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An Unexpected Adventure

by Tigon

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© Copyright 2016 - Tigon - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; leather; zipties; public; mall; stuck; caught; F/m; tease; bond; kiss; cons; X

I have not written anything for a long time, be gentle.

Having purchased my ticket I start walking to my theater, the movie has been out for a bit and it is a week night so it should not be busy. I find my seat and noticing I have about 15 minutes before it begins I start my fun. See, I am wearing blue shortalls with a long sleeved black shirt on, since it is a little cool. Around my wrists, and under the sleeves, I have on a pair of leather wrist cuffs. Under my shortalls I have a belt going around my waist. Through the side buttons of the shortalls I slip long cable tie through the space between the buttons, around the belt, and back out the same space. This leaves me with both ends of the tie hanging out.

During this time some more people are wandering in, and I notice a few glance at my bibs, nothing more than a second take. I am of course cautious to make sure what I am doing is not seen. Once the lights are dimming for previews I begin the next part, which will make it really interesting. I first slip the cable tie through the ring on the cuff on my left wrist, then pull it to cinch it up tight, effectively now my left wrist is affixed to my side, but the way it sits, if I put my hand in my pocket you cannot tell the bondage, just a hand in the pocket. In reality though, I have little freedom to move my arm and it is bound to my side. I next use a cheap pair of nail clippers to cut off the excess cable tie. Getting my right side is a little trickier, but I manage it though patience and a few attempts. Cutting off the excess cable tie I let the nail clippers fall to the floor and kick them down between some seats. Now both of my arms are bound to my sides and my means of escape is at my car. Time to sit back, and enjoy the movie... I am bound to enjoy it

I laugh through the funny parts and enjoy the action, and of course the feeling that comes from being bound. As the movie ends and everybody is getting up to leave, and I am just sitting there tied up. I decide to wait for the theater to clear out, and act like I'm watching the credits. After it clears I then get up leave, making sure I keep my hands in my pockets so it does not look like bondage. As I walk out and into the lobby there are a lot of people here, worse yet, I have to walk through the mall to get to my car, and it is a busy evening. I try to act casual, thinking that I am just a guy in shortalls strolling with his hands in his pockets, nothing weird right?

As I get to the door, I realize it is a pull handle, so I will have to wait for somebody to come in so I can slip out. I spend a few minutes on the bench waiting and sure enough some young ladies my age come walking up. Much to my embarrassment I have to walk right by them to get out before the door closes. One of them makes the comment "nice overalls", but I don't know if she was serious or sarcastic. As I get to where I hid the wire cutters by a light pole on the side of the building I soon realize my dilema. The wire cutters I had left hidden are missing, not sure how, but I know that as I am now, I am stuck. I live nearby, but to get into my building I would have to be able to reach the key pad, which is about 4 feet off the ground, no way I could reach that in my current predicament... I would have to either go get help or maybe buy some scissors? Back to the mall I go.

As I am walking back to the mall entrance I start to process through my options. There is a hardware store conveniently near the entrance and so I plan to go in there and maybe use a pair of cutters to escape. As I elbow my way in the door I notice the two girls who just "let" me exit are sitting inside chatting on a bench, the both give me a glance over and giggle. I walk as quickly, as casually looking with my hands in my shortalls, as possible into the hardware store. I reply a quick greeting to the worker by the door and head to hardware. Finally I see what I am looking for but am quickly dismayed... they have plenty of choices, but all are in packaging, how nice. There is no way I could not just cut my way out, I will have to buy a pair to use them. I decide with false confidence that I can surely put then on the pay counter, swipe my card, and get them without it being noticed that I am tied up, this will work right?

As I walk to the checkout there is luckily no line, which is great! The cashier however is a very attractive goth girl, looks to be in her mid 20's. As smoothly as I can I put the clippers and cash to cover it on the conveyor belt as she looks me over with a wry smile. She rings it up and then reaches out to hand my my change. But being that my wrist is bound to my side, I can't even reach the counter, let alone her hand. She leans over and looks down at my hands, a flash of understanding crosses her face.

"Are you tied up? You are tied up!" She gushes in delight. "Did you do this to yourself?" she asks as she walks around the counter.

", I did." I stumble out, "can you help me out, I seem to be a little stuck."

"Before anything," she says while making sure nobody else is nearby, "show me what you did. I am a bit kinky myself, but not near as brave as you."

With a giant blush across my face, I pull my hands out, showing her the ties that bind, then quickly replacing my hands in my pockets. As she leans in close to inspect, I take in her beauty.

"Oh" she exclaims, "the ties are securing them... well you didn't get them all the way tight." She then pulls the little bit of tie so it closes the last couple inches, there is now even less room to wiggle my arms, and now I cant even get enough room to pull my hands out of my pockets. "That should keep you out of trouble" she states as she drops my change in my bib pocket, along my my escape tool.

"Wait, you aren't going to help me?" I pleaded with a whisper.

"Oh I did" she states, "this is what you really want right?" And as I took in a breath to counter she cut in "I get off in half an hour and I want to have some fun with you."

I am instructed to wait outside on a bench, and time feels like forever when you are helplessly tied up and awaiting somebody who may, or may not free you... who knew. After a while I see her leave her store and head my way, "oh your still here? Couldn't get free on your own?."

"OK, you had fun. How about you help me out now?" I ask as I stand up and nod at my wrists.

"Tell you what" she says, "I will give you a choice: I can let you out and that is it, we part ways, or you can walk around and help me shop then I will treat you to some food. I want to get you know you more."

I do not think long on it, she is gorgeous, nice, and into bondage. "Deal", I say.

As we start to walk toward some shops, me being very nervous about my atire and situation, while simultaneously thrilled at my situation and company, she remarks "Besides, you are adorable... and so tempting in your predicament."

The more we walk and chat I am finding that she is an amazing person, not just in looks and kinky, but all of her. We chat about all kinds of things, how we got into bondage, what we have done, as well as other interests, books, movies. Turns out we are both huge readers, similar genres too. I am so caught up in conversation that I nearly forget I am bound up; this comes up when I instinctively go to reach for a door to a shop to open it for her. To her it likely just looks like a sudden jerk of my arm resulting in nothing. We both giggle, myself blushing, as she realizes what Just happened. She opens the door for me and waves a hand for me to enter, grinning all the while.

She tries on a few dresses, modeling them for me at one store. Taking her time, I'm sure to make me wait alone tied up for her. As leave our last store and head to get some food, having walked and walked for a couple hours, I get an urge to badly use the restroom. I cautiously tell her I need to do so and she agrees to free one wrist so long as she can return it to being bound when I get back, and she has the most adorable pouting face while doing so. I am of course helpless to her and agree. When else could I have a shot like this with a girl like that. She then cut my left hand free, but not before making sure I had another cable tie to re-do it.

So with one hand I go and take care of business. As I return to her she tells me that we should probably eat before she trapped me again, I agree that it would be easier. She picked us up some burgers and fries and we are having the best conversation. I feel like I have known her forever and I am developing a huge crush. As we get done with our food all I can think is how badly I want to kiss her. So with my one hand free I take a breath and go in. With a wink she pulls away, "Not until I have you bound again. You could take advantage of an innocent girl like me."

With that she pulls the tie out of my bib and re-fastens my wrist to my side. I look at her screamingly and she makes a move, using the straps of my shortalls she pulls me in close, then reaching her arms through mine she puts her hands through back vest of my shortalls and holds me close. We kiss passionately, two young people in a passionate embrace, you know, with one of us tied up at the others will...

We walked about a little more. Her arm looped in mine, I was on cloud nine. After a little while more she says that she needs to head home, but hopes we can meet up again soon. I of course would love to and tell her so. We walk together out to the parking lot, the whole while my wondering about her freeing me. When we get to her car, I lean in kiss her again, to pulling away only to ask, "Could you please release me now?"

She gives a considering look then nods, "I guess you have earned it," she says with a wink. She takes the cutters out of my bib, and out of the package and then proceeds to free one of my hands. "Do you live close?" she asks.

"Yeah a couple minutes walk," I replied.

"Good, because I am only going to free this one hand and you will have to figure out the rest when you get home." I am awestruck and nervous at the same time, "I am serious", she said " you got into this and I will let you finish it."

I use my somewhat freedom to do the only logical thing which is to pull her in for a kiss. She quickly jots down her number on a slip of paper and slides it into my bib, "text me tonight so I have tour number." I wish her good night and start to walk to my apartment in a dreamlike state when she calls out, "and next time it is my turn to be escorted helplessly. I will have to wear some shortalls.... to make it fair".

I begin walking and just sit for a few minutes, taking in my incredible experience as it hits me: my parents were going to stop by tonight for dinner. As I look down at a text on my phone I see my fears come true, they are already on the way and will likely beat me there. And I will arrive to greet them, dressed as I am, and with one hand tied. The stores are all now closed so I have no choice and no way to get the locked and tied wrist cuff undone.


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