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Call from the past

I'm not very good at checking my phone for text messages nor being sure to keep my Google hangouts clean. This bright Sunday, however, I was sipping my coffee in the afternoon checking up on things. And I'm pretty happy I did, as there was a message from a girl I met some time ago:

"Hi stranger. You offered to help me spice up my self-bondage adventures - and today I'm doing a run at Greenlands Wood. I just parked at the Mills Pond and will leave the car heading for the old oak where my first release key are stored. I'll tell you a bit about the setup: I'm dressed pretty slutty and has my heels locked on with a chain between them. I'm gagged and in a moment I'll put on a head harness securing the gag as well as some darkened goggles. I'll lock the car and lock my wristcufs to a chain round my belly. After doing so I will need to go to the old oak to get the key to my wrists.

You can follow my phone on (and here she gave me a link to a tracker system). If you like and has the opportunity feel free to play games with me.

I guess it will take at least two hours to get to the old oak as I really don't want people to see me like this. Still I have to go there before dark as the darkened goggles are difficult to see through while it's bright - I guess that I'll be almost blind at night.

When I get the key at the oak, I can release my wrists and hence get rid of the darkened goggles. I will then need to return to the car to get the key to the chain between my ankles."

I imagined her for a moment - the message was sent an hour earlier. Still Greenlands Wood wasn't far away and she'd most likely be on her way now. I checked the link she sent and could see her movements from Mills Pond towards north-east. By now she'd moved about one third of the way - pretty slow as the distance really wasn't that big. But I assume she'd been hiding a lot. As I said the weather was great and people may be in the woods enjoying themselves.

What I didn't tell her at the time I met her, was I'm married and have wife and a daughter at home. Luckily we didn't have any plans for the day so I just needed a good excuse to hike on my own. At this point Ingress came to assistance. Ingress is a pretty cool online-game where you need to position yourself at different spots in order to work the game. Really a good excuse to move your ass away from the television. So I made some comments about the "green" taking over the area and the need for me (a "blue" warrior) to do something about it. My wife hardly looked up. The way I use to play this game, she wouldn't expect to see me for hours.

Now what should I bring? I stuffed my camera, some chain and some padlocks. Some paper and a heavy black marker. If I should write her a message, it would need to be very easily readable. I figured she would need a drink, so I filled a bottle of water. Anything else? No - apart from of course the phone and a spare battery (I'd hate to miss her due to my phone loosing power). I kissed my wife and got on the bicycle.

Bicycle riding really does have advantages. It can get me up to a good speed while on a normal road - and I can use it inside a wood getting speed up compared to walking. The ride to Greenlands Wood took about half an hour and when checking the phone, I could see she still had a good way to go. In fact she was quite close to my current location and I started looking for her.

This part of the wood is pretty isolated - a good way to go if you didn't want people to see you. On the other hand there are few good paths and walking in here in heels would be quite laborous. This might be why she was so slow. Now the updates on the tracker wasn't instantaneous, but from her path I had a pretty good idea about where she was going. So I found myself a route to get to some good place to wait for her.

It wasn't really a hide, but I was a bit from the path. The view down the path was clear for some distance, so I could sit and relax waiting for her. I readied my camera. There wasn't many pictures on the flashcard, and the few there was wasn't good anyway. So I formatted the card to make sure I would have pictures of today only on this card. Then I did some shots at flowers, trees or whatever caught my eye. Then some noises disturbed me and I checked down the path.

Did she describe her outfit as slutty? That was clearly an understatement. Well, her loose summer-dress was pretty short in itself. But to make sure she was getting noticed, she had pulled the rim of the dress up in front with some stitches making her cunt almost visible. Her movements was labored and she was definitely sweating. The way she stumbled down the path made her body move in random directions and as her hands was at her back, she didn't have any way to stabilize herself. The dress was pretty low cut and her left boob had spilled over the top, revealing a shiny nipple-piercing wit a little bell attached. With every step the bell chimed ever so happily, but I'm sure she didn't enjoy the sound as much as she'd expeceted.

She was breathing heavily through her nose as the mouth was obviously stuffed very full. And likewise it was obvious that she didn't see much through the swimming goggles which covered her upper face. She was terribly vulnerable, and I just loved the sight. Not a very clever way to play her kink as she just begged to be raped. On the other hand she was very, very sexy.

While taking in all this in, I did a lot of pictures. To be honest the goggles covered her in a way so she was kind of disguised. Likewise the belled boob didn't have any revealing marks. And it was still impossible to say if her cunt was visible or not. Even with the zoom options I had available. Her skin, however was pretty bruised - most likely she had fallen from time to time. Her left boob looked as if she had tried to push it back into the dress while rubbing against a tree. Apparently she had failed or it had just fallen back out into the open. I was not the one to complain.

As she got closer I could hear her grunt in the gag. She did sound pretty troubled even if she was still progressing. Then she heard my camera clicking - she turned towards me without locating me. Her vision really was impaired. Gosh she looked vulnerable and fuckable - then she turned back to the path and kept moving.

By now my cock really wanted some attention and while she was stumbling further along the path, I paid my respect to this part of me.

As I got myself together to move on, I thought about which way to go. Should I circumvent her again? Or should I simply pass her? I decided for the later. Packed myself together and started biking after her. When I saw her, I planned for a good spot to pass her - then sped up to pass her quickly. She shouldn't see me yet. As I was approaching she made a clumsy move as if trying to hide, realising it was too late and kept moving. Just as I passed her, I made a loud whistle - signalling her beauties was indeed seen.

At the old oak

I reached the old oak and did a little research. The old oak is a well known tree - very old and lots of branches hanging everywhere. It's located in an isolated spot in the wood - a few paths leading to it. Next to the tree there's a wooden bench. Old but rigid. I wondered how old the bench was and if it was made of oak as well.

I assumed she would have hidden the key close to either the bench or the tree. It turned out the key was tied to one of the legs of the bench - key and string hidden by dry leaves. Unless you was looking for the key you wouldn't see it. I had no problem cutting the string to retrieve the key.

Next I put my chain round the same leg of the bench. The ends of the chain was connected with an open padlock. I tested the range: When sitting she would easily be able to connect to the chain.

Using my pen and paper, I wrote a message for her: "I took your key. You may earn it back. Connect yourself to the chain and close the lock. Or feel free to go back to your car, where the key will be available."

Considering her visual impairment the letters needed to be easy to read and I had to be careful not to make mistakes. Anyway I tested the note - being able to read the text while standing 5 meters from the bench.

Leaving the note on the bench I checked her current location and started looking for a hide. I could imagine how she would enter the area and found myself a nice place to sit. A bit away as I wanted to make some photos without informing her I was present - still I wanted a good view to the damsel in distress.

I had to wait for about half an hour before I heard noises. Actually the wood was just lovely for the purpose. Very quiet - during the half hour no one had entered the area. The sun was nice, a soft breeze, buzy insects in the grass. And now the star arrived.

She definitely was a mess by now. Sweathy, tired, most likely pretty thirsty. I'm pretty sure she had over estimated her abilities. Still she had regained some strength being this close to her destination.

She went straight to the bench, got on her knees, turned around to sit and then laid down to work her hands to the leg of the bench. She started searching for her string. I was holding my breath while taking lots of pictures.

She didn't find the string! Instead she found the chain which she discarded swiftly - giving the search for the string another go. I wasn't worried she'd find it - in fact the string and her key was securely stored in my pocket.

Realising her key was gone, she started whimpering. This was deliciously erotic. I'm sure I heard some sounds that resembled a cry for "Help" - but with her mouth heavily stuffed the words just didn't come out right. Besides there was very little sound from her cries.

She stayed on the ground for a while - from time to time repeating her search. Then she apparently gave up and started looking around trying to see me. I ducked a bit, but this really wasn't nescessary. Her vision was so troubled she wouldn't be able to see me.

Now she stood up and went to the big, white piece of paper on the bench. She may have noticed it earlier, but she was just too eager to get to the key. Now she had all the time in the world to figure out what was on the paper.

She really was troubled. Trying to read the text on the paper took a long time but eventually she finished. Her uncertaincy was evident: She was basicly a self bondage addict - and my suggestion she should become dependant on someone else was truely scary. Even if she couldn't do much against anybody the way she was tied up it was still better than chaining herself to the bench.

She turned towards the path from where she came and even started taking a few step that way. But then she realized that the light had started fading and that before she reached the car it would be pitch dark. Walking the wood with no visual aid was simply too dangerous.

She turned back to the bench, got down and pulled out the chain. With some effort she maneuvered the chain under her belly chain. At this point she surprised me by getting on her knees and pulling my chain down to the chain connecting her ankles. She shortened this chain using my padlock and connected the two ends of my chain to the lock. Then she pushed it closed.

Now she was truely stuck: Round her belly her own tight chain. My chain round the leg of the bench and connecting her belly chain and her ankle chain. The ankles fairly tight due to the shortening. Her wrists connected to the belly chain on her back. Her mouth stuffed with some padding ensuring no words came out - and definitely not audible from a distance. Her eyes covered by darkened goggles preventing her from seeing anything clear. On top of this dirt on the sweaty skin, her hair wet and dirty. Her dress now torn a bit while still showing her left boob. She was so very sexy.

She stayed on her knees for a while. Most likely expecting to be picked up fast. So I let her stew. During the next ten minutes her attitude changed from resolute defiance to uncertaincy. Nobody showed up, nobody took advantage of her vulnerability. She was stuck in a wood without any means of saving herself.

Next phase was despair. She started trashing around trying to release herself. Pulling the chain connecting her to the bench. Trying to pull her belly chain down her hips. During this she fell over and got more dirt all over. Again she cried out for help, but even at my short distance it was hard to hear. She tried scratching off the goggles, but again she had made a proper work. The goggles stayed where she had put them.

I guess the thrashing-phase took another ten minutes. Finally she gave up. She accepted her fate and got calm. She whimpered softly. Then she got back on her knees, head hanging, chest heaving for air. I don't know what kind of thoughts was going through her head, but she seemed to have gotten in line with the fact that she could do absolutely nothing to free herself.

Did I say that I had made plenty of pictures of her while she was thrashing around? At that time the camera had been silent even if she most likely wouldn't have noticed me anyway. Now I turned sound on - making the camera do a click for each picture.

I stood up and approached her. I guess I was about three meters from her before I started taking closeups. Her reaction to the sound of the camera was delicious. Even if she had no means to cover herself, she tried. I didn't mind! The weak resistance just made my pictures better.

I took in all of her beauty. There was some details I hadn't noticed before. First the boob hanging out her dress had its nipple pierced and there was a bell connected to the piercing. I lifted the other tit out of the dress (enjoying her resistance to being touched) to see the other nipple which was treated similarly.

She wore some slutty fishnet-stockings - pretty torn by now. Reaching under the short skirt I got direct contact with her hot and wet snatch. Lifting the skirt I could see that she had cut the pantyhose to make sure there was no protection what so ever.

Furthermore her clithood was pierced as well and yet another bell connected there. I enjoyed sliding my fingers in the wet snatch. In fact she must have been pretty horny for a long time as far as I could guess from the smell. I fingerfucked her a bit - enjoying her soft protests. Before she really got in the mood, I stopped.

I then sat on the bench behind her and started tickling her sides. She was deliciously ticklish and soon there was a choir of bells chiming. Is it unfair to tickle a tied up woman? Most likely. And I enjoyed her attempts to avoid my fingers in full.

Even fun things gets boring after a while, so I turned to groping her tits instead. Squeezing, pulling, twisting. By now my cock was very hard and I pulled her towards it - letting her back feel just what she did to me.

Now I started telling her what a naughty girl she was. That she was so slutty she would let just anyone fuck her. That she had dressed to lure innocent men to give her what she wanted. That she deserved a proper spanking. I then pushed her over exposing the buttocks and started slapping her bottom with my hand. After an initial stiffening, she seemed to relax and restarted the soft whimpering telling me just how much she enjoyed the spanking.

Now I wasn't here to make her feel good! So I left her and went to some young trees nearby, cutting a good branch. I then returned to her and started whipping her ass. Now the sounds got better as she started out shrieking into the gag. Of course this didn't stop me and after a while she got silent. There was, however, some hint about her emotions as the smell of horny woman got quite a bit stronger.

After a while I stopped. Then I told her to get back onto her knees and hold her tits up high. Just for the fun of it, I told her I would whip her tits 20 times. But each time she gave in or tried to avoid the stroke I would restart counting. I flicked her right nipple-bell while making sure she understood the conditions.

I landed the branch on her right tit while counting out "one". However the surprise and the pain caused her to duck and I exclaimed "restarting count". Next time she accepted 10 strokes before giving in and when I again exclaimed "restarting count" she started sobbing.

The final streak she managed to receive without backing off, even if she constantly sobbed in her gag. She was just so very sexy! I wondered how much I could use her sexually without being explicitly unfaithfull to my wife, knowing full well that my wife would most likely consider my current engagement with this woman as pretty disturbing.

Getting rid of the branch I started releasing her headharness holding the goggles and the gag in place. I could sense hope as the harness was released and I then removed the goggles. Holding those up, I could easily understand how lost she must have felt. Looking towards the bright sky I could see a little. But looking towards the wood, I was happy I shouldn't try to follow a path wearing those.

She started trying to work out the gag, but I squeezed it back. I then added a hankerchief in front of her lips and some small stones in front of the gag. When restoring the harness, the pressure on her gag was increased and she definitely didn't seem to like it.

I told her: "Now you have the chance to earn your release from this bench. I'm going to masturbate and let my cum down your face. You will receive it and make no attempt to avoid getting soaked".

Her eyes widened but then she bowed her head in acceptance. I pulled down my jeans and started jerking off. Even if I tried, I didn't last long. Aiming right between her eyes, my cum spurted againt her face. She received it all and sat still letting the cum flow down her face. As the cum reached the lower part of her nose, I pulled the hankerchief out a bit to make sure most of the cum stayed there. That way she would have a reminder of her stay.

Before releasing her from the bench, I grabbed my camera and did some pictures showing her cum-streaked face. While she had been disguised by the goggles on the previous pictures she was now fully recogniseable. This caused some extra degradation, but at this stage she was such a mess that she really didn't care.

I then released her from the bench and used my padlock to secure her head harness. I then released her hands from the bellychain. Immediately her hands went to the head harness, but it was securely locked in place. She looked at me pleadingly, but I told her, I'd return the needed key to her car.

To her surprise I connected her cuffs to my chain and wrapped this around her neck. The padlock ensured she couldn't reach her cunt. Realising she wouldn't be able to relieve herself sure didn't please her.

I then opened my camera and retrieved the flashcard. Putting it inside some sanitary towel and further storing it inside a condom, I reached down and stuffed it inside her cunt. "Don't drop it," I said, "you wouldn't want some kid to find it." She got a haunted look in her eyes. Then I sent her off with a slap in her bottom.

As she dived back into the wood, I made sure to remove any waste we had dropped. I then rode my bike again circumventing her probable route. Getting back to the car was only a five kilometer trip. She would go more direct, but of course she still was wearing the high heels with the chain. And she would be walking through the wood. Still I was expecting her to reach the car in no less than an hour.

As she appeared in the parking lot, there was a group of people having a party in a neighboring car. I wondered how needy she was - if she would ignore the group and just get to the car. I was looking for her - the group wasn't. So I saw her standing under some trees trying to find a way to get to the car without them seeing her.

Watching her indecisiveness and her obvious need to end this adventure got me horny again. I went to her. "I can't wait here all evening," I said. Then I reached down and started caressing her wet cunt. Within minutes she started moaning - leaning against me. The group made way too much noise to notice her gagged shriek as she came hard. I felt the flashcard leave her cunt and grabbed it. Then I worked her up to yet another orgasm.

I released her hands and retrieved my chain. "Get your car key ready," I said. She fumbled under her dress and ripped it from the dress. Apparently she had secured it with some stitches. I held the key to the harness. "You'll have this in your car," I said. By now she remembered the flashcard and her fingers went straight into her cunt. I held up the card, offering it to her.

She looked at me - a wonderful expression in her eyes. She then handed the card back to me.

I gave her a hug and followed her to her car. The group really didn't notice us - she being on the far side. She entered the car and I gave her the key to the harness. As she started to release the harness, I told her to get rolling - she wouldn't want the group to notice her. She nodded and set the car rolling. As she passed the group on her way out, I heard one of them saying something about "Hannibal the Cannibal".

Getting my bike rolling on my way home, I really did look forward to go through those pictures. And maybe she would call again for some other adventure?


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