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An Exciting Time

by Dana

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© Copyright 2006 - Dana - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; lingerie; stockings; rope; gag; cupboard; caught; cons; X

I have an inn that I am converting to condominiums. The real estate agent can, at any time, show the empty condos. Out of courtesy, she lets me know ahead of time so that I can make sure they are dusted. I have to tell of an exciting (now) experience that happened to me in one of the unsold condominiums.


I am a man who loves to dress in sexy black lingerie, black stockings, 5 inch high heels, a short tight fitting dress, wig and heavy makeup. (When I am dressed, I am very hot looking, it is quite exciting). 

Well, anyway, I went to one of the condominiums to treat myself. I have developed a selfbondage system that leaves one completely helpless. More than just pulling a rope around ones wrists, this leaves one with their wrists tied tightly behind their back, with rope around the arms, pulling them toward each other behind their back, other rope around the body above and below the breasts, rope around the waist (over their bound wrists) and rope under the body rope and up over the shoulders. 

The ankles, knees (above and below) and thighs are also very tightly tied. This is finished off with a tight fitting soft ball gag. All a person can do is squirm, wiggle and say "mmfflllop, mmmoophiff? moffifp!!!!!" 

I put my escape device in the closet, set for about an hour. I then bound myself. There I was, a hot sexy looking blond in a short dress (riding up over her thighs) in 5 inch high heels, very tightly bound and gagged, squirming around on the floor. How exciting!!!! 

I heard the downstairs door opening. My agent had not called me, and was showing the condos. 


I had no way of getting free. 

They went into the downstairs condo, in a short while they would be up here.

I squirmed and wiggled into the closet and got the door closed. I was so tightly tied that I could hardily move. I got my back against the door and my feet against the back wall, and waited. 

I heard them come in the condo.

The agent saying "this a very large and nice condominium". 

They were looking around, perhaps they would not check this closet. I heard the agent, right outside the door, say "look at these large closets". 

I heard the doorknob turn. (oh shit) I braced, and felt the door push against my back. "It must be stuck" the agent said, trying again.

"Let me try" a mans voice, (oh shit, shit), I braced harder. The door crushed against my back, and my, tightly bound feet began to slip. 

Then, "I will show the other closets" said the agent, and they walked away. "I'll tell the owner" the agent saying. 

I couldn't make any noise, I moved under my escape devise, and it landed on me with a soft "thump". 

After I was sure they were gone, I still had a job getting lose. I was in a closet, with no light and no way of reaching the doorknob. The, sexy, hot blond finally got free. 

HOW EXCITING (I can say that now)


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