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At The Hands Of The Black Knight

by Benmill

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© Copyright 2005 - Benmill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; fantasy; cons; X

At The Hands Of The Black Knight by Benmill

I pulled into the car port, it was a Friday about 6 PM.  I have only had the condo for two months and this was my first major trip.  I got butterflies as I walk up to my front door.  Going upstairs I took off my business suite, hung up the jacket and skirt and took off my blouse and underwear.  I put on the sweat pants and shirt. I don’t ware any thing underneath, it gives me the feeling I am jogging in the nude.  My tits bounce up and down inside the extra large sweat shirt and my nipples rub against the fleece lining.
I stepped out the front door, stretched and started running.  Down the sidewalk and around the corner to the nature path.  As I ran through the woods the Black Knight rode out of the forest and started chasing me.  He easily caught up to me and garbed me by the hair.  Dismounting, he tied my hands with the end of his long lead rope, he groped my body squeezing my breasts with his large powerful hands.  I ran stumbling along behind his horse as he dragged me back to his dark castle.
I closed and locked the door behind me.  I was covered with sweat and out of breath.  I went to the freezer and took out the twelve ounce juice can, it read “made form frozen concentrate” on the label.  The night before I had filled it with water and dropped the key in.  It was frozen solid.
I closed the basement door, as the Black Knight dragged me down the cold stone steps to his dungeon.  The basement was unfinished, narrower in width than it was long, with gray cement walls, one small window set high in the back wall and a steel post and beam going crosswise at the middle.  The furnace and washer and dryer were towards the front on the left and in the right corner was a heavy wooden workbench installed by a former owner.  I hurried and put the juice canister down by the front wall.  The Black Night garbed me pulling me back to the rear.  He through me down on the floor in front of the folding table where I had all my toys laid out .  He forced me to strip naked.  As I knelt and striped I begged him not to rape me.  Putting my sweat cloths under the table, I sat on a small wooden stool as the Black Knight tied my legs at the knees and ankles, knotting the ropes in front where I could never reach them.  He took a short piece of rope and tied it between my ankles, leaving a loop about ten inches<ós
Silence, all I could hear was silence.  I was alone, naked and hog tied on the cold cement floor.  My sweat dripped into my eyes, my heart pounded, as I looked out over the basement floor at the little juice can so far away.  I took a deep breath and rolled on my side.  Pulling my knees up as far as they would go and lifting my hip as best I could I pushed my self along the floor on my shoulder and breast.  I pushed again and again, dragging myself along the cement floor.  It was exhausting, I collapsed and rolled on my stomach.  I put my head down on the dungeon floor, my chest heaving with each breath.  Again I fought my way forward.  Rolling on the other side, I could see the damage the floor was doing to my breast.  Red, ruff and dirty, my breast felt like it had been whipped.  Over and over I inched my way toward the key and freedom.  The Black Knight would return soon.  He would torture and rape me.  I had to escape.  I reached the metal post, half way home.  I lay exhausted on my screaming breasts, I h<ós
At last I reached the front wall.  I rolled once more to my side with my back facing the wall and scooted myself closer to the juice can.  Straining and sliding inch by inch I finally felt the can in my hand.  In my relief I rolled on to my stomach,  spilling the ice water over my ass.  It ran down between my legs and made a cold pool under my pubic hair.  I felt into the can with my finger, the key was still frozen in a small amount of ice at the bottom.  I pushed the can down between my thighs to try to warm it and put my head down to rest.  The cold can and water were taking a toll on my body, I was starting to shiver.  I knew I had to get the key soon or I would not be able to hold it still to unlock the handcuffs.  I pulled the can out from between my legs and rolled on my side.  I banged the can on the floor trying to get the key.  The small cylinder of ice popped out on the floor and rolled away.  I struggled frantically, pushing myself along the floor, despite the throbbing pain from my breasts.  Reac<ós
I rubbed my wrists, they were not bleeding but they were close to it.  I untied my knees and ankles and tried to stand.  My legs tingled as the circulation returned to them and it was difficult to walk.  I garbed the metal post for support.  I was free but I had to escape the Black Knight’s castle.  If he caught me it would go hard on me.  I climbed the dungeon steps and tried the door.  I had heard the lock but it had not closed completely.  I peered down the castle hall way.  If I could get to the stable I could hide till nightfall.  As I stepper into the hall way the Black Knight pushed me from behind.  I fell forward sprawling on the floor.  He held me down with the heal of his boot.  “Going so soon?” he asked.  “And just as I had hoped to get to know you better” he said.  I knew his intention to know me better was only that he wanted to know my body, and it’s openings.
From the freezer I took the one pound coffee can.  One end of the rope hung out of the can and the other was frozen inside.  I liked ice as a release device because eventually it was sure to let go.  The Black Knight laughed as he shoved me back down to his dungeon.  I got the duct tape from the table and set the can down at the base of the steel post.  Around and around I wrapped the tape, until the can was secured in place.
  From the table I took one of the spreader bars.  It is a four foot long piece of 1 and 1/2 inch PVC pipe.  The pipe had a hole in the center and a cap on each end with a smaller hole in the cap.  An eight foot rope was threaded through the pipe with a snap at each end and in the center at the hole a steel ring with the rope through it.  It was arranged in such a way that the snaps could be brought together at the center of the bar to attach to arms or legs.  Then, when the center ring was pulled, the rope tightened and pulled the arms or legs apart to the ends of the bar.  I had assembled the bar by first tying a snap to one end of the rope, then threading the rope through the end cap and then down the pipe.  At the center hole I pulled the rope out and put it through the ring and back into the hole and down the rest of the pipe.  Then through the second cap and tied on the other snap.  Finally I glued the caps in place at the ends of the bar.
The Black Knight had devised a devilish plan, first he made me tie the center ring of the bar to the leg of the heavy work bench with a short piece of rope.  Then, he instructed me to get the rope ratchet from the table and to tie it to the rope coming from the can.   I was forced to get the other spreader bar and tie it’s center ring to the pulley rope of the rope ratchet.  Now, back at the table, the Black Knight buckled small dog collars on my wrists and ankles as cuffs.  He made me put on the panties, bright red satin string bikinis.  Lastly he put fresh batteries in the vibrating dildos.
Scooping up the dildos and the KY tube the Black Knight forced me to the workbench.  I knelt with my back to the bench and spreader bar.  The snaps clicked as they closed on the D rings of the dog collar cuffs on my ankles.  I crawled forward, as the center ring of the bar pulled the rope out of the hole, my legs were pulled further and further apart.  Dragging myself by my hands I pulled the rope tight and spread my legs open by the full four feet.
The Black Knight pulled me up onto my widely spread knees.  One of the dildos is smaller about six inches long, he pulled my panties down and pushed the dildo up my dripping wet pussy.  Then he took the larger dildo and put a dab of KY on the end.   He handed the dildo to me and with a look and a gesture he conveyed to me where I should put it.  I reached between my legs till I could feel my ass hole, then reaching behind me with the large shaft I put the head  to the anal opening and pushed.  Harder and harder till the jellied end parted my opening.  It felt like the trunk of a tree as it entered me, on and on I pushed it in, till it seemed to fill me beyond capacity.  The Black Knight turned the ends to start the vibration and pulled my panties up to hold them in place.
Lying prone on my stomach, I snapped the front spreader bar to my wrist cuffs.  The Black Knight pulled the rope.  I could hear the ratchet, click click.  My wrists parted and were drawn towards the ends of the bar, and the bar was being pulled fourth out in front of me.  The tighter the rope was pulled the more spread eagle I became.  Finally I could stretch no more.
The Black Knight was raping me.  His huge member throbbed in my ass.  My hips started to jerk uncontrollably, banging up and down on the hard dungeon floor.  The dildo in my vagina was driven deeper with each thrust of my hips.  The first orgasm flooded over me and I shook from head to toe.  No sooner than the first orgasm subsided than another started to build, sending me to even higher sensations.  Wave after wave over took me, I am not sure for how long or how many times I came.  Eventually the batteries subsided.  I lay exhausted on the floor.
Gradually, I became aware that it was dark.  The light from the small window had faded with the late summer sun.  I tried to pull on my wrists, the rope slackened and I could get my wrists closer together.  I pulled on the spreader bar, it came lose in my hands.  I freed the snaps from my wrists and slid backward relieving the painful tensions on my legs.  In the dark I had to feel for my ankles to release the snaps.  I took off  the panties, the spent dildos dropped out on the floor.
I crawled, afraid, in the pitch black darkness, to walk.  I felt my way to the table.  It was mostly empty now, but the Black Knight had one more torture for me tonight.  I felt for the plate,  with the candle set in the center of it.  On the plate was the lighter.  I flipped the lighter, it’s flame jumped up.  I lit the small birthday cake size candle, the tiny light illuminated the dungeon.  I picked up the combination pad lock and put the plate on the floor where there was no chance of fire.
I had gotten the heavy chrome plated wire dog crate at a yard sale.  It was set up under the stairs, where I was sure the morning light from the window would illuminate the lock.  The Black Knight forced me down on my knees and I crawled backward into my cell.  The door swung closed and the padlock clicked, locking me securely inside.  A prisoner now in his cramped confinement, I could smell the odder of the previous occupant, a large German shepherd.  I watched the candle as it flickered, then glowed bright and went out with a twinkle.  Darkness now, inky black darkness.   I curled in a fetal position, my toes sticking out and my back hard against the bars, I was just able to put my head down, cradled in my hands.
I drifted in and out of fantasy, he chased me, I hid, longing to be caught.  At some time I became aware of the sensations in my stomach,  the Black Knight had not fed his prisoner.  Then slowly at first and rising to screams for relief, my kidneys demanded attention.  I tried to hold back the flood, squeezing my thighs together as hard as I could.  I lost, the Black Knight visited me with his ultimate humiliation.  My hot urine gushed out from between my thighs, soaking the ply-wood floor of the crate.  I lay in my waste, in my helplessness I could feel my desire slowly spreading it’s warm glow over my body.    I waited for dawn, for freedom and escape.  Or would the Black Knight be waiting for me, with more of his insidious and delightful tortures.

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