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Andreabound is Sold

by Andreabound

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© Copyright 2007 - Andreabound - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; kidnap; bagged; transported; reluct/cons; XX


#13 Andreabound is Sold – Part One

When Sara left early Monday morning she had left a note that said:

Darling Andrea,
Had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for the clothes and I’ve taken your spare keys – hope you don’t mind. I’ll be back Tuesday night at six. I left my handcuffs on your pillow. When I come you must be kneeling in your cell wearing them. I will be angry if you are not waiting for me.
Your lover, Sara-Jane.

I wondered when Sara became my lover all of a sudden. And I didn’t know she was a Sara-Jane. Sara was still full of surprises. I’m not at all sure I like surprises really – I like my life to be ordered and planned. But then again, there was something intoxicating about Sara; her happy-go-lucky attitude was beginning to win me over. I wasn’t too happy about her taking my things with out asking but then she had left me the most gorgeous hood in exchange so I couldn’t really complain.

All day Monday, I was torn between reliving the adventure of the weekend and imagining what might happen on Tuesday. The suspense was really getting to me and I was less than fully productive at work that day.

Tuesday seemed to take forever to come around. I made sure I had a good lunch as I had leaned that meals are optional when Sara is around. Then disaster struck; we had a problem come up at the last minute with one of our major clients on Tuesday afternoon and by the time I got away I was already running late. Of course, as usual, the traffic on the turnpike conspired to keep me from making good time and so I arrived at the house just after six fifteen.

Sara was sitting on my front steps and gave me a black look as I drove up. Oops! I thought. And then wondered why she hadn’t let herself in. It turned out Sara had already lost my spare keys and it was my turn to give her a black look. Didn’t she realize how vulnerable I felt after my attack the other week? What if someone had got hold of my keys and found out where I lived. I had guessed that Sara lived her life in a constant state of chaos but I didn’t like the idea of this chaos spilling over and affecting me.

When I pointed out that, as far as she knew, I was locked in my basement cell awaiting rescue and here she was stuck outside; it struck me how much I had placed my trust in this unpredictable girl. What if she hadn’t turned up at all? What if something had happened to her on the way over? I might have been trapped down there for ever. Well until the bank foreclosed and the realtor discovered my bones, anyway.

None of this improved my mood and even when Sara said she knew I wasn’t at home yet because my car hadn’t been here and that she would have broken in otherwise, I guess I was still grumbling as I opened the door and made my way down the hallway.

Sara had obviously had enough of me telling her off and, before I could react, had run down the hall behind me and kicked me in the back of my legs. My knees crumpled and I fell to the floor completely taken by surprise by her ferocious attack.

“What the…” I managed to get out as I hit the floor with a bump.

“You stupid bitch. Shut up. Shut up your stupid bleating!” she shouted at me as she dropped down on my back, taking the wind out of me. I was too stunned to react and, before I could regain my senses, she had my left arm in a lock and was pulling it up my back.

“Ow! that hurts, let go!” I shouted; really cross now. But Sara continued to pull on my arm, making me wince with the pain. It felt like she might dislocate my shoulder if she didn’t let up.

“Give me your other arm or you’ll be sorry you whining cow” she said, not letting up for a minute.

I was too cross for her games right now, though so I flexed my legs and tried to throw her off. Unfortunately, Sara is much heavier than me and I just flailed uselessly around on the floor. She had me pinned down and there was nothing I could do about it.

“Ok, ok, just don’t break my arm” I begged, finally putting my other arm behind me as commanded. Without letting go of my left arm, Sara reached back into her bag and I heard a ripping sound. Then I felt something cold and sticky being wrapped around my wrist.

A few minutes later, my wrists had been taped firmly together with duck tape and Sara had shifted position to work on my ankles. At this point I thrashed about; not in the mood for bondage games right now. This was far more brutal than we had discussed in our chats and I was still angry with Sara and not at all ready to play. But with my wrists out of commission and with Sara still sitting on me, it wasn’t long before she had my ankles taped together too. Then she moved on to taping my knees and thighs for good measure.

I might have been incapacitated, but I was far from defeated and I let her know, in no uncertain terms, what I thought about her violation of my trust. Sara responded by rolling me over and taping round and round my upper body, pinning my arms to my sides. This was too much, the tightness of the tape around my chest was restricting my breathing and I was sure she had ruined my best work suit. I’d had enough of this and called her a few choice words. Sara responded by slapping me hard across the face a couple of times drawing blood from my lip. I lay still, shocked by this. No one had ever struck me like that before; ever. Sara took advantage of my silence to grab a handful of hair and pull my head up to meet hers.

“Now look here, you ungrateful bitch. I took a lot of time out to take care of you last weekend and I’m not going to put up with your attitude any longer. Do you understand me?” She spat the words at me.

I didn’t really understand her words at all but I could understand the wild look in her eyes; and her tone of voice left no room for argument.

“I’m scared Sara, why are you doing this?” I asked, on the edge of tears.

“There’s something about me I didn’t tell you” she said in reply “You know I like the good life, well do you think I can afford it on my crappy pay?” It’s true she did have a nice sports car that didn’t seem to match her position as a junior buyer.

“So I sometimes have to supplement my meager income with selling naïve young girls like you to South America.” she continued “with your blond hair and baby blue eyes, you should make me a good price. The Columbians really go for types like you.”

So this was her game today. I wasn’t really in the mood to play, and I was still hurting from the violence of her attack, but if Sara wanted to play the white slaver; so be it. I sighed and relaxed in my bonds. I would just have to play it out and see what she had planned for tonight.

“Sara, I’m thirsty, can I have a drink before we play” I asked as she stood up.

“You don’t get this do you?” she said, giving me a sharp kick in the ribs. “This isn’t one of your games. Just shut up!”

Sara walked into the nearby kitchen and returned a moment later with a dishcloth from the sink. “Open wide” she said.

I was really angry now; the kick in the ribs had really hurt and I was fed up of this game. “Fuck you, Sara! Let me go right now or else!” I shouted.

I received another kick in the ribs and I started to cry from the pain. Sara bent down and pushed the damp cloth against my lips. I resisted as best I could, but she just pushed harder and I thought she was going to split my lip. I eventually gave in and opened my mouth, allowing her to push the cloth in. Out came another roll of duck tape and Sara wrapped it round and round my head. Once the gag was firmly taped into my mouth though, she didn’t stop. Instead she continued to wind the tape around my head covering my eyes and wrapping my head until I began to feel like a mummy. Then Sara rolled me onto my front again and proceeded to wrap each of my hands in tape until they were rendered totally useless.

Through the layers of tape I heard her flip open her cell phone and after a pause she said. “I got her. No it was easy, I already gained her trust. She let me straight in. I’ve got her all taped up and ready to go. Meet you back at mine in an hour or so” The phone call was terminated. Shit! I wondered who she was talking to. I hoped she hadn’t involved any of her other friends in this prank; we’d agreed we would keep this to ourselves with the one exception of letting my brother know everything was ok from time to time.

“Don’t go anywhere” and I heard Sara walk up the stairs. As soon as the footsteps had gone I wrestled with my bonds. I’d never been bound with duck tape before and I wondered how strong such thin tape could really be. Stronger then it looks, I determined after fruitlessly writhing on the floor for several minutes. Not even the slightest give in it. This stuff wasn’t coming off; it was seriously sticky and I worried that my hair might not survive the removal of the tape later on.

“Just getting a few things” Sara said, returning some minutes later “ready to go?”

I heard her pick up my bag and keys leave via the front door. Moments later I could faintly hear the garage door being lifted and my car being driven in. The door at my side suddenly opened and Sara moved to my side. “Let’s go, beautiful” she said picking me up easily. I say easily; it might have been easier for her if I hadn’t struggled so much. This might be a game to her but I was still cross and, if Sara was going to play rough, so was I. Sara just got a better grip of me and pointed out the dangers of making her drop me while she carried me down the stairs to the basement so I quietened down a bit. There was always later.

I felt us go down the stairs and across the basement to the door leading into the garage. My head bumped into the doorway on the way in and I cried out beneath my mask of tape. Sara just ignored me and I felt myself being lowered into the trunk of my car. Sara pushed me onto my stomach and bent my legs at the knees. This made the tape at my knees and thighs even tighter and I instinctively tried to straighten my legs again. Sara just kept one hand on my ankles and, with her free hand, taped my ankles until they were joined to my wrists. I was now in an effective hogtie and couldn’t move at all. In other circumstances I would have loved this position but I was still seething under the layers of tape and just wanted out.

The trunk slammed down and I heard the car door shut and the engine start. We moved forward a few yards and stopped. From my prison in the trunk I heard the garage door close and a minute later we started up again.

Andreabound is Sold – Part Two

The ride was uneventful. As uneventful as a ride strictly hogtied, gagged and blindfolded in the trunk of your own car can be. I hadn’t got a clue where we were going. I assumed we might be going to Sara’s apartment but I realized I didn’t really know where she lived. Across town somewhere, was all she had said. How could I not have asked such a basic question? I realized I really didn’t know this girl after all. She was a friend of my brother and that had been good enough for me; but now I wasn’t so sure. What if she wasn’t joking about the white slaver stuff? No that was ridiculous; that sort of thing only happened in stories. South America? Who was she trying to kid?

Eventually, I felt the car pulling to an underground garage; we must be at our destination. After a pause the car door opened and I heard footsteps approaching the trunk where I was lying, now seriously uncomfortable and hot. The trunk popped open and cooler air flooded in. Sara leaned in towards me. “I’m going to take you upstairs now. Make a sound and you’ll regret it.” She poked me in the ribs, right where she had kicked me earlier. It was still tender there and I flinched away. I felt a rough bag being pulled over my knees and Sara worked it up over my body. As the bag went over my head it became harder to breath and I tried to cry out.

“Quiet! I said” Sara hissed at me. She put her hands round my throat and held them there. “If you won’t be quiet I’ll have to take you upstairs unconscious, got it?” I gasped for breath as she released her hands but was then quiet. Suddenly, this didn’t feel like a game any more and I was frightened.

After tying off the end of the sack, Sara threw me over her shoulder and I felt us enter a small elevator where she lowered me to the floor. We went up a few floors I guess before the doors opened and I felt Sara lean out, presumably to check that the coast was clear. This time she didn’t bother to lift me up again and just grabbed the end of the sack and pulled me along the ground. I felt the bumps of the elevator entrance and then a slippery floor until we stopped and I heard keys rattling. A door was opened. The sack started to move again. I considered crying out for help but I guessed no one was around to hear and I didn’t want to get in any more trouble.

“Sensible girl” Sara said and I heard her move off into the room and start to move furniture around.

I was left lying on my side, still tightly hogtied and covered in duck tape. I felt like I was suffocating inside this bag and I needed out so I started to make as much noise as I could. Eventually, Sara came over to me and untied the top of the sack to pull my head out. She held my taped head firmly in her hands and lifted my chin. “Will you be quiet!” she said. “You’ll be out faster if you let me get the place ready for you. It’s not like you don’t enjoy being tied up you pervert”.

So I had to just lie there with my head poking out of the sack waiting for Sara to finish whatever preparations she was engaged in. At least I could breathe a little easier now my head was free, although I still had to breathe through the small gap in the tape hood Sara had left over my nose. I felt tired; it had been a hard day at the office and if Sara hadn’t been coming round I probably would have just chilled out tonight. The warmth of the sack, and the comforting tightness of my bondage, combined to draw me into a lethargic stupor and I felt myself drifting off to sleep.

Without warning, there was a knock on the door. My senses were suddenly at full alert. I didn’t know exactly where Sara had placed me, but judging by the sounds, I was lying somewhere in the middle of her room. I wondered if I would be visible to anyone standing at the door to the apartment. I suddenly felt very exposed.

“Is she here?” It was a man’s voice!

“Of course, told you I’d be back in hour” Sara replied. “But you’re too early Matt. I haven’t got her ready yet”.

“I can’t see her face” he said.

“No, like I told you, she’s not ready for transport yet. But she’s definitely the same girl in the picture I gave you. There isn’t a problem is there? I’ve gone out on a limb with this one. You’d better come through with the money”.

They wandered off into another room and I heard them talking in low voices. I strained to hear what they were saying but I couldn’t make it out. Whatever they were planning, they obviously didn’t want me to know about it. This game had suddenly taken a bad turn. So Sara hadn’t kept her promise to keep our games to ourselves after all. I was struck by another thought; what if this wasn’t a game? What if Sara really was going to sell me into slavery? Incredible as the idea seemed, I was beginning to have serious concerns that I might have got myself in over my head. For the first time, I was starting to get really worried.

I heard the door slam and Sara came over to me. “Seems there’s a slight problem with your flight; I have to keep you here ‘til morning” she said. “Still, as long as I don’t damage the goods, there’s no reason you and I can’t have an evening of fun. Seeing as it’ll be your last for a while”

This was getting serious. I really didn’t know what to think now. If this was all an elaborate prank, Sara had managed to get inside my head and I couldn’t work out what she was up to. If this was for real; well who knows? Either way, I was genuinely scared and showed it by thrashing about once more.
Sara just let me wear myself out again, and then pulled me out of the sack. Her hands were back around my neck and she held my head still. “Listen baby” she said “I’ve got you and the sooner you get that into your head the better it’ll be for you.”

She let go of my head and I slumped back to the floor. I heard a heavy chair being dragged over towards me. Sara came back and I felt the tape between my wrists and ankles being cut. My legs unfolded; and not before time, as they were beginning to cramp.

Sara put her hands underneath my armpits and lifted me onto the chair. Even though my legs were now free, they were still tightly bound together and I was exhausted from my struggling. So I just let her place me onto the chair without a fight. She cut the tape holding my arms to my body and pulling my arms up dropped them back down so they were over the back of the chair. More tape was added to connect my wrist and ankles under the chair; securing me to it. I wriggled a little but I was stuck to the chair. I just hung my head and waited.

I sat there for what seemed like hours while Sara fixed herself some food and then sat eating it in front of the TV watching some stupid soap. If this was a game; it wasn’t a very good one. What was the point of this? I found a reserve of energy and thrashed about in my bonds again, trying to shout out through the gag that I’d had enough.

“So you’re bored huh?” Sara said. “Want to play? Ok, give me a minute”.

I heard another chair being dragged over in front of me. The tape holding my ankles and wrists behind the chair were cut and I was pulled to my feet only to be pushed down over the back of the other chair. Sara reached down and sliced the tape holding my ankles together. My feet were then bound; one to each chair leg. My knees were also bound to the back of the chair and then she cut the tape holding my wrists together. I fought back at this point but with my hands still taped into balls, there wasn’t much I could do. Sara pulled my hands down to the front of the chair and bound one to the top of each chair leg. I was now bound hand and foot; bent over the chair. I felt my skirt being lifted up and the knife sliced through my briefs.

“Ok, lets see how you like this” Sara said and I heard the sound of straps and buckles being tightened. Moments later I felt a touch to my pussy and I instinctively clenched up. “No, no, no.” Sara said “this is all for you. Open up sweetie”

With that she pushed harder and what I could only assume was a strap-on penis was pushing its way into my pussy. I knew resisting the intruder would only make things worse, so I relaxed and let her have her mechanical way with me. For several minutes she pumped the huge penis in and out of me and despite my best intentions I finally felt the stirrings deep inside me. Before long I was panting through my limited breathing holes over my nose and grinding my hips in time with Sara’s onslaught. A huge orgasm overtook me and I shuddered with the force of it; shaking and crying out through the gag. I felt Sara pull out of me.

“Like that huh?” she said “Well, how about this?”

I felt the penis return but this time demanding access to my anus. No. I wasn’t going to let this happen. I’d never allowed anyone to have sex with me there before and I wasn’t going to start now. I had used butt plugs in the past but they’d only ever been really small and even so they’d taken me ages to insert. This monster dick was going to rip me apart and I wasn’t going to let it in. Of course, bent over the chair with my butt in the air, meant I didn’t really have much to fight back with. I could clench my sphincter but I knew Sara would win out in the end.

“You really do need to relax this time, darling. Or this is going to hurt you real bad” she said. I knew she was right but I just couldn’t bring myself to allow this intruder rape me in such a way. I fought back.

But Sara just waited me out and kept applying pressure to the end of the dick. In the end of course she won out; I couldn’t keep my sphincter muscles tight forever. Once she had the end inside me it was just a matter of keeping pushing. I realized I needed to relax, or be injured; but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Sara’s progress was slow but she patiently pressed against me until the fake penis was well inside me. The pain was excruciating; I’d never had anything so large inside my butt before; and I felt like I was being torn apart from the inside out.

Once Sara had inserted the intruder as far as she wanted, she began to pump in and out. This just hurt me more and I was starting to feel sore. But again, as she moved the huge dick in and out of me, I found my body responding and eventually had to give over to the feelings creeping up on me. The orgasm, when it finally came, felt different. This was a new experience for me. I’m not at all sure it was one I particularly enjoyed but it had been something new and therefore interesting.

Sara pulled out of me and said “No gain without pain”. I didn’t know what she could mean by that until she started laying into me with the paddle. It had only been a couple of days since my last paddling and my bottom was still sore from that episode.

The paddling went on and on and I could feel my bottom warming up; I’m sure it was turning a deep shade of red. Eventually, Sara had enough, and stopped the assault on my behind. She released my wrists and, pushing me back, sat me down in the original chair. I still had my legs tied to the chair in front, so it didn’t take much for Sara to tape each of my arms to the arms of the chair. Once my arms were secured she un-taped my legs one at a time and re-taped them to the front legs of the chair I was sitting in. More tape went around me and I was now welded into the chair; tape holding me to the chair at wrists, elbows, ankles, knees, above and below my breasts and over my lap. I was going nowhere; only my head was free and that was wrapped in layers of tape with just a small hole for my nose.

“Play-time’s over, Andrea” Sara said “Your new life starts in the morning. For what it’s worth, I really liked you. This is just business – nothing personal, I hope you understand I’ve enjoyed our time together anyway. But sorry, I need the money, Goodnight”. With that she left the room and I heard noises coming from what I assumed was the bathroom before a door slammed and I heard the creaking of bedsprings.

Oh God! What if she was serious? What if this was really happening to me? I sat in my enforced captivity, desperate for a drink. Exhausted from my struggling and sitting in an un-cushioned, wooden chair on a very sore bottom.

Andreabound is Sold – Part Three

I sat there all night. For a few hours I tried to win my freedom but having my hands taped into balls meant I couldn’t use my nails to work on the tape binding me to the chair. The tape was surprisingly tough and clearly unbreakable. It was frustratingly tight too; I could hardly move a muscle. This didn’t stop me trying to break free but I knew deep down it was a futile exercise. Weary, I eventually fell into a restless sleep; and was awoken by a knock on the door.

“Your ride is here, Andrea” I heard Sara call from the hallway “and you’re not ready yet”.

I heard the door open and a male voice said “Come on Sara, her flight is waiting, get a move on”

“Have you brought my money?” I heard Sara ask. A pause, then; “Five grand, ok, that’s all there.”

So I was being sold for five thousand dollars. I wondered how many times I would change hands on this journey and how much money would change hands, in exchange for me, along the way. The reality of the situation suddenly sunk in and I started to cry. I had trusted this girl, after all she had been recommended by my brother. Now she was selling me like a piece of property. How could I have been so stupid?

I heard someone approach me and I flinched away as much as I could. A hand grabbed the side of my head and I heard a ripping sound. Light suddenly poured into my eyes as the tape covering them was torn away. There was Sara standing in front of me with a big grin on her face.

“Having fun?” she asked brightly.

I told her what fun I was having. Thankfully the gag made most of the curses I shouted at her unintelligible. “Now, now” she said gently, that’s no way to treat your rescuer. I looked around. We were alone in the room. Where had the man gone?

Sara saw me look about and said “There’s just me and you” and putting on a different voice she said “Come on Sara, get a move on” It had been just Sara all along. “Drama school, when I was young” she said apologetically, shrugging her shoulders. “There never was any phone call or anyone else. These are our games, remember?”

If this was her idea of a game, I was as mad as hell!

“Look I want to remove your gag so you can have a drink. I guess you’re pretty desperate for one by now” she said “but I’m going to have to wait until I’m sure you’re not going to make a fuss. My neighbors are still at home and I don’t want you making a noise. So, what’s it to be; quiet drink or gag?”

I was desperate for a drink; I was so thirsty I don’t think I could have made much noise anyway so I tried to make it clear I would behave if she would only remove my gag. “Promise?” Sara asked; and I nodded my head. So the gag finally came out and I was able to breathe through my mouth again. My jaw ached from being taped shut for so long and having the dishcloth lodged between my teeth all night. But apart from that I was ok, I guess; so I kept to my word and accepted the drink Sara proffered.

Sure I wasn’t going to make a fuss; Sara started to remove my other bonds. The first thing I did once I was completely free of the chair was to run to the bathroom; I needed to pee badly. Unfortunately, my muscles didn’t work properly after spending so long bound up and I fell forward onto the floor in a heap. Sara picked me up and between us managed to get me onto the toilet. Sara helped pull my skirt up and held my shoulders as I peed. I can’t remember the last time I had to be helped to go to the toilet; it was a strange feeling, doing something so personal with the help of another woman. Once I had found relief on the toilet I stood a little more steadily on my feet and checked myself in the bathroom mirror. I was a mess. My makeup had run, my hair looked like it had never, ever seen the working end of a brush, and my face was covered with red stripes from where the tape had been stuck to it.
Further down, my clothes were in disarray. This was my best work suit but thankfully was well made. It had survived the abuse handed out to it over the last twelve hours or so with only dirt and creases to show for its ordeal. My stockings had not faired so well and were mostly torn up with huge holes in both legs.

I lifted up my skirt and examined my behind. I was still red from the paddling handed out to it; but otherwise alright. So I was ok; the only real damage was to my pride. I was still cross with Sara for taking me so far without checking first, but I was also relieved that it was, after all, just a game she had been playing. In fact, I felt a little embarrassed that I had begun to take it seriously and I didn’t want Sara to know how much she had got inside my head. I decided to put a brave face on and pretend the game had been fun for me too.

Sara wasn’t easily fooled though. “Got you going? Didn’t I? Come on admit it” she taunted as I emerged from the bathroom.

I was about to respond, when I was brought up short by the sight in front of me. What a mess! How could anyone live like this? I’d never seen so much clutter in one room since my brother, Michael, lived at home. I guess in every family there’s always one person who doesn’t understand the concept of tidying their room. In our family it was Michael. In Sara’s family, it had obviously been her.

She saw my look and quickly said “I know, but I have a plan to fix it”

“Does that plan include a bulldozer” I asked sarcastically.

Sara laughed, and suddenly all the anger went out of me and we hugged.

“Thanks for last night” I said. “It was a bit intense for me; but thanks for trying something different. Now, I ‘m starving; what’s for breakfast?”

We cooked up the meager contents of Sara’s less than hygienic fridge and sat down together to discuss the previous night’s adventure and to plan the next. I complimented Sara on her housekeeping skills and asked about her plan to fix the chaos around us.

“I’ve got this great maid…” she started and I punched her on the arm.

A moment later we were rolling around on the floor together. This time, not caught by surprise, I was determined to use my kickboxing training to gain the upper hand. Sara is so much taller and heavier than me, though; so a few minutes later, the unequal struggle ended with Sara sitting on top of me and fastening a pair of handcuffs around my wrists.

“Do you want to spend the rest of the day taped in that chair again?” she asked “or can I trust you to go into my bedroom and put on the maids outfit?”

“No, I have to work today” I informed her “we had so many problems yesterday; I really can’t call in sick today. Sorry”.

Sara looked disappointed, but let me up. “Can I come round tonight, then?” she asked.

“Only if you find my keys” I answered.

A few minutes later I drove Sara back over to my house to pick up her car. I arrived at work a little later, and somewhat more tired than usual, having had to clean myself up first and wishing I’d had more sleep. The thought of Sara coming round tonight though, kept me going through the day.



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