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Angel’s Turn

by Gandalf

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© Copyright 2003 - Gandalf - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; collar; cons; X

Angel's Turn by Gandalf
Angel had given her boyfriend David a very special birthday present, namely herself in a pretty strict bondage situation all tied up and ready to go.  She wanted to give him a gift he wouldn't forget...and he sure didn't!  David stood a lot taller than Angel at 6'4", and had sandy blond hair and blue eyes.  The sort of blue eyes that could look green, or very blue, depending on what he wore.  He had a fairly solid build, reminiscent of his former athletics in high school.

Now David wanted to give her something in the same vein, since their anniversary was fast approaching.  They'd been together almost 3 years, and oh what fun they'd had so far.  He could only dream what else they might do, since he was so kinky and she seemed so open to anything.  A good combination, in David's opinion.  He was reluctant to say anything at first, thinking he'd scare her off.  She soon asked if she could use some scarves and a blindfold on him, promising him he'd enjoy it.  He just sat back and relished in the experience, thinking that Angel had no clue she'd hit the tip of the iceberg!  Soon they were taking turns tying each other up, teasing, tickling, and sexually torturing each other to the brink (and sometimes past the brink) of orgasm. 

He wondered how she'd like to find her anniversary gift this year...or more specifically in what position.  Different scenarios flashed through his mind...strappado (like she did for him), a spreader bar of some sort, so many possibilities!  He knew he wanted to have a ring gag for sure, since he loved the feeling of having his mouth opened and loved it when she lowered her smooth wet sex over him for him to lick, suck, and nibble, making her even wetter!  

Let's see... what else... he wanted to make sure there would be no way he could get out, even if he wanted to, before she got home.  A posture collar would be nice too, a good tall one that kept his head facing straight ahead.  He grabbed a couple padlocks, one for the gag and one for the collar, and decided he'd be better off dragging their "toy box" out of the closet to make it easier to find what he wanted.  He grabbed some wrist and ankle cuffs, as well as sufficient padlocks for those.  Oooh, some elbow cuffs he hadn't had a chance to try yet.  He DID say he wanted inescapable bondage, right?  He grabbed an old backpacking strap too, one of the kind that would cinch down a sleeping bag to the backpack.  After threading the end in the piece of hard plastic, if it was pulled it tightened, but would take a person lifting up on the plastic part to loosen.  Nice.  Thigh cuffs too. for how to bring all the parts together.  And what would she love it if he wore? 

He thought he'd make it a little more interesting to leave her a note on the dining room table, where she went right after getting home, sending her on a little scavenger hunt around the house, gathering a key at a time, along with the clue as to where to find the next one.  Once she had hunted down all the keys, the last note would tell her the location of her "gift."  He liked the thought of being a gift for someone, being bound by his own doing, knowing there was only one person that he would want to free him (eventually of course, not too soon *wink*).  It made him hard just to think about it, and he desperately wanted to stroke himself to a quick cum.  But he refrained, not wanting to spoil the climax for her when the time came.  He went up to the attic, the least occupied space in the house, and started to set up his self-bondage.  He decided she would best like to see him nude, so he took off the boxer briefs and threw them into a heap in the corner. 

He laid a blanket down on the floor, and kneeled down to start his adventure.  He locked the ankle cuffs on tightly, and strapped the thigh cuffs to his thick muscular thighs as well, locking each in place with a quiet 'click.'  He then locked his ankles to his thighs, essentially trapping him naked on the attic floor.  He then squeezed the ring gag into his mouth, keeping his mouth wide open.  He could feel himself start to drool as he locked the gag tightly behind his head.  It didn't prevent him from talking (though the speech he managed with that gag was sometimes tough to understand).  Even if he didn't go through with the rest of his planned "wrapping," he'd have a rather challenging time working his way down the attic stairs and retrieving each of the hidden keys it would take to release himself.  He worked the elbow cuffs on, one at a time, after first stringing the backpack strap through the D-rings on each.  

After locking each of those in place he had maybe a foot or two of movement with the strap behind him, the loose end he tied to his ankle cuffs, tying his ankles together, as well as each ankle to its corresponding thigh.  He then locked those lovely fleece-lined cuffs to his wrists very tightly, and with some difficulty he threaded the hasp of one last padlock through the D-rings on his wrist cuffs.  Before he snapped the lock he tugged upward, cinching his elbows closer together behind him.  "It's really too late to get out of this now," he thought, as he relished in the delightful little 'click' that sealed him from any hope of freedom.  His swelling cock stuck out hard and thick in front of him.

He had a good view of the little window that looked out over the front yard.  He could see most of the driveway from where he was too, so he could see her when she arrived.  He struggled pointlessly against the cuffs and padlocks that held him prisoner and his erection only grew in front of him, although he couldn't see it because of the posture collar.  He could only look straight ahead, luckily he'd thought to turn himself towards the window, thinking he'd need to have a fairly clear view of the window and looking a different direction wasn't much of an option. 

He definitely regretted not calling her just before she usually left, so he really hoped she came straight home and didn't get caught up at the office.  Otherwise he would be least stuck how he was for a bit until she decided to finally come home.  She did go out after work sometimes with co-workers of hers, taking a few extra hours for some relaxation and unwinding at a local bar.  He REALLY hoped she didn't choose tonight to go though!  

David could feel the drool dripping down his chin and onto his chest.  He was glad he didn't have thick hair there, more light than anything and hardly noticeable at all.  He started to sink back into his daydreams, of Angel tormenting his thick hard cock with her lips, but never bringing him past the brink.  Always close, sooooo close, but not ever quite there.  She seemed to have a sixth sense about things like that, she could tell when he was ready and would back off accordingly.  

Incredibly seductive, and maddenly, tortuously teasing.  He was brought back to reality with the sound of the phone ringing.  After the customary four rings the machine picked up, and he heard himself tell whoever was calling that no one was around, and to leave a message.  His heart sank when he heard his girlfriend tell him she wasn't planning on coming home for awhile--that co-workers were taking her out to celebrate her anniversary (her co-workers seemed like borderline alcoholics, using any excuse to go out and drink heavily).  He gulped and drooled some more, and he could feel it dribbling down his chest towards his cock.  He wished he hadn't used the larger ring gag this time...oh well, too late for that now!

He could feel the thick leather of the posture collar wrapping tightly around his neck, holding his head up straight and not allowing any movement.  He struggled against the leather and locks for a long time (at least in his mind, in reality maybe 20 minutes) and didn't even notice his girlfriend's car pull into the driveway.  Nor did he notice when the front door opened downstairs and his girlfriend strolled through the house finding all the keys he'd hidden.  He finally was aware that someone else was in the room by the shadow on the floor that stretched out diagonally in front of him.  He couldn't see who, because he couldn't turn his head, but he knew someone was there.  He heard the click of high heels and smelled his girlfriend's perfume...ahhhh...Miracle...he'd been saved! 

"I figured you'd do something like this to give me my turn after your last birthday gift," Angel said in her sexiest voice.  "Thought I'd play with your mind a little bit, just for some fun...did it work?"  Her captive said nothing that resembled speech, sort of gurgled and garbled were the 'words' David tried to say.  

"Such a naughty boy...we'll have to do something about that."  He then wasn't so sure he'd been rescued...he might be in for QUITE an evening...

"Happy Birthday Angel," he tried to say through the large ring gag, only it came out more like "Howee Burtheah Aahgul." 


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