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Alysons Story 3

by Fetterer

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© Copyright 2003 - Fetterer - Used by permission

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Alysons Story by Fetterer
Chapter 8

As soon as she was untied, she went to the portrait to examine it herself.  Sure enough, she admitted, they were glass, and they probably were just to scare an occupant of the room.  She stepped back and examined the portrait.  It was of a young woman, dressed only in a severe corset and thigh high boots.

Teasingly, Hazel came and stood by her, saying that Alyson could model for a similar portrait.  Alyson turned and smiled, and then kissed Hazel on the lips.  It was as if she had touched a hot stove!  She recoiled, and stepped back a half step.  Hazel said nothing and walked away.  Struggling to regain her wits, Alyson stood, starring at the portrait.  She stepped closer and reached up to the frame, fingering the intricate wood carving with the flower blossom carved into each corner.  She traced it with her finger and then, on impulse, she pressed the center of the blossom.

Hazel had come back with a cigarette and stood near, but not near enough to touch, and asked if Alyson was looking for a secret panel.  Alyson giggled and asked why shouldn't she since it was her room.  So saying, she moved to the other corner and pressed the bud -- and a panel opened!  The whole portrait slid to the left, revealing an opening in the wall through which a person could easily pass.  The two women looked at each other and then together blurted out let's go.  They paused only long enough to put on their sweaters, jeans and sneakers.

Alyson went first.  She found a light switch just inside and she flicked it, revealing a small room.  There was a chair in the middle of the room.  On one wall, there were dressers and on the other there was a bureau.  Off the fourth wall led a passage and the entrance to a stair well.  Opening the doors to the bureau, Hazel exclaimed over the leather and rubber garments.  There were jump suits, cat suits, sleep sacks (they weren't able to identify these immediately but did so after several experiments over the next several days).  In the dressers were corsets, frilly lingerie, hose, boots, high heels, rope and chains.

After they'd opened and closed every drawer and bureau door, they headed down the passage and found it ended in a dead end, but there were peep holes.  Peering through them, Hazel identified her room.  They searched and found the switch to open the panel, and they stepped into Hazel's room. They returned to the panel and went back to the room where the stairs were.  They headed down.  There were passages branching off the stairs on the first level and they found they could spy on activities in all the first floor rooms.  There were panels to exit into most.

Back to the stairs, and they went further down.  At the basement level, they found a panel, which exited behind the wine racks. The rear most rack slid on gliders to permit entry.  Still, the stairs led further down.  The light was adequate, but not bright. It was also a bit damp. As they got to the bottom, they turned on other lights and discovered a heating thermostat.  Alyson turned up the heat, and immediately they heard the crackling sound of electric heat. They headed down the corridor.  After a few steps, they came to a door.  It was barred with a stout timber.  Together, they lifted the timber and opened the door.

It was a prison cell!  There was a low cot and, in the corner, a pot.  The only light came from the corridor.  Hazel quickly backed out, and after a moment, followed by Alyson.  They found three more cells on the corridor.  A little further, they found a fifth door, but this was much shorter.  They opened it to find a low ceiling, very narrow cell.  Alyson identified it as a cramp cell where the occupant could neither sit, stand or lie down. Moving on, they entered a larger room, obviously a torture chamber.  Nearest the entrance was a huge selection of steel shackles of all sizes and shapes.  There was a rack.  An X cross. A T cross.  A stout chair.  And, in the middle of the room, a simple post which both realized to be a whipping post.

By now the electric heaters had taken hold and the room was quite comfortable.  The dampness had diminished.  Hazel lighted a cigarette and expressed the feelings of them both: Whew!  After a moment, Alyson grinned and repeated the same word.  Then, wordlessly, she went to the chains and lifted a set.  She said they looked as if they hadn't been used in a while, but they had been used; then, she added, unnecessarily, that what she was holding were wrist shackles.  Checking to see there were keys, she put her wrist in one bracelet and closed it, and then she turned the key to lock it.  She did the same with the other bracelet and held the key out to Hazel.  Wordlessly, Hazel took the key, and then asked if Alyson couldn't find a set of fetters too.  At once, Alyson knelt and picked up another set, which turned out to be fetters.  She quickly locked them on her ankles and handed the key up to Hazel.  Hazel helped Alyson to her feet and they began a grand tour of the chamber, Alyson shuffling along in her chained limbs.

Chapter 9

Their tour had lasted an hour.  Alyson had explained the various items as well as she could.  Most, she knew; some she didn't understand at all, but vowed to investigate them. Finally, Hazel suggested they return to the upstairs and discuss what they had found.  Alyson agreed, but she knew there would be many hours when she would be down here, even if she had to do it alone. Back in Alyson's room, they debated what they ought to do about their find.  Finally, they elected to call Alex and see what he knew.  Since the next day was a work day, they decided to call it a nite. Sleep was difficult for both of them that nite.  Alyson fantasized experiencing the lower level.  Hazel's thoughts were more complex. In the end, they both slept.

Very early the next morning, Alyson called Alex.  He wondered if they had any problems and she replied not exactly.  When he wondered what else it might be, she invited him to lunch with her and Hazel. Over lunch, Alyson and Hazel managed to draw out from Alex the story of the prior occupant.  He was young for such a job.  He really didn't seem to be as sinister as someone who had such a job was expected to be.  He was often seen around the village with his lady friends.  Actually, there had only been two that Alex had seen.  The young leader lived in the small village because he wanted to be outside the big, nearby city.  Oh, there were guards whenever he was in residence, but it was sort of strange.  Although not fearsome in appearance, by inclination, the people avoided him.

To Hazel's questions if the house had been a prison, Alex stated he did not know, but didn't think so.  He told them also that none in the village really knew what went on in the house, and now they didn't care for they knew the American women would be an improvement. Both women caught the hint and the subject was dropped.  Later, walking back to the office, they wondered if Alex's unwillingness to talk meant he knew something or if he knew nothing and wanted to keep it that way.  If the former, they were being tested; if the latter, the whole house, with everything in it, belonged to them. They decided to take a day to think about it.  Today was Thursday and the weekend was coming.

Friday evening, Hazel had left before Alyson.  As she completed the closing chores, Alyson wondered what would happen that nite.  Her hope was unchanged but she was also keenly aware of what it meant to share a house with her boss.  How far could she push Hazel?  On the other hand, why really would Hazel object?  Well, she'd know soon enough, she thought as she turned the key in the door and began the journey to their house. As she entered the house, she found a note on the table by the door.  It was from Hazel and told her to go up to the hidden room. Intrigued, Alyson hung up her coat and climbed the stairs to her room.  Dropping her purse on her bed, she moved to the portrait and pushed the bud.  The panel slid open to reveal the lights on in the hidden room.  She noticed another note on the chair, so she entered and picked it up.

This was another note from Hazel.  It said Hazel suggested they have their visit about the downstairs, downstairs.  Further, Hazel had selected a bottle of wine and had also selected an outfit from the hidden room.  If Alyson wanted to do the same, that would be nice.  Bemused, Alyson let the paper drop; but, recovering quickly, she reached into the cabinets and drew out several items.

Returning to her room, Alyson quickly stripped off all her clothes. Next, she liberally applied talcum powder to her whole body.  She had selected a leather jump suit.  It took her a while to get into it but fortunately all the lacings were done on her arms and legs, and all she needed to do was pull the zippers.  Around her neck, she fastened a severe bondage/posture collar.  On a whim, she unfastened the little patches over her nipples and applied a set of moderately severe nipple clamps.  The final thing was a pair of pull on boots that came half way up her calves and had very high heels. One quick pull of a brush through her short hair and then she began the downward journey.

At the bottom of the steps were sets of shackles and fetters, which she knew were there for her to put on herself.  She did so. Walking was a problem but not severely difficult.  The chain connecting her ankles tinkled along the tile floor as she shuffled along. At last she entered the dungeon, and was astonished by the sight she beheld.  Hazel was wearing a rubber corset, which bared her tits and pushed them up to prominence.  On her legs were thigh high, very high-heeled boots.  On her arms were long gloves, over her elbows.  But the most extreme thing was the leather helmet on Hazel's head.  It was tightly laced, almost as a second skin. There were large eye and mouth holes, but the total effect was dramatic.

Hazel nodded at the startled Alyson and added that she thought she ought to dress the part.  She held out a drink to Alyson, who took it and they toasted each other. It seems they both had come to the conclusion that the whole house was their's so they might just as well enjoy it.  Alyson complimented Hazel on the outfit she wore, and Hazel did the same for her.

After a second glass of wine, Hazel suggested that Alyson might want to model the pillory for a while.  Giggling, Alyson replied that it would be her pleasure, but that she needed to take a moment to get out of her clothes.  Hazel nodded, but then got the message as Alyson held out her chained wrists.  After the chains were removed, Alyson began to remove the leather garments. Finished with that chore, the now nude Alyson walked to the pillory where Hazel was lifting the top half of the device.  Another sign of the nature of this dungeon was the padding in the holes for the wrists and the neck.  With no hesitancy, Alyson put her wrists in the two outboard slots and then rested her neck in the middle slot.  The amateurish Hazel began to lower the top.  When it came together with the rigid, bottom part, Alyson's neck and wrists were imprisoned. Very competently, Hazel applied the two massive padlocks securing her friend.  When she made no move to do so, Alyson reminded Hazel it was customary to fasten the wrists with a chain just so there would be no chance of wiggling the wrists from their imprisonment.  Hazel complied.

Alyson stated she was unable to move but was basically comfortable when she was asked by Hazel.  Hazel had lighted a cigarette and then held a glass of wine with a straw for Alyson to drink.  When asked, Alyson admitted she'd never been in a pillory before.  Hazel took Alyson's discarded nipple clamps and put them back on Alyson's nipples, asking if Alyson enjoyed them.  Alyson said the pain added to her enjoyment of the torment. Within a couple minutes, Alyson's distinctive cunt odour permeated the room.  Hazel said, in a giggling voice, that the dungeon was beginning to smell like a whorehouse bedroom.  Immobile as she was, and limited to starring at the floor, Alyson snorted and stamped her bare foot.  Playfully, Hazel swatted Alyson with her whole hand on her ass cheeks and Alyson stood still.

After twenty minutes, Hazel released Alyson, with the explanation that future applications would be longer but tonite she wanted to see Alyson in other devices.  From the pillory, Hazel led Alyson to the rack.  Obligingly, Alyson laid down, face up, on the table. She extended her arms over her head.  Hazel secured each wrist in a waiting leather cuff.  At the other end of the table, Hazel secured leather cuffs on Alyson's ankles.  The rack was so constructed that either the wrist cuffs or the ankle cuffs could be made immovable, or both could be used to stretch the victim.  Both sets of cuffs were attached to drums, which could be turned, thereby tensioning Alyson.  The severest application would be separation of the legs from the body.  A less severe application might result in dislocation of hips or shoulders.  A moderately severe application would be pain.  After explaining all this to Hazel, Alyson simply laid there as Hazel began to turn the drum at her head.  The tension followed the settling of the cuffs.  Grunting, Hazel said that racking Alyson was not easy, that turning the drum was hard work.  Alyson managed a reply that sounded like tough shit.  Hazel laughed, and tugged harder.  Alyson managed to blurt out that intermittent tension was the preferred method over steady, constant tension; and Hazel obliged.  The tensioned Alyson grunted whenever Hazel applied her weight.

After struggling with the rack for a while, Hazel released Alyson. This time, Alyson got a rest, sitting on the edge of the table on which she had recently been pained, having a drink.  She could tell Hazel was smiling and she smiled back.  After a bit, Alyson asked what was next.  Drawing deeply on a cigarette, Hazel wondered what Alyson would like to try.  With a smile, Alyson inclined her head toward the T cross, and when Hazel shrugged, they both moved towards the imposing device.

Studying it, it became apparent this cross had been devised to make it a one person undertaking to hang another on it.  There were ropes and pulleys, that when loosed, and after a pin had been removed permitting movement, lowered the cross to two blocks which held it about six inches off the floor.  Alyson laid face up on the middle post, and then stretched out her arms.  Studying the straps, it was clear the proper position was for the person on the cross to have their arms flat along the cross bar.  Settling to her task, Hazel fastened the six straps to hold Alyson's arms to the cross bar.  Next was the strap under Alyson's boobs.  Other straps were at each thigh, calf and ankle.  Without asking if she was ready, Hazel pulled on the ropes.  Since they were counter-balanced, she had little trouble hoisting the cross with Alyson upright.  When it was in the proper slot, Hazel replaced the pin and there was Alyson crucified.

Hazel stepped back to view her handiwork.  Alyson's eyes were closed, but then she opened them.  She smiled at Hazel and said it was great.  Hazel said in a very stern voice that she wanted to know how Alyson felt for she didn't want to execute her housemate. Alyson assured her that death, as she was now bound, would take as much as three or four days.  To speed the process would require fewer straps, a peg to sit on and, maybe, nails.  With no trouble, she could hang a couple hours easily.  After insisting Alyson not lie to her, and having Alyson re-state what she said, Hazel then said, she would leave Alyson for a bit.  This surprised Alyson, and she asked if anything was bothering Hazel.  She denied it, saying she didn't want to just stand there for a couple hours watching Alyson enjoy herself.  Alyson smiled, and then giggled, and Hazel walked out of her eyesight.

Left alone, Alyson explored how her body was tensioned.  There was an ache in her armpits, and she wasn't sure it would go away.  The strap under her tits was somewhat uncomfortable.  Other than that, it wasn't at all bothersome.  From her readings, she knew she was in no distress until it became difficult for her to breathe; that death on a cross, unless nails were used, was caused by suffocation by the body not being able to lift up to breathe properly.  She stretched her fingers and then let her chin fall to her chest.

Alyson was unaware of Hazel's return, until Hazel asked her gently how she was doing.  Alyson smiled, and replied great; and then she wondered if Hazel was bored with her role of dominant.  Hazel's reply was that she really wasn't bored because she had gone on an inspection trip and had found another hidden room upstairs off the master bedroom.  Realizing it was best to hold Hazel's interest, and not go on and on tonite, Alyson asked if she might be let down, to go see this new room.  With a twinkle, Hazel replied there was no rush and that Alyson could hang a while longer.

And so the crucifixion continued.  Hazel stayed in the dungeon this time, walking around and inspecting some of the things Alyson hadn't been able to figure out the previous tour.  In due time, though, Hazel pulled the pin and lowered Alyson to the floor. After her release, Alyson began to put on her suit but Hazel said she should wear just the boots.  Shrugging, Alyson pulled on her boots and they closed up the dungeon.

The second hidden room branched off the main passage between Alyson's and Hazel's rooms.  It really wasn't a secret within a secret -- they just hadn't noticed the obvious switch their previous times through.  Hazel touched it and a door opened on a largish room.  She turned on the lights, and it turned out to be a TV viewing room.  There was a very large screen TV.   The other furniture was very interesting.  There was an over-sized, leather arm-chair with ottoman.  The other two items were ordinary horses used in gymnasiums for vaulting and so forth.  Each had a largish dildo protruding upward from the center.  One horse had just the one dildo while the other had a second, smaller dildo.  Hazel remarked, as they examined them, that one might be pleasurable but wondered if two might be too much and Alyson pointed out that all seemed to be removable.

Moving about the room, they found a cabinet which, when opened, was found to contain bridles and bits.  Obviously, Alyson said, when riding the horse, one was handled as one.  Another cabinet revealed several video cassettes.  The titles were in German but Alyson was able to make out the word "pain."

Very brightly, Hazel wondered if maybe this was the warm-up room for downstairs, and then maybe they ought to preview a few of the tapes to see what they had.  Hazel added that she would sit in the chair and Alyson had her choice.  Shrugging, Alyson moved toward the one dildo horse, but said as she did, that Hazel would have to put a bridle on her, and that Hazel would have to run the VCR. Without delay, Hazel did just that.  She selected a bridle while Alyson used some cream to lubricate the dildo that she was about to sit on and force up her cunt.  When she finished, Hazel fixed the bridle on her head: there was a band around her forehead and another that went over the crown of her head and under her chin. A rubber-coated bit was fixed in her mouth and other straps secured it there.  The reins were allowed to just drop.  Alyson then stood on the step and swung her leg over the horse.  Then, very carefully, she spread her labia lips, and eased her cunt over the dildo, and she began to lower herself.  When she was satisfied she had it going in properly, she simply let herself drop, emitting an "oooofff" as she did so.

Hazel had watched her with amusement, and then she started a tape.

It indeed was properly labelled: PAIN.

Chapter 10

The movie was one of the German Pain videos.  Alyson had seen a few of them and they really turned her on.  This one had a some-what plain red head and a man with leather pants.  He used a thin cane to strike her on her tits while he forced her to fuck herself with a large dildo, and then with yet a larger one.  Whether she managed a cum with the larger dildo, Alyson couldn't tell, but the red head sure gave a good imitation of a cum.  Her tits were nicely striped. Finally, he stopped and made her kneel over the couch she had been sitting on.  He then proceeded to cane her ass with thirty two strokes.  Alyson was impressed.  The welts were very large. The red-head was then tied to a cross bar and she was caned twenty five more times with a heavier cane.  She was strapped and whipped on her ass with a slapper.  Alyson knew the red head was into it when her cries became softer and more muted.

The whipping stopped and then about ten needles were stuck into her welted ass-cheeks.  She cried out for the first four, but then barely made a sound.  After that, the red head was turned around. Her breasts had been bound up with chains and they had swollen. The man in the leather pants then began to stick pins in her tits. Sometimes she screamed softly, sometimes she yelped, and sometimes she merely breathed deeply.  When he'd finished with that, she was released and the pins in her ass removed.  She then sat with her legs wide spread, opening her cunt, and he held up a much larger needle.  Even though they were speaking German, it was possible to understand her agreement when she throatily responded "Ja" to his question.  What the question was didn't take much imagination for he immediately pinched the lips on the left side of her vagina and pierced them with the big needle.  She was, of course, not bound, but she moved not at all.  She did yelp.  He fumbled with the ring, but finally managed to insert it in the hole he had made.  He then did the other lip, and she screamed loudest at this penetration. Finally, she was pierced in both lips of her cunt.  He then took a padlock and locked them together, effectively locking her cunt.

They cuddled, and she dreamily answered "Ja" to a couple questions and then said "Danka."

When the video ended, Hazel shut off the machine and came to stand beside Alyson.

"Want off?"

Alyson shrugged.

"Want the bridle removed?"

Alyson nodded, and Hazel had it quickly off her head.

"Pretty strong stuff," Hazel said.

The still impaled Alyson replied, "Uh huh."

Hazel started at Alyson's matter-of-fact reply, and then asked sharply, "Well, wasn't it strong?"

Nodding, Alyson said, "Oh yes, it was strong.  Did you notice how the red head wasn't bound in any way while the guy in the leather pants pierced the lips of her cunt?"

"Yes," Hazel said, uncertainly, "so what's the point?"

"That takes control."

There was a pause, and then Hazel asked, "Have you ever been pierced?"

Smiling, Alyson answered, "Only in the ears, but I did try to stick myself with needles in my tits once."

"What happened?"

"Nothing, I just couldn't do it."

"Didn't like it?"

"No," Alyson replied, "I think I needed to be tied."

Hazel said nothing for a few moments, and then said, "Maybe we ought to call it a nite.  Tomorrow is a working day.  Can you get off that by yourself?" Grinning, Alyson stepped up into the stirrups and hoisted her cunt off the dildo.  It came free with a "pop" and both of them giggled.

Time passed, and the two women became more and more familiar with their dungeon.  Usually, the week nites were bondage free, but, on the weekends, they would spend several hours there. Hazel managed to put Alyson on the rack, and keep her there for an hour and a half.  She had remembered Alyson's suggestion that intermittent tightening and loosening of the tension was preferable to continuous tension. She had been in traction for at least forty-five minutes, and she was turning her head from side to side, grunting and moaning as Hazel heaved on the drum that stretched her.  Finally, Alyson blurted out, "Hazel, let up.  This is a little much."

Instantly, Hazel released the drum and the tension was gone.  Hazel then turned her attention to the straps on Alyson's wrists, but she said, "No, leave them.  I might be able to take a little more after a rest and a cigarette.  May I?"

"Sure," replied Hazel cheerily.  She put a cigarette between her lips and lighted it.  Wordlessly, she took the white cylinder and placed it between Alyson's lips. Alyson puffed, and exhaled by gripping the cigarette with her teeth while opening her mouth.  Hazel lighted another cigarette and smoked it herself.  She asked, "What's the feeling on the rack?"

Speaking around her cigarette, Alyson replied, "The rack is real pain.  The initial tension is okay, but then when you draw on the drum and let up, you set up an increasing tension that leads to pain in the wrists and ankles, where you're tied.  That's not too bad, but further tension leads to pain in the shoulder joints and the hip joints.  Just now, when I asked you to stop, the pain was also in the knees and the elbows."

Shaking her head, and blowing out smoke, Hazel remarked, "And you want more?"

Alyson had turned her face towards Hazel, smiled and said, "My cigarette is done.  Would you take it?"

Somewhat uncertain, but determined, Hazel reached for the cigarette, and then snubbed it out in a nearby ashtray.  She did the same with hers.  Then, without a word, she resolutely took her position at the drum and began to turn.  Alyson had turned her face so she was looking straight up, and Hazel watched Alyson's eyes for the first tell-tale wince.  Hazel was surprised when the drum went as far as she had turned it earlier and still no wince.  She was turning slowly, not jerkily.

"Alyson, isn't that enough?" asked a concerned Hazel when she had turned the drum a full quarter turn further than she had earlier.

In a low, strained voice, Alyson replied, "Yeah, you can stop there. But put the block on it.  I want to stay like this for a little."

Hazel slipped the block like device under the wheel.  Inevitably, the tension lessened a little, but it was still a lot.  She looked at her friend.  Alyson's tits were flat on her chest.  Her stomach was caved in.  The sinews in her legs and upper arms stood out. And Alyson's breathing was in short gasps. After several moments, Hazel asked softly, "Enough?"

There was no answer.  Alyson's eyes were open, and it was clear she was concentrating, and then, she nodded. Hazel released the tension, and then unbuckled the straps from an un-protesting Alyson. The two women sat and had wine.  There were angry red marks on the wrists and ankles of Alyson.  Looking at the marks, Alyson said, "I probably ought to wear wrist bands and boots when you rack me."

"Do you want to be racked again?"

"Not right now, but, yes, I would want you to rack me again.  It's not as enjoyable as the cross, but I like it.  How about you?  You interested in racking me?"

Grinning, Hazel replied, "Just listen to this utterly inane conversation.  If anybody heard us, they'd think we were a couple nuts.  But yes, I'll rack you again.  I must say it is much more strenuous for me than crucifying you, but then I'm more of a participant when I'm racking you."

"Oh, you want to be an active dominant?" Alyson teased.

"I don't know if that's it," replied Hazel, "or if I just want to avoid boredom."

"I see," replied Alyson, "and when I'm on the cross, you have nothing to do?"

"Something like that," Hazel agreed.  "I don't want to cause you pain.  I do like doing for you what you want done."

"That sounds strange.  You don't want to give me pain, but you like doing what I like having done to me, which means giving me pain."

"Yes," protested Hazel quickly, "but you want that pain.  What I'm trying to say is that it would be the same if you wanted me to tie you and tickle you."

Slowly, Alyson nodded her head.  And then she said, "Hazel, you're very good for me and you're good to me.  Thank you.  Now, do you have something else in mind?"

Shyly, Hazel said, "Well, I know you want to go up on your cross, so let's do it.  And no, I won't be bored."

So it was that Alyson was again lashed to the upright, her arms were lashed to the cross bar and she was hoisted up-right.  Hazel asked, "Comfortable?"

Alyson replied, "Yes.  I surely am.  But what are you going to do?"

"You mean, will you be crucified only a few minutes?  Well, tonite you will be up there three hours.  It's 9:45 now so you won't come down until a quarter to one.  Think you can handle that?"

"I'll try."

Turning away, Hazel said, "I'll leave you now, but I'll look in occasionally."

Alyson tested the straps binding her to her cross.  They were snug and they held her just right.  Hazel had learned that subtlety quickly enough.  She felt great.  Her cunt was greasy wet and her odour was powerful.  Her nipples were erect and the strain on her arms was burning but not overpowering. After a while, she began to wonder where Hazel had gone.  She wasn't worried.  She felt great, so that was okay.  But it wasn't like Hazel to walk off like that.

She heard Hazel before she saw her.  And when she did see her, her eyes nearly popped out of her head.  Her friend had put on a full set of heavy chains.  There were the five pound manacles on her wrists (2 1/2 pounds to each) with three links of six ounce chain connecting, ten pound manacles on her ankles (5 pounds to each) with a rigid bar about two feet long connecting, there was a heavy metal neck cuff (about 5 pounds), and, from the neck cuff hung a length of chain that connected her wrist chains and then went down to the rigid bar.  On her head was iron helmet, modelled after the type of helmet knights wore long ago, only this was made to be heavy (Alyson thought at least ten and maybe fifteen pounds).  The helmet was like a bucket with the face cut out, but there was a visor that could be pulled down (Hazel was wearing the visor up).

With obvious effort, Hazel came to stand at the foot of Alyson's cross.  "I thought I'd do something to relieve my boredom.  What you think?"

"Think?" echoed Alyson, "why I'm flabbergasted.  I never would have thought you would wear something like that.  Why?"

"Why not?  I don't believe anyone said I couldn't.  I just wanted to try it, and see how it felt."

With a smile on her face, the crucified Alyson asked, "And how does it feel?"

"Very heavy," giggled Hazel, "but I can also experience a sense of helplessness."

Alarmed, Alyson blurted, "You do have your keys?"

Scornfully, Hazel nodded, "I'm not stupid, you know.  Now, I think I'll sit down and enjoy my semi-helplessness."  So saying, Hazel did sit on a small stool.  Then Alyson watched in fascination as her friend, who was not into bondage, proceeded to secure herself. First she took the chain connecting her wrist chains to the rigid bar at her ankles, disconnected it from her wrists and secured it to her collar.  This did not cause her to bend over, but it did prevent her from standing.  Next, she took a pear gag (Alyson was amazed Hazel knew how to manipulate it) and inserted it into her mouth and released the catch.  A heavy-duty spring inside forced the two halves of the gag apart, forcing Hazel's mouth to open very wide.  She then lowered the visor of her helmet and then she attempted to loop the chain connecting her wrist manacles over her helmeted head so the chain would be behind her neck.  Two tries were unsuccessful but the third was a charm.  And there sat Hazel, gagged, helmeted, chained and nearly immobile.

Alyson was very aroused, and seeing Hazel as she was very nearly put her over the edge.  "Hazel, I know you can't talk but maybe you could nod?" Alyson detected a slight shrug, so she went on.  "With me on this cross, and seeing you as you are, I'm almost ready to cum.  Would you mind?"

A slight shaking of the helmet from side to side.

So Alyson continued, "Hazel, you're very good to me.  I don't know if you did yourself just to avoid boredom or for me or what, but I love it.  I hope you'll do it again."

A slight nod, and that sent Alyson over the edge.  She twisted in her bonds on her cross, and she gasped frequently.  Her body went rigid, as it usually did, and then finally she slumped into her bonds. Several minutes passed, and then Hazel made a noise inside her helmet.  When there was no response from Alyson, Hazel made the sound again, but with more urgency.  Still no reply, so Hazel began to try to get her wrist chains up and over her helmet.

The tinkling commotion seemed to lift Alyson back to reality.  She said, "Hazel, if you're worried about me, don't be.  I'm okay." There was a noticeable relaxation in Hazel as she slumped back. About a half hour later, Hazel began again to try to release herself.  It was difficult, but she persevered and succeeded.  She un-connected the chain holding her ankles and neck together, but didn't remove anything else.  Then she went to Alyson and lowered her and released her.

The now free Alyson said, "What about you?  Do you want to be released?"

A shrug was her reply. "Do you like your encumbrances?" Alyson asked.

This elicited about as vigorous nod as Alyson thought Hazel could make, given her circumstances.

"Then I'll add some more," replied Alyson.

Hazel jerked, and then nodded again.

Alyson began by releasing the manacles.  "Don't worry," she said, "I'll replace them with others."  She went to the bench nearby and selected a pile of chain.  She brought this to Hazel, saying "This is a chain vest, not chain mail which would cover you, but this is simply more chain to hang on you and still leave your tits bare. It took some doing, but shortly a very attractive chain vest was on Hazel.  It didn't weigh a whole lot, but it added to the total. Her tits were nicely outlined, and they became more so when Alyson wrapped each tit with a loop of chain and locked them.

Going again to the bench, Alyson returned with another iron item. "This is a metal crotch belt.  It comes equipped with a dildo, which can be removed."  Alyson noted that Hazel shook her head, and continued, "I thought not.  Maybe you'd like a double dildo?"

This time Hazel hesitated, and then slowly shook her head.  "That's okay.  Here, let me grease you up.  Oh, oh, you're pretty well greased already.  Okay, here it comes," she concluded as she insinuated the dildo into Hazel's cunt.  She pushed it home and then wrapped the metal around Hazel's waist and the other strap through the crotch was secured to the belt, all with a nice large padlock.  Alyson then put new manacles on Hazel's wrists, but these were a complete piece of metal.  When her wrists were in their slots, and the device secured, Hazel's wrists were a precise fifteen inches apart and she could neither move them out or in.

After getting a pair of iron boots, Alyson kneeled and removed the rigid bar and the ankle manacles.  She then helped Hazel to step into first one boot and then the other.  She laced each boot closed and then she hooked the rigid bar to hasps on the inside of each boot. Rising, Alyson said, "There.  That's a bit of an improvement.  Want to go for a stroll."  When Hazel nodded, Alyson gripped her by her left arm and began to walk slowly.  She knew what would happen so she didn't attempt to move Hazel very far or very fast.  What happened is that Hazel couldn't lift her foot.

"Fooled you, huh?" she asked.  "No, it's not impossible to walk, but you really have to try very small steps and you must lift your foot to do so.  It's no good to try to shuffle along.  That won't work.  I've tried it many times." And they continued their walk.  After ten minutes, with a very loudly puffing Hazel, Alyson stopped her and helped her to sit. She then proceeded to remove all the iron Hazel was wearing.

"Whew," said Hazel, perspiring heavily, "that was something. Wonder how much iron I was carrying."

Alyson considered, and then replied, "Oh, I'd guess over ninety pounds.  What did you think of the pear gag?"

"It was more than I expected, but I wasn't going to remove it in front of you.  I really liked the helmet.  Reminded me of the Dickens story about the Man in the Iron Mask."

Story continues in Chapter 11

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