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Bait & Switch

by GaggedUtopia

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Bait & Switch By: GaggedUtopia

The ability to create, on any medium, is what keeps me happy with life.  Writing, programming, electronics, and even woodworking all give me a sense of self worth and accomplishment.  To top it all off, when you can share your work with others and they enjoy it, well, you get the idea.  With this in mind, I set my sights on making some furniture I had read in several stories. 

The basic form is a rod attached to a base.  The idea is when a woman inserts the top of the rod into her pussy and stands on the base the rod is either raised or already too high for her to remove herself from it, keeping her pinned.  The idea seemed simple enough, but I needed a challenge.  I wrote down a list of features I would want, even if I didn’t know for sure how to build it.

The first step was to draw a diagram.  I needed room for a motor, power and electronics.  I also needed a little clearance for raising and lowering the rod.  I wanted to have a remote that the user could hold with simple controls to raise and lower the rod.  Once the woman was actually above it however, I didn’t want the remote to be able to lower the rod, at least not with some help.  To do this, a pressure switch would be added to disable the “down” switch on the remote.  Why do such a thing?  Aside from the self-bondage aspects of it, it would also help in trapping an unsuspecting slave.  I happened to have one in mind.

bait & switch
As the diagram demonstrates, the device sits on the ground.  In order for it to be effective, the woman would have to have each ankle bound to her thigh and kneel above it.  I chose this design for stability and safety.  I didn’t want to risk having someone fall over, or become weak and impale themselves.

To keep the slave in place, I would have to add a smaller steel rod from the bottom base to the top.  The wood would be hollowed and placed over the steel rod allowing it to move up and down.  The vibrator would be steel and slightly larger then the wood.  It would allow the battery compartment to slide over the wood keeping it firm as well.  Notches in the wood inside the base would allow a motor to push the wood up or down via a gear. 

With the mechanics taken care of, I needed to solve some of the electronic problems.  The vibrator was easy as I could just run wires from the base to the battery connectors.  The challenge was I need to have to separate metal contacts for the punishment feature of the device.  I decided to put a washer at the base of the vibrator and insulated it from the steel of the vibrator.  The purpose is so I can send an electric shock.  With her pussy pressing against the washer and the juices flowing it should give quite a jolt.

Now it was time for the true genius of the device.  Using an old remote control car, I gutted out the radio control portion of it.  The operation is simple.  When one signal is received, then it sends power through one pair of wires, when another is, a different pair is given power.  By connecting these to relays I can control everything from the vibrator speed to shocks.  The remote had a variable control steering wheel (which will be nice for controlling the vibrator speed) and a turbo button.  The turbo is more of an on off type switch so it’s purpose will be to shock.

After a few weeks of design, building and tweaks my creation was starting to take form.  I had told a friend about it (they were actually a couple I met at a bondage expo/party in Boston a year ago) and he suggested that his wife should beta test it.  That was my hope all long.  My only problem is I wanted to video the first use and see her face while she was on it.  I knew Kevin would be up for that as well, but has told me before that she hates cameras, let alone video. 

To solve this, I got one of the wireless cameras I always see Internet Ads for.  Surprisingly, it worked very well.  It had good range and after connecting it to my laptop, recording the experience was in the bag.  I gave the camera to Kevin to install in their house, which he did, in the bedroom.  Once he let me know all was set and working we made plans to set the trap for Jill. 

While I can see why Kevin loves his wife both physically and as a friend, he also enjoys how naive she can be sometimes.  Taking this into account, we build the plan around it.  Since the plan worked without a hitch, I will just tell the story of how it happened rather then repeat the events twice. 

Later that week…

The device, nicknamed “Bait and Switch”, was brought to Kevin’s house and we brought it inside before Jill came home from work.  She worked odd hours at the hospital which she wrote on their calendar.  Today she was working the graveyard shift and would be home around 9am.  Having an hour to spare, we tested everything again, checked the batteries, the position of the wireless camera and of course the remote control.  With everything in order, I parked my car around the back of the house.  Reception was great and with the laptop running on the cigarette lighter, I had plenty of power.

Jill came home and after a few lovingly hellos, Kevin started the first part of the plan.  He sat her down on the bed for a backrub as she told him about her night at work.  The fact that this was not Kevin’s style didn’t tip off Jill however, she continued on as Kevin moved to massaging other parts of her.  Her own passion started to build and kissing ensued.  It was several minutes of foreplay when I started to worry that Kevin was getting too wrapped up in the moment then the task at hand.  I sounded my relief as he backed off, a true man to his mission. 

“What the heck is that?” she asked, getting up for a closer look.

“That’s, well… a new toy for you.” Kevin responded.

“What does it do?” asking with interest.

“Well, you would kneel on the padding with your legs tied together.  Using this remote, you can move the rod in the middle up and down.” Kevin told her, demonstrating the remote.  “The vibrator on top would go inside and keep you my prisoner.” He smirked.

“Mmmmm, I like it.  Have I been bad lately?” using her best submissive little girl voice.

“You’re always my bad little girl.  We can’t play just yet though; I need to get new batteries for it.  The vibrator on it won’t work without it.  I should be back in a few minutes.” Kevin told her.

“Ok hon.” Smiling as he left.

As Kevin went out of view of my camera, Jill continued to stare at the device.  It was obvious that she was infatuated with the device and couldn’t wait.  Kevin almost didn’t make it to the car before she started to undress.  Since she didn’t know she was on candid camera, it was clear that modesty was out the window.  Slowly rubbing herself, quite obvious that her arousal was overcoming her.  Several times she debated waiting for her husband or try it out before hand.  The way she looked at the device, then would walk away were easy tell tale signs.

At one point we figured that our plan was foiled as she went out of view of the camera.  Since Kevin had not actually moved the car, if she looked out the window she would know something was up.  With a sigh of relief, she came back into view with some restraints and toys.  With a triumphant cheer and a high five Kevin and I knew our prey was about to get trapped. 

Jill knelt down beside the device and strapped each ankle to her thigh with 10cm black leather straps.  Kevin had them made special as he had no luck finding any quality belts that size on the Internet.  He and his wife have used them often and knew she wouldn’t be escaping their grasp.

With her legs well secured, Jill went on to use some of her other favorite toys.  Nipple clamps, and a harness gag with a metal eyelet in the front.  The chain attached to the clamps were attached to the gag, keeping her head down.  A truly submissive look.  With handcuffs in hand, she moved slowly toward the device.  It took some effort, but she climbed on top of it without too much trouble.  Positioning herself over the vibrator she lifted herself up and slowly impaled herself.

The two of us started at the laptop screen like it was possessed.  A bomb could have gone off and we wouldn’t have flinched in fear of missing a second of this.  Jill wiggled back and forth, we could only guess she was getting comfortable.  After a few seconds of that, she reached for the remote and pushed the button sending the rod up into her pussy.  Secretly in my head, I thought “Operation Bait and Switch, Alpha Objective, Completed.” 

If not for the gag, I knew Jill would have been smiling.  With the limited movement she did have, we could see her bouncing up and down on the rod in an effort to climax.  “We can’t let her get off on it.  She might decide to get off of it and wait for you to get back.” I told Kevin.  “Hmm, but what can we do?” Kevin said.  I just smiled and picked up the remote.  With a swift hand motion, I quickly pressed the button to shock her.  It was fast enough that she would think it was a pinch instead of what it really was.  In any case, the risk was worth it as she snapped out of her trance and continued on.

She picked up the handcuffs, the remote and the KEY!  We just looked at each other with shock.  We had not planned on her having the key.  We both knew that if we started to shock her, she could just un-cuff her hands and release her legs from the belts.  Just when our darkest moment was upon us, Kevin had a stroke of genius. 

Jill continued locking the handcuffs on her wrists.  Not suspecting a thing, she had just trapped herself onto my nasty little torture device.  She started to hump the rod again, closing her eyes, entering into her own little world.  After a few minutes had passed, I slowly started to turn up the dial to the vibrator.  Just enough for her to feel it, but not give too much sensation.  For Kevin’s plan to work, she couldn’t suspect that there was some outside influence. 

Judging by the screen, it seemed obvious that the vibrator was working as she was humping the rod faster and faster.  Kevin and I started to giggle like little school boys after just playing a prank on somebody.  Holding out the remote, I gestured of Kevin to take over and try his plan out.  It was nothing elaborate, but I figured I would let him have the satisfaction.  It was his wife after all.

Kevin, knowing his wife all too well, sensed she was close and completely off guard.  In one fluid motion he let go of the dial to the vibrator, shutting it off, and pressed the button to shock her.  It was safe to say the plan worked, for she threw he hands open and the remote and key flew out of her hands.  Kevin and I just looked at each other with a nonchalant smile.

The next half hour or so we spent tormenting Jill.  Taking turns, we would sometimes crank the vibrator then leave it off for a few minutes.  Other times we would wait until she started to hump the vibrator again then shock her.  All the while we made no effort to hide the fact there was someone controlling the device.  We both could only laugh as we could see her look around the room.  If only she wasn’t gagged, we could hear all the names she was calling us.

Had the batteries on my laptop not died we probably would have tormented the poor girl for hours.  Since our fun was over, I handed the remote over to Kevin so he could return home.  Once he left the car I pulled out my spare battery and swapped it with the dead one.  I got it going again just in time to see him walk into the room.  Jill’s reaction was priceless.  The look of hatred and lust all in one. 

Kevin leaned against the wall, starting at Jill, with a big grin on his face.  Jill however was not nearly as calm.  She waved her cuffed arms around, shaking her head, obviously desperate for release.  He strolled over, releasing the gag from her face and let it hang down, placing more strain on the nipple clamps.

“I knew you wouldn’t wait for me to get back” he snickered.

“You bastard, you didn’t have to get batteries did you.” She said.

“Whatever do you mean dear?” he said, trying not to laugh.

“This thing hurts you know.  I was so close to…ahhhhhh! Son of a…” she screamed.  Kevin must have shocked her.

“What were you saying dear?” he asked.

“Please don’t do that again.  I promise to be good Master.” She weakly responded.

“That’s more like it. (Turning up the vibrator control.)  Slaves who obey find they have a much better time.” He said.

“mmmmm, I think your right Master” Jill moaned.

I decided to let them have their fun and I started my car and drove back home.  Kevin later told me that she loved the device so much that after a nap she wanted to play on it again.  I smiled inside, knowing that my hard work was worth it.


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