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by Asian slave

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© Copyright 2001 - Asian slave - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; toys; caught; M+/f; cons/nc; XX

Hi gromet, this is the first time I’m writing to you, I’ve always been a great fan of your site and I thought I might want to share this self bondage experience with you.

I am a seventeen-year-old Chinese living in Singapore. I must admit that despite being an Asian, I do have an attractive figure. I stand at 1.66m, weighing 47kg, measuring 35-24-34. In my country, bondage isn’t accepted by the general public, and you can’t find any bondage equipment at all in any shops, so I have make do with chains and locks to satisfy myself.

After many experiences of self-bondage at home, I decided to try outdoors self-bondage. I am taking a very big risk of being discovered and I might be arrested for indecent exposure, but the heck with it, I’m going ahead with my plan. So, I decided to do it this Sunday evening. I spent Sunday afternoon shopping for my self-bondage tools. Before I set off, I wore my favorite set of pink cotton bra and panties, took 2 stockings, a lemon, chili sauce, a cloth, 2 chains, 5 locks, 2 lengths of nylon, 10 small clips, 2 keyrings, some ice and I’m all ready to go.

I chose to have my self-bondage session at a small-forested area beside a jogging track 2km away from my house. I walked some 3km down the jogging track, then went into the forest, picked a tree and hung 3 of my keys there with a lightstick. I went back on the jogging track, walked 2km back, and went into the forested area. I took out one of my stocking, placed the ice inside, and threaded my keys through the stocking, before tying the stocking to a tree. I knew that its gonna take 3 hours for the ice to melt and the keys to drop. I walked about 10m away from the keys and started my bondage.

I took off all my clothes except for my underwear, and put my clothes into my bag before locking my bag up. I was already half way through my bondage as I’ll have to travel 2km if I want to get my clothes back. I took off my panties and placed 3 clips on my anus and 3 on my vagina. It’s my first time putting on the clips on these 2 sensitive areas, and god, it felt great. I put my panties back on and chained my legs together with a chain, remembering to leave some slack in between before locking them together with 2 locks whose keys were 2 km away. 

Next, I put the remaining 4 clips through the 2 keyrings, 2 each, before putting the keyrings through each of my bra straps. I took the clips and clipped them on my already hard nipples. God… these clips pulled real hard on my nipples and were really tight, I knew that I’d have to hurry before I lost my courage. I tied one of the nylon ropes below my breasts really tight, before tying the remaining ends to my knees. I placed the other nylon around my back before threading it through the keyrings, in between my legs and on the chain. Therefore, everytime I stretched my legs a little, my nipples will be pulled and punished further.

I placed the peeled lemon in the stocking together with some chilli sauce, and used it as a gag. DAMN. It felt like hell when the fiery chilli sauce attacked my tongue. And whenever I bite in, the bitter, sour lemon juice will flow through. To finish my bondage before I chickened out, I locked up my hands behind my back. CLICK. My freedom is locked and I have no way out but to wait. It didn’t take long before I achieved my first orgasm. 

About half an hour later, I realised my foolishness. The clips on my vagina won’t get numb, the clips on my anus hurt everytime I breathed, and the clips on my nipples burnt like hell everytime I pulled my legs. After a few heaven like orgasm, my panties were all wet and all I wanted was release. I decided to move to the keys. FUCK. I could hardly move an inch in any direction. My nipples felt as if they’re going to be pulled off everytime I attempt to move. I couldn’t believe that I had placed myself in such a stupid situation. 

I realised that I could move VERY slowly if I lay on my side and moved with my hands. The sky became dark already and I was about 3m away from the keys that had already fallen. At this time, it started to rain. The fear of not being able to reach the keys, the keys of being washed away, and the fact that I’m dead tired due to my numerous orgasms and my muscles ached, I cried. I struggled on for a very long time before I reached the keys. Thanks goodness that the keys are still there. I released my hands, untied the nylon and took off the clips on my nipples. I tried to take off the clips on my anus and vagina, but I couldn’t! I had to spread my legs wider if I want to take them off, but my legs were chained together! I cried again, I really very badly wanted to take my little torturers off. I decided that I’ll just have to wait until I get back the keys to my legs.

I didn’t want to take the risk of being discovered and I walked through the forested area to my keys. Walking was a torturous experience as I had to hobble and withstand the pain those clips were giving me, and the mud on me was drying up and I was really feeling itchy. Lucky, I tied a lightstick to my keys. I found them and released my legs and the clips on my anus. God, I never felt better. I made my way back to my bag.

On my way back, I realised that not far away, there was the living quarters for foreign workers, and they were talking to each other and pointing at me. I think they must have discovered me. 2 of them started running towards me and I ran as fast as I could. No way that I’m getting fucked by those foreign idiots. I reached my bag and decided to run further away before changing.

“AHHHH!!!!!!” I tripped over something. Before I could get up, I was pinned down by someone.

I heard laughter and conversations in a foreign language. I was almost immediately gagged with the lemon that I’d left behind. My hands were bound together really tight behind my back with the nylon and I was blindfolded. I was turned over to my back. One of them held my shoulders down while 2 of them held my legs open. My bra and panties were removed. They were just too strong for me. They played with my clit as if it’s a doorbell. I obtained the best and most earth wrecking orgasm ever.

They then took turns to rape me, sucking my nipples and teasing my vagina. I was made to kneel and with my head on the ground. Before I knew it, I was fucked in the ass. They untied me and ran off. I took off my blindfold and gag. I saw condoms lying around. I sobbed as I put on my clothes and ran all the way home. 

I didn’t report this to the police for fear of my own reputation, but I learnt not to ever, ever have self-bondage outdoors.
Asian Slave


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