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Amber’s Misfortune 4

by Gagged Utopia

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Amber's Misfortune, My Gain - Part 4
by Gagged Utopia

Amber wakes to some extreme cramping in her legs, neck and shoulders.  Looking around, she realizes that she is still in the cage and can’t move.  Surprisingly she was able to get some sleep, but was only due to the pure exhaustion from the day before.  “What am I going to do now?  I can’t move, I can’t do anything but do what this wacko says.  At least I can keep him at bay a little bit by doing what he says.” she thought to herself.  Every once in a while the smell from her shit and piss where she lost control during the night would reach her nose causing her to wince.  Just the thought of being locked in a cage, inches from her own waste and her face covered in dog food was too much to bear.  Amber started to cry profusely and uncontrollably.

It was early in the morning when I woke up and walked into the living room to see Amber wide-awake in her cage.  It appears that she was able to get to the food and didn’t mind that it was dog food.  I got ready for the day by taking a shower and getting dressed.  I had to go out on some business, so I was forced to dress for it appropriately.  After I am finished, I head downstairs to greet my slave.

“Good Morning Slave, how are you?” I asked.

“The cramps from the cage hurt, but I am ok Master” she replied.

I noticed that her face was covered in dog food from trying to eat with her mouth and there was shit and piss in the cage.  Hopefully the process of degrading her like this will break her will faster.  “Good to hear… it looks like you made a mess of yourself.  We will have to clean you up.  How was your meal?” 

“It was good Master”

“I have plenty of it for you, I’m glad you like it.  Time to get you cleaned up.”

I picked up the cage she was in and moved it over to another plastic sheet that was on the ground.  I rolled up the other sheet and threw it away.  I picked up a garden hose that I setup in the basement and turned it on.  As usual, it was extremely cold, but that was fine.  I sprayed her down and she started to gasp from the cold water and fight to try and avoid it.  Obviously it was pointless, but she tried never the less.  I poured some soap on her and continued to wash her clean.  After about 10 minutes, she was clean and I took out a dryer and expedited the process.

“Today I need to go out for some business, but I don’t want to leave you bored.  I also have to figure out what to do with your friend Tiffany.  Since you have been good, I have decided that I would let her live for now.  I don’t have time to deal with her right now however, so I am just going to do enough to keep her alive.  Speaking of being good, I think I could use another blow job.  What do you think?”

“If you wish Master”

I grabbed some rope and tied it to the cage and attached it to some pulleys that were in the ceiling of the basement.  I lifted the cage up so the she would be at the correct height and tied the ropes down.  Seeing her in this position already had me hard, so she knew what to do when she felt my cock against her lips.  I was in heaven looking down at her sucking on my cock.  Amber must have sucked a lot of dick for her boyfriends or is just a natural, because given her position and lack of hands; she was doing a great job.  After a few minutes I felt myself starting to peek and just like a good slave, she took it all.

“That was good slave.  You have seen what happens when you do not obey me, so now I will show you what happens when you do.  I hope that you are learning quickly that escape is not possible and that your total servitude to me is the only thing you can do to make your stay enjoyable.  Understand?”

“Yes Master.  I enjoy pleasing you Master.” Amber said with a smile.

Incredible!  Amber actually seemed very sincere in her response and didn’t sound like a robot.  Hopefully this is not a foolish attempt on her part of gain trust from me.  I know better then that.

Before taking her out of the cage, I grabbed a digital camera and took several pictures of her while in the cage.  Unfortunately, the lighting is not that good down here, but there is not much I can do.  After I take the pictures, I lower her down to the floor and open the cage up and help her out.  I allow her to stretch out before locking her wrists behind and legs together with some cuffs.  I walk over to one of the shelves and pick up a special chastity belt.  Before putting it on her however, I take some more pictures.

I put the thick leather belt around her waist and strap it on tight.  Next some the metal plugs, one for her cunt and other for her ass.  Her pussy seemed to be wet, and I knew it was not from the shower I gave her.

“Hmmm, it seems your liking this more then I thought.”

“Yes Master, I enjoy making your happy.”

I had to use a little lubricant to get the other plug in her ass, but was able to do it with ease.  Once everything was in place, I pulled the straps a notch tighter and locked them on with some small locks.  Amber started to feel with her fingers and found two boxes mounted on both sides of the belt.

“I suppose you are wondering what the boxes are on your belt.  Let me show you.”

I pick up a small remote and press the red button on it.  Amber drops to the floor as a powerful electric shock enters her ass and pussy.  I release the button and help her stand back up.  Once she is stable, I press the yellow button.  She didn’t collapse to the floor, but was starting to as her legs became weak from the pleasure she was feeling.  The plugs were vibrating within her and also emitting very small electric shocks that were further increasing her pleasure.  After a minute, I let go of the button and she started breathing heavy and stayed slumped.

“I see that you like the pleasure that my little belt provides.  There is a catch to the pleasure however.  When I set the belt up in automatic mode it will monitor your heart rate.  If it detects that your getting too excited, the pleasure turns into the shocking pain until you calm back down.  The pleasure will only be felt in one minute intervals, so any orgasm that you may have will take a while to build up… just make sure you keep that heart of yours under control.”

The next step is getting her prepared for the day ahead.  I grab some rope and start by unlocking her cuffs and binding her wrists and elbows together.  Next are the knees and ankles.  I then pick up the hood with the earplugs in them and put it on her head, but before pulling it over all the way, I stuff a large penis gag in her mouth and strap it in place. 

“If you do everything I tell you, you will be fine.  If you struggle and panic I might not be able, or willing to save you.  Understand?”

Amber nods her head in agreement.

I grab some heavy-duty plastic wrap, the same stuff used for shipping crates and start wrapping her head.  Once I am done, she realizes that breathing is impossible, but doing what she is told she doesn’t move… very much.  Using a small screwdriver, I poke some nose holes though the plastic and insert some tubes.  Duct tape is the used to secure them in place. 

“Are you able to breathe ok slave?”

Again, she nods her head in agreement.

I strap on a thick leather posture collar before I continue wrapping the rest of her body.  After the second layer was done, I laid her down and finished wrapping her feet.  Now was a good time to take some more pictures of my bound little slave.  Once I finished with the pictures, I picked her up and dropped her into a wooden box with a few small holes cut into it.  It had some padding in it, but nothing too comfortable.  Just to drive home to Amber how trapped she was, I used a few nails and secured her little coffin shut.

“Have fun for the next 8 hours.  I have only one thing that I ask of you while I am gone.  I want you to think of 3 things a master should expect from his slave.” I said into the mike.

Before walking upstairs, I turned the mike on and set it next to a radio playing static.  I doubt that she could hear anything though all the layers of plastic and latex, but this would at least keep her disoriented.  I heard her take a deep breath as I pressed the auto setting on the remote and activated the belt.  This should be interesting to see if she can actually control her body.

After I leave…

Amber lay in the box, trying to survey her new surroundings and figure out how she will survive.  The vibrating in her pussy was turning her on in a big way and she was noticeably taking labored breaths though her nose tubes.  Desperately trying to control her breath the vibrator turned off, giving her a sigh of relief.  About a minute went by and her breathing started to slow down to normal, however that was when the vibrator started up again.  If she didn’t know better, it was much more powerful this time and could feel an orgasm building fast.

Right now it didn’t matter that she was a slave of somebody she didn’t even know.  All Amber knows was this was one of her biggest fantasies and it has come true.  Never had she been completely mummified, bound and helpless like this.  The only drawback was the shock if she got too excited.  After everything she had been though the past few days, the vibrating in her pussy was a very welcome change. 

Not paying attention to her body, her mind was making her juices flow and before she realized it, her breathing was very fast.  Orgasm was just moments away and Amber knew that she would be punished by the blasted belt, but didn’t care, she needed some pleasure from all of this.  Rasping though the tubes she tensed herself for the pending climax when the belt decided she had enough.  The vibrator shut off, and like a car racing down a street went her much needed orgasm. 

Amber started to get pissed and fight against her binds from frustration.  That was all the belt needed when the shocks started pouring in.  The first one seemed twice as strong as her demonstration before and lasted for almost 15 seconds.  Her breathing was stopped, back arched up, cramps building up everywhere and unable to move an inch to stop it.  After what seemed like forever, the electricity stopped and she slumped back down into the coffin.  She was able to restart her breathing again and was sucking as much air though those tubes as possible.

Once again, her breathing started to wind down when the vibrator kicked on again, this time scaring her.  For a second she thought it was belt giving her a shock, but was thankful it was only the vibrator.  Still in pain from the last ordeal, the vibrating was not having much effect on her.  It continued relentless on its course, but Amber continued to slow her breathing down and tried to relax.  After a minute, just like clockwork, it shut off again.

“I wonder if I can keep myself relaxed long enough to orgasm and still not get shocked.  It wasn’t until I started to fight against my bonds that it actually shocked me, so maybe it’s really only sensitive to movement” she thought.  With this plan in mind, she kept her concentration at a peek when the vibrator turned on again.  She found that deep breaths seemed to keep her relaxed and continued to take them until it clicked off again.  Amber was starting to get turned on again, and didn’t want to lose what she had gained so she dreamed that this was a fantasy and that an imaginary person had captured her and done this to her.  For some strange reason it was working and getting more turned on by the second.  Again the vibrator kicked on and started her racing toward an orgasm.  It had only been a few seconds and the peek was only a few more seconds away.  Uncontrollably she bucked her hips against her imaginary partner that kicked off the shocking portion of the belt.  It was too late however, her orgasm was well underway and this was only adding fuel to the fire. 

The plastic seemed to be tightening against her skin as she thrashed around the small box, lost in her climax.  Never before had she felt anything so intense.  For some strange reason she could feel the shocking in her ass and all over her body, however it didn’t feel nearly as bad as before.  If she didn’t know better, it almost felt good.  Unfortunately, before she could put any thought into it, the shocking had stopped and Amber was starting to come down from her high.  Panting though the tubes like there was no tomorrow, she was able to eventually regain her breath.

“That was incredible!  I have got to time it like that again; I have never felt anything so good.  I wonder if it’s because of the tight plastic wrap?  Maybe the intense shock did it?  What if it’s because my master did this to me?” she asked herself, but quickly paused for a few seconds.  “Master?  Why did I call him master in my head?  I only call him master so he won’t hurt me.  It’s not because I believe it.  I know I can still get free once he let’s his guard down.  On the other hand, this does feel really good, and is one of my biggest fantasies.  He only hurts me when I do something wrong, so maybe he is a nice guy.  Is this what I fantasized about all those times when I tied myself up?  What are my actual grievances with him?  If he is only playing out my fantasy, then taking me against my will would be part of that.  Punishment comes with disobedience… I think he is too harsh and comes too close to killing me, but never the less, a punishment should be expected from a bad slave.” she continued to think to herself.  The vibrator in her pussy had started up again, but was she was still in a state of bliss.  “What am I thinking?  I never really wanted this, I never asked for it, at least not from this person.  It doesn’t matter that I could enjoy this, or that I might be already, this is kidnapping.  But…” as her barrage of questions in her head continued to fly around.  Amber laid there very confused on how to continue, but was quickly convincing herself that she should continue to play along, 100% and devote everything to her new master.  Her excuse to her logical side was that it would provide her with better means to escape with in the end.

5 Hours Pass…

My meeting with my business partners went very well.  I showed them the pictures of my new merchandise and they were very impressed with how pretty she was.  They were a bit disappointed that they couldn’t see the eyes at all, but I explained that being totally anonymous to the slaves is the only way to keep them from latching on to me and helps them adjust to the new masters much easier.  It was a load of crap, but they bought it anyway. 

I knew that Tiffany would need some food and water so I stopped by and took care of her.  I still had not decided what to do with her, but I knew that I didn’t want to take her back to where Amber was.  If she had company, then being able to break her would be that much harder.  I couldn’t just let Tiffany go, because she would go to the cops, start and investigation and too much trouble.  I doubt that anything would lead to me since I have no real connection, however I don’t want to chance it.  The other problem is that Tiffany will turn up missing in a short while for sure and if they ask her boyfriend, he will probably mention Amber’s apartment as the last location he knew she was at.

The only recourse was to let her go, but for some reason I couldn’t.  She was very beautiful, a very nice body, everything a master would want in a slave.  I suppose if I kept her locked in one of my spare bedrooms, Amber would never know she was even there.  I would just have to be careful, as if she started to scream and somebody was out front, they might hear her.  Before I made a decision, let’s try and talk to the girl.  I had taken out her gag when I fed her and left it out for the time being if she stayed quiet.  So far she had, the pain in her jaw for having the ball in her mouth that long must be intense.

“I am trying to figure out what to do with you.  If I let you go, then I would have to trust you won’t go to the cops…” I said and was promptly cut off.

“Of course I will go to the cops you idiot!  This is kidnapping and you’re never going to get away with it!  I will.. mmmpphh…” she said and I covered her mouth with my hand.

“Shhhhhh.  I suggest that we take turns, because interrupting me is very irritating and given your position, you don’t want me mad.  Now as I was saying, since I have your purse, I know where you live and where all your friends live so I doubt that you would risk their lives by contacting the cops.  Even with that knowledge, I still do not want to risk it. While I am trying to decide what to do, tell me about yourself… let’s have a little chat” I said taking my hand off her mouth.

“Are you going to kill me?”

“Depends, do as I say and I probably won’t”

“What do you want to know?”

“How about where you work?  Are you in school?  Most importantly, why is your address different than this one?”

“Well, I work as a cashier part time at a small crafts store downtown to help pay for school.  I only have to pay for books and supplies, that’s why I only work part time.  As I am sure you can guess, I am here as a surprise for my boyfriend and just borrowing this dorm from a friend.  I live with roommates and while I have a separate room, if I did this to myself I didn’t want them toying with me.”

“So where is your friend?”

“She is away visiting her boyfriend for a couple weeks, so she said I could use the dorm while she was gone.”

“Well I suppose that I can let you go, but understand this.  I do have your belongings. I know where you, your family and your friends live.  Do you understand that if I get the hint, just a hint that you did contact the cops somebody will die.  You will have to live with the fact that you killed them.  If you remember, you did say I could do what I wanted with you… so you asked for it.  Do you understand what will happen if you say a word to anybody?”

“Yes, just please let me go”

“I will set the key on the kitchen floor in a cup.  You can make your way there and free yourself.  I will be watching you, after you’re free that is.”  I picked up the gag and put it in her mouth and tightened the blindfold a bit.  Giving her one last look, walked out to my car to head back home to Amber.

A couple hours later…

The air in the box had become very stale for Amber, not to mention she was becoming very dehydrated from her profuse sweating.  Orgasm after Orgasm overcame her as she learned to use the shocking as a means of amplifying her enjoyment rather then punishment.  If it wasn’t for the cramps, stale air and being very hungry she could stay in here forever.  On top of all her bliss, escape was taking a far backseat in her new reality.  Over the hours that had passed Amber had convinced herself that escape is impossible anyway so she might as well give in to whatever her master says and enjoy it.  She had also did as her master requested and thought of three things a slave should be expected to do.

The static was still buzzing away when I started walking down the stairs.  I was curious to see how Amber was doing, and hopefully, she was still alive.  Passing by the radio, I clicked it off and picked up the mike.  If I didn’t know better, I saw the wooden box move when I did that.  Unbeknown to me, she had become so used to the sound that when it was cut off, it sent a shock though her system.  I picked up my hammer and started to pull the nails out of the coffin to get her out.  There were only a few nails, and then I popped the lid open without any trouble.  Amber was still alive and kicking, but was lying in a pool of her own sweat.  I guess there was so much of it that it started to leak out somewhere.

I slowly ran my hand down her body, feeling how sticky and hot she is.  She started to squirm a little bit, and if I didn’t know better, she let out a little moan.  “Did my little slut enjoy herself while I was gone?” I asked into the mike.  She moved her head in agreement and continued to squirm around.  I shut the belt off so she couldn’t be shocked anymore and turned the vibrator on full.  Up until now, she only was able to feel what the vibrator could do at half power.  She tensed up and started breathing heavy though her nose.  “It’s ok to enjoy it slut, I shut off the belt.”  It seems that she didn’t need to be told twice because she instantly started to squirm and thrash around in the box.  I left her to enjoy herself and get some water and food for her.

After about 20 minutes, I came back down to the basement with some food and water and set it on the steps.  I walked over to her and it seems she was still enjoying the pleasure from the vibrator.  I clicked it off and she slowly started to catch her breath and calm down.  Next I picked her up and brought her over to the X shaped table and laid her down.  Carefully I cut away the plastic around her feet and legs.  I removed everything up to her waist, including the belt that I had locked on.  The odor was quite intoxicating as there was an extreme amount of sweat and juices from her pussy.  It’s a good thing that the electronics were protected, so she could have been shocked to death.

“Did you do as I asked slut?”

She nodded her head in reply.

“Good.  Would you like me to fuck you?”

Again, with an even faster response, she nodded quickly.

Enjoying the turn of events and seeing that she was now starting to submit to me, I started to undress.  I fitted her legs on the bottom half of the X frame and strapped them down.  The only movement Amber could make was to bend at the waist or make slight upper body movements, but was not going anywhere.  Seeing her like this, she looked so wonderful, and was going to be hard to give her up.  I might as well enjoy her for now.  I teased her a bit with my cock, and could hear small gasps though her nose tubes when I did.  Not able to take the excitement myself, I plunged myself into her and started pumping away.  Before long, I could hear her moaning into the gag as if to beg me not to stop.

Very close to my climax, I stopped and grabbed the sissors again.  I cut out her breasts so that I can enjoy them for a bit.  As I cut the plastic, they sprang out of their confides.  I sucked and teased them for a bit before returning to fucking her again.  Since this was going to be her final climax of the night, I wanted to make it special.  I had some clothspins on the table next to her so I grabbed a handful and started to apply them all over her breasts.  When I was done I started to pump away and enjoy her sweat cunt.  Both of us were panting away as orgasm got closer and closer for both of us.  I paused for a moment so I could apply more clothespins, only this time they were over the nose tubes to stop her breathing. 

“Just enjoy yourself slut, you will be ok.”  My words didn’t seem to help much as I started pumping away at her pussy once again.  I could feel her trying to fight, but was no use.  Her cunt was tighter then ever as I started to climax.  Her thrashing only excited me more.  Not able to hold back any longer, and we both climaxed.  I had all I could do to hold myself up while Amber slumped back onto the table motionless.  I quickly grabbed the clothespins and started to cut away the plastic around her head.  She started breathing again ok and was much better once the plastic was off her head.

Over the next few minutes, I un-strapped her from the table, stood her up and took the rest of the plastic off.  I also undid the ropes on her arms and the gag in her mouth.  Once everything was off, I lead her over to a carpeted area of the basement and had her kneel down.

“So how did you enjoy your day?”

“I liked it very much Master.  I have always wanted to be mummified like that.  I even enjoyed the shocks once I got used to them.  Master.”

“Good.  If you continue to obey, you will get to enjoy more pleasure instead of punishments.  Now tell me what I asked you to think about today.”

“First, a slave should always obey what her Master tells her to do.  Master”
“Second, a slave should always try to please her Master.  Master”

“Ok, and the last one?”

“Third, a slave should understand that she is the property of her Master and understands that she has no free will or freedom.  Master.”

“That is good enough for now.  I will teach you some other time exactly what they are, but for now, keep those and mind and never forget them.  Are you hungry?”

“Very much so Master”

I brought her over her food and drink and put it in front of her so she could eat.  Amber felt around for the food and took a few bites.  She then put the food down and looked at me for a few minutes.

“Is there something wrong with the food slave?”

“No Master, it is very good.”

“Then what is wrong?”

“I was just thinking…errr…hoping that someday I could actually see you Master.”

“I wouldn’t count on it, you are doing well however, and I am impressed that you have learned that life is much easier when you learn obey.  There are not many that realize this like you.”

Amber gave me a slight look of shock, but continued to finish her food and drink.  I helped her up and led her over to the bathroom so she could use it.  After about 20 minutes, she was done.

“I’m going to head off to bed, so it’s time to put you away for the night.  Can I trust that you will be good?”

“I am your slave, I will do what you tell me to do.  It is not up to me to do anything different Master.”

With that, I locked a steel reinforced collar around her neck and locked it in place.  After grabbing a short chain, I helped her up the stairs and into the house.  Once upstairs I helped her to my bedroom and had her lie down.  I had a big bed and there were many eyehole bolts around the frame.  I could tell that Amber’s attitude had changed quite a bit, so I decided to give her little freedoms as it does them good.  Tonight I decided to let her sleep in my bed. 

I laid down next her and just looked at her wonderful and very nice body.  Amber seemed very relaxed and didn’t even attempt to cover herself up.  After a minute or so went by, she reached over and started massaging my cock.  It took me by surprise at first, but I just laid back on my pillow and enjoyed it.  Once I was hard, she positioned herself so she could suck on my cock.  If there was a school for giving blow jobs, she could teach everybody a trick or two.  I was close to climax in almost no time, and she continued to suck away, with her collar making a slight jingle from the metal.  I started to cum, but Amber didn’t even break her stride and sucked down every last drop until I was dry and clean.  She laid back in the bed next to me. 

Once I recovered, we got under the covers and I grabbed some combination locks and attached the chain to her collar and the other end to the top of the bed.  She only had a couple feet, but plenty of slack to sleep with.  I leaned over and give her a kiss, and she returned the kiss very passionately.  We both fell asleep right away.

Amber's Misfortune
continues in Part 5


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