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by Jo

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It's not that Chloe didn't trust men, she didn't trust anybody, well, not enough for this. What if, right in the middle of it, he had a heart attack? Like in that Stephen King book. She had let Mark tie her up, but she'd insisted on the fuzzy handcuffs and having the key. And it was okay, sort of. She couldn't really get into it. What if she came so hard that she dropped the key? What if she dropped the key AND Mark had a heart attack!? No. Better to have total control.

It had started when she was a kid. Her brothers would make her play cowboys and Indians. They were the Indians and she was the beautiful cowboy's girlfriend. So beautiful that the Indians couldn't resist her and they'd kidnap her and bring her back to their camp and do unspeakable things to her. Unspeakable, of course, because young Chloe didn't know about those things. Mostly they would tie her up and tease her, sometimes poke her with a stick. Sometimes they'd leave her alone. Those were the best times because she could let her imagination run free. Then she learned about those unspeakable things and some of them were truly unspeakable. But once she discovered sex, well, what girl wouldn't enjoy a good ravaging now and then? And Cliff was a good ravager, especially after she'd been 'absent' for a couple of days.

Chloe grabbed the blue bag (it had to be blue, the rest were white) and checked the contents yet again. It would be different this time. She had new underpants, rubber like her other pair, but this one had two shafts instead of just one. Okay, so maybe some of those unspeakable things weren't all that unspeakable. Her need for sodomy was something else she'd never shared with a man. It wasn't a sexual thing, it was more like an itch, an itch that demanded scratching. And, like an itch, it wasn't pleasurable, in fact it hurt a bit, but there was that 'Aaah' feeling that came with it. She never combined the two, sex and sodomy, and she wasn't 100% sure why she bought the underpants, except that it had vibrator in one shaft and it came with a remote control. The remote had three modes: on/off, timed, or random. According to the packaging, the batteries were good for twelve hours in random mode, but that was with the regular batteries. The super heavy duty ones she'd tried lasted almost two days, which should be just about enough. She smeared some lubricant between her legs and tugged the pants up. She worked both shafts into her bit by bit, first in her ass, then her pussy, a bit more in her ass, back and forth, until with one last tug her butt and pubes were sealed in rubber and she was doubly impaled.

She drove downtown, parked her car in a long term lot, and walked the four blocks to Brother's Uniform Service. She went around back and climbed up onto the loading dock. She slipped her key into the lock, opened the door, stepped over to the alarm and disarmed it. Chloe had a key because the brothers were her brothers, Jed and Zed. She was supposed to be the last kid and Dad had a vasectomy, but not soon enough. Mom insisted this kid would be the last, hence Zed. He ran the office, Jed the cleaning operation. He'd be the one to find her, in the blue bag, if it came to that. It was just after sunset on Friday. Her brothers were devout Jews (she wasn't), both married to devout Christians, so she'd be by herself for two days. That is if Jed came by late Sunday afternoon. She might have to wait until he opened shop Monday morning. Unless she let herself out first, which she always did. Only twice did Jed find her when she'd fallen asleep.

They had been playing Truth or Dare one night, it was a 'remember as kids we used to...' kind of thing. Adult beverages were consumed. She told them about her self bondage games. Zed just laughed it off, but Jed took her seriously. The next day he told her he was concerned for her safety. She had reassured him that her plans were fool proof, but he wouldn't hear of it. He was the one to suggest using the shop. It was safe, properly spooky, but safe, and he'd be there if anything went wrong. She compromised by saying she'd use the shop, but only on weekends. He didn't like the idea, but it was better that than having her God knows where. And he knew when she was there, of course, the alarm system, but he promised not to disturb her.

She'd started by fixing herself in various places around the shop. At night the place was really creepy with many dark rooms and lots of exposed plumbing to which she'd secure herself. And it was fun for a while, but then she learned to operate the overhead conveyor. Heaven! Now not only could she be kidnapped, but she could be transported to some unknown location. Okay, it was the bin where the bags of clothes were dumped before going out to the shop floor. Still it gave her a thrill to be airborne, swinging in her bag, only to be dumped into a soft pile of clothes where she could enjoy the rest of her experience in total privacy.

Chloe emptied the blue bag onto the metal table. She kicked off her flip flops and set them in the bag. She stripped off her dress and placed it in the bag, too, folding it so the snap pocket, the one with the handcuff key, was on top. She wore only her rubber underwear. She climbed up onto the table. Cold! Made her nipples hard. She stepped into the bag.

First she gagged herself with a pair of panties. She held them in place with a knotted scarf tied behind her head. She fed the end of a piece or cord through a link on the handcuffs, then used the cord to tie her ankles. Chloe tied her knees.

The conveyor was activated when the sack's cinch cord was placed on a hook over the table. A conveyor hook would come along, snag the bag, drag it off the table, and send it on its way. Chloe slipped the cord over the hook and squatted. She'd have five seconds, plenty of time to wrap her hands around her legs and snick the cuffs to her wrists and activate the vibrator in her pants. The tiny remote had four buttons, one for random, she pressed it. It would come on for a few seconds, up to a minute, but not long enough for her to get off. She didn't want to. Not yet. The shaft inside her buzzed to life just as her sack was jerked off the table. The rope cinched tight. Chloe's world went dark.

The trip through the shop took a bit over five minutes. Chloe settled back, eased her mind into that special place, enjoying the anticipation. Presently she felt herself falling, coming to land with a gentle thud.

Later. Much later, Chloe heard voices. At first she thought she was dreaming, or half dreaming as she liked to do, fantasizing about the man or men who'd kidnapped her. But with a start she realized that these voices were outside her head.

"Should we be doing this, Al?"

"Listen. We fell behind last week. The boss don't know. But if he finds out, he won't be happy."

"Yeah, but-"

"Charlie, just let's do it and get it done. Won't take but an hour or so. There ain't much."

"Hey. What's with the blue bag."

"How the hell should I know. Come on grab a sack and let's get going."


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