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Backyard Selfbondage Fun

by Roger Williams

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© Copyright 2002 - Roger Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; spandex; outdoors; caught; hum; cons/reluct; X

It was a nice warm summer night and I was in the mood for a little more than my indoor self-bondage sessions. Our back yard has a high fence for privacy, and with the rest of the family gone for the weekend, this was the perfect time.

A discount store near me, with a large pet department, had gone out of business so I had purchased a half-dozen of the metal screw-in-the-ground stakes that are used for anchoring a dog chain. I screwed the first two into the ground about three feet apart and then laid down to measure where the rest should go, leaving their points at the right spots. I then screwed in the rest of them.

Next I went in the house and stripped down naked, sprayed some mosquito repellant on my body, and then put on a leotard. That's my favorite clothing for bondage; it doesn't get in the way, it feels like you are almost naked, and it does keep the upper body warm. Then I took the leather toys with me into the yard; it was starting to get dark.

I put hasp cuffs on my ankles, spread out my legs, and used a snap to secure them. (No use using padlocks as I could reach them anyway, and when it was time to get out, this would help.) Then I put the cuffs on my wrists and the collar on my neck. Before I leaned back, I took a piece of clothesline and tied it around my cock and balls, then double-knotted it around one of the stakes.

Then I leaned back, making that very tight, but not enough to cut off the circulation. I put a ball gag in my mouth, locked the back of the collar to the stake under my neck, and then locked the left wrist. I made sure the keys were at my right side when I locked the right wrist with a combination padlock. That way, I would be secured until it got light enough again to see the dial. I was not in a strictly spread-eagled position - - if you think of a clock face, my ankles were in the 5:00 and 7:00 position while my wrists were at 2:00 and 10:00. But still plenty helpless, as I found when I pulled on the chains.

It was now about 9:00 and I heard some noise next door like kids playing. Who were they? The house was empty. Maybe someone renting it for the summer? That's OK, I thought. But then a ball came sailing over the fence and I was really worried. Had I locked the gate? Would they try to climb over the fence? I had my answer quickly as the gate opened and I heard two of them looking around for the ball. And then they saw me!

"Well look at this!" Needless to say, they brought over the rest of the kids. There seemed to be about ten, all in their late teens, and half boys, half girls. Well, I need not go into much detail on what they did with me. The girls stroked my cock until it got larger and then burst out and left a mess on my leotard. The boys told me that they would leave me there if I did not keep quiet since they were going to remove the gag so I could give each of them a blow job. No way I could oppose that; I was at their mercy. After the blow jobs, the girls took turns sitting on my face for me to eat them out. Again, what could I do?

They put the gag back in and left me, though one of them thought they should take the keys (and put a regular padlock where the combination one was) so they could have a party the next night in MY yard, and invite even more friends to partake of my mouth.

But they did not. However, the pictures they took could be used in the future for another session at another time and place, where I would be more than "willing" and not spread out helplessly.

I decided to go back to in-house self-bondage. With the doors locked!

Public Humiliation

Unlike some of the other writers, I wanted to do my self-bondage in public. I wanted to be laughed at and humiliated. I still don't know why but that was the way it was.

The best audience would be a group of teenaged girls. So I dressed before I left home. (a) snug dance trunks; (b) six inch dildo; (3) athletic cup; (d) black tights and turtleneck leotard; (e) collar which locked in back, and the small padlock also secured the leotard's zipper; (f) pair of shorts with locking belt; (g) t-shirt. I left all those keys at home.

I should add that the dildo was a six-inch plastic tube which was made for cigars; I found it along the road one day. It was wonderful because it would slide in and out, and with some raised lettering on the side, it drove me nuts each time it slid past the end of my anus. With the snug dance trunks, it would be prevented from sliding all the way out. And each time I sat down or leaned over, it would be pushed all the way in.

I found a bunch of girls. I parked a block away, put on my leather hasp wrist cuffs, threaded a short chain thru the hasps, and locked the ends of the chain to the front of my belt. I jogged past them and, unlike previous times where I had done this and gotten laughter, I got screams. Some of them ran to the firehouse, which was close to where I was parked. I ran for some bushes from which I could see my car.

The firemen came out, looked in my car and must have seen the handcuffs on the back seat floor. They took the keys out, opened the trunk, and dropped the keys in. And slammed the trunk. Oh, shit!

It was a good thing I had the keys to the cuffs with me. I got free that way and before I could do anything else, a police car came around the corner. The spotlight shined in all the bushes but I guess my black clothes helped me. I knew I had to get out of there. I started walking and kept an eye out for headlights from around any corner. It was fortunate that my hands were free because the quickest escape route involved jumping a four-foot fence in a park. I also had to cross FOUR major roads on the way home. It was now 10:30 so at least trafic was lighter. I crossed one via a viaduct under it. I stayed on side streets, ran across the second when there were no cars for blocks away. Ditto the third and fourth. The only person I saw was a man working in his yard; he was not amused. If I had to explain, my story would be that I was pushed out of a car (as a practical joke) on the way back from a health club.)

I found out later, by driving the route, that I had walked 4 1/2 miles! And the more I walked, the more that dildo drove me nuts. And my bladder was filling up. It was a question on which would happen first, blowing my wad or taking a leak. They both happened pretty close to each other. I don't remember which was first.

I got home, found the keys, stripped, took a shower, and started out to retrieve the car. I managed to get a ride over half of the way and when I got to the car, there was no problem with it. No flat tire, no people around. So I drove home.

Scary for awhile. Memorable - - this was 20 years ago. But also rewarding, even if I didn't get humiliated. I did get an orgasm!


. 01.05.02

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