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At His Mercy

by Selfhelp

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At His Mercy
by Selfhelp
At His Mercy by Selfhelp

 Friday is MY day.  All to my own.  And without commercial interruptions.  This is important because the main self bondage location is my office suite.    As I am driving to my office I think about what is in store for me, smiling, but also  just a little nervous.  All my gear is there and it will take me about 45 minutes to set up before I closed the combination lock.  At the office is make sure blinds are drawn and doors secured.

 The scenario had been sent to me two days earlier to make sure I had all that was required.  Chain?  Check.  Locks?  Check.  Pantyhose?  Check.   What?  Pantyhose?  Well, there IS a first time for everything.  It was surprising how stretchable even a cast off pair of my (petite) wife’s pantyhose is.  Also surprising how smooth it felt against my legs.  Okay, now I was feeling slutty.  But a promise was a promise.  

 First the T shaped plug inserted; next the pantyhose;  and now the chain girdle, formed by a long length of chain around my waist, then down through my crotch and locked in back then back again through crotch on other side of genitals, and locked in front (this took three locks).  The collar  is locked on.  Ankle cuffs are locked on.  Wrists cuffs, locked on.  (8 locks now)  Next the long chain is prepared, pulled through the underside supports of one of those metal folding tables which is held in the corner of my office with a heavy desk on one side and a full filing cabinet on the other.  The chain is long, but measured so that when I’m locked to it I’ll have just enough leeway (about four feet) to sit in my chair at the computer.  Next the cock cage (metal and leather) is locked on, and then the rest of the girdle chain comes up through the D ring on my collar and locked back to the girdle.  Another short chain connects my wrists cuffs and I’m ready to lock the middle of that chain to the chain hanging from my collar.   Almost ready now.  

 One last check. Have I missed anything?  All the keys to the 14 locks are in the back room.  I reach down and lock my ankle cuffs together with another lock.  Guess I’ll have to take really short steps now;  NOT that I’m going anywhere.  The long chain is  ready, and I use another lock to connect it to the cock cage.  All the toys are handy, and a yellow pitcher is placed on the floor for use.   All that’s left is to lock myself in place to the long chain with the combination lock.   You know the feeling; that feeling of anticipation, nervousness, even a little fear.  But you also know that you will do it; that you have to do it.  After all, a promise is a promise.  Deep breath, and it’s SHOW TIME.

 I pick up the lock, pull the shank through two links, test the chain to make sure the length is just right and I can reach everything I need.  Another deep breath as I slowly engage the shank and push it into the body of the round combination lock. It hardly makes a noise to let me know that I am now a prisoner.  

 Onto the net now, as I dial up and connect, pull up email and start to compose.  Subject:  I am ready.   Message:   “Here I am at 10:30 a.m. Master, bound per your instructions, nervous, sweating, anticipating, needing.”  That’s all that ‘s necessary, and I can only await a reply if any.  So now, I have the rest of the day.  Am bound very well I think. Forced to wear pantyhose and chained so they won’t come off without ripping them off, plugged (thank God it’s not a vibrating plug), cock is caged and my hands can’t reach it.   Oh, did I mention that my cock is hard now?

 I pour myself another cup of coffee, and start to read bondage newsgroups, then web pages.  I look in on IRC #selfbondage channel; nothing happening there.  Some web pages look interesting.  Ah, but it’s 11 am now and time for my half hourly report.  There is email acknowledging my sign in and I reply with a status report, detailing everything I’ve mentioned here.  The two cups of coffee are starting to be felt.  Back to business now.  I pull up a popular messenger service, for I announced in the Yahoo Self bondage group that I would be available for chat today, and there are two messages.  I start a conversation with one who is a tv, in the process of dressing up for his day.  This of course is not my thing (except for pantyhose today), and the coffee is working on me and I need to seek permission to pee.  So I sign off and pull up my Permit program.  Ooops! 11:30 and time for a report, which I prepare and send.  Email to me says he is pleased with my progress so far.   

 The Permit program is a program I wrote that when run controls when I get to urinate.  Of course I must steel myself and vow to be faithful for it would be so easy to grab the little yellow pitcher and cheat any time.  The program starts and asks if I want permission to pee.  I answer with a “y” of course and am immediately instructed to pinch and twist and roll my nipples while I wait.  After a random wait of up to 20 seconds, I am instructed to type a line specified.  The line varies in length but revolves around asking permission of my Master to pee.  The trick is that the line is now mixed up with upper and lower case and stray characters thrown in for good measure.  It’s not so hard right now to type it back verbatim.    Good .  Now I am instructed to do a task instead of getting permission.  The first task is simply to kneel on the floor with hands behind head and wait till given permission to rise and sit again.  This timing is random as is other timing in the program.  Another repetition and this time the task is to attach nipple clamps, and wait.   And so on.  But here is one task I dread, for instead of obtaining permission to pee, I have to drink ¼ glass of water!   Aaaggghh….    Gulp.  Again.  Ask permission.  Refused.  Do another task.  This time it’s the nipple weights.  I attach the nipple clamps and look at the weights.  They are five six-sided cylinders, sockets I think they’re called, and each one larger and heavier than the first one and each has two holes in the top.  Attached to my nipple clamps leash is a metal bent rod through which each randomly selected weight can be threaded.  Maybe just one weight; maybe all five; it will vary, and the order will vary.  For instance this first time I was commanded to put weight # 2 on first.  Ok, not so bad.

Then I pressed ‘enter” in the program and was commanded to put on weight # 5.  ouch!  “Enter”   put on weight # 3.    And that’s as far as this one went.  Next I had to bend forward so the weights could swing free and exert their full force on my poor nipples.  

 What?  Noon time already?  I hastily prepare my bi-hourly report, but no email from Master.  I sigh, needing some encouragement.   Back to the problem at hand now. I seek permission again, and this time the task is to go to a certain web page and read a self bondage story.  These stories are of different lengths and I choose one of the longer ones!  Oooh… agggaghhh.    Back to the program, asking permission, and this time YES!  

 I grab the pitcher and prepare for I know that I’ll only have x number of seconds and then I must pinch and quit.  I press “Enter”, and the screen turns yellow and the countdown (random of course) begins:     8  7   6  5 4 3 2…1  STOP!  NOW!
Ever tried that?  You will learn that you need to “start” stopping at about the count of 4.
Well, that helped relieve some pressure but not near enough.  Back to the program, which I will run from now on, still reporting every half hour, starting to plead for release about 2 pm.  Reading stories on the web, downloading two pictures at a time when commanded by my program.  And firing up the web cam to take a couple of pictures to send as commanded to prove I’m really chained and dressed as required.  Damn.  The Windows are overloaded with all these programs running, and I suspect it’s the MSDOS Qbasic program that’s the real culprit.    Reboot.   Run them all again.  Report.  Seek permission. Obtain limited permission.  

 I’m really floating now.  Ah..  now there’s email at about 2:30 with the combination!  Hallelujah!     Wait.   Something’s wrong.  There are four numbers, and I only need three numbers.  And what's this?   The numbers are in random order?   Quickly I calculate: that’s 24 combinations!   I start to try them, but still am a slave to my permit program for permission to pee.  And that permission doesn’t come in time, for I finally have to cheat and grab the pitcher.  Ahhh, that feels good.   Now it’s back to the combinations.   

 What really has me stuck is I forget which way to turn the dial first.  Is it to the left, or to the right?   Damn.  That’s 48 combinations now..  I ‘ll never make it.   Via email I inquire which way to turn first and receive the answer 30 minutes later.  Well, that helps.   But it’s getting later now.  3 pm.   Between running the Permit program and trying combinations, I’m getting really frustrated.  But finally about 3:30 pm the real combination is sent to me.  It’s been … five hours now.  The longest self-bondage I’ve ever endured.  I’m a little tired but still mentally high.  My nipples are hurting, my cock is not hard, but none the worse for wear of course.   The combo lock is released, and I can now make my way slowly to the back room for all the keys.  After a self-satisfaction session as a reward I choose a couple of pictures from the web cam and email them.  

 It’s been a good day.   Any day for self-bondage is good.  And the next time will be great, too.  Ahhh… the next time.   Say, about next Friday?


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