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Appliance Repair

by Rawn

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© Copyright 2010 - Rawn - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; cuffs; gag; stuck; caught; F/f; bond; cons; X

Sasha’s large brown eyes were rimmed with red, black streaks wound their way down her flushed cheeks. Her long dark brown hair splayed and matted across her face. Suddenly a knock at the door created a mixture of fear and relief and, it raced through her body. When she heard the key to the front door slide into the lock the fear took over. Not wanting to be found in her current vulnerable position she renewed her efforts to gain freedom.

As the door opened a woman’s voice called out. “Hello, anyone home? It’s A-Zee Appliance Repair. Hello” There was a thump, some scraping and finally the door closing. The woman muttered to herself as she worked her way into the kitchen. Sasha’s had forgotten the repairman was coming over today to fix her dishwasher. She had dropped a key off last week to allow them access with out her being home.

The sweaty brunette was supposed to be at work today. Having been given the day off due to a slow down at the office. She wasn’t losing any hours because she had banked overtime. Sasha heard the woman make her way into the kitchen. Embarrassment added even more colour to her flushed face. With getting the day off the tall brunette had decided a little R&R was in order.

However Sasha’s idea of relaxation did not fit in with most peoples. She used self-bondage to slew away her built up frustrations from daily life and work. Now she was stuck and soon, caught. Sasha lay in a very strict, self-induced hog-tie, on the linoleum of the kitchen floor. If she could have she would have hung her head in defeat and disgrace but the leather tether running from her ponytail to her ankle tie would not allow it.

She heard the woman say “Wish the owner was home. There is very little information on this work order.”

As she entered the kitchen the tall tawny hair woman stopped in her tracks at the sight that greeted her.

There in front of her was a securely bound beautiful brunette. Her hair tied to a leather strap that ran to cuffed ankles between her feet. She was dressed from neck down in what appeared to be a black latex body suit, tight waist cinch, and knee high ballet boots. Thick leather cuffs circled her upper arms just above the elbow were cinched together by a cable that also ran the hapless woman’s ankles. She could see that any movement would not only pull the brunette’s hair but also tug the cinch between the elbows tighter.

“Holy Hanna honey! Are you alright?”

Tears flowed freely once again down the bound girl’s face.

“Alright, alright, calm down I’ll get you out of that.” Gail looked around the kitchen and spotted the girl’s dilemma. The key to her self-incarceration was hanging just out of reach of the bound girls’ fingers. “Oh I get it! You did this to your self.” She chuckled “Boy did you!”

Gail removed the key from the tangled mess of string that had prevented Sasha’s escape. She left the room only to return moments later with a seat cushion and a pillow off the sofa. The repairwoman dropped the seat cushion at the brunette’s knees and slipped the pillow under her head. “You are probably go to go Sproing when I undo these locks. These should help keep you from smashing your feet and head.”

Looking over the bound woman she complimented her on her position and strictness. “You really didn’t want to get out before your allowed time did you? This is a very strict position. How long have you been tied up like this?” Gail kept a running commentary as she first worked the hair tie loose then unlocked the bound girls ankle fetters from a cable. The cable had been fed through the elbow cuffs and drawn back to her ankles. As the cable was pulled closer to the ankle restraints her elbows were drawn closer together. This in turn forced the woman’s hand further down her body, which in turn allowed her to lock her wrist cuffs to the cuffs circling her thighs.

Sasha’s feet flopped lifeless onto the cushion, her head already resting on the pillow Gail had provided. She unlocked the bound girl’s hands. They just slid down her sides to flop on the cold lino.

“Uhm dear this key doesn’t fit the lock on your ball gag harness. Where did you put it?”

The brunette turned her head slowly to look at Gail. Her eyes again brim with tears. “Now, now” she comforted “ just point with your eyes. I’ll take it from there.”

Sasha tried moving her head to look down the hallway. “Are they in your bedroom? That’s where I would have left them.”

Sasha snapped her eyes back around to look again at her saviour.

Gail’s laughter tinkled from her delicate throat, “You think you’re the only one who plays with bondage alone? But more important did you have a back up plan?” She arched her eyebrow at that. “No! Good god girl! What if I hadn’t shown up today? Boy would you be in trouble!”

With that Gail got up in search of the key to free the helpless woman’s mouth. She returned moments later and undid the lock holding the ball gag harnesses tight. Sasha had not moved she lay where she was. Her arms and legs were still recovering from the ordeal. Gail quickly found a glass and filled it with cold water. “Just sip a little at a time.” She advised.

“Are you alright?” the tawny hair woman asked concerned.

“I’ll be OK just need to rest a bit.” Sasha croaked.

“Well let’s get you off this cold floor and onto something more comfortable. If I help you up can you walk in those?” indicating the knee-high ballet boots still locked to her legs.

“I think so,” the brunette said weakly.

The two women worked together to get Sasha to the sofa in the living room. Gail retrieved the cushion and pillow after getting the younger woman settled. “Listen you rest. I have to fix your dishwasher but I’ll check on you once and a while. OK?”

“I’ll be fine in a minute or two” Sasha smiled weakly.

“Don’t worry honey, I won’t tell anyone and I’ve done almost the same thing to myself. Once I’m done we’ll talk you just rest.” Gail turned and went to work on the broken appliance. After discovering the reason the appliance didn’t work she returned to find the girl sound asleep. Smiling to herself she finished the repair and looked in on Sasha.

Gail looked the woman over, dressed in tight black latex it accentuated her full round breasts, narrow waist, long legs. She realised they were both about the same size. An idea formed when she found the brunette still asleep. Slipping her work boots off she padded back down the hall. In the bedroom she found a large soft foam ball and a more padlocks. The well-proportioned woman picked a roll of duct tape from her toolbox and proceeded to the sleeping female.

Gently she opened the girl’s mouth and carefully packed the foam ball inside. Sasha never stirred. Gail continued forcing the woman’s mouth closed around the ball she added duct tape over it. She criss-crossed her mouth then added pieces over and under her chin. Working slowly so as not too wake the sleeping beauty, she re-locked her ankles together. Then moving up to her arms she re-strung the cable carefully fishing it under the bound woman’s back. She pulled the free ends together at one elbow and padlocked it to a ring in the cuff. Next she pulled her hands down and locked them to the rings in her thigh cuffs.

Gail realised that it would be very easy for her captive to remove her gag by curling up enough to reach her mouth. With that she retraced her steps back to the bedroom where she found a coil of thick rope. Quickly the tall woman returned and attached one end of the rope to Sasha’s ankle fetter. Passing it down and under the sofa she fed it up the other side and working quickly fed the rope through the rings on either side of the leather collar circling her prisoner’s neck she pulled it snug and tied it off.

Satisfied with her handy work Gail decided to have a real good snoop. She searched through the bound girl’s chest of bondage gear. Amazed at the variety if items. She found an arm binder that looked unused. Gail laughed at herself “Of course it’s unused. How could she put it on herself and make it work?” she mused out loud. After replacing the treasures the repairwoman inspected the closet. Quite an array of foot wear from Keds to more ballet boots. There were a number of latex outfits folded carefully on the shelving, along with more day to day clothing.

Impressed with her captive’s wardrobe and its possibilities she turned her mind to “What to do now?” she couldn’t just leave her new found captive like she was but she wanted to get cleaned up and change into more comfortable clothes. Her house was a least an hour round trip. Gail decided that she could not leave Sasha bound. Instead she opted to have a quick wash and get her paperwork done. She quickly checked her prisoner to ensure she was still asleep and satisfied she slipped out to her company van.

Gail checked her watch this call was her last call of the day. Although it was close enough to quitting time she was conscience of how busy they were lately and made a quick call into the office. Satisfied there were no emergencies she spread her papers on the kitchen table listening intently for her charge to wake. It didn’t take long to make the necessary notes on her work orders. Finished her paperwork the thirty something beauty contemplated her next move.

They were going to need something to eat when Sasha woke up. She rummaged through the cupboards and found some brown rice. A quick look through the fridge netted a couple of pieces of chicken obviously taken out for tonight. She dug out fixings for a salad and proceeded to work up a meal.

Working so as not disturb the exhausted girl in the next room Gail cooked up dinner. As the chicken broiled in the oven she heard the mrummfs from the living room. She quickly attended the bound girl’s side. “Sh, shh. You’re all right. I promise nothing bad will happen. You just looked so good lying there I had to finish your day up for you. I’ll let you out now but you look so good.” Gail whispered urgently to her captive.

Sasha calmed down when she heard Gail’s soothing voice then shook her head. “You don’t want out?” Gail was confused. Sasha nodded. “You do want out?” Again the fettered girl nodded. “ OK” Gail said and started to go for the rope. Once again Sasha shook her head. “Oh! You want to get out!?” This time she got it right. Sasha’s eyes twinkled as she nodded yes. “So be it but don’t take too long dinner is almost ready.” Gail retrieved the keys off the table and dropped them near her captives bound hands.

Sasha struggled with the keys Gail had put them all on one ring, which meant the prisoner, had to hunt for the right key. Some ten minutes later Sasha lurched into the kitchen still wearing the ballet boots, and tape gag. Gail looked up and laughed, “You’re going to have a hard time eating with that still on your face.” Pointing to the tape.

Sasha’s eyes curled up in an obvious smile and her hands came up to tug at the corners of the tape. Slowly and delicately she removed each layer of tape. Her eyes screwed up as the tape tore the tiny unseen hairs from her face. “One way to remove unwanted hair!” Gail laughed again; her laughter was light and caring. She knew how much duct tape hurt coming off. But it was such fun while it was applied.

The dark hair girl stuck her tongue out when she had finished working the tape from her face. “That hurts.” She complained with out much conviction then giggled. “I’m a wreck. Thank you so much for rescuing me.” Sasha flushed slightly. “ I’m usually so careful. I have never had that happen before.”

“Murphy” Gail mused “he seems to be lurking around every corner. Did you have a back up plan?”

“No.” Sasha replied her cheeks colouring even more.

Not wanting to make the younger woman feel any worse Gail held her tongue and changed the subject. “Are you going to clean up for dinner? It’s almost ready. Hope you don’t mind but I figured you would not have eaten all day and would be hungry when you woke up.”

Again Sasha blushed “I Uhm can’t change out of this until after dark. The keys to my outfit are in the garage out back. That was a part of my plan for today. I would be tied up for a while then catch up on some office work and do some cleaning around the house until it got dark enough to venture outside. As you can see my neighbours have a clear view of my backyard.” She indicated extending a finger toward the back door of the house.

“Do you want me to get them for you? You’ve had a pretty rough go of things today!” Gail asked.

The dark hair girls eyes flashed with mischief, “What and have you ruin a perfectly good day of bondage?” then she laughed and added, “No I think I started this and would like to finish it. I will however go and wash my hair and clean up what I can.”

Gail learned Sasha only rented the house but had an excellent job that allowed her the extensive closet of expensive clothing. Sasha also learned Gail owned a small acreage just on the edge of town an early inheritance from her mother. Her father had passed away a number of years ago and Mom was now in a home unable to care for herself. Over dinner the two women chatted, learning how much they had in common. That night they became good friends and agreed to be each other’s safety.


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