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Almost Caught

by Mike D

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© Copyright 2013 - Mike D - Used by permission

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It almost happened today in my first outdoor self bondage session, the fear of being caught. I've been into not only self bondage for awhile but bondage in general. I've been turned on by it since I was younger and as I grew older I learned more. I loved reading stories about it, videos, toys etc.

Most recently a few months back I decided to Google Self Bondage I don't know how I thought of it but I was looking online for new ideas. New ideas for me to add to my private sessions. New techniques. I came across this site about self bondage stories about some people getting caught, some not almost getting out at all, and their adventures. Outside self bondage is different than just tying yourself up inside. Some of the stories involved both male and female persons tying themselves up and leaving their clothes in a secure area and the key to their release in another. This way what the authors described were tales of them walking thru the woods naked, bound and gagged, hobbling because they were wearing shackles and them telling how they were almost caught. These people were either in areas like public parks after hours, or around their own house.

Which today after reading some of the same stories over and over again. I just couldn't control myself and decided that today was the day I was going to try something similar. All thru out the day I was slowly thinking of ways that I was going to do this. I was thinking of what areas I could do this privately in and not get caught. What would I use for my first adventure, what toys should I add, how should I tie myself up.

As dinner rolled around I bought my family some pizza and me being horny as hell didn't eat much because I wanted to do this sooner than later. It was about 6:15 pm that I finished eating. I hurried downstairs and unlocked my briefcase that contains all my bondage accessories. Anyways. I was getting out my ball gag harness, my collar with three small rings on it, my black handcuffs, my nipple clamps, and my last thing I was looking for was my Rope master. Or generally called the Anal Hook. Which has a loop at the end so someone can tie it to someone or something while the hook is attached to them.

I had such a massive hard on. I knew exactly which place I wanted to do it at. No more than a quarter mile down the road is a short wooded road that leads to a huge sand pit. This has a huge hill that leads down on it. If you were to look to your left there are 4 huge sandpits and to the right is a bunch of open area with a small body of water. Also a wooden road too. I took a walk down into the area and looked down the road on my left which in the distance I saw a nice log. I decided that what I was going to do was put my key down near the log and hide. The walk wasn't that long but since I was horny as hell the walk seemed like forever.

Once I finally walked to the log I placed my handcuff keys behind it and I carefully hid them. I turned around and saw the 4 big sand piles that was to my right as I entered the sand pit. This was again quite a bit of a walk too. Once I walked over the hills and found a nice area to hide my clothes. Luckily my clothes were black and if someone were to see them than who knows. Once I reached the spot I took all my bondage toys out of my cargo pockets. I started to strip and neatly fold my clothes in a pile and hid them behind a nice large branch. Thank goodness I wore black coincidently ( I'll tell you why later).

I started to strap on my ball gag harness which I really enjoy because I love the feeling of having that strapped to my head with a nice big ball gag in my mouth too. Once that was done I was completely naked and was thinking to myself am I really doing this. Well I can't stop now because its another long walk just to fetch the keys. I couldn't give up now so I applied my nipple clamps which felt amazing. I tied my legs together above my knees. This way I had to walk slowly from point A to point B. Once that was done I had my leather belt I was wearing and put it over my arms so that my arms were bound to my sides.

Once that was done, stood my last two pieces. My anal hook which I tied to my collar earlier so that way whenever I would walk it would take a toll on my ass. It felt amazing though, then I lifted my handcuffs and locked my left wrist first. Again I was thinking should I really do this. I couldn't turn back because of all I did so far. So I heard a click and my left wrist was locked, I than brought my arms behind my back to finally lock them. Now I had no choice but to slowly hobble to reach my keys which were approximately an 1/8 of a mile away.

It didn't seem long from when I walked from my keys to where I was standing but I knew I had to retrieve them quickly. The reason why was because it was getting dark outside and there was no way I was going to spend the night like that. I start walking and its painful with the gag in my mouth, the nipple clamps pulling with each step. The Anal hook doing its magic too. I got maybe 50 steps while tied when I heard an ATV approaching from the big hill. I thought for a second that maybe they would pass but nope. I heard it get closer and closer. I started to quickly hobble faster and faster and the first thing I saw was a small hiding area with short trees that had enough leaves to hide me. The bad thing was that it was down a small hill.

I was quickly and carefully making sure that I did not fall. If I was to fall than it would be a longer delay to my hiding spot. Once at the bottom of the small hill, I hear the ATV getting closer, a lot closer. Thank goodness I reached my hiding spot in time. I was thinking to myself that this cannot be happening to me. From the stories I read I could not let this happen to me. Than I suddenly heard another ATV approaching. It went up the hill next to me and thankfully both didn't see me. Here I am fully naked, bound and handcuffed on my knees and no way of releasing myself until I retrieved my keys.

Now when I was kneeling on my knees my nipples were on fire and I couldn't do anything about it. I was so mad, It was humid out and I was sweating like crazy. The mosquitos were everywhere, I could feel them all over my naked body which made me more aggravated. The only thing I could do was just kneel there and wait. The scary thing was one of the ATV riders was occasionally riding near the hill I was at. I was so afraid that he saw me. It was still light enough to see someone naked. And I was praying that the trees hid me just enough. I heard both them talking, could not distinguish what they were saying. From what I did hear was something, "Where did it go?".

"I don't know, maybe somewhere in the woods."

I thought they were talking about me because I could hear the ATVS go near where I had my clothes at. My first thought was Shit. Their gonna probably steal my clothes and than I would have to walk home naked and face some weird questions. I didn't know if they were going to steal my money and my clothes. I was getting kinda excited yet scared because the thrill of being caught was there. But than again I didn't want to be discovered by two guys and who knows what they would do to me. Would they have called the police, would they have let me escape much quicker, or would they have their way with me. The thought was scary but yet exciting.

I don't know how long I waited sitting in the trees naked and bound. Waiting for them to patiently leave. It seemed like an eternity. I did hear them start their engines again which made me happy. What did not make me happy was that they didn't see me when they rode by me. The fact that they waded around driving in circles and circles. Eventually I heard the sound of their engines fade into the distance. Which at this time I knew I had to get to my keys as fast as possible with fear of knowing if they were coming back. The Main reason I had to do it quickly was because it was getting darker and darker by the minute.

Now the climb up the hill was very difficult because my knees were tied and I made damn sure I didn't trip at all. If I did it would've have been really bad news. I eventually made it up the small hill, and as quickly and safely hobbled across the open area to fetch my keys. I didn't care if they saw me or not. I just wanted release for fear of being bound in the dark and getting lost. The walk seemed like forever to get there as each step was more painful than the last. Once I did get there I realized I made another mistake I laid my keys on the ground which meant I had to bend over and get them. This was bad because the pain was unbearable, I was getting bitten by I don't know how many bugs and I was covered in sweat.

Eventually I was able to release myself from my bonds and walk back to fetch my clothes. The walk was interesting being naked outside and feeling free. Anyway I got my clothes and gathered everything I came with. I didn't put on my clothes right away just because I was sweating so much. I eventually made it back to my house, walking inside like nothing happened. I than took a nice shower and from there just reliving the whole experience in my head if this really did happen.

All I know is that If I do this again its going to be when its cooler out and no so many bugs. I guess I'll have to wait huh….

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