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Angry Sister

by nikkiroselee

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© Copyright 2003 - nikkiroselee - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; bondage; slave; reluct; XX

Angry Sister by nikkiroselee
Back when I was a young girl I was into bondage. Being 14 there was no way I could ask anyone to tie me up and make me their slave. I used to love watch Terri Hatcher in the superman weekly series and wish I was the one bound and gagged

So one day when my family left for work and my sister went to the mall with her girlfriends I decided to play.  I first grabbed some clothesline my mom had in the shed and went to my dad’s weight bench.  After figuring out what I was going to do I got dressed.  I put on one of my mom’s business suits, it was a little big on me but it served the purpose.  The suit was gray with a sort of checkerboard stitching to it.  The jacket has a zipper in the front and the skirt was supposed to be knee length.  I looked for a pair of shoes that would go with it and settled for a pair of plain black pumps with 3 inch heels.  Luckily me and my mom wore the same shoe size.  Stumbling a little I made it to my room.  I noticed all the men in my life had fantasies about women in suits so I felt that would be a good costume to wear.

I went to the weight bench with my dad’s buck knife and cut four pieces of rope in equal lengths then a fifth in a different length.  I lay down on the weight bench and tied my ankle to the lower legs wrapping the rope around three times making sure I couldn’t wiggle free.  I took the unequal length of rope and tied it to the knife so I can get free.  I tied the knife to the bench’s arm in reach of my hands when I tie them up.  I then took the two remaining ropes and made small nooses that I tied to the legs of the bench and slipped my wrists in tugging them to where the rope tightened tight enough not to cut off circulation.  I was tied and it felt good but something was missing.  The knife was at the tips of my fingers begging me to help myself get free.

My sister surprised me by coming home earlier than expected. She had forgot something and came home to pick it up.  I wasn’t worried I was in my room with the door closed she wouldn’t come in.  But to be safe I started to cut myself free.

I heard them talking and Michelle asking if I might have a sweater she could borrow.  Brenda told her to go into my closet and grab one I wouldn’t mind. Michelle walked into my room and saw me sitting on the bench with my ankles tied to the bench.  She started to laugh really loud and screamed for my sister Brenda to come here.  My sister at 17 was built like a linebacker.  If she tried out for the football team she would have gotten a spot.  Brenda came in and saw me sitting there, red faced and trying to untie my ankles.

“What the fuck are you doing!” screamed Brenda.

“I was just playing” before I could finish Brenda came over to me and grabbed me with her big mitts called hands.

“Playing what?” she asked.

I tried to explain to her “I like the feeling of being a damsel in distress. The feeling of being helpless.”

“Wait here.” My sister said to me as she and Michelle left the room.  Michelle was her best friend ever since kindergarten.  She was timid girl afraid of her own shadow and did anything my sister told her to do.  While they were outside chatting I untied the ropes to my ankles and started for the door.  I was then pushed back as my sister came in, “where do you think you are going?”  She said to me.

“I was just going to change and put mom’s clothes away.” I told her.

“Mom’s clothes you pervert?  If mom caught you in her clothes she would beat you with those spoons in the kitchen.  Do you want that?”

I started to get teary eyed, “No I wouldn’t want that.”

My sister grabbed my arm and said, “Take off mom’s clothes and hang them back up.  Then come see me in my room in only your panties and bra.”

I was scared as I took off the clothes and hung them back up trying to see if I wrinkled anything.  I stood there in my panties, which were the young girl type with flowers and a little ribbon on them.  I hated to be in just my panties around her friends especially because they were dirty from the day before and I hadn’t changed them yet.  The bra was one of my sisters.  She was a 34b and I was still a 32AA cup.  I stuffed it with tissues to give me a chest.

As I slowly walked to my sisters room panic stuck.  What was she going to do to me?  Would she tell mom I went through her closet playing dress up with her clothes?  Would she tell dad I like to be tied up?  Is my sister really that mean?

She told me if she was to keep this a secret from mom and dad I would have to do anything she wanted and be her slave till she moved out on her own.  Nodding my head I agreed to be her slave.  Brenda then ordered me to take off her bra.  Looking at Michelle I reluctantly took it off letting it drop to the floor.

Michelle snuck up behind me wrapping her arms around me and walked me over to a chair that was brought in from the kitchen. “Sit here!” Michelle ordered.
I sat in the chair and they started to tie me to it.  First Brenda tied my ankles to the legs as tight as she wanted.  I made noise from the tightness and was slapped by Michelle.  Michelle took my hands behind the chair and tied them together palm to palm and tied it off the bar on the chair. My sister thought it would be good to take the left over rope and wrap it around my chest till there was no more rope.  She must have wrapped it 10 times.  I was not going any where for a while. 

“Me and Michelle are going shopping we will be back tonight, hopefully before mom and dad get home so don’t go anywhere.” As Brenda was leaving she and Michelle were laughing.  “Wait you can’t be a damsel in distress without a gag and blindfold.” Stated my sister with authority.

Michelle agreed, “but what do you have we can use?”

Brenda went into her draw and pulled out a couple of scarves she had and made her way to me.  She stopped in her tracks and pointed to the laundry basket, “Michelle get me a rag to stuff in her mouth this has to be as real as possible.”

Michelle went to he hamper and found a dirty pair of underwear, “will this do?”

“Yes that will be fine.”

I started to scream, “No you can’t.  I beg you please don’t do it.”  As I started to cry my sister grabbed my mouth open and stuffed in the panties as Michelle quickly wrapped the scarf around my head to hold it in.  I was then blindfolded with the other scarf as the two girls sat there laughing.

“How does it taste sis?” my sister taunting me, “lets go Michelle we have to be back soon.” 

Shortly after I heard them leave.  Struggling to no avail I could not get free.  Minutes seemed like hours. Then I heard the front door.  No one was talking, was it mom or was it dad?  Was my sister home?  I couldn’t tell.  I then heard my sister’s door open it sounded like she was alone.  

“I bought you something sis.  Remember you are mine and you will do anything I want.”

I felt my ankles being untied then as they were free I felt cold metal being locked on them.  The rope around my chest fell down to my lap and was removed.  I could feel her with a knife undoing my hands but before I could get room to stretch cold steel was locked on them to. “I made a stop and bought you a shackle set so we don’t have to use more rope.  When mom and dad aren’t home you will be shackled and you will do things like clean my room, do my toes and fingers, clean the house, and do all my chores.  Do you have it?”

I nodded my head and said “mff mmf.” 

As she stood me up she removed the blindfold and gag.  “Are you thirsty?” as she wiped the drool off my lip.

“Yes please.”

My sister grabbed my arm and helped me hobble to the bathroom for a drink.  Before I knew it she took her foot and struck me in the back of the knee dropping me to the floor on my knees.  She lifted up the toilet seat and said, “If you want a drink take one. You are my slave and slaves don’t have rights.  You are like a dog to me.  You will be treated like a dog so if you want a drink this is your only chance.” 

Holding my breath as best as I could, Brenda grabbed the back of my head and stuck it in the toilet bowl. Laughing as she was doing this.  I think she enjoyed this. She then uncuffed me and told me to shower as mom and dad would be home soon and I had to set the table for supper. 

To be continued……


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