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Another Self Bondage Mistake

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2004 - Ralph - Used by permission

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You’d think that after all the stories I’ve read on the internet about people who misjudged their self bondage scenes I’d learn to test something before I try it.  Unfortunately, once I get an idea into my head, I like to try it out.  Since I try to avoid anything really dangerous, I’ve gotten away with a few mistakes without being found out.
Like so many people, I started experimenting with self bondage in my teens.  By the time I was halfway through college, I had a bag of rope in my apartment for any available opportunity.  Shortly after I got married my wife found some bondage mags and decided to give it a try.  We had about ten years of occasional bondage play, taking turns at top and bottom, but then she lost interest.  She also wanted me to lose interest, but I didn’t want to.  I’ve even tried finding a bondage buddy, but I would want it to be a woman and most of them don’t want to mess around with a married man.  Thus, I can only bring out my toys when I’m away alone or everybody else is away. Fortunately for me, everybody was out for a 3-day weekend.
I’d never frozen a key in ice before, so that was my plan.  I set up in the upstairs hallway since that’s the only place I really have room right now.  Since it was night, I closed all the doors.  I like taking photos and didn’t want the neighbours asking difficult questions about flashes in the windows.  I was disappointed that I only had about 8 feet to work in, especially since I’m over 6 feet tall, but it turned out to be a good thing.
Step one was getting undressed.  Then I chose a leather piece with snaps on it to slip around my sack and stretch my balls away.  It’s actually a belt stay, like police use, and this one was double wide so it was almost 2 inches.  Not too bad if I stayed limp, but it puts a painful pull on the balls when I get hard.  I also wanted the skin stretched to make them more sensitive.  Then I started looping rope around my cock and balls, keeping it tight so it wouldn’t slip off.  After tying it off, I used the ends to make two loops about four inches long hanging down from my balls.  I took a pair of handcuffs and locked one end to the loops.
Before getting too far along, I got the ice cube from the fridge.  After passing a rope through the ring at the top and tying it off, I taped the other end to the ceiling.  The ice cube, with the key, was left dangling about a foot and a half above the floor.  I had just enough room to crawl in order to reach it.
Next step was to put on a belt.  I bought some that have a double row of holes their entire length.  Very versatile.  I put the belt around my normally 38-inch waist and cinched it up to about 33 inches.  Then I slipped on a lock so I couldn’t get it off until I was loose.  I turned out that I didn’t need it.  That was part of my mistake for the night.  A couple of leather ankle cuffs went on and were then hooked to a spreader bar.  The bar was a one-inch dowel with eyehooks on either end.  It was two feet long, giving a good spread.
Now it was time for the gag.  I used a homemade one to make sure I had no trouble breathing no matter how hard it was to move.  This gag uses a leather dog collar and a plastic practice golf ball.  The golf ball has holes in it, and I used a cutter to connect two of the holes on opposite sides.  That made a slot big enough to pass the collar through.  Instant dribble gag.  I pulled it tight and was ready to finish up.
My idea had begun with the idea of tying my hands behind my back and securing them to my balls, then adding thigh straps.  Everything was ready for my hands, so now I put on the thigh straps.  I put them a little above mid thigh and pulled them secure so they wouldn’t be likely to slide off.  It was harder than I thought it would be, since I had my ankles held two feet apart, but I finally managed to get them on. Then I took a set of leg shackles and passed them from the spreader bar to the back of my belt.  As I said, I didn’t need that.  The thigh straps held my legs much tighter than the shackles.
Only one thing remained now to complete my bondage.  I grabbed another set of handcuffs and clicked one side around my left hand.  This set of cuffs had a dog choke collar attached from an earlier scene, but I left it on.  After all, it would be one more piece of metal running between my butt cheeks.  The cuffs hanging from the rope off my cock and balls was clipped onto the middle of the cuffs destined for my wrists.  Only one hand still free. 

As I said, I like pictures, so I reached for the camera, made sure the 30 second timer was on, and pressed the button.  I moved ahead about a half foot, dropped to my chest, and reached my right hand behind me.  It took a while to get my wrist lined up with the cuffs and I was afraid the photo would be ruined, but finally I got my wrist in place and pressed the metal onto it.  As soon as the clicking stopped I rolled slightly to look back at the camera to check the timer.  I went off as soon as I looked.  Success!
Now my head was only about 3 feet from the ice cube. I figured I’d be there in no time and it would be disappointing.  I was in for a surprise.  Either the spreader bar or the thigh straps would have made it an easy journey, but with both I found I could barely move.  I realized quickly that I could slowly move forward, so I wasn’t going to be stuck, but I couldn’t rock my body much and could barely lift my legs.  It looked like I was going to be pretty much dragging my body across the carpet for 5 feet, until my hands would be close enough to reach the ice cube.  I anticipated serious rug burns and started trying to think up a story to tell the wife because she was sure to notice them.
As it happened, I was lucky.  After dragging myself forward about a half foot, moving less than an inch with each effort, I felt something hit my hand.  It was the ankle cuff on my right ankle.  At first I tried pushing onward, playing the game like a good boy.  But after feeling the burning get worse in my knees and shoulders I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.  It took some effort, but I got the strap undone and the spreader bar fell away.  Now the leg shackles became a problem because they held the bar between my legs.  I had to get my right leg on top of the bar to push forward.
Soon I was getting the expected pleasure from crawling over the cold wet spot on the carpet where the ice had dripped.  Then came the other side, as the drops of ice water hit my back while I inched my way underneath the dangling cube.  My head was brushing a closed door by the time I felt the drops on my wrists.  Then I had to lift my hips so I could reach up and grab the ice cube.  There was still a lot of ice, so I held it in my hand and enjoyed the sensation as the melted water ran from my hand to my butt and down through the crack.  And I still had the dog choke collar and one set of handcuffs running up my crack as well.
Just before the key came loose, my camera’s automatic turn off clicked.  It had only been 10 minutes, but since it was my first time I didn’t mind much.  It had been fun and would have been fun even if I hadn’t found the strap on my ankle.  It just would have taken much longer and I’d have been forced to develop a very creative story for the wife to explain the rug burns I would have had.
Sometime, when I get another opportunity, I’ll have to try this again.  Only next time, I think I’ll just strap the thighs together.  And stick a vibrating egg up my butt.  And maybe .....


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