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Another Rainy Day

by Jessi

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© Copyright 2006 - Jessi - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; toys; cons; X


This was awhile back with one of my girlfriends...

I called up Jen that day to see what she was doing, and it turned out that we both had the day off. Being a rainy day, we were both really bored and after a small chat we decided to have a little adventure... so... Jen said she was going to have a shower, then dress and she would be over shortly after.... so I decided to have a shower as well. She hung up the phone and I immediately ran up to my closet and pulled out a change of "comfortable clothes" and my bag of tricks as well. I went down to the bathroom and took a quick shower and a fresh shave and shampoo. After I got out of the bathroom, I dried off and cleaned up a little; and then I slipped on my black corset and matching thigh-highs and pulled on my favorite strappy high-heels, and put on my "o"ring choker.

After dressing, I went into the kitchen (where the main entrance faces) and left a note on the dining table:

"Jen-here are the keys to my treasure, come and find me!  Jessi"

I left the note facing the door with my handcuff keys holding the note in place. I figured at this point that I had about 45 minutes or so before she arrived, so I grabbed my bag and hurried into the guest bedroom and shut the door behind me. I bent down and opened up the bag, pulling out a few lengths of rope, my handcuffs, ball-gag, nipple clamps, and vibrator. I wrapped one skein of rope around my ankles, above and below my knees, and I made a noose around the back of the ankle-tie. After that I cinched up everything and proceeded to bind the rest of myself completely.

I knelt over on my stomach so I could gain access to my opening and slide my vibrator inside and turn it on "2" after I felt the first big rush of sensation and adjusted to its movement, I quickly grabbed my ball-gag and placed the straps around my neck and under the hair, shoved the ball in my mouth as tight as it would fit and pulled the buckle tight behind me. I then placed the clamps on my now perk nipples and snatched my handcuffs and quickly rolled over so I could slip the chain through the noose on my ankle-tie and hurriedly I snapped them shut around each wrist....

Now completely helpless of my own doing, I squirmed as much as possible in my taught hogtie over to the corner of the room behind the guest-bed to await my friend's arrival. On making my way over to the bed, not even ten minutes after I sealed myself in, I had my first orgasm! I couldn't believe that I had already came... I tried to calmly collect myself as much as I could, but in my current state, I didn't even make it to the bed before I heard the front door swing open. I then heard Jen.

"Jess? I grabbed a beer out of the fridge on the porch! Hope you don't mind! What's this?"

My heart started pounding as I knew that she had just realized I was incapable of responding... Then I heard her walk throughout the rest of the house, checking each room as she passed... I heard her pass by my bedroom "Jessi?...hmmm...only one more place to check..."

Then I started squirming more trying to move around so she wouldn't see all of me just yet...

Just then, the door flew open "Aha! So this is your idea of adventure today?"

I nodded to her and tried to tell her "Please turn off this vibrator"

But she mocked me saying that all she heard was "meamph muhm uhmf mymamurhmph" That turned me on realizing that I must sound like a totally helpless slut-in-heat now. She tipped back the rest of her beer bottle and the pressed the cold glass against my right ass-cheek.

"My, you've outdone yourself this time haven't you lovely?"

All I could do was moan into my gag as the vibrator was about to give me one more go.

"Oh? You've even equipped yourself a little pleasure device to spend your time with? Well, I'll just make sure that its doing its job, then..."

Jen grabbed the base of the vibrator that was stuck between my thighs and cranked it up on full speed! All I could do was thrash about on the floor in my strict tie and pray that she was just being mean, there's no way I could take that for very long.

"I'm going to have a little fun with you" She said, "You make your way over here to where I'm laying the keys to your handcuffs and I'll let you out so you can lick my pussy, otherwise you'll just have to spend the rest of your time bound like that until you're a pile of pulp."

That turned me on even more, and with the floor scooting around under me, rubbing my clamped nipples and the vibe doing its duty full-time, I tried for what seemed like forever to flip over enough to slowly inch my way over to the keys on the floor. Just as I reached the keys (some, twenty minutes later) Jen said "Oops!" and kicked the keys further away from me. "Remember, not until you reach the keys, Jessica!"

And off she walked into the rest of the house. I heard her open another bottle and turn on the television, popping in a video from our homemade collection, I'm pretty sure she started enjoying herself without me. All I could do was moan and scream incoherently at her through my gagged mouth. At the time, all I wanted to do was get those keys; but I still wanted more pleasure as well... I was turned on to full blast that day.

Well, it took me quite awhile to get to the keys, and even after I got them Jen continued to watch the video. I scrounged around behind myself for awhile, finally figuring out how to undo the locks on my cuffs. I released myself quickly, undid all of my ropes and flipped over to really get off. I did, and then I took off my gag, and my clamps.

I picked up some of the rope to start cleaning up and then walked into the next room to see that Jen was a little tipsy and enjoying the video quite a bit more than I expected. So I quickly surprised her and grabbed her, lifting her up off the couch and I spun her around before she could tell what was going on. I held her arms behind her in mine, as I dragged her to the back room where the handcuffs were... as you could probably guess, I quickly snapped them shut around her wrists, placed the ball-gag in HER mouth, and did her up in the same fashion as I was just ten minutes previous.

I cranked the vibrator up full speed on her and said "NOW, Jen... I'm going to HIDE the keys in one of these rooms in the house.... come and find them, and I'll let you eat ME out!"

All she could say was "MMMMPH!" in argument, so I took that as an "okay" and walked into the bathroom, and hid the keys in the towel drawer. I knew that there was no way she would find them, so I just went and rewound the video and laid back on the couch to watch my best friend struggle through the den....




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