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Alone in the Dark

by TeeCee

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© Copyright 2003 - TeeCee - Used by permission

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Alone in the Dark by TeeCee
Friday evening.

Maria felt excited as she stood in her bedroom and stripped off her clothes. It had been a long time since she'd had the house to herself. This weekend, at last, both her housemates were away. Maria would be alone until Sunday afternoon and intended to make good use of the time.

She wondered what to do first. Since she was out of practice, perhaps something simple and not too strict. A bed tie would do, that would give her couple of hours to meditate on the weekend ahead. For this tie she always used the combination lock method. She wouldn't be able to see the numbers in the dark, but when the lights came on she could release herself easily.

Maria believed in safety first. Before even starting on the tie she prepared her release mechanisms and backup. A table lamp was plugged in to a timer which was set to the correct time - a few minutes before 20:00. Maria tested the timer then set it to turn off at 20:00 and back on at 22:00. Since bulbs can blow, she also arranged a second lamp on a second timer, again set to come on at 22:00. Both of these were, of course, out of reach of the bed.

Then the backup - just in case the fuses blew. She opened the curtains a crack. That way, come dawn there would be just enough light for her to see the numbers on the combination locks. She really didn't want to be tied that long and she'd never yet had even one of the lamps blow. But "play safe" was Maria's motto.

That done she started on the bondage.

She pulled her toybox out from under the bed and rummaged around in it. First she took out some leather ankle and wrist cuffs and locked these on. Her key-ring she had deliberately left in another room. She made sure the cuffs were tight. Last time she'd done this she'd managed to wriggle one of her wrists out of its leather binding. That wasn't going to happen again.

Now the ball gag. When she first started wearing this, Maria found her jaw would ache very quickly. By using it a lot she'd got used to it, but even so it would be very uncomfortable after an hour, almost unbearable after two. Good. She forced the rubber ball between her jaws, buckled the strap tightly behind her head and locked it in place.

Next came the four lengths of chain, two short ones about a foot long and two longer ones about twice this. Each was fixed to a corner of the bed with an ordinary padlock, the padlock keys being on her distant key-ring. The short chains went at the foot of the bed and the longer chains at the top. This arrangement meant that her wrists would reach to her chest, allowing her to play with her breasts but not reach any further down her body. It also meant that she'd be able to use both hands to manipulate the combination locks when release time came. It wasn't particularly strict, but that was the idea. She knew from experience that even like this her whole body would ache after a couple of hours whilst her mind would be in an agony of frustration.

As Maria was fixing the chains, one of the lamps clicked off followed shortly by the other. That proved the timers were working properly. The main room light was on so she could still see.

From the toybox she took the four combination locks on which the whole scene relied. Each had been set to the same simple combination, "0000". The last thing she wanted was to forget the combination! She opened each of these and hooked one through the end of each piece of chain. She didn't close them yet.

Everything was ready. She walked across the room and turned out the main light. The room was now dark except for the faint moonlight coming in through the crack in the curtains. Whilst Maria let her eyes adjust she played with her breasts, squeezing and twisting her hard nipples. She desperately wanted to reach between her thighs, but she knew that would ruin everything.

Once her eyes had adjusted, she looked closely at the locks hanging through the chains. However hard she squinted she couldn't quite make out the numbers. Excellent.

Maria lay face up on the bed, took a deep breath and spread her legs. She leant down towards her left ankle, attached the lock that hung through the chain to the D-ring on her ankle cuff. She hesitated for a moment, then clicked the lock shut and span the dials randomly. Then she repeated the procedure with the right ankle.

Whatever happened now she wasn't going anywhere until the lights came on again. As always, this was where panic set in. Had she switched off everything in the house that might start a fire? Had she closed all the windows and locked all the doors? She just had to hope so, it was too late to do anything about it now.

She pulled the top chains across her chest ready to attach to her wrists. Across the room she noticed that the digital clock now read "20:15" so she would be in bondage for almost two hours.

The digital clock. Damn! She'd meant to unplug that. Maria preferred not knowing how much time she had left. She liked the irrational fear that set in when she started to wonder if something had gone wrong with the timers. She didn't want to see the clock.

She cursed. How stupid, to have messed something up in such a simple tie. It was a minor thing really, but it left her feeling frustrated. What could she do about it? There must be something. She couldn't reach the clock, that was certain. Perhaps she could throw something at it? No, if it fell it might blow the fuses or even start a fire.

Maria tried to think creatively - work round the problem. Don't fix the clock, she thought, fix me.

Twisting round she reached down to her toybox and brought out a thick eyeless leather hood and a padlock. She quickly slipped on the hood and made sure that she could breath easily through the airholes. Then she reached round the back and padlocked it tightly in place. The keys to the padlock were on her key-ring.

Perfect. Now that damn clock wouldn't annoy her. Maria felt really pleased with herself for having been so clever.

She felt for the chains and attached one lock to the D-ring of each wrist. The locks were snapped shut and the dials spun.


Maria pulled at her chains and struggled happily in her bondage. The smell of leather from the hood really turned her on. Once she was convinced she couldn't escape, she started to play again with her breasts as she fantasised about being a slave-girl, about the humiliation of one of her housemates coming home early and finding her, about a burglar breaking in, about a hundred other things.

After a while she relaxed and let the feelings of peace that come with true submission wash over her. She started to plan the rest of the weekend. There was probably enough time left for one more scene tonight. What would it be? A hogtie. Yes, that would do. In fact Maria now wished she'd gone for a hogtie first instead of the bed tie. However there was nothing she could do about it until the lights came on and she could see the locks.

See the locks.

Oh shit.

With the leather hood on Maria knew she couldn't even tell if someone shone a torch directly in her face. There was no way for her to see. No way to open the locks. Even her backup was useless.

She was stuck.

No. She couldn't be. Putting on a hood was such a small change of plan, such a tiny mistake. It couldn't cause that much of a problem. There had to be a way out.

She started thrashing again at her bonds, this time in true fear. Nothing gave.

She rubbed the hood against the bed but the padlock kept it tightly in place. It wasn't coming off.

She forced herself to be calm. To think. The locks had four digits, that was 10,000 combinations. She'd just try them all. I might take a few hours, but she could cope with that.

She placed her fingers over one dial and turned. Click. Try to open the padlock - no joy. Again. Turn, click, no joy. Turn, click, no joy. Turn, click... did that click? It didn't feel right. Maybe she'd caught the second dial as well. She turned the second dial back a notch then the first dial forward again. It clicked that time. Or had she now gone too far with the second dial and missed the right combination? She started from scratch, but again she thought she'd made a mistake within the first dozen clicks. Even if she didn't lose count her fingers would cramp after a few hundred combinations. This was impossible!

In desperation Maria pulled again and again at the chains that held her, succeeding only in hurting her muscles. She clawed with her fingernails at the leather wrist straps and the hood. She screamed unintelligibly through the ball gag. She was an animal trying to escape a trap. 

It was no use. She was caught in self-inflicted, inescapable bondage. For the first time in her adult life she experienced absolute helplessness. 

Maria began to cry.

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