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Angie’s Fix

by Master Ties

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© Copyright 2010 - Master Ties - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; rope; gag; blindfold; caught; F/f; bond; cons; X

Angie was in a serious fix, and she knew there was nothing she was going to be able to do about it until she was caught. She didn’t want to be found in her current condition but she had to figure a way out of her current situation and the only way was to have someone help her get loose.

First, we will set this up for you. Angie was a single mother that was looking to explore more of the bondage lifestyle she had gotten introduced to over the years by meeting men on websites that peaked her interest but never good enough to become serious Dominant material. She had recently been updating her profile when she started getting hits and emails from someone that didn’t live to far away and she started chatting with him often. He had re-opened some emotions and was able to stir her inner bondage fan with his words while with him on chat. He talked of the ropes, and the gags and assorted equipment that he had and would show her if they were to get together.

She had met with him and they talked about things over an evening glass of iced tea. They talked for a couple of hours and all it seemed to do is continue to fan the fire of desire she was feeling about getting into bondage again. He had told her that he was married and that only helped fan the flame because Angie was bi-sexual and she had talked with him about being with his slave/wife and how she would enjoy being tied with her while he did things to both of them while they were helpless. When they had met, he had come alone since his wife was gone, but was assured that she would get the chance to meet her in time after she had returned from her trip, and she couldn’t wait to be able to meet with both of them together.

She had gotten so excited about getting tied up that she had gone to his house and found a window open and figured she would surprise him by getting herself all tied up with some of his equipment for him to find when he got home. He had told her that his slave had done this for him and that he liked coming home after a hard day at work and finding a helplessly bound woman for him to use in any way he so chose. Being honest with herself it did excite her to think of it and so she figured out how she could get into the house and see just what kind of equipment he actually had and if she could get herself into some tight bondage.

When she arrived at the house she found it to be a modest bungalow. Brick with windows all the way around, she was quite amazed when she found a window open and thought it must be some sort of sign for her. She moved to the window and climbed in using a ladder set by the side of the garage in the back yard. She was startled when she heard the dogs start to bark when they had sensed the intruder. She wondered if the dogs were vicious or if they would bite, but she found them in a kennel and that they would be no worry to her while she explored. She had fallen into what she could figure was the spare bedroom on the back of the house. The dogs were in the living room just at the bottom of the stairs which she guessed went upstairs to the attic. She was standing in the hallway between the bathroom and the Master bedroom and she went right for the light switch in the bedroom.

She didn’t waste any time she immediately took off all of her clothing she was wearing. Well except the stockings and garter she was wearing. She found one of his slaves corsets in the corner next to her dresser and hooked it on and tightened up the laces. She actively searched around the room and found a pair of heels hanging on the closet door in a shoe rack and tried them on and was surprised that they fit. She strapped them on and began walking around the bedroom looking for the equipment that he had explained that he had told her that he had collected and she wanted to see all of it. She looked over into the corner and found a pair of bags and a box. Normally they wouldn’t have grabbed her attention, except for the silver bar that was sticking out of the end of one of the bags. She walked over and set both the bags onto the bed.

Upon opening them she had found just what she had been looking for. She found cuffs of leather and steel, gags of all kinds but most were the head harness type that he had told her about. She found the scolds mask that he had told her that he had and she set it aside, she would be using this one tonight. She also found his four inch posture collar and the satin gloves he had told her they had as well. She took out a couple sets of the leather cuffs and laid them on the bed with the gag and then added the blindfold to the collection. She looked through the rest of the bag but found none of the ropes or chains that he talked about and wondered where he might be keeping them. Turning back to the corner she saw the bag of locks that were sitting on the nightstand and she could only guess that those would be used when he put his slave to bed at night.

She took the bag of locks and set it by the other stuff and then searched the other bag. Upon opening it, it was like she opened the treasure chest off all bondage fanatics. There was the spreader bar that drew her attention to the corner. It was about two and a half feet long and made out of steel, it had eye hooks on either end and she thought about using it but really wanted to use the ropes she had heard all about. She searched further in the bag and found ropes of various lengths and widths, everything she could have wanted to use could be found in that bag. She was almost giddy with anticipation and took the bag with the rest of the equipment off the bed and left the one with all the ropes on the bed and climbed up and got ready to get herself all tied up. She didn’t know what time he would get home but she hoped that if she were lucky he would just find her sitting on the couch when he came home…. who was she fooling, she wanted to be found in bondage and punished as well but she didn’t know how he would react to her breaking into his house.

She took the scolds mask and used a couple of the luggage locks from the bag and locked the top and bottom rings together, she then used the lace to tighten up the rest of the gag and pull the leather plug on the inside of the gag tight into her mouth. She felt the soft leather encasing her neck and lower part of her head and just took in the smell of the leather. She loved the smell and the tightness but she grabbed the 4 inch posture collar anyway and put it around her neck and buckled the collar on tightly and used another lock from the bag to lock the collar on as well. She then took the gloves she had pulled out and put them on all the way up past the elbow, they were made of satin and she felt her beasts with them and her nipples immediately reacted. She caught herself and stopped before she started playing in other areas and then she wouldn’t even finish getting herself tied up. She buckled the leather cuffs around both her wrists and ankles and locked each of them on with more locks from the bag. She saw a bunch of keys in the bag but didn’t know which keys would unlock which locks so that made it all the more fun and would be a form of time release having to go through all the keys with the gloves on to get herself loose when she was ready to get out. She finally took the blindfold and slid it under the straps going over her nose from the scolds mask and pulled the elastic back behind her head, she pulled the blindfold onto her forehead so that she could continue and went back to the bag full of ropes.

Finding enough suitable ropes for what she had planned she pushed the bag onto the floor with the other suitcase. Not knowing it she had also pushed the bag of locks & keys onto the floor as well. She moved herself up into a kneeling position and tied one of the lengths of rope around her stomach by looping it in half and then running the two loose ends through the loop that was formed. She pulled the rope tight around her waist and fed the loose ends between her legs and back up behind her back and pulled the loose ends up behind the waist rope and pulled it up tight. She loved to have a crotch tie in place when she was in bondage so she tied off the rope to her waist rope and left the 6inch extra hanging for later use when she had her hands ready to be tied. She then took another length of rope and tied her left ankle to her left thigh making sure to run the rope between her calf and thigh to cinch up the leg tie and make it tight. She did the same thing to her right thigh and ankle and then used another length of rope to tie her legs together and ran the cinch line up the crotch tie to make any movement of her legs immediately felt in her silky shaven sex.

She made sure that from the leg cinch that there was enough rope left so that she could tie her leg tie off to her wrists as well so that she would be effectively hogtied but hadn’t used any of the locks to make escape that much tougher. She was finally ready to finish up her tie so she reached up and pulled the blindfold down over her eyes, reaching behind her she grabbed one of the lengths from her ankles and ran it though the ring on her left wrist cuff and tied it off to the right wrist D ring. She did the opposite for the other rope from her ankles she ran it though the right wrist D ring and tied it off to the left making sure that they pulled her back a into a bow but not an extreme one. She then took one of the ropes from her crotch tie and ran it through the rings and tied them off and then followed suit with the other to make getting loose a little more difficult. Anyone that has ever tried to untie a knot with gloves on knows it’s not easy.

Finally tied she decided to pull on her leg and wrist ties to make the knots a little more difficult to get loose and tighten everything up and see just how much slack she had left. She did a pretty good job and knew things were a little bit tight but not too tight that she would have problems with. She began wiggling around on the bed and enjoying her helplessness when she heard the dogs begin to move and make sounds. She didn’t know if that meant that he was home or not but thought that she might need to get herself loose and started messing with the knots on the D rings. She had pulled them tighter then she had expected but figured that with a couple of minutes she would be able to get them loose and didn’t start to panic yet. The dogs began moving around in the kennel a bit more she noticed and thought that she might have screwed up and would be found, but then they settled down again shortly after getting worked up. Everything must be okay then, she thought to herself.

It wasn’t but a couple of minutes when she thought she felt the bed move. She wasn’t sure and thought it might have been her imagination, until she felt a hand on her hand balling it up into a fist and she heard and felt tape being wrapped around her hand. She instantly panicked and started to struggle, but it was no use she was still tied and whoever was doing this was going to make sure she wasn’t able to untie anything with her hands in tightly taped balls. After finishing making both of her hands into helpless balls she felt the person get off the bed and thought she heard them walking around to the other side. She then felt the hands back on her again only this time they had rope and began tying her elbows together tightly. She grunted as the rope was pulled tighter and tighter and was then wrapped around her arms a couple times. Whoever it was that was doing this knew what they were doing and she figured it had to be Bill, the guy she wanted to surprise but didn’t think he would be home so soon.

She relaxed and just and let him do what he will with her feeling safe that he wouldn’t hurt her. The ropes were tied off and then were run under her arm over her left shoulder, behind her neck and over her right shoulder and back down to the elbow tie and tied off tightly to secure the elbow tie and make sure it didn’t ride down the arms where she might be able to shake it off. She was then rolled onto her side and more ropes were tied to the elbow tie and brought around her chest, above her breasts and ran back through to the elbow tie. Back through and under the breasts this time she was rolled back onto her stomach and the rope was brought up the right side of her neck. Being rolled back onto her side the rope was looped through the lower rope between her breasts and around the top rope it was then looped down around the lower rope again and run back over her left side of her neck and tied off tightly to the elbow tie once more. Her arms were now pinned to her back and she loved how every new rope that was added was pulling on the rope that was tied deep into her crotch.

She thought to herself, “Man this guy knows what he is doing with these ropes.”

She loved how everything tightened up and how she felt even more secure then before, but that was to be given since more ropes were added. She now felt the bed moving again and figured that more ropes were soon to be added but instead of adding ropes she felt the rings on her wrist cuffs being pulled closer together and then the audible “Click” told her that they were now locked together. She then felt her ankle cuffs being pulled together and then another “Click” told her that those were also now locked together. She couldn’t figure why he hadn’t said anything to her yet so she began to try to talk through her gag. The scolds mask did its job very well and all that came out were garbled sounds that nobody could make out. She just wanted his attention, and wanted him to re-assure her that everything was going to be fine and that he appreciated what she had done for him, but he was saying nothing, not a dang word and even worse it was like he was ignoring her trying to say anything to him. She now was starting to get very nervous and was worried that someone might have seen her come through the window and came in also the same way to see what she was doing and had caught her in a very vulnerable state and wanted to take advantage of her. Then she thought, how could someone take advantage of her being tied like she was and she also had the crotch tie in place as well.

The silence was driving her crazy, and she wanted to know if she was going to be alright so she started struggling as hard as she could. She was rewarded with what sounded like a lock being locked again but this time there was no hands on her when she heard it. She was a bit confused until she heard and felt the chain being run through the ring in the front of the posture collar and being pulled toward the foot of the bed. Then another audible locking and she had known she was now chained to the bed by the very collar she had locked onto her own neck just a little while ago. Now there was no getting off the bed, no getting away and she was starting to slip into her own little sub-space when she felt the hands on her body again. What was he doing, she thought.

He had put his hands on her inner thigh and was spreading her legs open as far as he could. With the ropes tied as they were there was no way that he could be thinking that he could take her from behind and surely he would have had to have noticed how they were tied. Then she was startled when she felt something being pushed between the ropes between her legs and he was pushing something up inside her sex. The movement of the ropes sent shock waves up and excited her clit which is what a crotch tie is supposed to do but it felt like there was electricity being run though it since it was so sensitive. The bullet slid into her vagina easily since she was so turned on by all the ropes and the complete helplessness she was feeling that she had to be leaking juices onto the bed she was laying on. She renewed her struggles because she knew that if that egg was turned on that she would go through the roof, tied up and all, and would orgasm so loudly that anyone in the town would know she had enjoyed herself. The struggles were in vain though because nothing was getting any looser and she was only getting more and more turned on. She fought the idea that she was wanting this but at the same time didn’t want to be embarrassed when she did come and was worried that she might squirt all over the bed when she did cum.

“Who told you that you could play with Masters equipment?” A female voice spoke out to her. It had to be Samantha, Bill’s wife.

But she was supposed to be away on a trip and not home for another week or two he had told her. She knew better then to try to say anything because it would only come out garbled anyway. So she shook her head in a negative manner and laid her head down onto the bed.

“This will definitely not sit well with Master, you must know.” She grabbed a handful of Angie’s hair and began pulling it back into a tight ponytail. She pulled it up tight and used a rubber band to hold it in place and then began tying more rope around the ponytail until it felt as though her hair was now cocooned in the tightly wound rope. After getting it tied off she pulled Angie’s head back and lashed her hair tie down to her locked ankle cuffs and pulled her into a very tightly bowed hogtie.

“This,” she said, “will help with what I have planned for later.” She then began running her hands all over the tightly bound body of her home intruder.

Samantha didn’t waste much time calling her Master to find out when he would be getting off work. She had told him that she was still gone but had arranged a surprise for him for when he got home. She smiled fiendishly at her helpless toy on the bed as she told him about some of the things that she never saw on her trip since she was standing in their bedroom with not much on but that smile. He told her that he would be just a few more hours and that she could call him again then when he got home so they could talk about her day. She told him that it would be better if he called her when he got home so that way she would know that he was there and wouldn’t catch him while he was driving.


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