Both were done in a near-by park, Jackson Park, on Chicago’s South Side. After much searching, I found a tree that was excellent for my needs well buried in the woods not readily seen. To get to it, I had to swing around the end of a chain link fence that ended a foot or more into a lagoon. It had a fork about four feet off the ground, and in front of the fork was a small tree. I found that by bending that sapling, and eventually breaking it off, I had a tiny platform to stand on. With trial and error, I fitted simple slip knots up both sides of the fork that I could fit my wrists into while standing on the tiny platform. Then, I could just step off and leave myself suspended by my wrists.

Suspensions that way worked fine – I would have an erection even before I stepped off the tiny platform. While this was very good, after a while I determined something more was needed. So I fashioned longer ropes from above to make loops into which I could put each leg. Ah, this worked fine and I now I had some friction to ultimately bring about an ejaculation. I suppose I continued this for several months through the Fall, Winter and into the Spring. But as soon as it warmed up, more people came to the park and so I had to suspend (nice choice of words) for the summer.

During the summer months, I would try all sorts of interesting things. I had a pair of engineer boots and would fill the open space with rocks. This made walking a very interesting exercise. I also found some slats from snow fences with the wires still on them, and I would wire one to each leg to try to stiffen my legs. This was good too.

When it finally got to be November or so, I went back to my tree. All my ropes were gone. Clearly, someone had been there, but I didn’t know if someone just cleaned away the ropes or if someone had seen me. Anyhow, it took only a day to replace the ropes and once again, I was hanging by my wrists but also supported by my crotch. I wish I had known about clothes pins or something else for the nipples, or even to tie up my cock and balls, but Mr. Spillane didn’t offer those delightful additions.

With any luck, and except for the absolutely worst weather days, I could hang from my tree at least a couple times a week. I had no idea that water would make the ropes more difficult to deal with. One day I hit on the idea of a slip knot noose for my neck. After much experimentation, I finally got the ropes all set so that as I stepped off my tiny platform, my weight was distributed to my wrists, my crotch and my neck. Ah, this was glorious. Of course, it took me a while to learn to enjoy it. Initially, my ejaculation occurred very quickly, but I finally got to a stage where I could delay a little. Then there was the day that I just kept hanging after a cum – it was just so delightful. And I was utterly astonished when my erection came back. Naturally, I had to stress myself for a longer period and that was just great. Alas, I had rope burns on my neck and my wrists so I had to be very circumspect around home for a few days.

One day, I decided to branch out. I loved the suspension but the arrangement made things occur too quickly, usually. So, I went tree hunting again. The one I needed had to be a great deal taller but still climbable. In time, I found just the right tree. I found I could climb it with very little difficulty and it had two limbs just at the right height. One limb was about 12 to 14 feet off the ground; the other maybe another ten feet further up the tree. I climbed to the higher limb and attached two ropes. I then lowered myself to the lower limb and sat there while I tied the end of the ropes to my ankles (as I sit here typing this, I’m just amazed at my audacity and supreme confidence). I was going to suspend myself, inverted, a distance from the trunk of the tree with no assurance I could recover! Very shortly, there I hung, upside down, my fingers about six inches or so off the ground. I just hung. It was wonderful. I could hang there, looking up at the sky through the leafless branches or I could look out horizontally and get a different perspective. The best part was that I could hang for extended periods of time.

Obviously, I figured how to get myself down. I could shimmy up the tree trunk after swinging myself over towards it, and release myself. I would secure the ropes so that they would not simply dangle but with all the trees around with their branches there was little likelihood they’d be seen unless someone stood right under them.

And then there was the near disaster day. This tree that I hung inverted from was only a few feet into the woods from a large parking lot. It would be packed in the summer for people at the Lake Michigan beach but the rest of the year, it was empty. So there I was hanging, just doing my thing, when I saw a police car pull into the parking lot. I knew I could not escape in the short time they came across the lot, so I swayed myself over to the trunk and hung on, hiding as best I could. As I hung there looking up, it seemed any idiot could see the ropes and they would come to see what was up. Instead, the two police officers just sat in their car. It might have been as long as a half hour. I could hear them talking but couldn’t make out what they were discussing. The car was parked not ten feet from me. How long would they be there?

Well, they eventually left. I hadn’t enjoyed that day very much and so I quickly released myself. I stayed away from both trees for a while, but I eventually went back many times.

And then I met a girl, but that’s another story.


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