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Almost Stuck

by Subgamble

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© Copyright 2005 - Subgamble - Used by permission

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The events in the story actually happened to me. It was many years ago. I had just graduated from college and was working in a new town. It was not a large town and there was not much to do on weekends. Whenever I could, I practiced self-bondage. During the last four years I had little chance to do that as I always had a roommate. After I settled in and was comfortable with my job, I decided to try a little self-bondage. I had several lengths of rope. I dug around to see what else I could find. I found two pieces of short chain and a couple of locks with keys. Without thinking I laid the keys to the locks on the counter in the kitchen.

I decided that for this bondage session I wanted to be kind of isolated. I had rented an apartment in an old house owned by an elderly couple. It had one of those bathrooms that was between two bedrooms. There was a door from the bathroom into each of the bedrooms. Both doors opened into the bathroom. There were no windows. Since the bathroom was in the center of the apartment, very little sound from outside penetrated it. I would have liked to be gagged. I didn’t have a locking gag. I had already decided how I was going to tie myself. I figured I might be able to reach the gag and remove it. Therefore there was no use putting a gag in my mouth.

I took the ropes, chains and locks into the bathroom, closed the doors and stripped. The kind of chain I had was some that had been left from some project I had done. I forgot what. It was not the kind of chain I would have picked to use for bondage. Beggars can’t be choosers. This was that rough chain. You usually see it used to hang porch swings and things like that. Each link had one of those pointed ends where the wire had been wrapped around it to form the link. The end of the wire used to from the link was not really sharp. It could dig into you if the chain was wrapped around your body.

The self-bondage position upon which I decided was to tie my legs and lock my wrists to my ankles. Rather than use short ropes to tie my legs together at my ankles and knees, I decided that one long rope would be more efficient. I had decided that I would place a short chain on the outside of each ankle and wrap the ropes tying my ankles together over the chain. With a little effort, I got the ropes around my ankles with the chains in position, and cinched the ankle tie. I had a lot of rope left. I brought the long ends up and wrapped the rope around my legs just below my knees several times when I cinched the tie, there was just enough rope left to tie a knot behind my legs, below my knees. I tied a secure knot.

Next I had to get my wrists locked in the chains on either side of my ankles. The first wrist was easy I looped the chain around my wrist, got the lock through the ends of the chain and clicked it closed. The second wrist was much more difficult. Eventually after a great deal of struggling I got the second lock through the ends of the chains. I had to roll over, get the lock in position and push it against the floor to get it locked. After a lot of struggling I was rewarded by hearing a click. I was now in bondage.

I guess I enjoyed being bound for a little over 2 hours. I decided it was time to escape. I thought, “Ok! I’ll just untie the knot and be out of here.” No matter how I twisted and struggled, I couldn’t reach the knot. I worked at that perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes with no luck.

I remembered that the keys were on the kitchen counter. I thought, “Ok! I’m not tied that tightly. I’ll open a door and work my way into the kitchen. I can find something and knock the keys on the floor.” I scooted my way over to one of the doors. I put my legs up in the air. The door knob was too high for me to reach it. No matter how hard I tried, I could not reach the knob to open the door.

By this time I was tired. I relaxed in my bondage and looked around the bathroom. I couldn’t see a thing that would help me to escape from my self-imposed bondage. I thought, “God how am I going to get out of this. I can’t get caught this way. What am I going to do?” The first thing I did was panic. I struggled every possible way to get out of the ropes and chains or get out of the bathroom. Nothing worked.

“Ok, this is getting nowhere fast. Stop and think.” I again searched for a way to escape. I could see nothing that would work. “All right stupid, there has to be a way out of this. Stop and think.”

About that time, I noticed the end of the wire sticking out from each of the links on the chain. I thought, “I wonder if I can use the end of that wire to pick through the ropes holding my ankles.”

I began to use the stiff end of the wire to pick at one of the strands of rope confining my ankles. After a little while I was rewarded by seeing a little of the rope begin to unravel and come apart. I had worked a very long time and had only succeeded in getting a very small percentage of one strand of rope cut. At least my idea was working. After a lot of struggle I got the first loop of rope cut. I still could not free my ankles. I had to cut a second loop before I could free my wrists, untie my knees, walk to the kitchen and remove the chains from my wrists.

I looked at the clock. My 2 hour bondage session had lasted almost 5 hours.

After that, I sure carefully planned my self-bondage sessions.


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