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Andreabound: as Tyler

by Andreabound

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As long time fans of Andreabound's work may know, her website has been offline since 2007. Her earlier stories were published here on, but there were eight more stories on her own site at the time it went offline. Rather than risk the remaining stories being lost to the aether, I'm republishing them here, despite them not being submitted through the usual channels. I hope you all enjoy these lovely works, and that having them all together in one place brings more fans to Andreabound's work.

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Part One

It had been a while since I felt like any kind of bondage, especially self-bondage. It just seemed like too much effort to tie myself up.

But now I had gotten back that urge. The urge I knew so well and could only lead to one thing; me tightly tied in some inescapable position, waiting for the slow dripping ice to melt and give me my freedom.

This is the point I usually start dreaming up new bondage positions and scenarios but, this time, I already knew what I wanted to do. I had run a poll on my website to choose my reader’s favorite Insex girl. Tyler won by a mile. Then I ran a second poll to find out which was the favorite Insex scene with Tyler in it. I posted some pictures to help things along and I suspect people may have voted for the picture rather than the scene but it doesn’t matter. The winning picture/scene showed Tyler tied to a tree with her hands behind the tree and her ankles pulled up off the ground behind her. Most of her weight seemed to be resting on a couple of ropes running between her thighs. Painful - maybe, severe – definitely; but certainly not impossible. I’d already made the decision to act out whichever scene won the poll as a selfbondage. This would be hard to do but, again, not impossible – certainly not as difficult to achieve as some of the other scenes in the poll.

Tying myself to the tree would be easy enough. Locking my hands behind me would also be easy. Even getting my feet off the ground would be fairly simple using my trusty ratchet device and ice-bag system to provide a release for my feet. I tried all this out in a practice session in my basement using one of the support posts instead of a tree.

A couple of things became clear, proving the value of a dry run. The ropes around my body kept slipping down the post whenever my feet left the ground. I decided I would need to select a tree with a thicker trunk than my basement post and one with enough rough bark to prevent the ropes sliding up or down.

Also, I found no matter how tight I tied the ropes around me, my body dropped a little when I lifted my feet off the ground. This meant I wouldn’t be able to use a crotch rope or a rope around my neck. Disappointing, but I didn’t want this tie to be my last so no choice here.

The bit that had me puzzled was how to find a release for my wrist cuffs. My best idea was to hang the key from a string that run up over a branch and to a peg in the ground just in front of my feet so that when my ankles were let down I could loosen the peg with my toes and release the sting, thereby lowering the key. The main problem with this system was that I don’t like to use anything too complicated. In my experience, the more complex something is; the greater chance it will fail. In this case there was always the chance that the string would get fouled up on the branch. Someone else suggested using a separate icecube release for the key, simply holding the key out of reach at the back of the tree until the ice melted. But, I didn’t want a staged release; it all had to happen at the same time. I felt it was no good my feet being released if my hands were still trapped behind the tree. And being able to free my wrists with my feet still in the air didn’t bear thinking about. 

In the end, I came up with the simplest solution. I would tie the key to my wrist cuffs onto the rope pulling my ankles up. As the weight dropped, pulling my ankles into the air, the key would be pulled out of reach. When my ankles were released, the key would return to its original position right next to my hands. Perfect!

A couple of other things about this scene needed to be sorted out too. When I originally looked at the picture of Tyler tied to the tree, I thought she was gagged with a stick. That would be fine for me. But when I looked closer at the picture I realized she wasn’t simply bit-gagged with a stick, she actually had her tongue trapped between two sticks so that it made her tongue stick out (sorry for the pun LOL). I wasn’t sure how long I could endure that or how safe it would be to have my tongue squeezed like that for an extended period.

Also, in the picture, Tyler is bound entirely with rope; there are no cuffs, chains or whatever involved. If Sara were tying me up this would be ok, but to tie myself to the tree using only rope would not be so easy. In the end I compromised, deciding that I would use rope for nearly all the bondage but that I would have to use my leather cuffs to connect my wrists together behind the tree and leather ankle cuffs and chains to ensure I couldn’t free my legs by undoing the knots in a rope with my fingers. It was close enough.

There’s always that element of danger in self-ties no matter how slim. That’s part of what makes self-bondage so exciting. I had certainly tied myself up in stricter, more dangerous situations before, but I had promised my brother that I would use Sara as a safety and I am good with my word.

Having Sara watching over me though would take away some of the fun and, besides, I really wanted o do this by myself. I thought this over for a few days and then hit on the answer.

I would go deep into the woods and tie myself to a tree. Sara would set out sometime later and look for me. If she found me before I got free by myself, she could add to my bondage, or let me go, or whatever. That way I would have a safety that probably wouldn’t interfere with the scene. There was always a slight risk that I would be discovered by someone else, but given the size of the woods and thickness of the trees and the slowly worsening weather, that was unlikely. I had never seen many people in the woods on my many trips there and they were always on the few trails. As long as I stayed away from the trails, I would be ok. And harder for Sara to find. I must say at this point that the woods aren’t endless so Sara would inevitably find me in the end so I was in little danger of being stuck out there all night. If I got free before she found me I would use my cell phone to organize a rendezvous at the car.

As the weekend approached, and with it my level of anticipation, the biggest problem seemed to be the weather. Summer was definitely over and the forecast was for rain. I’ve been tied up before in the rain but this time it just didn’t appeal to me. There was always another weekend but I suddenly realized I really, really, wanted this to happen. There, almost back to the old Andrea! Hee, hee.

Part Two

As it turned out I didn’t need to have worried. There was rain but thankfully not in my part of the state. It had rained heavily over the last few days and nights on and off and the ground was very wet but the sky looked bright enough first thing Saturday morning so by ten, I was in my car and ready to set off for the woods. 

As I approached my usual parking spot near the trail that led into the woods I looked around to see how busy it was. There was not a soul in sight. No cars passed in the five minutes it took me to park and get my stuff together. It looked like I might have the woods to myself today, as usual.

I grabbed my bag and the stepstool and headed for the trail. This time I was wearing some clothes; a short denim skirt and a loose top and all I wore on my feet were flat slip-on sandals. Easy to slip off attire, that wouldn’t get a second look if I did happen to bump into anyone.

Between the heavy water container in my bag and the slippery mud along the trail, walking through the woods was hard going. I realized I was leaving a good track for Sara to follow later so I left the trail and headed into the woods to walk parallel to the trail for a while. Further on, I rejoined the trail having left a confusing track for my pursuer. A bit further on yet, I left the trail and headed into a part of the woods that was denser than the rest. Now it was really hard going and my bag kept getting snagged on branches and bushes. Finally I came to an area where there was a slight clearing with a couple of fairly mature trees leaving a space around them, fairly free of undergrowth. I’d found this place before but had always preferred the other clearing as it was closer to the car and therefore not so far to walk.

I was already worn out and decided to have a rest before I began my bondage session. Out came my packed lunch and a light picnic and a bottle of energy drink later I was revived and ready to go. I looked about me and decided there was no way I would be found accidentally here. Sara would eventually find this place, but with the false trails I had left her, it would take her some time to discover my hiding place. This would give me plenty of time to play with the added excitement of knowing I might be discovered in a while and then who knows? Because I had left Sara to do what she wanted if she found me still bound and helpless. She might let me down, she might play with me, but more likely, knowing Sara, she would find a way to add to my torment.

And so it came to the moment I was to indulge in self-bondage; my first time for many weeks. In fact, strangely it felt like my very first time again, and I found myself fumbling with the ropes, my hands shaking with anticipation until I stopped and got a grip of myself. I forced myself to stand still and breathe slowly, and a few minutes later, I was able to continue my task; now calm and focused.

Selecting a tree on its own and with a girth that meant I could just clasp my hands behind the trunk, I used the step stool to reach up to the lowest branch which stuck out almost parallel to the ground about seven feet up from the ground. I screwed two eyelets into the underneath of the thick branch, one right next to the trunk and another four feet further along the branch. I tied a short chain to a rope and threaded the rope through the first eyelet and making sure the end of the chain reached the ground next to the trunk, I fed the other end of the rope through the ratchet device and then to my water container. I got the ice out of my thermos and filled the ice-bag with enough to last a couple of hours. This, I fed through the second eyelet in the branch and attached the hook from the ratchet device to the bag’s drawstring. Now when the ice in the bag melted, the bag would slip through the eyelet and the attached ratchet device would fall to the ground. Actually, it wouldn’t fall to the ground at all, it would be pulled towards the first eyelet but this would provide enough slack in the rope to lower my feet back down to the ground.

Adjusting the length of the rope to ensure the drop of the water container was sufficient to pull my feet snug up behind me and that releasing the ratchet from the second eyelet would allow enough rope to be freed so I could lower my feet, I tied the water container to the branch with a piece of string leaving a long dangling slipknot that I could pull on to drop the container later. Since I was only lifting my lower legs off the ground I didn’t need a heavy weight. I could simply lift my feet up and the ratchet would take any slack out of the system until my feet were at my bum.

Empting the bag, I found my cuffs and locked them onto my wrists and ankles using the matching small padlocks I regularly use for this purpose. I double checked the keys would open the locks on my cuffs and attached one to the rope hanging down from the branch where it was tied to the chain and at a height that would allow me to free myself once my hands were cuffed behind the tree.

Using a small padlock I attached a ring to the end of the chain just touching the ground and fed another short chain through this ring, pulling the ends around the base of the tree until one end of the chain was at each side of the trunk.

Next I maneuvered myself so that my body was against the tree with the lowest branch sticking out behind me. This meant I was on the opposite side of the tree to the rope hanging down and I reached around the trunk to make sure I could reach the key for my cuffs. Fine.

I planned to use some sticks to trap my tongue and provide a gag and so I’d brought along a bunch of rubber bands for that purpose. Not sure that I would find suitable sticks at the woods, though, I had also brought along some chopsticks but, as I looked about, I could see I had been far too pessimistic; there were plenty of nasty looking sticks I could put to good use. I had practiced with the chopsticks several days before but I hadn’t tried with real sticks. Would it make much difference? Only one way to find out I guessed!

Removing my clothes, wow it was getting cooler, and stuffing them in my, now empty, bag I laid the few remaining items on the top of the bag. There were the unused chopsticks, a few spare rubber bands, my cell phone and my vibrator. I was torn whether to put the vibrator somewhere it could do some good, but after staring at it for a while I decided it was best to leave it in full view on the top of the bag. Maybe Sara would get the right idea if she found me still tied up. If not, I could always use it on myself, later. I looked at the time on my cell phone. It was almost half one! This had taken so much longer than I had planned. Sara would be arriving at the woods soon – we had agreed she would start looking for me at two but, knowing her, she would arrive early, hoping to catch me unawares. I’d better get a move on.

Time to make my gag. I took two of the sticks I had selected and stuck my tongue out. Holding the sticks together in one hand, I pushed my tongue between them as far as it would go and used my free hand to wind a rubber band around the ends of the stick. Of course it all fell to bits and I dropped the sticks. Good job I decided to do this before tying myself to the tree I thought. I tried again, this time joining the sticks with the rubber band first and then slipping the open ends over my tongue. I held it there with one hand and used the other to wrap the other end of the sticks with the remaining rubber band. Then I found my tongue wasn’t pushed through the gag enough and I had to prize open the sticks and poke my tongue right out before letting go. Ouch! I instinctively tried to pull my tongue back into my mouth but, of course, the sticks wouldn’t allow that. This was serious! The chopsticks had been one thing but the sticks completely trapped my tongue; I couldn’t move it at all. I wondered how long I could keep my tongue stuck out like this. I’ve seen many pictures over the years of girls gagged like this but never read how long it could be endured for. Well, it looked like I would find out first-hand today. 

By the time I had locked my ankle cuffs to the ends of the chain at the sides of the tree and started to wrap the ropes around my waist I was doubtful I could bear the tonguetrap much longer. My policy when facing something like this is to carry on quickly until my hands are locked somewhere and I don’t have a choice about enduring some torture or another. It saves the agonizing about ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ and removes the temptation to take the easy way out. I could certainly endure the sticks for a few minutes longer and after that it would be academic. I would then have no choice but to put up with the gag until the ice melted. I had to have some sort of gag, and this was the only gag option I had today, so it was this, or nothing. I gritted my teeth (biting my tongue in the process) and ploughed on.

Wrapping the ropes around my waist and above and below my breasts and between my thighs proved difficult. I had to throw the rope around the back of the tree behind me and try to catch it the other side and pull the rope around. Over and over, I did this and, as the ropes tightened around me, it slowly became harder to throw the rope hard enough to catch it the other side.

By the time I had enough loops around the tree to support my body weight comfortably (comfort being a relative thing, when you’re bound to a rough tree with rough ropes and most of your body weight is resting on a few strands of rope between your thighs) I was worn out. I needed a rest and as soon as I locked my hands behind me and pulled on the string to release the water container, I would be able to rest for at least an hour.

This was incentive enough for me to press on and so I cinched the ropes passing around me and tree by passing loops of ropes between my body and the tree and tested lowering my weight onto the harness I had created. Perfect; I didn’t sink down too much.

I placed my hands behind me and reached around the tree until I could grab the opposite cuffs. Feeling behind me for the string though I realized I had made a mistake and that at least a couple of ropes wrapped around me and the tree had also enclosed the chain hanging down from the eyelet in the branch behind me. Damn! I had to undo the cinch and unwrap several loops of rope around my breasts before I could free the chain. Now I really was sweating despite the growing cold.

Then my cell phone rang. It sounded so loud in the quietness of the woods. Crap! What if someone could hear that and came looking. I had left my cell phone on so that I could call Sara if I needed to later and I had forgotten to turn it to silent. I was too bound up to reach it now before it stopped ringing. I couldn’t imagine who could be phoning me today – it might be a wrong number so it probably wouldn’t ring again. At last I was ready and so I reached behind me again and making sure I had the string in my hand fumbled for the padlock I had earlier slipped through the leather strap around my left cuff. I should say something about this padlock here. The lock I often use for connecting my wrist cuffs together has a long hasp. I find it difficult to lock a padlock to the ‘D’ rings on my cuffs if my hands are too close together so the longer hasp allows me to maneuver the padlock through the rings and close it without too much fumbling. The cuffs are looser but it means I can connect them together in situation where that would otherwise not be possible. In this case since my arms had to travel around the tree before being locked together, it still made my hands fairly strictly bound.

Part Three 

“Click” The point of no return; I slipped the hasp of the padlock through the ‘D’ rings on my wrist cuffs and clicked the lock shut. A little shiver ran down my back and inside me in more intimate places. I realized I was quite cool now. By the time I had hung here for an hour or more I would be freezing. Part of me regretted doing this naked in the Fall, the other half, was wishing for Winter, and snow.

Technically, I wasn’t yet at the point of no return. I could still reach the key behind me on the top end of the chain and free my wrists. Until I pulled that string and released the water container, raising my feet off the ground and lifting the key out of reach I could still get out of this. Well, obviously that was no good so I quickly pulled down on the string and after a couple of tries I felt it go slack. If I was in any doubt that I hadn’t released the water container and had just broken the string instead, the feeling of a sudden pull on my ankles let me know my plan was successful so far.

The pull wasn’t so strong that it pulled my feet off the ground. Not wanting to carry the heavy water container through the woods, I had deliberately only filled it enough to provide just the right amount of weight to pull the rope through the ratchet. It wouldn’t pull my feet off the ground but of course, as soon as I gave into the slight pressure on my ankles and raised my feet, the weight was enough to pull the rope through the ratchet and the ratchet itself would ensure that was going to be a one-way trip.

After settling down on the ropes binding me to the tree and trying to find a comfortable way to rest my weight on the ropes running between my thighs, I experimentally lifted my feet off the ground just a tad. I heard the ratchet click and tried to put my feet back on the ground. The give in the system allowed me to just achieve that, but I had to pull quite hard to do it.

What the heck! I took a breath and lifted my feet up behind me as far as I could. Wow! Now, I really was stuck for the duration. I almost came right then; it had been so long since I had been tied up so effectively. The feeling was divine.

Then my cell phone started ringing again. Who could this be? I suddenly realized the truth. Sara was already in the woods and was ringing my phone, hoping to locate my position. Cheating bitch! I wished I had turned it off or at least down from the maximum volume ring. If it was Sara phoning me I realized, it wouldn’t take her long to find me. I was in trouble now but I didn’t know whether to be cross or excited. I decided I didn’t want to be found by Sara like this. Well, I meant I didn’t want to think that I wanted Sara to find me. Of course, deep down, the idea was exciting – and I knew that, as she was aware of the reasons for my long period of bondage abstinence, that she would be gentle with me. But I had only just got myself tied up properly after several hours of strenuous preparation and I wanted to enjoy that by myself for a while at least. I did want Sara to find me – but not just yet. My time alone might be short, though, I realized as my phone rang for a third time, so I’d better make the most of it. I pulled at my bonds, but my body was welded to the tree; any slack, taken out by the slight drop of my body as I lifted my legs off the ground. I struggled as furiously as I could, just for the sake of it and because it made me feel more of a real captive, desperate for release. All that achieved, of course, is to make the ropes rub me in several places, not all of them pleasant, and to make my ankles move even further from the ground. 

That gave me an idea and I spent the next few minutes trying to see how high I could lift my legs up behind me. Even at maximum lift, my feet were still fairly free to wave around in the air. It was a shame I wasn’t able to use a spreader bar, or tie them back to the tree or to my thighs like in the Tyler scene. Never mind – that was the price to pay for insisting on doing this to myself rather than let Sara help.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the sound of my phone ringing yet again. Sara was obviously having difficulty locating me before the phone stopped ringing each time. At least at this rate the battery would run down soon and that would be the end of her cheating.

But this time, as the sound of the ringing died down, I heard a crashing in the bushes some distance away. She was getting close! Then, I heard a voice shout, “I know you’re round here somewhere and I’m coming, ready or not”. No prizes for guessing who that was!

Moments later a rather bedraggled Sara stepped from behind a tree off to my side and she came round to stand in front of me.

“Not bad”, she said, looking me up and down, “not bad at all”.

I went red, the first time I’d done that for ages. I really was out of practice at this ‘sharing my adventures’ thing.

“Hmm, not bad, but not quite right either” Sara said after inspecting me some more and comparing me to a picture she had in her hand. “I think there’s some missing bits”

I tried to tell her that was ok, and discovered to my horror just how effective the stick gag was. I could make a noise but, unlike nearly every other gag I have ever worn, I was completely unable to make even the slightest intelligible sound. Try as I might, I really couldn’t make myself understood. Not that Sara would have listened to me anyway but it was so frustrating to not be able to communicate to her at all. The only thing I’d be able to do was make my ‘safe’ noise and I certainly wasn’t ready for that. “Your ankles should be tied to your thighs” she said looking up from the picture in her hand. I shook my head furiously.

“But then you wouldn’t get free would you” Sara continued, walking around me to inspect the back.

I made ‘agreeing’ noises as best I could.

“Ok, but you really should have used more sticks” she said, and suddenly spying the pile of discarded sticks I’d made before choosing the perfect pair to trap my tongue with, “I see you left me some to finish the job, good girl”.

I made ‘not agreeing’ noises but Sara chose to ignore them and, instead, bent down to pick up a selection of sticks and spare rubber bands from my bag.

“Now, where can these go?” she taunted, knowing full well that I had committed the picture she had in her hand to memory. 

Sara used the sticks and rubber bands to trap both my nipples and then my labia in rough, wooden clamps. God! That hurt.

Then she picked up the vibrator and waved it towards me. “What shall we do with this?” she asked, teasing me again.

“Please, please!” I cried silently and put on my best pleading face despite the agony of my nipples and pussy.

Sara made a final show of consulting the picture and said, “No, I don’t see that on here”, and pulling her black jeans down proceeded to slip my vibrator in her own pussy. “Yes, that’s better” she said buttoning up her jeans again. I could hear a slight buzzing sound coming from her pants and it honestly made me jealous. Bitch! I fumed silently; she would pay for this later. But I knew she wouldn’t really and, of course, as usual, I was loving every minute of her teasing and humiliation of me.

“Any other toys for me?” Sara asked, tipping out the contents of my bag. All that was in there were my clothes and Sara inspected them before rolling up my sandals in my top and skirt and sticking them under her arm.

“Fine then, I’ll be off. By the look of the ice, you’ll be free in about an hour. Want me to wait on the road or are you alright to drive home on your own?” I let her know that I would very much appreciate having my clothes to get home in.

“Sorry, can’t make out a word you’re saying, but you are really, really cute you know.” And with that, she planted a kiss on the end of my nose and walked off.

As Sara reached the trees I heard her call out, “See you at the car… maybe” and she was gone.

By the time the ice had melted and released my ankles and the key to my wrist cuffs, I had managed to raise my feet another six inches or so off the ground. It was hard work but at least it took my mind off the raging agony of my tortured pussy.

As soon as my hands were free I reached down to release my labia from the evil sticks. But then I decided I would leave them on there for now and show Sara I was made of stronger stuff.

The gag had to come off though; I felt as if my tongue had been cut in two. Sadly even removing the sticks didn’t change that feeling and, without anything to wipe myself with, I had to suffer the taste of rotting wood in my mouth all the way back to the car. In fact my tongue felt very strange, almost the same feeling you get when you’ve been to the dentist and your face is numb. At least that feeling was wearing off be the time I had traveled a slow and cautious journey to the road.

On reaching the end of the trail and seeing that Sara hadn’t waited for me after all, I remembered that the keys for my car were in my purse and that was missing from my bag along with my clothes. It was possible my purse was still back at the tree but it was far more likely that Sara had taken it.

I hid in the undergrowth at the end of the trail for a while, making sure there weren’t any cars coming along the road. I would just have to make my way, naked, to my car and hope Sara had realized she had my keys and left them in the car or something.

Otherwise I was screwed. I could call her on my cell phone I supposed but that would be admitting defeat. I would have to do something soon as it was starting to get dark now and I was shivering from the cold. I decided to run to the car and see what I could find.,

When I reached my car, having scooted as fast as I could while trying to stay low, I found a damp bundle and there were my clothes and purse. Actually, that’s not completely true, my skirt was missing, and it looked like I would have to drive home with out anything covering my nether regions. Oh well, I’d done worse before!

Well, if Sara wasn’t around, there was no need for the sticks so, with much squealing, they came off and I threw them happily back into the bushes.

Thankfully the drive home was uneventful and seemed to pass by quickly, mostly because I was focused on the waiting hot bath at the end of my journey, I suspect. The hot bath and the fact that I had another day before I had to return to the office at least meant that the rope marks were gone before I had to show myself in public again. 


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