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This is a work of fiction. The people, e-mail, and news group do not exist to the best of my knowledge.

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Thanks everyone for all the help and advise. I have everything we talked about and my back-ups are in place. 
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With that the twenty two year old red head shut down her computer. Everything was ready, and in place just like she had said. But while Megan from the news group suggested caution the first time Anita wanted it all. All or nothing! She wanted tight, strict, and escape proof. She wanted some pain and discomfort. Like a true brat Anita wanted it all right now! And no matter what anyone said, she was going to get it. Owen's final quote still echoed in her mind, 'Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it'.

First came the leather belt assembly that she had constructed. She was already nude, having stripped before using the computer. Welcome to the internet, the ultimate come as you are party. The wide leather belt was actually two belts joined together. One buckled tight around her waist, while the other passed between her legs and buckled in front. This is Anita's version of a chastity belt. Both belts were two inches wide and the crotch belt had a small ball attached, just for fun.

Using soft cotton rope she lashed her ankles together and cinched them securely. Then using a thinner cord Anita wrapped and cinched her big toes, tying them as well. 'Perfect'; she thought as she examined her red nail polish above the wrapped cords. More rope was used above and below her knees the same way as her ankles, binding them securely. The gag came next. It was a plastic golf ball with the holes in it. It was rolled up in a bandana and fitted snugly into her mouth. This effectively muffled any sounds she may make. A soft Muuumph..... was all she could manage when she tried to speak.

The blindfold and handcuffs lay near by. She wasn't ready for them, yet. Instead she picked up two clothes pins and placed one on each excited nipple. "Mouugh"; she moaned as they went on, the wooden jaws taking hold. It wasn't the first time for either the gag or the clothes pins. Anita had worn both while she was on the computer several times. The internet is the greatest come as you are party around. But today was different. Today she was using the items in a bondage situation for the first time.

OOPS! almost forgot the tether. Near-by a five foot length of chain was padlocked to a ring in the wall. Anita looped the loose end around the cinch rope on her ankles and locked it into place. Without the keys that were out of reach right now she would have to untie her ankles to get loose. Only she wasn't ready for that.

Another belt assembly lay near-by. This one wrapped around her torso and buckled in front between her breasts. It has two loops about eight inches apart that are large enough for Anita to slip her arms through. Then with the loops just above her elbows Anita buckles it in front. A folded piece of cloth served to cover her eyes. Then she blindly slipped her arms into the torso loops and buckled the belt snugly in front. Only one more thing to do, the hand cuffs. The open ring of the cuff slipped through a steel ring at the back of the chastity belt assembly. Before she could think about what she was doing the cuffs had ratcheted closed on her wrists. Finally, after weeks of preparation she had done it. Anita was kneeling, naked and helplessly bound in her own bedroom. And she had done it to herself.

The red head knelt in her bondage for some time getting the "feel" of it. The total helplessness of her situation frightened her a little. Her small hands twisted in the cuffs as she tried to slip a hand free. She shrugged her shoulders trying to slip the elbow loops, still secure in the belief that the others were wrong. Anita did not believe the she could not escape her bondage. After all she was a big girl, not a child. Anita wiggled her hips and her entire torso twisted making her boobs jiggle. The pinching fire on her nipples seemed to amplify the effect of her crotch strap. Silently she swayed side to side in a desperate attempt to find her way to freedom. Rocking on her knees and biting down on her gag Anita imagined someone teasing her. Toying with her bound nakedness. A fantasy made easier by the blind fold.

The fantasy pushed her on as she rocked harder on her knees. The frustration of the bondage, biting clips on her breasts, and the crotch strap finally reached it's peak. Suddenly every muscle in her body went ridged as she strained for all she was worth. Her leather bound hips thrusting back and forth as hundreds of sparks flashed before her eyes. Finally sagging from exhaustion Anita toppled from her knees to land on her left shoulder. Her reactions frightened her, and the power of her first self bondage orgasm was a real surprise. Anita felt all warm in the after glow as she lay there slowly trying to get her ragged breathing back under control.

After an eternity of minutes Anita began to feel herself again. She was laying on her side with her legs stretched out. Slowly she shifted one body part that another, taking stock of her helplessness. The red head pulled at her restraints. This had been fun but she wanted out now. Her struggles became more desperate as she started to realize that the others were right. Once tied up she was not getting out without the keys. I mean you would think a grown adult could untie their self. The key to the tether holding her near the wall lay along the base board and was easy to reach. The lock was another matter. It took several minutes of twisting before the key slipped into the opening.

That didn't mean she was free. Only free from the wall. The handcuff keys were outside on the deck table. 'At least it's warm out tonight'; she thought. Creeping over to the bed Anita used it to stand up. She took three big hops and stopped. Each hop made her breasts bounce, and each bounce pulled at her nipple clips. 'Now what?' she thought, 'I can't stand here'. After several small but no less painful hops she bumped into her dresser. Damn, I missed the door. Six more hops to the right put her in front of the closed bedroom door. Getting the door open was easy but she knew that trying to navigate through the apartment blind and bound just wouldn't work.

After several minutes of rubbing her blind fold on the door frame it lifted to her forehead. That's better; she thought. But the trip through the apartment was slow and agonizing. Each hop brought her closer to freedom, yet tortured her poor nipples. Hop, bounce, ouch, was the rhythm she had developed. At the kitchen door Anita stopped to catch her breath. Only a small light over the sink was lit. The clock on the stove said a little after three in the afternoon. She tried again to wiggle out of her self induced captivity, but still nothing came loose. But she did notice a warmth spreading through her again from the crotch strap rubbing just the right way. Maybe it was the bondage as well, but one thing was certain. She was going to explode again and soon.

She peered out through the window at the keys on the low table. The deck it's self was a six by eight foot rectangle. The railing around the deck was one by one slats with a one inch space between. This would provide little protection from being seen, but she was on the second floor and the deck was in shadow. All she needed to do was to stay low. Opening the door was simple and she turned to exit. No one was in sight so Anita dropped to her knees on the planking. As her knees hit the wood the blindfold was jared loose and dropped back into place. The bound girl tried unsuccessfully to rub it off again. 'Shit'; she thought, 'it won't move'. Giving up on the blind fold Anita set out for the table and the keys. With each twist and push the heat doubled and she felt herself slipping further over the edge. The red head pulled her knees into a foetal position and erupted into another mind blowing orgasm.

Voices woke her. They were right below her. It was her neighbour and his wife. They had set up a small grill and were preparing dinner. Wow, that smelled good!

Moving slowly to avoid any noise she tried to retrieve the keys. Bound as she was Anita couldn't get to her knees without attracting attention. So she reached up with her bound feet trying to grab them with her toes. But with her big toes bound together she couldn't get a good hold. The keys dropped to the deck with a clatter that the bound girl was sure the whole neighbourhood heard. Nothing happened. Maggie kept talking and Sam was fiddling with the grill. Anita let out the breath she had been holding. She twisted about and began to feel for the keys with her fingers. She brushed something small and it jingled softly. She reached out again brushing the keys with her finger tips. Now she had them. Anita moved again and reached out for the keys.

For just a second they were at her finger tips. Then she felt them slip into a space between the decking. There came a loud and very distinctive jingle as the keys landed on the deck below. Maggie picked up the keys and glanced up. Through the gaps in the decking she could just make out an out-line of someone laying on the deck above. Sam was still in the garage and would be for some time. Taking the keys she went to the spiral stairs that lead to the upper deck. Anita knew she had been found out now. Nobody would miss the keys falling right on top of them. She kept waiting to hear footsteps on the stairs. The blindfold lifting off was a surprise. Anita had not heard Maggie climb the stairs because she was barefoot, and alone.

Looking around Maggie made sure nobody was looking and rolled Anita over opening the handcuffs. Anita sat still as Maggie removed all of the restraining equipment. They scooped everything up and went back into Anita's place.

Maggie said, "Why don't you shower and join us for dinner? Sam is leaving right after and we can talk."

Anita couldn't help but to agree, after all Maggie did know everything now and had kept it quiet. Maybe now she had someone to at least talk to. Wearing a tank top and cut-offs Anita joined her friend. Dinner was as good as it had smelled. While she was eating she couldn't help notice that Maggie kept staring. Then she saw it, red rings around her wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. She looked at Maggie in shock, but Sam never seemed to notice. Maggie's husband soon left and the girls cleaned up.

"Can you show me how you did that?" Maggie asked.

"I guess so, but you aren't going to tell anyone will you?' Anita asked.

"No way! I'm just interested how someone can tie them self up like that."

"It is easier than you may think." the red head said, as she displayed her stuff.

Slowly she explained everything to her guest as she recreated the original bondage, minus the nipple clips as she was just too sore. After closing the hand cuffs Maggie helped with the gag and blind fold.

"You really can't get loose?" Maggie asked. Anita shook her head no. "Will you be okay like this for a while?" Anita nodded.

"Good, when I come back you can tie me up, but for now get comfortable. I have all of the keys and your not going anywhere until I get back!"

What! Anita wondered?

She was naked, bound and helpless again. Chained to the wall with no escape. And how long will Maggie be gone?

She didn't say. All she could do was lay there and make the most of it. Which she did, The crotch strap was pulled tighter this time. She was already starting to float on that river of excitement. Who knows, maybe Maggie won't hurry back.


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