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Almost Deserved Retribution

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2010 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

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This is a story told to me by a young British lady who wished to remain nameless, but asked for me to tell her tale. Her wish is my command! So this comes from what I like to call jokingly ‘The Ackerman Files’. I know she will enjoy reading her story, I hope you do as well, enjoy. Ps: thank you to all who have left comments on my work, I am sincerely sorry that I cannot respond directly (work load) but I am sure you would prefer stories rather than E-Mails, but thank you all the same.

S M Ackerman.


Three times this week I have sat on this wooden park bench, watching for one particular jogger, wondering if I will have the nerve to call out to her and hand her the letter I have clutched in my hand.

A Bit About Me.

I am twenty, tall, slim, willowy is how I would describe myself, with long straight red hair, small, but nicely shaped tits and I have been in a long term relationship until two weeks ago!

It ended because I decided to have a ‘sort of’ fling with a Chinese girl called Kim, (please don’t judge me just yet) and Lou my partner found out. I wanted her to find out, but I never expected that she would dump me when she did! I sort of expected that she would be very cross with me, I hoped cross enough that she would punish me for being a slut! I have wanted to be punished by her for ages ever since reading about girls getting bound gagged whipped and abused on the net.

My fantasies started to lean in this direction a while ago, and though I tried to pluck up the courage to ask Lou to punish me seriously, I never really succeeded. I did get her to lightly spank my panties one time, but that is about all.

Lou is a straight forward lady of twenty-five, and I thought if I did something to annoy her she would be so angry that she would want to punish me, and there I would have it, me put over her knee or being told off, or being tied up, or worse I hoped, all because of my bad behaviour.

So I met Kim and I asked her to play-up with me, only once I knew that Lou would be around. It worked perfectly, Lou got so mad that she tore me off a strip in front of all the other women in the gay-club. She made me feel about an inch tall, everything was going just perfectly until she told me to ‘Fuck off’ and then she left.

I followed her to her car, but she locked the door, I begged her to forgive me, to punish me for being such a slut, but she ignored me, and drove away, leaving me on my knees in the car park.

She left our house that night before I got home and I have not spoken to her since, so now you know the cause of my woe. Anyway back to the park. Lou has a friend, (not a lover type) but a friend, and she is into jogging. I sort of hope that if I see her she will accept a letter from me and pass it to Lou, who I hope will read it and act accordingly. This is the third day I have sat waiting for her and now I can see her rounding the far bend, jogging at a steady pace towards me.

She sees me, tilts her head back and tries to ignore me. I stand, she continues past me, head up. I run, catching her up, I hold out the letter begging her please to take it, she does and now I slow, letting her run on away from me. Hoping that Lou will believe and accept my apologies and explanation, and perhaps understand my desire to suffer at her hands more clearly! After all it is this pathetic desire of mine that led me to hurting her in the first place.

The next day I was back sitting on my bench as Lou’s friend again approached me. Without stopping she threw an envelope at me and was then gone. I picked it up recognising Lou’s writing on the envelope, I tore it open, it contained a single sheet of neatly typed paper which I read whilst still sitting on the bench. I looked about me hoping that I was being watched; I deliberately nodded my head, hoping that if Lou was somewhere about she would see my reaction to her letter.

There were clear instructions for me to follow if I wanted to prove how much I both loved Lou, and want to be punished and forgiven by her. They, her instructions, were not going to be very pleasant for me I could see, but if it meant getting forgiveness from Lou, then I would follow them to the letter for her.

Wednesday morning started as a dull overcast day and degenerated into a wind driven, rain-storm, which lasted the whole blood day, and well into the evening. I know how hard the rain fell, I was out in it and without a coat.

Lou’s letter instructed me to walk into town this morning, without a coat or brolly, dressed in nice clothes, consisting of a thin light summery skirt and blouse and no bra, looking like butter would not melt in my mouth, the perfect look for a nice good girl.

I complied, feeling more and more nervous the closer I come to the street and the shop she instructed me to attend. Then there is the street and the shop I have been told to enter. It is set back off the main road down a slightly seedy alleyway, and has blanked out windows painted blue. The sign above the door, though not large, says it all! Adults Only! Lou has sent me here to collect a parcel, which is embarrassing enough in its own way, but the way I am to collect the parcel is quite mortifying!

In haste, I look around me, desperately trying to gauge my time of entry so that I am not seen by passers by! I am also desperately hoping that there are no customers in the shop, because my instructions are very specific.

I must walk in and directly go to the counter and say clearly. ‘Excuse me, my name is Ruth limestone (changed to protect this lady) and I am a horny disgusting slut, and I believe you have a parcel for me behind your counter.’ I am then (once I am given the parcel) to take it, and without putting it into a bag or covering it up in anyway, walk home, where I will place it on my kitchen table in full sight. I am not allowed to open the parcel, on this point (as with all her other instructions) she is very specific!

Entering the shop nervously, my eyes watering at the sudden and unexpected strength of the lighting inside. The door closed behind me clicking shut feeling like a prison cells door to me, I pulled back my shoulders trying to look confident as I walked in deeper, in reality I am feeling a distinct lack of confidence! With every step I take towards the young man standing behind the counter I feel my humiliation rise knowing what I must say to him! I stopped in front of him and said as clearly as I could.

“Excuse me Sir, my name is Ruth Limestone and I am a horny disgusting slut and I believe you have a package behind the counter for me?”

The young man did a double take and then turned away from me, not I notice to pick up a package, but instead to call through the dividing curtain, through which a tousled haired, middle-aged mans head poked in response to his (the young man’s) summons.

“I think this is the woman you have been expecting!” Said the assistant.

The man stepped through the curtains his eyes locked on me, he looked all right in a slightly plump sort of way, but his eyes would keep wandering to my breasts, which only added to my dilemma and discomfort.

“Yes Miss?” Another glance at my tits. “How may I help you?”

What to do, what to say to him, I nearly just said a box please, but then I thought that Lou would get to hear that I did not do as I was told, so I sucked in a deep breath over my bone dry lips and repeated.

“Excuse me Sir, my name is Ruth Livingstone and I am a horny disgusting slut and I believe you have a package behind the counter for me?”

“Yes indeed I do miss slut, and its nearly fully paid for!”

“Nearly.” I asked?

“Yes Miss, nearly all paid for, there is the little matter of you lifting your blouse and displaying your lovely little tits for mine, and the lad’s pleasure!”

“What!” I gagged in shock.

“Your tits love, get on with it, after all you said you were a horny slut, now lets see you prove it, and at the same time earn your package!”

For half of the longest second of my life I hesitated, then I thought of Lou and I reached down and pulled up my blouse. Now I know why Lou had specified no bra. I lifted the thin material right up to my neck displaying my naked B cup breasts; I even stuck out my chest to improve the view for them both. I stayed standing like that for all of an age, letting them both have an eye full, before satisfied he said. “Thank you Miss your box!”

The box is metal and with a clasp fitted with a padlock to secure it tight shut. It is covered in paper fliers, adverts for all sorts of sex aids, some of which I do not even recognise! I drop my blouse, grab the box of the counter, and scurry out of the shop, my face feels hot and sweaty, much like between my thighs feels, although between them is more wet and sticky, soaked by my arousal rather than sweaty, I will admit!

I hear the door slam and I am out in the daylight again, the rain is still falling but now I have my box, complete with its highly visible and very humiliating advertising, which I am not allowed to cover up!

I walked quickly clutching the locked box to my chest, trying to ignore anyone I pass, but feeling their eyes and shock at the blatant pictures plastered all over the box that I am carrying. With hindsight I realise that most, if not all of this is in my mind only, people rarely actually look at other people, but it feels real to me at this time!

I do not dare catch a bus as then I will have to sit in a public place with the box in plan sight, so I walk instead, all four bloody long miles, all in the pouring rain, wearing nothing that does not soak up the water, and my blouse damn it goes completely see through!

As if that isn’t bad enough, my nipples erect and swell out poking at the thin damp material of my blouse. Either because of my arousal at the humiliation I am suffering, or the cold, which cause does not matter to me, the effect is just the same!

By the time I finally get home and out of the rain, the box has got very heavy. My arms ache from carrying it clutched tight, my legs hurt from walking in thin unsuitable, very wet shoes, my feet feel like ice from the cold water, and all in all I feel bloody miserable, but in a strange sort of way elated. Lou has set me this task, and despite the humiliations I have endured I completed it to the letter, even down to putting the box on my kitchen table.

I needed to get out of my wet clothes and into something dry warm and comfortable, my dressing gown will provide for all of my needs. Next, once I am dry and changed, I decided that I need a drink, a nice rich large glass of red wine to be followed by a relaxing rest.

I walked down the stairs intending to return to my kitchen and fix my drink, but halfway down I glance at my front door. On the floor is a letter, it has landed face up and I can see it has no stamps or franking on it. My name is neatly typed across its face; I hurry down the stairs, slip on the bottom one, and start to fall forward. I grab the rail and save myself thankfully, a fall is all I need after the day I have endured!

I ripped the letter open, once I had poured my drink and sat down, the box waited in front of me, with a picture of a huge erect cock waving at me plastered to its side, which is a bit off putting as I am not the greatest fan of the male anatomy! The envelopes single piece of paper I now held clenched in my hand. I open it knowing that it is from Lou, I had known it was from her the second I saw neat typing on the face of the envelope as it lay on my doormat.

I read the detailed letter not once but twice, glancing at the box often, she has detailed the next step in my journey to repentance and forgiveness and in explicit detail. Now all I have to do was pluck up the courage and comply with her instructions! Fear grips my stomach, swamps my thoughts, and generally makes me feel sick, and feel very sorry for myself. ‘Shit’ I thought, she wants her pound of flesh and some! I put the letter down next to the box and picked up my drink, (hardly noticing the strong taste of the wine) so completely enmeshed in what I have been instructed to do this weekend am I, and terrified of both it and the possible consequences to me.

I slept badly that night, the hours passed filled with deep dark dreams, nightmare with consequences, all drive by the coming weekend well Saturday evening really. I woke at four and five and seven and by nine I finally gave up trying to sleep. I have an afternoon appointment but nothing else to do work wise for the day. I somehow muddle through the appointment and keep the client happy, but my thoughts never really leave the letter and its contents sitting next to the dreaded box on my kitchen table.

Saturday morning arrives and still I have had little restful sleep! I am going to be knackered before my challenge or discipline even begins!

Lou and I like walking, we have walked all over the counties of Britain at various times. Ten miles from our home is a woodland park. Deep inside of the dense overgrown wild area, we discovered is a folly! A folly is exactly what it sounds like, a daft idea from the previous century, rich land owners occasionally built towers or fair castles in hidden locations on their land, this one is a tower, a brick mug set in a dell, within the woods, with no road to it only animal tracks! It is to this folly that Lou has instructed I go, taking with me the box.

Inside of the box I now know from her letter are further and specific instructions, the key is hidden near to the base of the folly which will open the box. I am to follow the instructions to the letter; no disobedience will be tolerated in anyway it says! I am having to trust Lou a long way because a key to the shackles contained in the box will only be provided once I have completed my discipline. Then and only then will I be told how to escape, of course if I do not comply I will be left locked up and helpless, awaiting discovery as my only option!

So I have to decide, one, do I go and obey her instructions and fit the shackles I expect to discover in the box, and if I do, do I accept that I have placed myself in this position and therefore have to comply fully to everything she demands of me, if I expect to be set free? I note that the letter does not say that I will be forgiven, or that Lou will take me back in anyway, all I can do is hope that she will see exactly how much I love her, and want me again!

The first instruction is to drive to the woodland, get out of my car taking the box with me and to lock my keys in the cars boot, so that I am trapped here! This I do, hesitantly I admit, but compliantly as well. Scared now I set off into the woods, carrying the damn box as instructed.

I eventually find the folly and placing the box on a log, I set about locating the key. I find a bucket with a lid fixed in place and two holes big enough for my hands to squeeze inside. I put in one hand and feel a disgusting thick sludge. I need my other hand to sift and sort through the mess to locate the key, but eventually I find it, and wipe it clean on the grass along with my hands, well as best as I can!

The key opens the padlock and therefore I can now unlatch the box and lift the lid, I hesitate again, thinking, letting my fear driven thoughts wrack thorough my body and mind, then with a deep breath of finality and acceptance I open the box.

Lou was not kidding when she said shackles, there is also chain and a complex looking gag, along with cuffs and some sort of spray-can of bug repellent I presume (there is no label on the can now)! Right at the bottom beneath everything is a letter which I open hastily.

Part Two

My bondage Punishment begins & a long walk to my freedom, or so I believe!

Dear slut.

Strip, you will then…

The letter explained exactly what Lou expected me to do and I was very right to be scared, she wanted me naked, bound and walking all the way back to my car!

Now I know that this part of the wild lands is usually quite empty of people, but around the car park is a totally different situation. Everyone that comes here to walk amongst nature, parks in that one car park, and this letter orders me to walk to it bound and naked! I sit back holding the letter and shaking, so scared of discovery am I!

Being naked outside is not something I normally do, I have done it but only in very simple ways, and always with the option to quickly cover up to save me any embarrassment if discovered. If I follow Lou’s instructions fully, not only won’t I be able to cover up, I will not be able to escape either if I am discovered. If anyone wants to catch me I know that they can! Rape explodes in my thoughts, I could get caught and raped, even murdered if the person catching me is a nut!

If on the other hand I do not obey the letter fully then I can kiss goodbye to Lou, she will know that my guilt and offer to be punished is nothing but a croc full of shit! I love Lou and I hope she loves me because I am not going to let her down. Decision made I fold up the latest typed letter, putting it back inside of the box, following it with my clothes, one by one as I strip naked.

I do glance around frequently, but see nothing each time. Fear is building, I am wet from perspiration, my sex feels as though it is alive with a mind of its own, at least one part of me wants to do this!

The spray can first, I cover my self from neck to ankles in the spray, it smells funny but nothing out of the ordinary and so far there are no bugs attacking me so perhaps it is working!

The gag is a round ball with straps, which I pop into my mouth, it hurts and won’t fit properly, so I push hard against it and ‘in it pops’, to sit tight against the inside of my teeth.

Quickly (before I change my mind) I do up the straps and click the small padlock fitted to one strap shut. Now I am stuck and with a very visible ball-gag silencing me, so I now have little choice but to continue.

I look at the remaining equipment wondering where Lou got it all from. Then I remember the chap in the adult-store and I have my answer, he supplied it all to her. Logic dictates that he also knew exactly what was inside of the box when I collected it, and he probably realised that it would be little me wearing it all!

I looked down again seeing the eight inch, by two inch round vibrator, and its smaller companion. I know what I must do with them, but I am not looking forward to doing it. I pick up the smaller one and part my knees, leaning back a little at the same time rocking my hips forward as I probe its tip around my anus, trying to push it inside of me, but each push inwards is met by my muscles tightening in resistance.

I stop, and look around for lube, there isn’t any, so spit will have to do I think, but that doesn’t work either! What now? How am I ever going to shove this up my ass as Lou wants if I can’t get it wet? Durr, what a stupid idiot I can be at times! I currently have a very wet and quite natural source of lube dripping between my legs. Quickly the small vibrator is plunging up to my finger tips into my soaking love slot. My body responds eagerly but orgasm is not my intent, it took a large dose of will-power to remove the vibrator from my slit and this time it entered my ass perfectly, once I relaxed.

My slit is demanding more attention, my body wants to come, but the letter said no orgasms, and I intend to follow the letter explicitly. On the other hand the letter also said both vibrators inside of me, and switched on, so I comply! Inserting the second is shear bliss, turning the little dial from off to on should have driven my sex berserk, but nothing happened with either of the vibrators. ‘Flat batteries’ I thought, feeling very disappointed!

Now to hold them both in place, Lou had very thoughtfully provided a chastity-belt, a simple leather belt that once strapped tight would both hold the vibrators, and stop my fingers pleasuring me. I put it on, pulling its straps as tight as I could, then without hesitation I snap shut the padlock and my raging sex is contained, and now beyond my reaching fingers, I know, I tried and failed, and the leather is too thick to feel anything no matter how hard I rub against it! ‘Damn Lou, and Damn him to, the bloody man in the shop who sold this torturous equipment to my Lou!’

Next I picked up a wide leather belt with two single handcuffs fitted at each side. Luckily there had been a drawing provided as to how to fit the belt, and quite a good one it was, very detailed, and beautifully sketched! Who Lou had got to do it for her I don’t know, but whoever they are they are quite talented as an artist. I will be keeping this drawing as a sort of a memento of this evil punishment, that’s for sure! I would like to see more of this persons work sometime, so hopefully Lou will introduce me to the artist once she is talking to me again.

The belt I fit is designed to wrap around my waist (like all belts) above my hips and buckle up tight at the front, there is another padlock to secure it into place, not that it will be need once my arms are crossed behind my back, and my wrists locked into each opposite handcuff!

A snapping sound causes my heart to miss a beat or two, and my head to try to look in all directions at once! I listen petrified at who or what has broken the twig I had heard snap? Nothing happened, no one burst out of the surrounding woodland, pointing at me! Just silence followed by bird noise, the birds chirped, they would be totally silent if there was anyone about so I decide there isn’t anyone and I return to obeying my instructions, though more scared than I was of what is to come!

A length of chain with two large leather straps is the next object I pick up, clearly these go around my ankles, but what is this chain attached to the middle of the restraint? I drag the chain from inside the box and feel resistance after four feet of links are revealed. I look into the box and there is a large (six inch round) metal ball attached to the end of it!

When I strap the leg cuffs into place not only will I be only able to take very small steps, I will also be dragging the four foot of chain and its metal ball behind me! I buckle up the fetters and place the chain and its ball to my side in resigned acceptance.

Again Lou has supplied padlocks to secure my fetters, and these I click into place. I stand up, ready now to complete my bondage, a glance around shows I am still alone, though what I could do about it or to protect myself now I do not know, running is certainly not an option!

I try taking a step or two and realise that the ten inches of movement I have left in my feet is not going to allow for a quick pace. I feel off balance and that is before I secure my arms behind me! Once that is done I am helpless, even now despite my arms still being free I have no other option but to carry on, as I can’t remove my present bonds, and I could not get home even if I could get into the boot of my car to get my ignition key. I have to accept that I am as much Lou’s captive right now, as I would be if it was she shackling me up.

I reach behind me folding my arms across my back and fiddling with the first wrist cuff, I eventually figure out a way to flip it around my wrist using gravity and then I click its mechanism slowly closed until it is gripping my wrist comfortably. Next I do the other, I now have my arms secured and folded behind my back and I am ready to begin the long walk to freedom and forgiveness, if I am lucky.

I turn to face the path from my current hiding place, and try to build some confidence in my thoughts as I take the first hesitant step of many. Accompanied by the clinking of chain as I move, a sound I will get very familiar with, and even more concerned about, the closer I get to the car park.

My second step is rudely interrupted by the sudden explosion into life of both vibrators. My sex goes into overdrive as my ass-hole clenches in uncontrolled reaction to the deep vibrations pulsing throughout my sex. I double over, snatching my hands down, intending to grasp at the leather of my chastity-belt but being stopped effectively by my chains.

Just before I must fall to my knees in ecstasy, both devices stop! I don’t know what to do with myself, I am so near to coming, and now there is nothing! I stand up straight again, breathing harshly through my ball-gag, desperate for them to start again!

Slowly my body returns to a semblance of normality but my juices are now pooling around my sex. I take another step, half expecting a re-run, but still nothing! One step leads to another and soon I feel the weight of the metal ball being dragged across the grass behind me. It probably only weighs a couple of kilo’s but those kilos are causing difficulties far beyond anything I might have expected! Each step seems to be requiring much more effort to complete than it should, this is going to be a very hard trip back to my car, and I expect to be exhausted by the time I finally get there, if I do that is!

Part Three

Let me paint a picture for you.

I shuffled approximately fifty feet from my starting point before I feel a hard slap to my stomach, and the dribble of thick liquid rolling across and down my flesh! The impact knocks the wind right out of me and causes me to double over. Swiftly a second object slams into my bound body, splattering into my right thigh! I yelp with both impacts, which is quite a feat when you consider that my mouth is stuffed with a plastic ball!

Once I recover my breath and have stood up again, I looked around in panic, dreading what I might see, expecting the worst, but to my shock there was nothing and no one in sight, just an empty muddy track along which I have to shuffle. Scared I re-double my efforts, I manage to cover nearly thirty more feet before another something hard and slimy explodes into my naked right bottom cheek, making me yelp again!

Thick viscous fluid dribbles down my cheek leaving a sticky trail behind it. Again I look about, again there is nothing in sight, only the pain in my ass and stomach and thigh, indicate that there must be something or someone about.

The feeling of being watched, of knowing that you are being watched and also knowing that you are completely helpless and very vulnerable is a great stimulation to moving as fast as you can! Not that there is any hope for me to outdistance my observer, not bound and helpless as I am!

Half a mile from my starting point there is a wooden-bridge, which allows easy crossing over a slow moving, dirty-brown stream. I finally arrive at this bridge, and to my horror I discover that someone has wrapped chain around its uprights, and there is a neatly typed note which says


Clearly Lou does not want to make my life any easier than it needs to be! I am certain that I am the slut referred to, and that this message has been placed here just for me, by her! I turn left as instructed onto a very narrow rabbit trail, the damn steel ball now becomes a problem, it will keep getting stuck on tree roots, making me step back to free it!

I have to push forward through the overhanging branches of a weeping-willow tree and drag the ball after me, and at the same time as I am doing all of this, I hear the annoyed buzz of insects flying all around me (so much for the insect repellent).

Now is the time that I realise exactly what the liquid dribbled over me is, it is honey, sweet, attractive, honey, and the insects know it for what it is, and I can already feel them crawling across my ass! I look down just in time to see four wasps landing on my thigh, others buzz all around me the deeper I push through the weeping-willow. Clearly there is a nest of sorts somewhere about, and Lou god damn her evil vindictive mind knows it!

To my right is the stream I need to cross if I am ever going to re-join the main track. Unfortunately for me the banks of this stream are fairly steep and made of thick mud, and I need to climb down, which bound as I am is impossible. The only way I can see, to get down to the water is to sit down and slide my way through and down in the mud!

The trip down one side is easy, though very dirty! Globules of clay like mud have stuck to my feet, legs, thighs and ass. A large lump has gathered between my legs, pressing against my chastity-belt, the metal ball splashes into the stream soaking me! I reach the water edge and try to stand, I am halfway to my feet when both vibrators return to life, the unexpected shock of having them stimulate my sex and ass causes me to loose control of my feet! I am again sitting in the mud, but this time my feet are in the water as well, and despite this, the wasps are still swarming around me! I dare not try to stand again, I couldn’t if I wanted to, not with the vibrators doing their thing.

I slide and shuffle my way into the water, crossing the four feet to the far bank, very aware of the metal ball bouncing along the streams bed. There is no way I can crawl up this bank without being able to use my hands, and they are out of bounds, what with the cuffs securing them.

I use my legs and wriggle up the bank, adding more mud to my already covered body! Finally I make it, and with a last push with my legs I am on the far-side, unfortunately for me, so are the stinging nettles I have ploughed into! Lou is really going to town on me I think, wondering what next?

Now stinging nettles are not the worst sting, if compared to the pain potential, had the wasps been annoyed enough to let loose on my nakedness, but they are not comfortable either, and especially not when the stung area is your butt and breasts, and especially your left nipple, how this got stung I do not know, but it certainly did, and a lot! The pain is a sort of burn and tingle, and is worse if you can’t rub at it, or treat it, and I could do neither!

With the aid of a tree trunk I regained my feet, and eventually the path. When I arrived I looked at the bridge in disgust, and then noticed that the chain and the note were both absent. What went through my mind at the realisation was not printable, but also I appreciated the humiliation and punishment effect Lou had generated, and in such a simple way!

I turned towards the car park again, and without warning two sharp slaps erupted into my bottom cheeks! I did not even bother to turn around to look; I knew I would see no one. The rest of the trip passed in hours of short exhausting strides and occasionally I would get stung by the fluid filled pellets. I know exactly what they are now, I had figured it out when I was near to the bridge, the only puzzle remaining is where Lou had laid her hands on an air powered paint-ball gun and ammunition, and how she had replaced the paint with honey!

Not all of the paint had been replaced though, because five separate times paint balls hit my flesh, and these did contain paint with each filled with a different colour, I looked like a work of art done by a mad artist! One of my breasts is bright green, whilst my pubic area is red, blood-red! God knows what colour my butt cheeks are, but I bet they too are brightly painted.

I slowed as I closed on the car park. Dangling from a tree is a cord attached to the cord is a note addressed to me. It says.

Turn left Slut and obey!

I turn left hoping that my trial is nearly over, no such luck! Lou it seems does not intend to let me off this easily! There is an open dell surrounded by trees and bushes, and in the middle of the open area is a bright orange bucket. A note placed on top of the bucket instructs me to put my head inside of it and then sit on the ground.

I try, but getting your head into a bucket by bending at the waist is not easy. Finally I figure it out, and by getting to my knees first, I can insert my head, and using my chin I can hold the bucket in place, whilst I turn around and sit down. I complete the manoeuvre and wait.

The vibrators erupt again and this time it feels like I might just get an orgasm out of them. I feel a hand pushing down on the bucket base, squashing it tight against my head, I resist, but another hand has reached over my shoulder and long nailed fingers have grasped an erect nipple tightly, and are twisting it! I freeze in pain, and the twisting stops. The message is clear, stay still and no pain, move and well you know!

I stay still, the fingers let go completely, a strap snakes under my chin and over the bucket holding it in place, the hand also lets go of the bucket and the downwards pressure eases slightly. I hear footsteps walking around me, I wait and listen wondering what next? A key fits into my chastity-belt and turns, I feel the belt go slack and then hands pulling it apart, Next I feel my right hand released from its cuff and brought around to my front, it is placed against the base of the now revealed vibrator, both of which have switched off without me getting an orgasm.

The implication is clear, see to your self bitch I think, and without a seconds hesitation I do exactly that, despite knowing that I am being watched! I climax swiftly and then for a second time before the hand returns and repositions my wrist back behind my back.

Next I feel the chastity-belt being pulled back into place and secured with the vibrators still inside of me. Then my companion leaves having undone the strap holding the bucket. I listen hard and eventually decide that I am alone and the bucket has to go, I shake it off and there is a typed note telling me to return to the folly. The steel ball is no longer locked to my leg shackles, thank god for small mercies! I stand, realising that I have three more miles to travel before I have any hope of being free!

The trip back is far easier than the one out, because I am not being targeted by paint-balls, nor do I have to contend with dragging a steel ball behind me. I am dreading the bridge but when I get there it is free for me to cross in the normal way, I cross it and continue on.

I turn off the main track, and thankfully, so far, I have not met anyone, except of course the person who watched me wank myself off in the dell. I push through the trees and into the open space where my punishment started.

I see a woman sitting on the closed metal box! She is tall and slim and familiar, she is Lou’s best friend, the jogger I gave my letter to!

“Hi!” She says to me. “Did you enjoy my treatment of you?”

I look at her realising that it is she, not my Lou, that has punished me so harshly!

“I really hope that you did! I enjoyed watching you having so much fun, and just for the record, Lou say’s that she does not want to see you again, she has no interest in your weird type of sex, but I do, and I would love to get to know you, if you would like me to?”

The End.

I am told that these two have now been together for nearly three years, and have enjoyed exploring many avenues of sex together. Lou got married six months after they split, and is apparently very happy in a vanilla, heterosexual relationship. S M Ackerman.


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