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Ashley 3

by Ardvark

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Ashley Self Bondage - 3
How I Got Interested In Being Bound & Gagged
by Ardvark
How I Got Interested In Being Bound & Gagged:

My interest in bondage began long ago, when I was just a child. If I had a ribbon or cord,  or any other kind of thing such as a belt, I would often idly sit on the floor and tie my ankles together. Sometimes after I tied my ankles together, I would twist whatever else I had around my wrists. Sometimes both my ankles and wrists would be bound like that for several minutes as I lay on the floor, or couch, watching TV.

As you see, I have been a devout bondage practitioner ever since I can remember. I like to have a partner and have had a couple over the years. I had the son of a neighbor who used to play tie-up games when we were little. Through the years we have also managed to play a more adult version from time-to-time. Our sexual contact was at first primarily oral, but after I was old enough that mom thought it prudent to start me on “the pill,” we did some good bondage with penetration. He was also the first male, my age, that ever saw me naked. He let me tie him up a couple times, but mostly he would tie me up and make me do sexual things for him. We never hooked up as girlfriend/boy friend for some reason, and neither of us ever told anyone else about our little private moments.

 My college roommate was my first same-sex experience. Neither of us is lesbian, but we both liked being tied up and made to come. We often spent holiday breaks together. We would usually go to one of our homes where we could spend time together. It was with her that I also attended my first group session. A place in New York, where we signed up to be sex slaves for a night. Looking back, it was risky, but it turned out OK and I had never been so fulfilled.  We were bound to each other, we were bound where we could watch while the other was spanked or fucked. We were made to dominate each other for the amusement of the other patrons. We spent an entire night having bondage sex.

I also once had a boyfriend who would tie me to the bed when we had sex. He lacked imagination though and thought that taking it beyond simply spreading me on top of the bed with my hands and feet tied to the bedposts was too perverse. Our relationship didn’t last very long. As a result, most of my early bondage experience was solo.

My first sexual experience connected to bondage came while I was still quite young. I remember going to a movie, when I was about twelve or so, where the heroine was dragged up to the deck of an old sailing ship, her wrists were bound to one of the rope ladders going up into the ship’s rigging. The first mate then ripped the back of her dress, exposing her naked back so she could be flogged. The scene made me feel real strange and I remember having a wet spot in my panties after it was over.

I wanted to see the film again and about a two years later, when I was about fourteen, I found it at the local movie rental place. It was during the summer, when I was home alone for the most part. Both of my parents worked. I remember running home so I could put the tape in our VCR and find that scene. I did a fast forward until I found the place in the movie where the crew was going below decks to grab the girl. I watched as they pulled her, one on each side of her, back up to the deck. As I watched, I began to rub my pussy, which began to feel real funny to me. I watched the scene, then backed the video tape up and watched it again, still rubbing my pussy as I watched. I started watching that scene over and over. By about the fifth or sixth time through the scene, my hand was no longer rubbing my pussy on the outside of my clothes. I had slipped it inside my panties and was rubbing and tweaking my clit, pinching it and flipping it with my finger. I was even sticking a finger up into myself. I suddenly got this warm sensation like something flooding over me. My hips were rolling and I was grunting as this wonderful feeling spread through my entire body. It soon made every muscle in my body tense to the point I was quivering. Then, just like that it was over, but I was left with this feeling of euphoria that I had never experienced. I knew, from my sex education class, that I had just experienced an orgasm. More directly, I knew I wanted to experience it again and I knew how I was going to do it.

In my mind, as I watched the movie again, I thought that in real life, the sailors probably would have stripped the girl naked when they got her up on deck. Since I was home alone I couldn’t wait to get up to my bedroom to re-enact the scene with my script changes. I was almost naked by the time I reached my bedroom, stripping my clothes off as I climbed the stairs. I found two of the elastic bands I had for my wrists. These are double loops that are stitched together. I slipped one loop of each cuff set over the top of the bedpost at the foot of my bed as I stood facing the post with my arms raised above my head.

As I closed my eyes and remembered the scene from the movie, I got this real strange feeling in my loins. As I imagined the girl writhing around as the first mate laid the whip onto her, the feelings inside of me intensified. I began rubbing my body on the post in front of me, humping it. I opened my eyes and could see my reflection in the full-length mirror on my closet door. The sight made the scene even more real. My face was red from the excitement I was feeling, but it was my nipples that drew my attention. They were rock-hard and very erect. I could also feel a kind of tension in them. I moved my upper body, rubbing one of them on the post. The effect was immediate. I got this rush of feeling in my belly. When I tweaked the other nipple with the post, the same thing happened. After alternating back and forth a few times, rubbing my nipples on the post, the feelings inside of me grew to a point where I was having trouble breathing and became aware that I was moaning and groaning pretty loudly. I was glad I was home alone, since my vocalizations would have brought someone to investigate I’m sure. I made a mental note to make sure my mouth was stuffed with something if I ever relived this scene again.

All of the noise and movement ended with a rush of feeling that ran through my entire body. It was a feeling that I had never experienced prior to that afternoon. I was getting ready to come a second time. I continued to rub myself against the post as my imagination ran with the scene in my mind. After my second orgasm, I had to sit for a couple minutes to let this wonderful rush cool down. I had just had my second orgasm in only a few minutes time but knew that I wanted to do this one more time and soon. Only the next time, I had some additional things I wanted to try.

Still naked, I ran downstairs to the garage where I knew I had a couple pieces of rope. I got them and grabbed two clothes pins while I was there. Back in my room, I assembled all of the things I was going to use this time. I sat on the floor with my feet on each side of the bedpost so I could tie my ankles to the post. While I was still sitting, I wadded my panties into a ball and put them in my mouth, using a bandana to hold them in place. I pulled myself into a standing position. I doubled the longer of the two ropes I had picked up and wrapped it around my waist, slipping the loose ends of the rope through the looped end, positioning the tails behind me. I passed the ends through my legs, pulled it tight and slipped it behind the rope circling my waist. Then I tied it to the post in front of me. I could already feel the rope rubbing on my pussy and it felt real good. The clothespins pinched and stung my nipples, and I winced as I put them on. I had to stretch a little to get the loops of my elastic cuffs over the top of the post again. I shut my eyes to set the scene in my mind. I see the men on the deck groping me, pinching my nipples. The first mate is behind me, rubbing his hands between my bound legs, trying to probe my pussy. I twist and turn against the post which only makes them increase their attention.

I began to feel the building tension in my belly again and opened my eyes to look at myself in the mirror. I can see that my face is beet red. As I moved, the clothespins tapped either side of the post, the twin ropes between my legs had split, one to each side of my pussy and I could feel that my clit was now exposed and being pinched by the strands of rope. I moved my ass, rolling my hips to increase the pressure. I now felt like I was on high-speed elevator that seemed to be going faster as it climbed. All at once the thing exploded out of the top and I felt like I was falling. I actually grew dizzy, the effect of my climax was that intense.

That day, I spent another hour or two trying to tie myself in different positions as I sought yet another climax. I managed to tie myself with my back to one of my bedposts. The sight of my naked body in the mirror as I stretched myself upward was a turn on for me. Then I climbed on the bed and tried several different positions on the bed. One position that I have used many times since was to kneel on my bed, sitting back on my heels. I used rope to tie my ankles tight to my thighs, then using my two double elastic cuffs, I slipped one on each of my ankles and worked my hands into the other cuff on them. I fall forward onto my face and work around until as I looked over my one shoulder, I could see myself in the mirror. The way I was bound, I had to keep my legs spread slightly and the partial view I could get when I was turned just right proved that my pussy was totally open and exposed. The only thing that was missing was some kind of physical stimulus for my clit.

I worked my hands loose, but only long enough to fashion a crotch rope by using the one remaining piece of rope. I doubled it, passed it around my waist and slipped the loose ends through the loop. I positioned this in back, then worked the ropes between my legs and pulled them tight, tying them off at the front. When I worked my hands back into the elastic loops and fell forward this time, the rope snapped really tight, almost hurting my pussy. I struggled around on the bed for a couple minutes, working the ropes that split my pussy until I was once again getting that feeling that I loved. I thrashed around on my bed for several minutes in this bondage until I came again. By the time the afternoon was over, I had come so many times that I was weak from all of the exertion. My pussy was also a little raw and tender from rope burns. I was sore, but even the pain felt good to me. I was now aware of how being bound could be a sexual pleasure and I also knew that I was going to begin to devise ways to tie myself up and stimulate myself sexually in the near future.

I had a part time job after school and in the summer. I was saving for college, but also had some money that I could spend as I saw fit. I began to think of things I could use to make restraints. Wide elastic could be stitched into loops that worked as cuffs. Dog & cat collars worked for that also. I began to look at places like Home Depot for chain, snap-hooks and other things. Sewing notions sections also yield lots of things I can use.

I began to spend at least a few minutes each day bound and gagged. Most often, this was at bedtime. I would go up to my room, strip my clothes off, then gather up my stuff and go to bed. Years ago, I used to wear pajamas or a nightgown, but have given that up in favor of sleeping in the nude.

To start my sex sessions, I start by fingering myself through my panties for at least a few minutes. Sometimes, I have already done this while still downstairs, but most often, I have to do it after I get to my room. Once my panties are good and wet, off they come and into my mouth for a gag. I tie a bandana around my head to hold them in place and to heighten my allusion.

I learned in the very beginning that I become vocal when I am about to come and knew that a gag was in order. The first time I masturbated to orgasm, I was home alone and that was a good thing, because I made a lot of noise. Using my panties for a gag was just something that I tried once. When I took them off after fingering myself through them and they were all wet in the crotch, I had heard the girls at school talk about oral sex and wondered what the fluid tasted like. I knew the smell and it excited me, so I wadded them up and stuck them in my mouth. I liked the taste of sex also, so that became my preferred method of suppressing sound. Wadded up, soiled panties. Once I get my gag in place, then I tie my ankles together, slip my wrists into a single elastic loop and either finger fuck myself to orgasm, or use the imitation cock I made out of an old Lucite rod I found. It is about a foot long and about an inch in diameter. I used sand paper to round the one end of the thing so it wouldn’t cut or scratch me when I shoved it into my pussy. I used to put a little Vaseline on the thing and slip it into me. Later, I discovered K-Y Jelly and lubricated condoms.

I was using “Max” one night when I almost got caught by my mother. I was almost to the verge of coming, when my mother knocked on my door. I had to quickly jerk my hands away from my pussy, leaving Max inside of me and yank the gag out my mouth so I could answer her. She just wanted to remind me that I had to stop by the doctor’s office the next day. I guess I sounded a little breathless to her when I did answer, because she said, “Ashley, are you OK?”

“Yes, mom. I’m fine, it’s just that I was almost asleep and you startled me.” 

“OK then, goodnight.”

“Goodnight mom.” 

As soon as she was gone, I put my gag back in, took a firm grip on Max, and got my fantasy turned on again. The effect of almost getting caught made me even wetter and when I did come that night, it was really a good solid orgasm.


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