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The Art of Self-Bondage

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2003 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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The Art of Self-Bondage
by Otto Dix
The Art of Self-Bondage by Otto Dix [email protected]
8 a.m.
The kids and spouse piled into the van and headed off to a friends cabin for some time at the beach for the weekend. I couldn’t go with them because I had work to do to prepare for a second job I had lined up in the Fall. Of course, I planned to use Saturday to indulge in the art of self-bondage. It's rare that I have the privacy and time necessary to orchestrate a setting that robs me of my freedom, mercilessly tortures me, and then eventually releases me in due time. The first order of business was breakfast and a shower.
9 a.m.
After my shower, I put on a pair of nylons. I have a serious nylon fetish, and just the idea of being able to casually go about my business with them on is very fulfilling. My next stop is the basement where I boot up the computer and plug my audio output (from the woofer unit) into the mic jack of my 25 watt tape player. I put a fresh 90 minute tape into the boom box and turn the volume all the way up on my power speakers and computer. I open my StereoStim.exe program that is specifically designed to play erotic stim files. From memory, I select three files that are particularly intense and pleasurable. I set their durations at 60 seconds each and the volumes at 100%. I then select a silent wave file, and set the duration at 300 seconds or 5 minutes. I copy it two times, and set the durations at 60 and 10 seconds respectively. I then select the “Fun” mode of the program. This cycles through the files in random order.

In a space of about 9 minutes, I get three intense 1 minute long electrical stims, a 5minute break, a 1 minute break, and a 10 second break. Of course, the order changes all the time. By chance, I could get all three stims in a row, and I never know how long the breaks will last before the next stim starts.

I reached down and pressed “record” on the tape player, and start the computer program. It will take 45 minutes to fill one side of the tape.
I returned to the kitchen, and set the egg timer to 45 minutes. This would let me know when to go down and turn the tape over to fill the second side with wave files and silences in the same manner as the first. In the meantime, I had another project to do. It is an understatement to say that I like wearing nylons during bondage. It adds a whole new dimension to the bondage experience. But, I also want access to my balls and penis for electro-stimulation, so, while the tapes were recording, I pulled out the sewing machine, and carefully sewed a cloth patch on the inside of the nylons, right where my genitals are located. This made it possible to cut a slit in the front of the nylons to allow my penis and balls to protrude without allowing the nylons to completely tear apart.
By 11 am, the tape was complete, with both sides filled with 45 minutes worth of wave files, and my nylons now had a convenient small hole in the front to allow my privates to be freely exposed. I put away all the sewing equipment, and turned my attention to the bed. I’ve done this so many times; I had it down to a routine.
  1.Lock handcuffs to one end of a chain, and lock the other end to the bottom of the bed frame at the head of the bed, making it just long enough to reach up and over the edge of the bed.
2.Put a carabineer on the end of a second chain and lock the other end in a similar fashion as the first, but at the foot of the bed.
3.Install my release key on a string and attach it to a small hook above the handcuffs. Make it long enough for me to reach while cuffed. Put a nylon stocking on the bedside table, ready to use for the ice cube release mechanism. Tie a small pad lock to the string, about two inches from the key. The nylon will go through the pad lock and the weight of the lock will help ensure that it will drop from the nylon once the ice has melted.
4.Pull out 6 large thick zip ties. Place two on each ankle. I try and ignore my hard-on as I close them snuggly around my nylon clad ankles. I trim the excess zip tie off with snub-nosed wire cutters. The other two ties remain at the foot of the bed, ready to use to secure my feet to the carabineer.
5.I prepare the boom box by the side of the bed. I connect my stainless steel rings to my right speaker jacks. The black lead goes to a large 2-inch ring that goes around my balls and dick. The red lead goes to two one-inch rings that fit at the base of my dick. All three rings are connected with black electrical tape, with tape in between to prevent direct contact. This also makes it impossible for me to shake my dick rings off during the bondage session, as they are secured to the two inch ring that tightly encircles my testicles and penis. I leave the rings on the side of the bed beside a tube of KY jelly that I will use as contact lubrication.
6.Finally, I prepare my emergency escape mechanism. I put a two liter container filled with water on the dresser on the far wall to the right of the bed. A string runs from the container to the handcuffs, and a spare key is tied to the string about two feet away from the handcuffs. If I pull on the string enough to get the key, I end up with water on the floor.  
Time for lunch. Wearing the nylons and zip ties, I go downstairs and prepare a light lunch. While I eat, I think about how I can spice up my bondage session. One easy addition would be to coat my balls, shaft and penis head with Absorbin Jr. just before putting the cuffs on. The pain lasts about 20 minutes, and I could use an outlet timer to delay the start of the tape player for about 30 minutes. My dick is rock hard, indicating that it likes that idea.
Another idea is to include clothes pins on my nipples. But I figure the session was going to last around two hours and that’s a bit long. Then it dawns on me that I could use a 2 lb barbell weight to rip the pins off using an ice cube to hold the weight up.
1 pm
I gather the essential elements for the additions to my session and quickly set them up. I put a bar stool at the foot of the bed. I put one ice cube in a stocking and thread it through the center of a 2 lb barbell weight. I tie the stocking to the back of the barstool. A string is tied to the barbell weight and leads to two clothes pins that rest on the side of the bed, at chest height. Considering the size of the hole in the weight, I don’t think it will take more than 40 minutes for it to drop. Next, I put a small jar of Absorbin Jr. on the bed side table. I make certain that the tape player is set for continuous play and that the play button is depressed. I plug the tape player into the outlet timer that is set to go on in roughly 30 mintues. Finally, I put two ice-cubes in another stocking, and thread it through the lock attached to my release keys. I tie the stocking to a hanging lamp locate to the side of the bed.
Everything is ready. The ice will begin to melt soon, so I better get started. With butterflies in my stomach, I lie down on the bed and start with my ankles. I thread two zip ties through the loops around my ankles and leave the loops large. I attach the carabineer to both loops, and then shorten the loops as much as possible to bring my ankles together.
I lay back with my head on two pillows so that I get a good view of my tortured dick and nylon clad bound legs. I take the steel rings, and put my dick through the rings first, the 2-inch ring, and the one-inch rings. Then I carefully put one testicle through the 2-inch ring, and pull as much of the sac through as possible. Applying a gentle pressure, the second testicle pops through the ring, and the two-inch ring is snuggly in place. I take some KY jelly and apply it everywhere the rings my contact with my skin.
The clothespins are next. I gingerly put one on each nipple and make certain that the string attached to the weight won’t get snagged on anything.
I take the bottle of Absorbin Jr. off the night stand, and apply it liberally to my genitals, especially the head of my penis. As it starts to warm up, I reach up and try to put my handcuffs on. I have a problem. I didn’t leave enough slack on the chain to be able to lift the cuffs high enough to see what I was doing. I have very little room to manipulate the cuffs because they are right beside the wall. I get my left wrist in the cuff, and discover that I have the key-hole side of the cuff on the backside of my wrist. Even with the other cuff on properly, I wouldn’t be able to get free.
My dick is on fire at this point, and I have one hand free. I reach over for my emergency release key that is just within reach of my free hand. I am trying to untie it without tipping the water; meanwhile, I am experiencing intense agony. To my horror, the water spills. “Fuck!” I use the key and unlock the cuff.  I remove the clothespins (ouch), and instead of removing the steel rings, I just unplug the wires from the tape player beside the bed. I grab the wire cutters at the foot of the bed and clip the zip ties in between my ankles.
Still in pain, I quickly use a roll of paper towels to soak up most of the water. I untie my emergency release rope from my handcuffs, so that I can take the container and string to the bathroom to refill. While I am at the head of the bed, I adjust the length of the chain and I lie down on the bed to see if the chain is long enough for me to easily put the cuffs on.
Satisfied that the length is just right, I assess the situation. The barbell weight has about 20 minutes left, the tape will come on in about 20 minutes, the release key has two big cubes and has barely started to melt, and my dick is still throbbing with pain. If I get bound right now the scene won’t be a total loss. I grab two more zip ties from the tool box beside the bed and reattach my ankles. I plug my steel rings back into the tape player. I put the nipple pins back on (ouch), and then I concentrate on getting the cuffs on properly. With much focus and concentration, I place the cuffs on properly to ensure easy release. One click each, and I flip the lever to prevent the cuffs from tightening further.
2 pm
Ahhhhh. All done. I close my eyes and take in the sensations. The nylons, ankle bondage, steel rings, clothespins, and cuffs. I turn to my left and look at the tape player that will eventually begin to torment me. The powerlessness to stop it is exciting and my dick hardens against the rings. I contract my PC muscles and thrust my hips gently in anticipation. Then I look over to my right.
My emergency release key was on the floor along with the string and container, waiting to be refilled and reinstalled!
That sense of powerlessness now had a whole new meaning. My heart was beating wildly, and I had to concentrate on calming down. I took stock of my situation with a whole new perspective, one of trying to escape. It was futile. The zip ties were too strong and bit painfully into my ankles as I tried to break free. The steel rings were not coming off my genitals no matter how hard I shook. I had a fair amount of confidence that the release keys would eventually fall. It was just a matter of time. What I worried about most was developing a hot stop on my penis. As the KY dried out, the current might localize in one small area, and the stimulation would start to burn and be very painful. My other fear was the very small chance that the current would induce an orgasm. While not ordinarily a problem, the electrical stimulation following an orgasm becomes unbearable.
Just as I managed to calm down a bit, the two clothespins on my nipples were unceremoniously ripped from my chest. My body contracted in reaction to the pain and tears welled up in my eyes. I relaxed my body and the tears dripped down the sides of my cheeks. Just then, I heard the characteristic “CLICK” of the outlet timer and the tape player started playing. All I thought was “here we go”.
3 pm
Each time a wave file played, my penis would immediately react and become engorged. After an hour of on-and-off stimulation, a stream of precum trailed from the tip of my penis to the base of my cock. After each wave file ended, I could feel how close to an orgasm I was. I found myself begging for that 5 minute pause so as to fight back the cumulative effects of the stimulation that was slowly but surely building to an explosive climax.
4 pm
The tape had played through both sides and had by this point started playing through side A for the second time. This meant that the tape had been playing for at least one and a half hours. It was the only measure of time I had available. I was so tired by this point that I started drifting off during the silent breaks in the tape. A hot spot was starting to develop on one of the rings, and the stimulation was beginning to be too painful to induce an orgasm. The two ice cube of my release  mechanism were almost gone. It was only a matter of minutes now. During those last minutes, I struggled helplessly through the painful electrical stimulation that was now biting into my dick.
Finally, the key dropped. I quickly release the cuffs and stopped the tape player. I laid back and with the help of a bit more KY-Jelly, I rewarded myself with a well deserved orgasm. With my feet still tied, and the steel rings in place, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. The clean up would have to wait.


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