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The Anniversary Surprise

by BoundBecca

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© Copyright 2007 - BoundBecca - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; discovered; M/f; bond; oral; anal; toys; cons; X

I’d been with John for nearly a year and we had had loads of fun, although it had meant a reduction in my personal playtime. I had still not told him about my selfbondage fetish, basically because I was not sure HOW to tell him rather than not wanting to. The subject of what we were going to do for our 1 year anniversary came up and I told him I was going to serve him something very special at my flat. He agreed to come round in the evening. Little did he know what that something special was going to be.

That morning I got up and had a shower, shaved my legs, etc, making my body perfect for being on show. As I didn’t want any strange strap or elastic marks I decided to spend the day in just my nightie. I rummaged through my drawer of toys and pulled out the keys to all the padlocks and put them in the freezer in different sized lumps of ice, making sure I knew which ones were which.

I took the entire drawer through to the lounge to save walking back and forth too many times and began to arrange the various items on the floor and table. I arranged things like the thigh spreader bar with its thigh cuffs together, same with the ankle spreader and cuffs. I arranged the butt plug next to my vibrators and dildos along with some lubricant. Once I’d finished I stood up and thought; My God I have a huge selection of toys.

After lunch I made up a sign to hang around my neck telling my boyfriend that all I wanted to be tonight was his whore. As it was getting near to the time John would be coming around I decided to get dressed.

First I went to my bedroom and picked out my outfit: a tie side leopard print bikini. Then over to my arrangement of toys and picked up the ankle to wrist to neck cuffs, two small padlocks (the keys to which were in the biggest block of ice in the freezer), also my ball gag and lockable heels. Off came the nightie and on went the heels and bikini. I went to the freezer and got out the frozen padlock and ankle/wrist/neck cuff keys.

Just before I started to chain myself up, I went back to my selection of toys and picked up the thigh cuffs, strapping one to each thigh to give him even more hints. There I was standing in the hall facing the front door preparing myself to show my boyfriend one of my greatest fantasies, getting rather wet between my legs. Before I changed my mind I put a padlock on each shoe and attached an ankle cuff and ran the chain up my back and fixed on the neck cuff. I then hung the sign around my neck and put the ball gag on locking it in place.

I could see the clock from where I was standing, John was due in the next few minutes so I reached behind me and locked a cuff onto one wrist. I wanted to wait until his key was in the door before I locked my other wrist and myself to his mercy. I then heard footsteps coming up the stairs and saw a figure eclipse the light in front of my door. Then a key scratched at the lock so I quickly snapped the other wrist cuff lock closed and then the door opened to reveal John who just stopped while his jaw hit the floor. I gestured to him to come in quick and close the door before anyone saw me. Eventually he got the hint and closed the door.

He walked up to me and read the sign hanging around my neck. “So you want to be my whore for the evening, this is going to be fun.” He said.

He put the bottle of wine down and went over to the table to look at my selection of toys. He turned and looked back at me, “are all these yours?” he asked. I just nodded my head. “Fantastic,” came the reply.

He picked up my blindfold and covered my eyes, I was now in complete darkness and chained. I could feel his hands running over my body, cupping my breasts, rubbing my very wet pussy. He then suddenly stopped and I could hear him walking away towards the bedroom. After a few minutes I felt his hands around my waist pushing me across the lounge. Then kisses began to be placed around my neck and down my upper body. Off came my top releasing my 34C breasts and their very erect nipples. He continued down my body nibbling and kissing down over my crotch and down my legs.

As he went down I could feel my knickers being undone. Sure enough they fell to the floor. His tongue then went back up my legs and began to flick over my pussy lips, his hands holding my arse checks firmly, his tongue pushing its way between my lips. Then he began to run his tongue up my body over my belly button between my breasts and up my neck. I then felt the reason he went into the bedroom: his erect penis was pushing against my crotch. I tried to say through the gag, fuck me now!, but all that came out was ”mmmmmmph!”

I could feel something brushing over my breasts, something slightly rough but also cold. This went on for a while, I was starting to wonder what he was doing when it stopped. His hands then turned me around and took off the blindfold. I was now facing the mirror, stark naked with: “I’m John’s whore” written across my body in chocolate body paint. He then led me over to the sofa and told me to kneel down. Reaching behind my head he took off my gag. My jaw then relaxed and ached incredibly so I started to exercise it.

“If your jaw aches, give it a workout by giving me a blowjob,” came John’s not very helpful advice.

He sat down on the sofa and pulled my head towards his erect penis. I took it in my mouth and sucked and licked as deep as I could which is not easy when your hands are cuffed behind your back. Fairly quickly he came in my mouth, shooting his load down my throat. He then stood me up again and walked over to the bowls of ice containing the various keys.

“It seems we have some time before those cuffs come off and a long time before the shoes can. So what shall we do while we are waiting? I know.”

John then stood me up, gagged and blindfold me once again and then proceeded to clean my body with his tongue of all the chocolate paint. Before he finished I’d cum twice more. I then felt him undo one of my handcuffs and pull the chain around to my front, cuffing the wrist again, he then lifted my foot to make sure the chain was running down between my breasts rather than down my back. He then ordered me to kneel down on all fours, running his hands along my back and gently fingering my clit and arse. I then felt a dildo push its way into my dripping wet pussy and a butt plug worm its way into my arse. He then lifted me so I’d stand up again and pushed me gently backwards until I was standing up against the wall.

“Before I carry on, I just want to catch up with the football, so stand there for a bit.”

“Bastard!” I thought, “I’m chained up naked in front of him while he watches football!”

Sure enough he turned on the TV and put the football on. Without warning, the vibrator in my pussy leapt into life, I thought he’d just used a dildo, but no, he was going to leave me standing there chained, naked with a vibrating pussy. What seemed like hours later, after I’d cum three more times, the vibrating stopped and the blindfold was removed.

“Have you got any beer in the fridge?” he asked. I just nodded. “Good, go and get me one.”

Off I hobbled to the kitchen and brought him his beer. “Kneel down in front of me. You gave me such a good blowjob earlier, I want another.”

So I knelt down and took his penis in my mouth and hands, hungrily sucking, nibbling and licking him until he came in my mouth.

“Stay there.” He stood up and went behind me. “Bend over, move forward and rest your shoulders on the edge of the sofa.”

He placed a leather wrist cuff on each wrist and unlocked my wrist cuffs pulling my hands behind my back locking them together once again. Then unlocking my ankles, he placed the short spreader bar between my thighs forcing them wide open. I then felt him pull the vibrator and anal plug out and he began to lick my dripping pussy bringing me to orgasm once again.

“Well that pussy needs a good fuck, how do you want it, hard and fast or soft and slow?”

“Fuck me hard.” I replied.

After a few stokes he stopped and pulled out. Before I could turn around to see what he was doing, he’d grabbed hold of my arse checks, opened them as far as he could and pushed his penis into my arse and pumped until he shot his load inside me. He then unlocked my thighs allowing me to sit down and finally move my legs.

“Which keys are for that padlock on your wrists?” he asked.

“They are numbered.” I replied.

Looking in the bowls of water and ice, “Oh, that key is still frozen. Do you want your shoes taking off?”, he asked.

“Oh yes please, 5 inch heels are difficult to wear for long.”

John tried the keys corresponding to my padlocked shoes, but the keys would open the padlocks. He then tried all the other keys in the various bowls, but none would open the padlocks. “Oh crap, that means the keys are still in the freezer, try my wrist cuffs.”

Still none of the unfrozen keys would work. “This means I am going to be handcuffed until all the keys are unfrozen.” I said.

“Oh dear, cos there is only one thing I want to do to you when you are naked except for a pair of heels.” John replied.

“What’s that?” I asked (as if I didn’t know!).....



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