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Auto Zipper

by Topgun1956

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© Copyright 2012 - Topgun1956 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; chair; naked; rope; bungee; clothespins; gag; bfold; torment; pain; cons; X

I was in a self-bondage chat room some time ago, and the topic came up, of using clothespin zippers in a scene. I couldn't hang around very long, and didn’t get too many suggestions but it started me thinking, and I think I have found one way.

I was going to have the entire day to myself one Saturday, so I planned on attempting it then.

On Friday, I bought 6 brand new, 18" bungee cords, 2 -3" steel rings, and 3 pair of leather boot laces. I have plenty of clothespins, so no need to buy any more.

Once I was alone that morning went to the garage, taking a captains chair from our dining set. I like the captains chair over the regular ones, because of the way to tie my thighs/legs apart.

I opened the bungee cords, and measured their length when they are pulled out to the maximum. They ended up around 30". My escape was going to be the release of all six cords, freeing my handcuff key from a spot at the ceiling. My ceilings in the garage are 9 feet, so I figured I wanted 10 feet of drop to make sure I would be able to get the keys. I used a padlock for some additional weight, and locked the key ring holding the handcuff keys to one of the steel rings. I double knotted one end of my nylon rope to the ring. I measured out roughly 9 feet from my workbench, and found a eye bolt in the ceiling at that point. (I have these bolts all over my ceiling) I put the free end of the rope through that bolt, strung it back to my workbench, and looped it over a bicycle hook over the bench. Then I ran the rope down to another eye bolt on the very front of the bench, and back to the chair, that was sitting under the eye bolt in the ceiling. I measured off 10 feet and marked the rope to tie the second ring at.

I took one of the cords, and hooked it onto the ring, and pulled to see how close it got to the chair. After a few adjustments, I got the cord to end up just in front of the chair seat, where I wanted it to. I tied strong twine to the ends of all 6 cords, and set the chair close enough to tie the twine to. I ran the lengths of twine under the seat of the chair, and tied them off at the vertical stays of the chair-back. Once they were all tied off, I hooked the other ends to the ring attached to the rope.

I went to the clothespins next. I opened the bootlaces, tied a doubled knot in the ends, and strung them through 6 pins each. To make sure I didn’t drop any, I used the tunnel created by the spring to hold them. I took these over to my rolling toolbox, and set them by my ballgag, and blindfold.

I stripped my clothes off, and sat down in the chair. I had to scoot the chair back until I reached the spot under my key. That was the only was to keep the chair from being pulled from the cords, but I eventually got there. I lifted my legs to check to see if the chair stayed. It did, so I was fine so far.

I tied my thighs to the arms of the chair, then my ankles down as far down the legs as I could reach.

I reached up to the toolbox, and got four of the strings of clips.

I put one each on my thighs. These, I made sure the knots were pointed to my knees, to have them ripped off, more than pulled when the bungees took them. Once they were attached to my skin, I took the loose ends, and tied them off to one of the bungee cords in front of the seat.

The 3rd string, went to my balls. I put the first clips as close to my asshole as I could, then clipped each of the rest up the skin to the base of my cock. This knot was at my ass to have the same effect when the cords released. The 4th I clipped across my abdomen at the very top edge of my hairline. I decided to include the very top line of the hair at the last minute, so the clips grabbed onto as much as was there. I tied each of those to different hooks of the cords.

I tied a rope across my stomach to each side of the chair to hold me firmly in place, and took the last two strings from the toolbox.

These, of course were for my nipples. I have had single clips whipped and torn from my nipples in the past, but not an entire line of them, so I decided to avoid the nipples themselves. I placed 3 pins on each side of each nipple. I put the knots to the outside of my chest to be yanked inward. Those were tied to the last of the empty hooks.

I put another length of rope across my upper chest, and took the last amount of movement I had away.

By now, those pins had started to burn at their point of attachment. Especially my balls, but the skin on my thighs is really tight, so they were screaming a bit as well.

I reached to the toolbox one more time, took my gag and tied it in place. I put my blindfold over my forehead, and stopped to make sure I was all set.

I checked around, and everything LOOKED right. Then I discovered, that I had forgotten to tie the string to my keys close to me. So I grabbed it, and tie it off behind me to the chair.

I pulled the blindfold over my eyes, and reach around to lock my hands to the chair.

Now my release was up to how fast or slow I wanted to have the clips ripped off. And I wasn’t sure which I wanted. All 36 of the clothespins were digging and burning into my skin. I know the theory of the band-aide (quick is best), but I was still a little apprehensive. So I sat, letting the clips burn and dig even more while I waited. My mind was flying all over the place from the pain to the feeling of my cock hardening, to other self bondage scenes I had played, then back to the pain/pleasure at hand.

I finally decided to release one of the cords, so I felt around until I found the twine, and pulled the first one I grabbed.

Instant burn ignited on my left thigh as the clips were ripped from their hold on the skin.

"FFFFF" I screamed into my gag, spit dripping and shooting out of my mouth. That fucking hurts!!!

I sat and waited for that pain to subside a bit, then decided to pull another.

My abdomen screamed next. The hair that I had intentionally clipped in the wooded teeth was yanked out by the roots.

"MMMM" I moaned. More spit flying. By this time I was sweating a lot, and the spit added to the liquid running down from my chest.

One more. My right thigh was next. The skin yelled at me for this pain. and more moans came out around the gag.

I knew, now what was left. My balls, and both nipples.

Sitting there wondering first of all, which string was tied to which area, and whether or not I really wanted to know.

So, I pulled the farthest string I could reach.

The poor skin around my right nipple was next.

'MMfffffmmpph" was the sound that came out. "FFFCK" It felt as if most of the skin was gone. At that point I was very glad I hadn't put one right onto the nipple.

I had to sit for a longer amount of time this time, to let the pain subside. One thing I noticed, though, was the remaining clips weren't hurting as much as they had, so I was a little afraid that the skin was needing blood soon.

So I forced myself to release the next string.

I heard the cord snap this time, and all but 2 of the clips on my balls were yanked off. Yes, all but 2!! I had apparently clipped too deep into the skin, and they were holding on for dear life. Not only was the pain of the clipped skin returned, but now, the cord was pulling the skin out from it's normal place.

"PPPPhhhhhhhhhfmppppppppppFFF!!" I screamed, and dropped my head down, and felt a glob of spit drop onto my chest.

"Oh what?" I thought. :"What the hell am I going to do now?"

Well, the first hope I had, was maybe (just maybe) the final cord pulling off MIGHT be enough to yank this one off. So, I reached the end of the twine, and untied it. My left nipple was finally released from it's torture, but inflamed just the same.

BUT- that cord had done nothing to the one still pulling my scrotum meat.

"FUCK" I thought.

I had to take time to think about how to get out of this, but the more I sat, the more my sac screamed at me to free it.

The only thing I could think of was to scoot the chair farther back. This would, hopefully give the cord the rest of the pressure it needed to pull off of me.

But I also realized that there was the chance of tipping myself over backwards. That would probably break my arms. So, I leaned forward as much as I could, and tried to push my ass into the back of the chair. I moved only a portionn of an inch. The pull to my sac only increased. By this time, though most of the blood was gone, and it felt almost numb. That numbness also told me exactly what it was going to feel like once I finally got the clips off. I was NOT looking forward to that.

I tried again, and moved an inch or two. One more time, and the cord finally ripped off.

The pain I had anticpated was not even close to the pain I actually felt when my skin was set free.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmppHHHHHHHHHFFFCK" I hung my head again, and rested as much as I could with my ball sac on fire.

When I was ready to move around, I felt for the key string, got the keys, and un-cuffed my wrists. I untied my legs, then thighs.

I could quite stand up yet, so I checked my ball sac while I was still sitting on the chair.

There was a quarter size purple bruise already showing on the under side of the sac. My nipples looked a purplish-gray color, an my thighs had 12 small little bruises where the clips had been. The skin on my abdomen was tougher, so it hadn't bruised yet, but I could actually see where my pubic hair had been ripped out. I guess I had grabbed more than I thought.

The bruises for the most part were gone by the 2nd or third day. My scrotum, on the other hand didn't get back to normal for almost a week.

That was my try at self-zipping. If anyone has a different process, let me know. I would like to give it a try.



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