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Alone by Anonymous
Nights like these were the hardest, when I had to do everything myself. Somehow, when she was here, even if she only watched, it made it sexier and less humiliating. Alone, following her written commands, there was nothing to distract me from the bizarre course my life had taken. Nothing to keep my mind off what I had become. But I had spent too long mulling over my situation. She would be home soon. I might not be sure I liked my current life, but I would like it a lot less if she got home and I hadn't followed instructions.

I took a quick shower and dried off. I had recently finished another round of laser treatments and hadn't had to shave my hairless body anywhere in many months. For now, I put my dirty blond hair up in a ponytail to keep it out of the way. I strode around the house and collected the items I would need. The small silver bell attached to my left nipple tinkled quietly as I moved about. She liked to know where I was with having to ask. I laid out her mail, some wine and a glass, checked the door locks and lights, and headed downstairs.

Our playroom was warm and familiar, but also frightening. Down here among the bizarre furniture, racks of leather and rubber, there was no pretending we led a normal life. The mirrors on the walls and ceiling guaranteed that I could not pretend that this was some kinky fantasy happening to someone else. I was the willing bondage slave. I allowed myself a little shiver and got started. I began with a pair of black leather boots that come up just above my ankle. Although the heel was very high, the heavy leather supported my ankles enough that I didn't have to worry about hurting myself in them. I cinched closed the strap that went around the top of each boot. I looped in but did not lock one of the many small brass padlocks piled in front of me. Since I had none of the keys, I did not want to lock anything until I was sure. Next came a wide leather belt. I wrapped it around my waist where it covered me from the tops of my hips to just under my ribs. I had to hold my breath to get it tight enough to close the buckles on the correct holes. It could be worn looser, but she would count the holes and punish me appropriately. I went ahead and locked the padlock on each of the three buckles as nothing else would go on under this. 

Next came the top that had been laid out for me. Again in black, the thick latex top was like a long sleeve turtleneck with two exceptions. It was cut off high enough that it did not cover my belt and left my ribs exposed. More importantly, a large oval cut out of the front left amble room for my breasts to hang freely and unprotected. Although my tits were not huge, only a small C, my white skin, set off against the black rubber, made them seem gigantic. I admired myself in the mirror for a moment, torn between embarrassment and a growing desire. As always, desire won out and I moved on. I picked up a smooth rubber butt plug and began to lube it generously. This one flared to to about an inch thick before tapering down to a narrow base. I knew from experience the extreme taper meant that I could not push the plug out without using my hands, and I wouldn't have the use of those much longer. 

My bell tinkled again as I bent forward and reached behind to slide in the intruder. Catching sight of myself in the mirror, bent over and shoving a thick plug up my own ass, I felt a blush rise in my face and a wetness swell between my legs. Next came a thick dildo. Even well greased, it took a few moments for me to accommodate its size and slide it entirely inside me. Unlike the plug in my ass, this would slide out if left alone. I took two small snap clips and attached them from a ring on the base of the dildo to the silver ring in each of my pussy lips. The clips help the shaft inside me while pulling my lips tightly around its thick base, making me even more aware of its presence. I took the wires that trailed from the end of both plugs and tucked them into my belt for now. 

I walked slowly across the room to retrieve my next item, almost losing my balance between the high heels and the plugs making their presence felt. Even worse than installing the plugs, there was something truly humiliating about gagging yourself; voluntarily making oneself the mute, uncomplaining receiver of whatever was about to come. The smooth rubber ball fit tightly behind my teeth and I began to tighten the numerous straps. Each one got its own lock; at the back of my neck, under my chin, and at the top of head. Before locking the top lock, I added a thin chain that ran from the top to the back of my belt. It had been measured carefully, and for now it forced me to hold my head up straight. To look down, I had to bend forward which caused the plugs to slide even deeper within me. 

Almost done, I walked back to where our stocks had been set up. She had adjusted them so that once my neck and arms were secured in the cutouts, I would be bent over with my back level to the floor. The supports for the stock extended back on either side and I took the short chain from each and hooked them to the locks at each of my ankles. With the locks closed, my legs were held about three feet apart. I took the wires from my two intruders and plugged them into connectors on the center support of the stocks that now lay between my spread legs. I bent over again to retrieve three thin chains attached to a box mounted to the base between my feet. With the last three locks, I attached one to each of the rings in my nipples and now swollen clit. These had also been measured carefully and their short length held me bent over so that my neck now rested perfectly in its spot on the bottom half of the stocks. 

I closed my eyes and ran over everything I had done before taking the final step. I knew there was no going back, but was still reluctant to finish, to make myself completely helpless. Eventually, I gave in to the inevitable and reached up for the top half of the stocks. I laid my neck and left hand in their assigned spots while I used my right to lower the heavy wood down on me. As the matching cutouts in the top and bottom met to encircle my wrists, the top piece bore down on the chain that ran from the top of my head to the belt. Where before the chain had prevented my head from bending forward, now it was held back so that I was forced to look straight forward from my bent over position. The dull click of the latch told me that I was secured. 

The stocks had been positioned so that I faced a mirror on the wall. There was no escaping the sight of what I had done to myself. The chains at my nipples pulled down enough so that I could see the end of each of my breasts in the mirror, trapped like the rest of me. A tiny drip of drool formed at the corner of my ball-filled mouth and ran down my chin. I could see the stairs lead up directly behind me so that anyone coming down, their first sight would be my backside; bent over, plugged, and chained in place. I curled my back as much as possible, pulling against the tethers from my nipples, to test what I suspected about the box they were linked to. If I pulled hard enough, so that my nipples were painfully stretched by their piercings, a switch in the box clicked and the plugs in my lower half suddenly sprung to life. My whole body jumped from the sudden sensation in my plugged holes and as I released the pull on my tits, the vibrations stopped. 

Next I tried to lift my hips by going up on my toes. I lifted as high as the restrictive boots allowed and the chain at my clit was pulled taught. I arched my back until I thought I could not bear the painful pulling at the ring in my clit. The two plugs sprung to life again. The plug in my pussy vibrated faster than the one in my ass so rolling waves of sensation spread from my exposed crotch through my whole ensnared body. I tried to hold it as long as possible before the pain in my feet and clit forced me to release the chain and the plugs died again. Quickly, any embarrassment I felt from my current position was overwhelmed by the need for relief from the growing hunger in my pussy. I alternated between pulling on my tits and my clit, desperately trying to withstand each position's torment long enough for my two intruders to push me over the edge. 

Over and over, I tried to hold on long enough to cum, and each time exhaustion and pain forced me to relax and let my release slip away. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't have to see the pathetic creature I had turned into. Desperately stretching and squirming for relief from the torment I had inflicted on myself. I was so lost in the competing waves of sensation that rushed through me I did not even hear her footsteps on the stairs. I found out later that she had stood quietly watching for several minutes as the sweat dripped off my writhing form and the juice dribbled down the inside of my spread thighs. I only realized she was there when the sudden crack of a crop hitting my ass filled the room making me freeze. 

In the mirror, I could see her standing behind me with a wicked smile on her face, a riding crop in one hand and an empty wine glass in the other.  Suddenly, the humiliation of my condition rushed back to me and a quiet whimper of pain and need snuck past my gag. The room grew oddly quiet, the slight tinkling of my bell the only sound. Finally she broke the long silence, "I told you to wear your hair down." I looked at my ponytail in the mirror and knew it was going to be a long night.

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