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Ant Attack

by Topgun1956

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© Copyright 2012 - Topgun1956 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; naked; outdoors; rope; gag; sugar; ants; bite; cbt; toys; cons; X

I have a long weekend off, the wife is gone, for the same, and so, I have planned a day of self bondage. I have never tried the ant theme, so this weekend will be my first. I will use our dog pen as my place. We no longer have the dogs, but when we did, I built a 10 x 12 chain link pen. I had to cover the outside with privacy fencing because the dogs would bark at anything. So, now, it is completely secluded, and far enough in the back yard to pose no threats from neighbors. Either from sound or visual. I plan on not only the self bondage, with the ant attack, but also anal pleasure/torment, and increasing weights to my balls.

The first will be easy- handcuffs behind my back. Using an ice release method. The anal pleasure/torment will be achieved with my large, vibrating dildo. This is one of the "realistic" kinds with balls and shaft. It also has the suction cup base to keep it in place by sticking it to any smooth surface. It vibrates, and twirls. The vibration is hard enough, that if you don't have it attached to the table, it will literally bounce itself off the table. I made a timer for this. That is basically like the timers you can buy for turning lights on and off in your home. But, I altered it to use a repeating, varying time delay. It will turn on, stay on for a period, turn off, and come back on later for a different length of time. I plan on setting the dildo onto the "high" setting for my scene.

The third is a bit more intricate. I have testing my limits for ball stretching with gravel from the driveway. I will use that amount of rocks (plus a few more for the added torture) for my day. I plan on having these rocks drop at varying times into a colander. As each drops, the pull will stretch my balls out farther from me. I will get into the design later.

I have dismantled the old dog house in the pen, keeping the roof. To each side of the slope (at the bottom) I put an eye-bolt. I added the eye-bolts to the peak at each end. These will keep me secure until the ice melts enough for me to get the key. Last night, I went out, and, using syrup, I coated the shingles on both slopes. Then I dusted it with plain old sugar. My intent was to get the ants attracted to the roof all night long, then when I put myself in their path, they will already have the area infested.

I tied a pulley to the branch over the front of the roof, and ran a nylon rope over the wheel. I tied a second pulley to the limb directly over where my head and torso would be, and strung the other end of the rope through that. To that end, I dangled a large, metal colander. This would be tied to my balls, and would catch the rocks as they fell. The liquid will drip down through the hole, and onto my head and body, keeping the sweet treat coming for the ants. My ice jug will be tied directly over the colander. I put a 3rd pulley back over behind where I was to sit. Finally, I tied a rope to the eye-bolt at the back of the peak- this will keep me from moving forward to relieve any pull to my balls.

My escape will be made from pre-sweetened Kool-Aide. To that, I added 3 additional cups of sugar. This made it unbearably sweet, but that was my plan. I poured about half an inch of the solution into a plastic milk jug, then set it in the freezer to harden. Once that was done, I dropped the gravel on top of that ice, and poured the rest to fill the jug half way. I layered my nylon twine (that will hold the key) into the liquid, and returned it to the freezer. At that point I had nothing else to do but wait, and anticipate.

I went back out to the pen to check the roof, and found it completely covered with ants. All sizes, and types. Little red ones, big red ones, and black ants of the same sizes. I decided to add some additional sugar to make sure they had plenty to eat. I went back inside, and TRIED to get some rest. I tossed and turned all night, but was eventually got some sleep.

I woke up early, made some coffee, and got myself ready for the day. I gave myself a full enema to cleanse me out, and with some lube, and more than a little work, I got the dildo into my ass, up to almost the balls. I tied a small string around the balls, and then around my leg to help keep it in place until I got outside. I got the gallon jug out of the freezer. I cut 2 inch holes into the bottom of the plastic jug to release the Kool-Aid, and rocks into the colander. I grabbed the remaining Kool-Aide, my little bag that held my cuffs, straps and gag, also taking a little bag of powdered sugar, put my shorts and tee shirt on, and went out to the pen. I tied the jug above the colander. I strung the nylon twine through the pulley behind where I would sit, and tied the handcuff key to the end. I tied a small wrench to the twine to make sure the key would drop straight down, and stepped back to look where I was.

Everything looked good, so I stripped down, and snapped my ball spreader around my balls. I strapped leather restraints around each leg, just above my knees. Emptied my little bag of goodies onto the ground, then stepped back. I took the remaining Kool-Aide and poured it over my chest and back, letting it drip onto the ground. I used my hands to spread the treat all over my body, and then straddled the roof of the doghouse. I lowered myself down until my thighs touched the coarse shingles. There were almost too hot to bear, but I forced myself to settle down onto the platform. The heat seemed to fade as my skin cooled it. I attached my knees to the bolts, and settled in.

I made sure my ass cheeks were opened wide. This forced the dildo deeper, and pushed the balls into my anus somewhat. Then I untied the twine holding the cock in me. I reached around, and plugged my dildo into the timer. I then switched that on. Now, I only had a few minutes before that would take off, sending pleasure deep into me. I reached for the powdered sugar bag, opened it, and dusted my entire front and back with the white powder. I used a "O" ring gag, but, not wanting the ants to get into my mouth, I covered that with a cheesecloth rag. That way, I would still drool, but my mouth was safe.

I tied the rope to the back bolt around me. and made sure the knot was all the way back at the bolt. Otherwise, I would have been able to reach it, and untie it. The final tie was the twine attached to the colander. I pulled it through the eye, and tied it off to my ball stretcher I was firmly attached to the roof, now.

The ants had already found my naked skin, and I could feel their tiny legs crawling all over my cock, balls, and pubic area. I still have pubic hair, and have gotten it to grow rather long. The liquid I had spread over me and congealed into the hair, and was starting to itch. This I hadn't counted on. But, it was an additional torment for me to endure, and so I simply decided that it was to be. The ice was beginning to melt as well, and drip onto my head. I clicked the handcuffs onto my right wrist, checked once again to make sure looked correct, and then put my hands behind my back. Since all looked good, I put the handcuffs under the rope holding me back, and clicked my left wrist into them.

This position actually made me bend a little further backwards then I had anticipated, but stretched my stomach, and chest forward. "Click" a rock dropped into the bowl, and I felt it's weight pull on my balls. Then---"BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ' the dildo came to life. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" was all I could get out. Pure pleasure streamed through my body. I closed my eyes as tight as I could. It felt so fucking good. I felt an intense urge to jack off. There was no way for me to do that, so I could only sit back and wait for it to ends.

"Clink" then "Clink" - 2 more rocks dropped into the bowl. My balls felt them pull, and began pulling farther out from my body. The liquid dripped again onto my chest, now. I had used cherry, and the dip was red. It ran down over my stomach, making a little trail in the powder. The ants were now in a mild frenzy. Most only climbed over me, but a few had began biting. They attacked my balls more than anything at the moment. I guess it was from the thin skin, but their attack hurt like hell. The dildo stopped it's assault in me, and I opened my eyes again.

"Clink" 1 more rock- a larger one stretched my balls further. I found out that the flies in the area were now feasting on the sugar. My entire front side was covered by hundreds of thousands on tiny feet. After my ass getting it's initial torment, the movement felt intense, and made want to cum even more.

"Clink" "clink" "clink"- 3 more dropped adding to my balls torture. "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" the dildo came to life again. "NNNN" I muttered, dripping saliva through the cheesecloth. I closed my eyes again, and had to make myself get through another round of vibrating pleasure. The treat dripped down now with more frequency. The dildo stopped again, to my relief. I opened my eyes again, looked down and saw more flies gathering.

If the old wife's tale is correct, it was going to rain. The flies started their own biting. Starting on each ankle, but moved up onto my ass cheeks, and abdomen. The ants took their cue from the flies, I guess. They started biting everywhere. They were crawling all over me. They got my cock, balls, stomach, ass- even next to the dildoballs that were forcing my anus open. I struggled in pain, trying to get away from them to no use. I had attached myself too tightly to the roof, and could only endure this full attack.

"clink-clik'CLUNK" another large rock had dropped into the colander. The weight of it yanked my swollen balls to the limit painfully. I knew how many rocks (at least the weight of them) I had used, but I was unsure of the actual count of them. I rocked back and forth from the pain I felt all over my skin. This action only opened my anus up more to receive an added half inch of the dildoballs into me.

Finally, I felt the key bounce against the back of my head. I knew at that point, I didn't have too much longer. "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" the dildo went off again. "MMMMMMMMMMMM" I groaned through the gag. My spit was now flowing down onto my chest, mixing with the sweet liquid, and sugar. This one lasted for more than what felt like 5 minutes. I opened my eyes through the slit, and looked at my rock hard cock. I was throbing and attempting to get off by muscle contractions only.

Suddenly I noticed a bee flying around me. It landed on my abdomen, and made it's way to the end of my shaft. I was still throbbing, and was afraid it would take this as an assault, and sting. But, thankfully, it only took some of the nectar I had left for it, and finally flew away.

"Clink-clink-clink-CLUCK-clink" more rocks yanked my balls. "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" the dildo again. "FCK" I said through the gag. I rocked again and pushed more of the rubber balls even deeper into me. The key, now was about mid-back. The dildo kept it's humming attack on my colon. I wanted it to stop NOW!.

My ass was getting too hot from the friction. But, it went on. Water dripped down, in a torrent, and I felt the key finally reach my hands. I fumbled around for too long trying to open the cuffs.

"CLINKCLINKCLICNKCLINKCLUNKCLUNK" what felt like the balance of the rocks dropped at one time. My balls were turning purple from the weight. I had to huirry or they were going to be damaged forever.

When I FINALLY got my hands loose, I reached around, and unsnapped the stretcher. It flew to the bolt and stopped, dropping the weight of the rocks towards my head. I got the rope holding my waist to the rear bolt loose, and released my knees. As I stood up that damned dildo started again. BZZZZZZZZZZ-zzzzzzzzz" It literally shot out of my ass and flopped around on the ground.

Finally able to brush the ants off, I rolled around in what little grass remained at the edge of the pen to soothe the bites. I checked my body over to see what damage had been done to me. All in all, it didn't look as bad as it felt. My skin crawled from the bites, but no real damage had been done. I will retry this again, and see if I can get other insects around. I have a real urge to try mosquitoes. Will work on that. Right now, a good bath is needed, so I get dressed, leaving all my toys in the pen for now, and go back to the house.



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