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by Andreabound

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#5 Andreabound in Bondage Vignettes – Part One

I finally got to buy my new house and there are new adventures waiting to be written up. But I wanted to share some of my other self-bondage escapades in my apartment before I moved out.

These are mostly shorter ties that wouldn’t make for a decent length story on their own so I decided to collate them into a collection of short descriptions. Hope you enjoy them.

Upside-down ‘Y’

For this tie I used the beam across my attic hatch to fix my wrists. I simply hooked the rings on the sides of my wrist cuffs to two large hooks I had screwed into the beam. Just hanging there a couple of times with my feet dangling a couple of feet above the ground was fun but there was nothing to stop me stepping back up onto the stool.

I tried the toe pull I had used in an earlier session and that was an improvement. But I needed something different. I hit on the idea of pulling my legs apart so I was hanging like an upside-down letter ‘Y’.

Screwing some more small eyebolts into the skirting boards on either side of the hallway, I ran a thin rope from one side of the hallway to the other leaving enough slack to able to touch the ends together. These ends I tied around my big toes and the slack allowed me to stand on top of the stool with my feet together. The rope ran from one big toe down through the eyebolt on one side of the hallway, across the hallway at floor level passing through a loose metal ring on its journey to the eyebolt on the other wall and up to where it was tied around my other big toe.

The loose ring in the middle of the run was connected to a rope that went through a ratchet device attached to the eyebolt in the top of a nearby doorframe by means of my usual ice-bag timer system. A water container used as a weight, sat on a stool under the ratchet and the free end of the rope was passed through the ratchet and tied to a handle on the water container.

Standing on the stool all I had to do was reach up, hook my wrist cuffs onto the beam and pull on a string to unbalance the water container. As soon as the water container fell from its perch my toes would be pulled out and down towards the eyebolts and I would no longer be able to stand on the stool.

I found myself hanging from my wrists with my legs stretched out. I hadn’t used much ice as I knew couldn’t cope with being hung up like this for too long without buying more expensive suspension cuffs. That would have to wait until I moved into my new house and, if the experience of those friends that owned their own homes was anything to go by, quite a while after that. The bondage gear I had now was going to have to suffice until my personal finances normalized again. Buying my own house was going to mean some sacrifices in some areas but I was sure I wouldn’t regret it in the long run.

The thing that struck me most about my present situation was what a perfect position I was in to receive a good spanking or whipping; my body naked except for the cuffs, gag and blindfold; stretched out and exposed from all sides. In principle I wasn’t too keen on the idea of being hurt, and the few times my boyfriend Simon had hit me were enough motivation for me to make him an ex-boyfriend. I guess it’s fair to say I was into BD where he was more inclined to SM.

The few minutes I hung there though the more attractive the idea of being strung up to receive a whipping from my master for some infraction I had committed. Didn’t really matter what the infraction had been, I was sure if I really were someone’s slave I would always be in some sort of trouble.

So I hung there imagining I could hear him approaching and ready to receive the first of many lashes. I’d never actually been whipped in my life so I had to imagine what it would feel like. I could only think of the pain of being struck, but if this was as really such a popular thing to do as the many internets sites dedicated to spanking and whipping made it out to be, it made sense that there must be a largely erotic element to the act too. After all, my nipple clamps were painful but that pain also helped to heighten my sexual arousal. Maybe this was just more of the same.

Hmmm. I would have to find a way of trying out a little application of spanking to a session. That would take some ingenuity.

Once the ice had melted I was able to pull my feet back together and lift them onto the stool so I could lift my wrists off the hooks in the beam. Once free I could start planning my next adventure in earnest.


It was flirting with the First Knight that had got me into this predicament. He had returned my coy glances and eventually I saw him talking to one of the court advisors whilst stealing looks in my direction.

If only I’d known he was checking that I was still a virgin I might have had an inkling of what he planned for me. As it was, I happily accepted his offer to join him hunting in the forest the next morning, thinking I had made a real catch. He wasn’t First Knight for nothing; he was strong and very handsome, the best fighter in the land and, if rumor was true, the best lover too.

I probably should have asked what it was he was hunting, but being just a simple servant girl I was too overwhelmed by being the chosen companion of one of the kingdom’s most highly honored men to risk speaking out of turn.

Of course when we stopped in the clearing and he took a set of chains from his bag I realized something was up. Even then, I thought this might be one of those strange perversions the nobility were said to be fond of. So what if he wanted to chain me to the only tree in the clearing? It’s not as if I could have resisted his strong arms or strong charms anyway.

Once he had me securely chained to the tree, he reached over and tore my dress to expose my heaving bosom. Now maybe at last he’d get on with what we’d both come here for. But instead of having his way with me, he stepped back and drew his huge sword. I flinched at that, thinking for a second that he was going to cleave me in two. However, he just turned on his heel and strode off into the forest and in seconds I was left alone chained to a tree waiting for heaven knows what.

I looked about me and it was only then I noticed the bones carpeting the floor of the clearing. I let out a tiny scream, thinking these must be the bones of the Knight’s previous maiden conquests. But, wait a minute; these were too big, surely. I was not an educated lady, not like some in the court of higher birth than me, but I had seen enough bodies in my life to know these bones were not of human origin.

I was still trying to work out what animal these bones could be from when it all became too clear. With a deafening roar and an enormous dragon landed in the clearing right in front of me. Of course I screamed, who wouldn’t? But to my disgrace I almost lost control of my bladder too. I thought the dragon would simply bite off my head; it was certainly close enough so that I could smell its fetid breath. But after fixing me with an evil green eye for a moment, the dragon seemed to stop and look around warily.

It turned out the dragon had good reason to be suspicious as at that moment the First Knight strode out from his hiding place in the trees and advanced on the dragon wielding his sword in both hands. What followed was the longest and bloodiest fight I had ever witnessed. After a while the First Knight seemed to gain the upper hand but then as he thrust forward to skewer the dragon, he tripped over a log, lost his balance and was sent sprawling to the forest floor with a sweep of the dragon’s majestic tail. Seizing his chance, the dragon made towards me, obviously planning to run off with his prize; but that was his undoing. The First Knight was not about to lose his dragon-bait so easily. He leapt to his feet and in a single bound thrust his mighty sword straight into the dragon’s back with such force that it penetrated the scale armor, pierced the dragon’s heart and came out the other side.

The dragon reared up and with a final mind-numbing screech fell back dead.

Unfortunately, he fell back right on top of the First Knight who was pinned to the ground by the enormous bulk of the dead dragon. The Knight, although clearly badly wounded, didn’t give up. He reached for his sword where it had been knocked from his grasp and after several tries managed to snag it with his fingers. Once he had regained the use of his weapon, the Knight began to slash at the side of the beast until he had managed to make a hole big enough to pull his trapped legs free.

The First Knight tried to stand but immediately fell over clutching his knee. It was obviously smashed. But gritting his teeth and getting back up he used his sword as a crutch to hobble to the front of the fallen dragon and proceeded to hack off the creature’s head.

Then the knight looked up at me though eyes heavy with exhaustion and pain. I must have been a sight. Chained motionless to a tree with my dress torn, covered from head to toe in spattered dragon blood, and with eyes still as big as saucers; still unable to take in what I had just witnessed.

The First Knight looked at his trophy and at his shattered knee and then back at me. “Sorry”, he said, “I can only manage one of you. If I make if back, I’ll send help”. With that he limped towards the path leading back to the castle. I wasn’t too respectful of his office at that point. Truth be told, I called him some names he had probably never heard from the mouth of a woman before. I continued to shout abuse after him long after he was obviously out of earshot.

Maybe that’s why I’m still here; waiting for rescue that looks less likely to come with every passing hour. Maybe he didn’t make it back after all. Maybe he did but is punishing me for my outburst. Either way, my moment of defiance has long since evaporated and I stand here locked to a tree with the unfamiliar and frightening sounds of the forest at nighttime coming closer and closer.

I was brought out of my reverie by the sound of keys dropping from the ring I had threaded the ice-bag through higher up the tree trunk and falling to where I could grab them with my manacled hands.

This was only my second outdoors bondage adventure and I had been determined re-live the excitement of being bound to a tree. I had returned to my secret clearing in the local woods and using my new set of chains fastened my self to the tree to await the inevitable melting of ice, and my freedom.

My feet were locked in my new metal cuffs and the chain between them passed behind the tree making me stand with my legs quite far apart. A chain from the ankle cuffs ran up behind the tree to my wrist cuffs forcing me to hug the tree in reverse. For good measure I had added a chain around my waist and another at my neck.

When I said the keys had fallen to allow me to release my chains I was only partly correct. The keys opened padlocks on only my left-hand side. Enough to escape form the tree but I would have to make my way home wearing cuffs on my right ankle and right wrist. Free enough to walk and drive but noisy if I should need to hide from a passerby and hard to explain way should I be stopped by the police. I was certainly getting bolder with my adventures. It would be interesting to see where this might lead.

First Stappado

Believe it or not I had never been tied with my arms up behind me in what is known as the strappado position. I’d never tried to tie myself like that either. But it seemed to be a popular bondage position if the number of websites showing girls restrained in a strappado were anything to go by so I thought I would give it a try.

It was fairly easy to put myself in a strappado. I just stood on my stool and hooked my wrist cuffs to a chain hanging down from the beam I had installed across the opening to the attic. Stepping off the stool had the effect of pulling my arms up behind me, making me bend at the waist.

I could see how this position would be a real test of endurance as even with just my wrists restrained it was hard to find a comfortable position. I could stand up a little straighter or bend over more but whatever I did it was impossible to relieve the strain in my shoulders. It was ok for a while but I realized this would become real torture if I were left in this position for any length of time.

Even so, for a lover of strict bondage like me, the position clearly needed some improvements. Many of the strappado pictures on the web had shown the girls with additional elements to their predicament. The favorites seemed to be; bound elbows which helped to force the arms straight up, bound legs making balance more difficult, neck bound to ankles to stop the girls standing up, and weights hanging from their breasts adding to the torture. One picture I found even included a rope running between the girl’s legs and fixed up to the roof to prevent her from bending her knees. The strappado position, with head hanging down, seemed ideal for inducing maximum drool from any gag.

It was going to be a real challenge to achieve some of these enhancements. The only reliable method I’d found so far of binding my elbows together was to pull them via a loop hanging from the ceiling. This would be difficult to do in this arrangement.

Legs were easy to tie, but how would I be able to get up and down from the stool? And the need to use the stool to get my self in the strappado position would make attaching a rope between my neck and ankles problematic. On the other hand, the dangling clamps would be much easier to do and it seemed an ideal opportunity to give my new clover clamps another outing. My breasts would be hanging down in this position, giving an ideal angle for hanging additional weights on the clamps. Ouch!

I’d read somewhere that trying to suspend someone off the ground by pulling up their arms behind them was likely to result in a dislocated shoulder. Whether or not this was actually true I didn’t want to take the risk. It was one of my greatest fears; dislocating or breaking a bone whilst tied up; it would spell disaster. This meant as I couldn’t risk put too much weight on my arms; hanging by my wrists whilst lifting my feet back up onto the stool was not an option and I’d have to find another way to achieve my aim.

In the end of course the answer was obvious. I would get myself into position and then lift my arms up last using my favorite trick of rope ratchet and water container released by my usual ice-bag technique. I had thought that the ice-bag drawstring wouldn’t work as it wouldn’t take my weight and all I would have to do to be free was to bend my knees and drop my whole weight onto the ice-bag. But if I had a rope running between my legs and up to the ceiling too, that would prevent me from puling on the ice-bag too hard.

So as usual I went the whole way; tying my legs together at ankle, knees and thighs, attaching my ankle cinch to the eyebolt in the floor, tying a rope around my waist, down between my legs and attaching it to another hanging down from the beam across the hatch. This part was easy to do whilst standing up so after attaching my nipple clamps, I bent down and grabbed a rope attached to my ankles and tied it to the front of my posture collar. All I had left to do was to fix my arms behind my back so after adding a large padlock to the chain linking my nipple clamps, I reached behind me to slip my arms through a belt. I couldn’t think of a way of making my elbows touch in this position so the belt which was tight enough to prevent my arms from bending too much but loose enough to slip up my arms and over my elbows, would have to do.

To complete my bondage I slipped the noose on the end of the rope leading to the rope ratchet over my hand, pushed my wrists though a loop of rope and maneuvered the noose back over my hand so that it was between my wrists. Pulling on the string tied to the carrying handle of the water container unbalanced it sending it plummeting to the floor.

As expected my arms were abruptly pulled up behind me and I yet again found myself caught in inescapable bondage. This was exquisite ecstasy. I really couldn’t move a muscle and my whole body seemed to be in the process of being pulled apart in different directions. The tension was terrific and I wondered why I hadn’t tried this position before.

The rope between my legs was just in the right place and I was able to pull on it and rub against it to give myself two orgasms. The weight I had added to the nipple clamps had done its work too and my nipples were pulled painfully towards the floor. They seemed to be pointing straight at the pool of drool that was collecting beneath my ring-gagged mouth. It was a nice change to drool onto somewhere other than my own body.

The added pressure of supporting my arms pulling down for all they were worth must have helped the ice to melt somewhat more quickly than usual and I hadn’t been hanging there long when my hands suddenly came free. I must admit I wasn’t too upset as this was the most strenuous positions I had ever tied myself in; had ever been tied in by anyone else for that matter. I quickly released the rest of my bonds and lowered myself to the floor to recover.

It was all over so quickly that I hadn’t really had time to think up or act out one of my fantasies. Well, there was always next time, and I would certainly be doing this again; as soon as I’d thought up some improvements, that is.

Hair Today

I know the title of this story is corny but I had finally made up my mind that as part of my makeover to have streaks of color put in my hair and then set in a spiky bob. Not cut too short though, just about shoulder length.

The problem with this as far as bondage goes is that I’d always wanted to try and bind my hair as part of a bondage scenario and therefore it would have to before I had it styled.

I reckoned between my posture collar and my hair tied back to something I should be able to get my head pretty much set immobile. This would make it more difficult to release my bonds which would just consist of my new metal manacles. To add to the frustration I would use combination locks on my cuffs and the temptation to take a peek would therefore be irresistible. I wouldn’t be able to avoid trying to look down at my locks and that would pull painfully on my hair.

To make this scenario work I chained myself to one of the high-backed chairs in my kitchen by just feeding my ankle cuff chains through the chair legs and running chains at waist height and above and below my breasts. To ensure I couldn’t lift my hands up to where I could easily see the numbers on the locks, I connected a thin chain to my nipple clamps and ran it down under my waist chain to my wrist cuffs.

The final parts of the bondage were to fasten my collar to the chair back and then tie my hair in the same way using thin ropes I had already braided into the two plaits I made in my hair. This way I wasn’t able to move my head up or down or even side-to-side. Perfect.

Once this was done I slipped my wrists into the cuffs and clicked the combination lock padlocks through the hasps. It was so tempting to try and look down to help me do this and so I knew I certainly wouldn’t be able to resist the urge when it came to freeing myself.

I had slipped in my vibrator before strapping on my leather chastity belt as I wanted to enjoy this bondage in a different way than my usual tendency of self-imposed denial of pleasure. I was not disappointed. And it was a fine way to say goodbye to my long hair.


I’ve seen a few more bondage items I really must have. They include a Jennings dental gag, thumb cuffs, another pair of thumb cuffs for my toes, and a tight lace-up leather helmet that would work better with short hair. I won’t be able to afford these until I’ve settled into my new house but I’m already dreaming up ideas on how to incorporate the items in to my scenarios. Until then please feel free to write to me to suggest ideas for how I might put these (and my other items) to good use. And if anyone can work out how I can put a single sleeve on myself (and more importantly, get it off again!) – Please, please let me know and I’ll get one of those too. Looking forward to your mail.

By-the-way, thanks to all those who have already written to me about my adventures, but I’ve had trouble replying to some of your emails as often the Spam filter won’t let my replies go through. If you’d like a reply, and I do try to reply to all mail, please make sure to adjust the Spam filter at your end or at your ISP so I can get through.


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