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by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

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As she lay defeated for the last hours of her selfbondage she thinks about when it was enough to just tie herself in a nice hogtie and struggle for a little while before cumming. Now it takes computer-controlled vibrators and tens pads while she is bound more stringently than ever and even then her orgasm could be ruined with a stray thought. 

The aches in her wrists and jaw are starting to distract her but she felt thankful her legs had gone numb sometime ago. She squeals loudly under the hood covering the massive head harness sealing the huge ball in her mouth as the tens clamps glued to her pinched nipples come alive again followed closely by the pads on her ass and the soles of her feet. 

She pulls at the bonds holding her wrists flat on the floor between her calves in a strict hogtie while her legs are pulled back with her feet almost to her shoulder blades with her pelvis facing the ceiling. The position she had worked on achieving by herself for weeks now holding her stretched in a tight arch will only be released when the timer releases the tension on her ankles.

The winch had originally been a godsend needing only an anchor point with a simple computer control set up made for another device that was easily converted and now it could be used to stretch her beyond her limits and hold her there for however long she decided she needed to be punished. 

The random program she had stumbled on while surfing the internet was a devilishly simple tormentor and this had been the first time she had set its max and min “suggestions” and let the computer take complete control. She had no way to know exactly how long she would be held in the difficult position or how many times she would be tortured or teased or forced to climax or any combination of the three.

She had used the random program on the vibrators and tens units and just to make it even more difficult also used the random settings on each of the tens units to make it impossible to predict. Now the exhausted woman can only lay on her stretched arms while her legs are pulled under her back keeping her in the severe arch until the tension allows her to pull her numb and cramping legs low enough to reach the keys for the steel cuffs locked around her wrists.

She had seen the steel loops in the DIY store and knew immediately what she could use them for, buying them and a three-inch-wide plate, taking them to a friend and having him weld the loops to the plate. Now the plate was bolted to the floor in her playroom the loops allowed her to slip her arms through them to just above her elbows before becoming very snug. 

Once Sheila locked the cuffs around her wrists she was stuck bound to the floor only that was not enough so she added a short cable pulled towards the wall to the links between the cuffs. The heavy spring came in handy when she felt she needed more and soon would pull her wrists towards the wall keeping her arms wedged into the steel loops. 

When she found the heelless ballet boots she thought they were perfect, adding them to her next session locking steel cuffs around her ankles before attaching the steel cable from the winch. The cuffs would mean she would be trapped in the boots until she hobbled or crawled to her bedroom where she would leave the keys for the hood, harness and ankle cuffs. 

The ankle cuffs had a longer chain connecting them so she could let them slide next to her arms until the cable routed carefully over the top of steel loops and between her upper arms pulled them up her back drawing them together as the tension increased. With the chains over her arms she felt it added another restraint on them pinning her upper arms to the floor increasing her helplessness. 

She had added a tension switch carefully testing how much tension she could use without breaking herself, having only increased it slightly since her first full session. Now she had everything set to its maximum stretching her tighter, keeping her pinched nipples pointing towards the ceiling while her arched and bowstring-tight body wiggled and strained. 

The stiff collar of the hood forced her to struggle to keep it from putting too much pressure on her throat when she was arched but she loved the hood and how it blocked most sounds and muffled the screams and moans the large panel gag let escape. The hood was made from three thick layers of leather with two small grommets below her nose for breathing and once the collar and straps covering the laces were locked there was no escaping it. 

Sheila would lace the hood until it was pulled tightly around her head showing the lines of the large straps and their locks from the head harness under it. Sheila had fallen in love with the leather covered steel harness with its huge panel over her mouth and chin and wore it often for days at a time. 

Attached to the panel was a screw on post that allowed her to attach all the different gags the company made for the harness. Her favorite for everyday was a six-inch leather cock gag but for extreme sessions she would wedge the two and a quarter inch ball into her mouth before pulling all the traps tight and locking each. 

The key release was a simple electromagnet controlled by a timer that would release the keys so they would drop on her bedside table normally before she was able to even get to the bedroom. She had spent twelve hours wandering blindly around her house with her hands cuffed behind her back while the vibrators hummed quietly inside her held in by the metal straps of her chastity belt.

The belt wasn’t used for chastity even though lately she had thought about trying that, wondering if she was forced to wait if it would increase the intensity of her orgasms. But mainly the belt was only used to make sure whatever toys she wanted inside herself stayed inside herself. 

The days she spent blind, deaf and mute staggering in her towering high heels while she was teased by the slowly humming phalluses she had locked inside herself were wonderful foreplay for that evening’s bondage usually making her so horny she would push her limits even further. 

Once again she lay gasping in the inverted hogtie panting having survived another torture session with the computer throwing everything she had given it control over at her. She grinned under the hood as she thought about being tortured by something that had no idea what it was doing or cared what it was doing to her and that it was really her doing the torturing.

When her legs were finally allowed to be pulled out from under her Sheila was exhausted and still desperately horny and slowly worked her cramping legs down low enough to reach her keys attached to one of her ankle cuffs. Sheila stretched her legs out letting the blood flow return before pulling them back up and lifting her sore body onto her toes so she could work on the cuffs around her wrists. 

After working her arms out of the loops Sheila unhooked the wires from her aching body and crawled to her bedroom collapsing on her bed still wearing the belt and hood with the boots locked on by her ankle cuffs. Awaking the next day Sheila whined under the hood as the pain in her body flared, cursing she still hadn’t been able to climax debating hooking herself up again in hopes the computer would allow her to cum or to take the hot bath her body was begging for. 

Lying in the hot water letting the glue she had used on the nipple clamp soften she cursed herself for not being able to cum unless she was bound. It had been part of her training since she had been used as a servant to a demanding master for several years and he had trained her that she was only able to cum while bound and had been the only part of his training she hadn’t been able to overcome. 

While she relaxed Sheila thought about when she had started satisfying herself remembering how good the orgasms had felt and wondered if she could go back to those days. As she lay dreaming she came up with a plan to use simple restraints in a public place to get herself off. 

Waking finding her hands on her aching pussy and throbbing breasts laughing at how horny the thoughts of a simple tie was exciting her. Sheila had been toying with an idea of using a large heavily treed part as part of her bondage even cuffing her hands behind her back a few times as she walked the trails. 

In her studying the park she found the best times and places to go to avoid the most people so she already had the basic idea now she just needed to decide on what she would wear and how she would bind herself. As she dried herself off and began putting everything away she continued thinking about her newest idea feeling the old familiar feelings of nervousness and anticipation building exciting her more. 

She continued to plan for another week getting so caught up in the ideas she was coming up with she didn’t even bind herself for the whole week. When Friday came she was ready having planned her event for Saturday morning knowing the weather would be perfect both for her and making the park very busy increasing the difficulty and risk especially since her simple plan had grown.

The excited woman had ordered everything she needed including a new set of cuffs and chains planning on using her favorite harness but finding a half hood/posture collar that excited her so she had ordered it as well. The more she had thought about it she knew her normal footwear would not fare well in the moist soft ground so when she found the thigh high pony boots she actually laughed at how well they fit her idea. 

The last component was the vibrators she would lock deep inside her, really liking how they could be programmed and knew they were perfect for her challenge. Sheila decided she would be naked except for the boots, belt and hood picking her strongest nipple clamps with a thick chain connecting them. 

She stood looking down on her planned gear wondering how hard it would be to drive in the boots and half hood not wanting to be forced to get dressed when she got to the park. Lacing the tall boots on was a long task but she wanted to test them and the hood so she laced them tightly, slipping the large cock gag attached to the front of the hood into her mouth lacing and locking the hood on.

Sheila was giggling as she pulled on the only pair of loose pants she owned covering the boots before tucking the shirt into them before going out to her car for a test drive. It only took a few miles of circling her neighborhood before she had gotten the hang of driving with her feet held en-point and being unable to move her head and neck. 

The hardest part had been getting used to the thick “hooves” of the boots and how they made her feet feel numb as she pressed on the brake and gas pedals. Returning home she undressed and went to bed wearing the hood and boots setting her alarm for four o’clock in the morning and fell into a fitful sleep as she dreamt of what she was about to do. 

The alarm woke her and she jumped to her hooved feet laughing under the hood as she walked to the bathroom on her toes at how much she already liked the new boots. After her morning routine she adjusted the boots pulling the laces tighter before carefully inserting each of the new probes making sure they seated fully before pulling the steel belt up and locking it. 

The keys for everything she would wear would be left at the house attached to the mag lock near the ceiling keeping her locked up for at least twelve hours. Sheila dabbed a little glue on her nipple clamps seating each on her erect nipples smiling under the hood as her nipples screamed in pain knowing how much worse it was going to get for them. 

The chain between the clamps was clipped to the large O-ring on the front of the collar to make sure the glue would dry before she would be ready to leave it dangling. The set of steel cuffs and chains along with another short chain and two locks were already in her backpack waiting for her by the front door. 

Since she couldn’t eat, she clip-clopped her way to her car and carefully drove to the park. Sheila was gasping under the hood feeling the restriction of the tiny holes under her nose for the first time from her building excitement as she parked her car as far away from the end of the park she had planned to take her walk in. 

In her tests she should have plenty of time to walk to the far edge of the tree line, strip down and restrain herself then walk back before the park starts to fill up. If she was delayed she would be stuck bound and gagged hiding naked in the brush until the park cleared out not only extending her time bound in public but would have to fight any orgasms she might be inspired to have while helpless to stop them.

With her hands shaking she opened her door, stepping out dragging her pack with her locking the doors before she set the keys to her car, house and her wrists cuffs on the front tire and started walking across the parking lot. Sheila loved the cool morning air seeing the dimly lit sky getting brighter as the noise from the horse shoes on the bottoms of her boots echoed around the empty parking lot. 

Sheila started trying to prance, listening to the noise as she walked, entertaining herself and began thinking maybe she should look into being trained as a pony girl by someone. The boots made the walk more difficult but she found with her head and neck held so rigidly she couldn’t duck under branches or see what was coming as clearly making her slow her pace even more. 

Reaching the far side of the tree line her vibrators were already pulsing on their lowest setting arousing her wanting pussy much more than she would have thought they could, making her quickly strip out of her clothes stuffing them in the now empty backpack. Sheila quickly locked the pack closed before wrapping the chain around a tree and locking the pack to it.

Sheila stood naked except for her thigh high boots, steel belt and leather posture collar/half hood enjoying her perceived freedom while the cool breeze blew across her body. Picking up the chain set she sorted out which cuff went where before locking the steel collar around her leather covered neck having to remove the chain from her clamps before being able to close it. 

Sheila adjusted the clamps a little tighter, testing that the glue had dried guaranteeing they would not pull off before running the long chain from the collar down her back and locking the wide cuffs around her ankles. Once the cuffs were locked she found out that with the posture collar holding the collar slightly higher and the boots holding the ankle cuffs slightly lower she could not stand up straight as she had planned. 

She pulled and twisted on the steel but was still forced to bend her knees slightly to keep the chain from pulling hard on her neck. After a brief test Sheila felt she could still make it and since she was stuck anyway she continued with her plans reaching up she twisted the adjusting knobs on the clamps until she was whining then quickly closed the thick steel manacles around each wrist. 

Sheila was still twisting and moaning from the clamps when she realized she had done it and she was now really chained hand and foot at the far side of the park. It only took a moment for her to begin shuffling through the brush she had hidden behind, finding how the chain connecting her ankles was not only too short but it caught every stick and brush she tried to walk over. 

Sheila shuffled down the trail stopping when she got out of breath and stood thinking she was making good progress when she turned and saw she had only gone maybe a hundred feet from where she started. Whining as the heavy chain swayed she stood wide eyed as the idea of what she had done sank in and she realized not only had she never tested the distance in her boots she had never tested in with her ankles bound together.

“Shit”! was all she could think of as she turned and tried to hurry, knowing down deep she was screwed and wishing she had done more tests. Sheila shuffled until she was gasping again and stood wobbling on her toes glad she hadn’t worn her normal high heels but was starting to feel the cramping of being forced onto her toes. 

The aroused woman leaned back to look at the sky seeing it was much brighter pushing herself to continue moving. Leaning forward Sheila tried to do a skip hob motion to speed up her travels but the jerking and swaying of the heavy chain connected to her nipples made her stop and lean forwards to ease the pain in her nipples. 

Gasping around the large cock wedged into her mouth Sheila started doubting if she would ever get to her car making her fight the chains and steel holding her hands behind her back. In her struggles Sheila stumbled sideways losing her balance and falling onto her side with a grunt. 

The panicked woman lay struggling for several minutes before lying still on her side staring at the bushes she was lying behind letting the slow vibrations calm her before sitting up and looking around. After her panic attack Sheila struggled to her pointed toes carefully working around the bushes kicking and pulling at the chain between her ankles before reaching the trail and shuffling slowly towards the car park.

After the second hour being bound and gagged Sheila was groaning as she drug each hoof forward while forcing her knees to stay bent so the collar wouldn’t pull on her neck. As she walked she found when she did straighten her knees not only did the collar pull tightly around her neck but it pulled the chain between her ankles tighter, limiting her steps even more. 

If the wrist cuffs hadn’t been attached to the chain running down her back she could have adjusted the chain but with the shackles attached directly together she could barely twist her wrists slightly to her side making any adjustment to the chain impossible. Sheila stood leaning against a tree whimpering as the chain swayed, twisting her nipples making them feel like they were being slowly twisted off. 

The hood was restricting her breathing more forcing her to continue to try to breathe around the cock filling her mouth twisting her head inside the hood. The vibrations had started pulsing again feeling like they had picked up speed but her constant struggling in the chains had kept her arousal dampened until she stopped and had time to think about her helplessness. 

Each time she would stop her arousal increased causing her to fight for control as she fought for air. While she stood sweat had begun pouring down her face causing her to inhale some of the liquid making her cough into the hood shaking her pinched nipples hard.

The desperate woman stood shaking and coughing until she heard voices behind her and stopped to listen, being able to tell they were getting closer and spun around in a circle seeing a large bush nearby and shuffled quickly to it, getting behind it as the voices grew very close. 

As Sheila shrank down to her knees the nipple chain caught on a small branch of the bush pulling it taunt yanking her tortured nipples as she dropped to her knees leaving her gasping and trying to lean forwards to ease the tension. Sheila was stretched tight as she looked upwards, unable to bend forwards to look at who or how many were approaching desperately trying not to scream out. 

In her desperation she had lost track of the voices as the vibrations were pulsing again feeling a wonderful orgasm building inside her. Sheila had no idea how long she knelt in pain before realizing she no longer heard the voices, forcing herself to straighten up, having to twist her body side to side to look around pulling on her pinched nipples even more. 

As soon as she felt she was alone Sheila bit hard on the cock in her mouth as she flung herself back and stood up on her toes. Even the thick leather filling and covering her mouth could not stifle the high-pitched squeal that came out of the bound woman’s mouth when the chain yanked on her tender nipples. 

Sheila couldn’t look down but knew her sensitive nipples had just been ripped off as she staggered backwards whimpering as she fought to keep her balance. Sheila fought her bonds desperately trying to reach her throbbing breasts turning and twisting as she continued screaming and moaning for several minutes. 

When she finally stopped fighting the steel Sheila stood whining as she gasped for air thinking how stupid she was for trying this but also feeling extremely aroused by the total helplessness she was experiencing. With the pain fading Sheila made her way back to the trail walking more carefully than before since each breath and step made her nipples scream in pain focusing on each step while listening carefully for more voices. 

The suffering woman had no idea how long she had been shuffling slowly in her pony boots and chains when she reached the edge of the tree line and stopped watching the groups of people enjoying the summer day in the park. Sheila stood near a big tree staring while sweat poured from her overheated body wondering what she was going to do now. 

She had known there was a chance this could happen but honestly never believed it would and had no backup plan or any idea what she would do now. When she realized she could be seen she ducked behind the tree putting her back to it before easing down until her butt still split by the steel strap hit the ground.

Sheila was confident that between the tree and the bushes around its base they would give her enough cover to not be seen but she also knew that when the vibrators increased again she would be having problems controlling her own arousal to keep herself quiet. Sheila adjusted her position pulling her cuffed ankles close to her bare ass while settling her back against the tree leaving her steel covered pussy exposed with bent knees sticking straight up. 

With her back pressed against the tree she was able to lean her head against it wishing she could look down at her throbbing nipples sitting with her eyes closed thinking about her situation. She twisted her wrists in the steel rings holding them firmly behind her back while her ankles pulled at the chain connecting them. 

She felt her aching feet held firmly in their en-point position and the damp thick leather encasing her legs felt much tighter than when she had started her trip. Even the steel belt around her waist that she had owned for years and worn for days at a time now felt uncomfortable and much tighter. 

She sat twitching and shifting as her pussy and ass were pulsed stronger making her start to enjoy her bondage again as her breathing quickened and her mind drifted further into her fantasy. When she awoke Sheila struggled briefly before moaning into the hood as she remembered where she was and what she was doing there. 

Stopping her struggles she listened carefully hearing people laughing and running not very far from where she sat bound and gagged waiting for them to leave. Her body aches had increased from her sitting in the cramped position and now she felt what had awakened her as another flying insect landed. The bug took a bite from her sweat covered body making her squirm and moan involuntarily as she instinctively tried to reach around to swat whatever it was biting her.

Sheila tried to stretch her legs, finding they wouldn’t move, groaning loudly as she leaned to one side and pushed her leg, getting scared when it didn’t move. The frustration of being bound and gagged for so long mixed with the frustration she was feeling as she fought just to move her legs overwhelmed her and the pent-up orgasm rushed through her body making her scream into the hood as her body convulsed. 

Sheila sat shaking and moaning for several minutes enjoying the wonderful feelings until her gasping made her slowly black out leaving slumped against the tree bound and gagged and totally content. The bound woman slept against the tree for a few hours opening her eyes seeing the trees sway above her. The pain from her nipples roused her further and she tried to look down, being stopped by the firm hood only to have her eyes try to focus on several blurry images of people standing over her. 

As the memory of what she had done returned Sheila began to panic as she realized she had been discovered bound and gagged sitting behind the tree. Sheila heard one of them say look “She’s awake pull on the chain again” and felt her nipples scream with pain as the moron standing directly overhead gave the chain another yank.

Sheila screamed under the hood as she tried to pull away, pressing herself tighter to the tree making the young man jump backwards still holding the chain brutally pulling her nipples again. Sheila quickly saw three young men standing around her unable to turn her head; she didn’t see the other three standing to her sides. 

The bound woman suddenly kicked her legs to one side, turning her body and twisting herself upwards using her shoulder to steady herself against the tree. She spotted two more men as she stood up suddenly facing the man in front of her eye to eye, thankful for the height of the boots and the steel locked around her waist. 

While Sheila stood gasping listening to the men talk, hearing them point out the cuffs around her wrists and ankles getting excited about the strange boots that looked like horse’s hooves. She listened to them chatting as one said he had read about this asking her “Did you do this to yourself?” Sheila couldn’t answer and stood preparing to try and run away from the men no longer caring if anyone saw her now or not noticing behind the men the sky was almost black.

As Sheila thought about how late it had become she didn’t see one of the men move forwards and take the chain between her nipples in his hand. When she felt the chain being pulled she eased forwards hearing the men laughing telling him “You got her! Now she’ll follow you anywhere!” 

The man kept pulling, making Sheila step forwards as she tried to resist feeling her nipples be stretched and screamed out as he continued pulling. Sheila was led a few feet into the woods unable to see the man take her chain and twist it around a thin branch he had pulled down. 

Sheila had only seen the branch being pulled down only realizing what he was doing as he released the branch. Sheila screamed loudly as the branch snapped up pulling roughly on her tormented nipples forcing her to move forwards another step and try to stand on the tips of her hooves. 

“Jesus, those things must be glued on!” she heard someone say as she felt a hand on the clamps and some more pulling and twisting. “They are, I can’t get them to open!” she heard. Then another voice said, “Turn the knobs see if that opens them,” making Sheila squeal as first the clamps were loosened then twisted the other way tightening the clamps quite a bit.

Sheila was fighting her bonds pulling on the chains pulling on her neck harder starting to choke herself when she was forced to bend her knees increasing the pain in her nipples. When she was able to ease the pressure around her throat she heard the voices behind her talking about the “crazy bitch chained up in the woods,” while another said something about “too bad her pussy was locked up, we could have had some fun with her.”

As she strained to hold herself up the voices disappeared and she heard nothing but the wind in the trees. Sheila was still standing stretched having to straighten out her shaking legs pulling hard on her throat desperately trying to see what was holding her nipples so firmly. She stumbled and stepped back screaming again as her nipples were stretched then felt a pop and she felt the chain drop against her stomach shocking her as she stumbled backwards stopping stunned she was free of the tortuous branch. 

When she was sure she was free she ignored the pain and turned towards the park peeking from around her tree to see it empty except for a few cars with a group of young men standing near them. Sheila watched the men talking, occasionally pointing to where she had been found urging her to retreat to the trail and start trying to find a trail that would take her towards where her car was parked. 

Occasionally Sheila would stop and look out towards the lot seeing several of the men walking to where she had been and picked up her pace hopping and skipping as fast as she could desperately trying to get to her car hoping if she was able to get in it she could get away from them. 

By the time she could see her car through the trees it was almost dark so she darted out ignoring the branches and twigs stinging her and tugging on her nipples as she burst out of the brush line only a hundred feet or so from her car. Sheila could hear the men running, forcing her to twist her body to see the group running to where they had found her, giving her hope she could get to her car. 

She started her “running” again before turning straight and quickly falling forwards as her hooved feet tripped over each other. Sheila squealed as she fell turning sideways so her face would hit the ground screaming again as her nipples were smashed under her body weight cursing herself for screwing up her escape. 

As she rolled and twisted scrambling to her hooved feet she twisted towards where the men had been seeing the men pointing to her and starting to run towards her. Sheila skipped and hopped to her car squatting for her keys grabbing them off the tire then backed up quickly to her door just able to see the men getting closer to her as she opened the lock. 

Sheila ripped the door open, stuffing herself into the car bending forwards grabbing the door and pulling it closed behind her. Just as the men reached the car Sheila was able to lock the doors again and frantically started trying to unlock her wrists. The shackles were difficult to open behind her back in the best conditions but with her knees in the driver’s seat and her rigid head pushed into the passenger seat she wasn’t having any luck finding the key hole.

The men reached the car. They all were laughing as they saw her position yelling and laughing at her ass sticking up in the air with her hooved feet being pulled up by the chain connected to her neck. Sheila felt the car begin to rock as the men banged on the windows pushing the car from side to side making her have to fight even more to find the key hole. 

Sheila was almost beginning to cry as she just wanted to scream and give up when the shackles popped open letting her hands and arms drop in front of her. One of the men saw her free her hands yelling at the others “She’s free!” making them all scramble around the car banging on the windows as she turned, dropping herself into the driver’s seat. 

Sheila was getting excited again as she felt her freedom was very near inserting the key into the ignition just as she felt the left front of her car drop then the rear. Sheila twisted in her seat to see one of the men duck under the right rear feeling the drop in that corner knowing he had cut her tires. 

She was starting the car when he got to the front and as she was putting it in gear the front dropped and all the men cheered, banging on the roof yelling “We got her now!” Sheila pulled on the chain connecting her ankles as she stomped on the gas pedal screaming as the car lurched forwards even as the men grabbed it and tried to stop her from leaving.

Sheila was grateful her little car continued moving, jumping and bucking as she turned the wheel, keeping her foot on the gas as she pulled away from the yelling men. Sheila slid around the parking lot aiming her car at the driveway concentrating on keeping the bucking car going in the correct direction praying the men wouldn’t chase after her as she left the park. 

The bound woman fought the crippled car forcing it to keep rolling for twenty minutes concentrating on not crashing as it jumped and twisted, getting slower and slower until it just wouldn’t go any further and stopped sideways in the road. Sheila’s fear drove her to jump out of the car, leaving it sitting in the road and shuffling away from it as fast as possible. 

Having to stop and catch her breath Sheila ducked behind a fence peeking around it watching for anyone coming down the road and stood panting as the vibrators came on full speed making her squeal again. She stood gasping wondering what was going on, not aware that if the controls weren't turned off when the program was finished, the vibrators would go to the last setting which had been high when she had tested them.

Within seconds the gagged woman was fighting the building orgasm as she leaned against the fence banging on the steel plate covering her pussy wishing she had stayed inside as she desperately twisted and turned trying to find out where she was. Neither of the street names she could see were familiar but she knew she had been going in the right direction so she turned whining as her orgasm continued to grow nearer and started staggering down the street. 

As she shuffled down the sidewalk she almost locked her hands into the shackles behind her back thinking it had been easier to walk with them locked behind her, almost letting her arousal get her into trouble again. Reaching the end of the street she stopped to gasp for air almost feeling like she was choking on the large cock locked in her mouth and stopped leaning back to see the street signs squealing as she saw the name of her street. 

Spinning in a circle she figured out where she was and started shuffling and skipping towards her house as her climax grew to where she was gritting her teeth on the cock desperately wanting to just make it to her house before she exploded again. As she struggled to keep up her pace she saw lights coming up behind her frustrating her since she couldn’t turn her head to see where it was so she turned up a driveway ducking behind the car parked in it. 

As she crouched behind the car peeking over the trunk the nipple chain snagged on the side of the car yanking her nipples hard causing the massive orgasm to slam into her body like a truck forcing her to drop backwards grabbing her covered pussy and roll moaning in the grass as the car drove by ignoring her completely.

When the orgasm finally let her catch her breath Sheila twisted and pulled herself up to her toes turning towards her house shuffling again with both vibrators still humming on high already building another orgasm. It only took another twenty minutes before she reached her house gasping in relief, hopping up her front steps realizing only once she was on the front porch she hadn’t taken her keys out of the car's ignition when she ran. 

The building orgasm rushed into her as she slid down the door rubbing her pinched nipples whining and gasping as the frustration of the day’s events pushed her into several of the strongest orgasms she had ever had. Sheila was left lying on her side with her hooved feet pulled up behind her gasping in ecstasy with the massive orgasms washing over her.

Having achieved her goal of having wonderful orgasms she lay panting in the afterglow thinking how wonderful she felt and how much all her struggles had been worth it. When she was able to sit up she realized the vibrators were finally dying and she still had no keys to get into her house. The thought of walking back to her car made her want to cry then she realized she didn’t really know where it was anyway.

With her body aching to the point of making her groan she forced herself to her pointed toes wincing from the additional pain almost collapsing again when the chain flopped dragging her nipples downwards. An exhausted woman walked carefully around her house checking windows and doors sitting down in her back yard to catch her breath and think about what to do. 

As she sat staring upwards watching the stars the only choice made her jump to her hooves and shuffle straight to her garage door picking up the trash can lid and breaking the window out of the door. Carefully she reached in and opened the door slamming it behind her thankful she was inside and out of the cool evening air. 

Reaching her bedroom she noticed the clock stopping to stare at it as she thought about how long she had been bound. She thought about reaching the park at four o’clock adding up the hours finding it was “SEVENTEEN!” she screamed into the hood. Then she remembered she had been wearing the boots and hood since the evening before meaning she had been hooved and gagged for over a day. 

As these thoughts sank in she felt another orgasm begin to build and began fighting her bonds as she reached for the keys getting more aroused she pulled her ankles up to her ass clipping the chain together then slammed the shackles closed around her wrists. 

As soon as she felt her wrists locked in the steel again another massive orgasm slammed through her, leaving her squealing and twisting on her bed as she fought her restraints until she relaxed and quickly fell asleep bound and gagged in a loose hogtie. Sheila awoke with a start as her smashed nipples screamed with pain forcing her to roll over almost dropping her key ring before remembering what was happening and frantically searched for the correct key quickly unlocking her wrists. 

Sheila moaned as she unlocked the chains and hood removing each item carefully until she was sitting with only her boots and belt on when she heard the doorbell ringing over and over again driving her to wrap her robe around herself and stomp to the door ripping it open finding a police officer standing on her porch. 

Stunned she held the robe tighter wincing as her nipples reminded her they were still glued into the clamps and stared at the officer. The cop stared at the marks on Sheila’s face wondering what made the deep red lines before asking if she was Sheila and if she still owned her car. Sheila shuffled from foot to foot making the cop look down and see the pony boots that ran over her knees disappearing under the short robe. 

It turned out that her car had been found abandoned and they came to check on her seeing the garage door with a broken window and thought something bad had happened to her. Sheila acted surprised the car wasn’t in the garage letting the cop ask his questions. Now playing along she didn’t know where the car was since it being stolen was the perfect answer to all his questions. 

When he was done talking, and staring, at her he told her she would need to come to the station to file a report and sign for her car. She said she needed to get dressed and asked if she could come down later but was told, “No, we need to start the investigation now so I will wait for you.”

Sheila groaned knowing she didn’t have time to unlace the long boots or apply the release agent to her nipples and get them to release but she didn’t want to piss off the cops either. Sheila quickly searched her closet for more loose pants knowing she had left her only pair in the forest. 

She was frantically searching for something that would cover up as much of her boots as possible while not showing the steel around her waist opting for a long skirt. Sheila had to add two slips to smooth out the lines under the skirt but finally had it acceptable and slipped into a firm bra that would cover the glued-on clamps. 

The added pressure on her nipples made her wince but she pushed through the pain buttoning a shirt up over the bra and skirt and went to straighten her hair and makeup smiling when she saw the red lines on her face and neck leaving them exposed feeling proud of what she had been through and went out and climbed in his car and drove to the police station. 

Reaching the station she walked in her boots making the clopping noise and she noticed as soon as she walked in everyone that was standing around a desk stopped and looked at her. She was led to a desk and asked to sit while the officer took her statement asking her all the normal questions while she struggled with her screaming nipples. 

Finally the men stopped staring and walked away from the monitor they had been looking at letting her see the video they had been watching. Sheila could see the parking lot at the park and started shaking when she saw herself on the screen and watched the men rocking the car.

After answering more questions she was told she would be given a ride home and sat waiting until a young cop asked if she was ready to go home. When she looked up she instantly knew it was the man who had attached her nipples to the tree. Sheila slowly stood and clip clopped to another car trying to not face him or show him her eyes praying he didn’t actually recognize her. 

The two rode in silence, scaring Sheila when she realized they weren’t going towards her house and asked where they were going. “Impound so you can get anything out of your car you might need since it can’t be driven.” After visiting the car the two headed towards her house seeing two police cars in the street scared her but she was told they were checking for any evidence of the theft.

Sheila thanked him as she got out, being stopped as he got out and walked over to her and handed her a disc and said “If you ever need any help give me a call” and walked off. After getting inside she applied the release agent and began unlacing her boots stopping to remove the belt easing the inert phalluses out of herself then finished removing the boots. Sheila whined as she walked back and forth getting ready for a long bath seeing both police cars leave before climbing into the tub. 

While she relaxed she wondered what the disc was for popping it into her computer as she dried her hair seeing the video of her parking lot realizing he knew who she was. Sitting down staring at the video wondering why he was so brave then watched as she entered the picture showing her bound and gagged clearly and knew if she said anything about him or his friends she would be exposing herself. As she cleaned her restraints she thought about his offer smiling at the thought of him “helping” her wondering if he really meant it and felt her arousal restart her imagination again. 


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