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Alone Again

by Lefty

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It seems to happen roughly once a year. My wife goes off to visit family at the other end of the country and I don’t go, because I’ve already been up once this year and also we are going on holiday soon, so I couldn’t get the extra time off. This time she shipped off up North by plane and took our 8 month old daughter with her. I’ve been relishing the time at home alone, but when the reality struck, it was clear just how much I rely on her to prop me up because the void and freedom was overwhelming.

As normally happens during these seperations, I get to indulge myself with self bondage and chastity. My wife is against both and doesn’t know I partake. Last year, I tried to convince her that she should lock a device on and carry the key, as it would be something intimate of me that I would be giving to her as a sign of love and affection. She is so vanilla that Mr Whippy should serve her in a cone with a flake in the top, and she doesn’t like anything that makes me anything less than a man.

This tends to lead to me going way overboard and spending several days in various states of bondage. This year it also cost me a lot of money because, in a moment of weakness, I signed up to Your SM Flirt website. Before I knew it, I had accrued a bill of over £200 for credits to message girls, who it transpired were actually non-existent people, as this is a well known scam and my ego being flattered meant it took me time to believe I was being scammed.

Anyway, passing this incident, I want to tell you about the last night before my wife and child come home. My thing is that self bondage, at least the way I experience it, is a bit like driving 75% of the way to the airport to go on holiday. I get tied up and there is nobody to take control, I don’t set up time release mechanisms, so I have to secure myself in a way that I can release myself. I long to be freed of the responsibility of control and have somebody do the restraining and tease me in my bound state just once in my life.

On the last night of my week alone, I had already tried a number of things and thought I had a perfect idea for bondage. I got myself dressed in a black spandex t-shirt, leather g-string, spandex tights, spandex shorts, and leather shorts. Underneath all that I had put myself in a chastity device that looked like a spaghetti spoon hood locked to a ring behind my testicles. I also had a new favourite toy in the shape of two straps with wires attached, that lead to a battery box. I secure these straps, one behind my testicles and the other one on my testicles between the ring and hood.

I completed this outfit with leather wrist and ankle cuffs and a fly trap leather hood. The hood has eye, nostril and tongue holes, plus two flaps that zip together to make it a full closed hood. I squeezed my head into this hood and pulled the laces at the back tight. I used a long elasticated cord with carabiner hooks on to run between the bottom end the bed attached to my ankles. I then had a shorter cord that was looped through itself at the head of the bed, the wristcuffs and the d-ring on the front of the hood attach to this one, meaning I am face down with my legs apart held in place between two taut elastic cables.

The electro stimulation is set to ‘absorb’ and I start it up! Oh my giddy aunt! The electro stim I can normally handle, I even wore it when I went to the chip shop a couple of nights ago. It seems that the way you stand, lay or sit does vary the effectiveness and being in an imobile state on my front seems to be the most effective at making me jolt. I know this isn’t going to make me explode and I feel quite safe in chastity with a number of layers of slippy spandex and leather covering my groin area, but Wow, I feel like I’ve had a good work out at the gym.

Peeling my hood off again, I try to stand. I almost fall over, a combination of the elastic cord, wooden floor, spandex foot covering and the shocks that seem to still be pulsing through my body, even after I’ve unplugged myself from the battery box.

I only stopped to come and write this, but I think I’m going back for round two now ….

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