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Another Time in the Woods

by Max Roper

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© Copyright 2011 - Max Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; gag; outdoors; fantasy; cons; X

continues from Bound in the Woods

There is something about us self-bondagers. Something that makes us keep at it, even when we should know better, even after a close call. Such was the case with me. The previous day I had an exciting time self-tied to a tree, but it had come close to ending badly. Fortunately I had been able to free myself, but for a while it seemed as if I may not. I had let the moment overwhelm me and got into a spot where I could not reach my emergency escape tools (EMT scissors and a knife). I was sure it had been a lack of preparation rather than any inherent danger in the practice. All night I had remembered the delightful feelings I'd experienced while bound to the tree and my sleep had been full of erotic dreams. So of course I decided to go do it again.

There's always work to be done at my property and this time was no exception. My ostensible purpose for this trip was to collect firewood, so I dutifully gathered wood and dragged it back to the truck, where I cut it up into manageable lengths. I avoid using the chainsaw whenever possible, so it took some work with my bow saw, but eventually I had done what I deemed to be an acceptable day's work. I then had a late lunch and a shower, put on my short cutoffs, a grey tank top, socks and sneakers, gathered up my rope bag and cameras, and set off for another adventure in the woods.

I had thoroughly enjoyed being tied to a tree the previous day and intended to replicate the experience. The only difference was the tank top, as the tree bark had been very uncomfortable against my bare back. I set up the cameras on their tripods, with the release cables set up where I could shoot photos with my foot. I installed my devious cock rope that kept my penis bent back on itself and made orgasm nearly impossible while allowing me to get very excited. I roped up my legs at ankles, above and below the knees and at the upper thighs, backed up to the sturdy scrub oak I had selected, and tied ropes around my waist and chest holding me firmly against the tree.

I stuffed a folded bandana deep into my mouth and held it in place with another wrapped around my neck. I put the EMT scissors in the hip pocket of my cutoffs and my knife in a handy fork in the tree, both within easy reach. I put my hands behind the tree and slipped the pre-tied coil over my wrists, twisted it until it was snug, then tied off the tails to the rope around my waist. I wriggled around a bit to make sure everything was snug, then drifted back to the story I had made up the previous day.

Two muscular women had surprised me and tied me up at gunpoint. They had escaped from the women's prison and were planning to steal my truck. They had made fun of my semi-erect cock as they roughly bound me to the tree. I didn't know what their plans were, but it didn't look good. I tried to work my hands out of the tight ropes with no success.

I remembered to snap a couple pictures of my struggles. The photos from my previous adventure had too much shadow on me so I had rearranged myself so that the sun was directly on me. This was a good idea for photos, but it was also very hot. I was sweating, but this just added to my feelings of captivity. I struggled some more, then drifted into a trance. I could feel the hot sun on my face and on my body as I drifted. I began to dream.

This time I was being cooked by cannibals. It was so hot. They were going to eat me as soon as I was cooked. I felt no fear. It was somewhat like watching a movie, except I was in the middle of it.

The feelings of bliss spread over me as I moved around in my ropes. I could feel an orgasm looming as I slowly returned from my revery. It would feel so good to just relax and let it happen. But I wasn't done with me yet, so I stilled myself and soon enough the feelings receded. I untied myself, pretending I had somehow escaped. I gathered up the ropes and cameras and went down the path to a little clearing. Here, I decided, was where I had been recaptured as I made my escape. My captors were angry with me and tied me up again, this time with no mercy.

The crotch rope was still in place. I set up the cameras and bound my legs with four tight ropes before doubling them up into a very snug frogtie. I tied a rope several times around my waist and slipped a large pretied coil over my shoulders, pinning my arms to my sides. I regagged myself, put my hands behind my back and put them through the small coil, slipped them under the waist rope, and slowly tied the tails of the wrist coil to the waist rope. I sat up on my heels, and looked around.

It was now late afternoon and I was thoroughly trussed up. I squirmed around in the dust, testing my bonds, trying to wriggle free. My captors had done an excellent job. Eventually I struggled a little too hard and fell onto my side. With my legs doubled up and my hands pinned to the small of my back I was unable to right myself. I lay on the ground, squirming still, feeling the orgasm returning. I decided to let it come this time, but something about my position and the crotch rope kept me from going over the edge.

I drifted again. I went back through the doorway and re-entered my cannibal dream. They were about to eat me when something interrupted them. Another tribe, coming over the ridge! My tribe ran away, leaving me as loot for the newcomers. I was dragged to their camp where they put me in the cooler and closed the door. I shook my head. It was dark and cool. The sun had gone down and I was tied up in the woods. I wriggled around again, trying to get the orgasm to come, but it wasn't to be. Painstakingly I untied the wrist rope and removed my bindings, gathered up my toys and went back to the trailer where I had another enjoyable evening with my homemade pornography.


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