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Balltied Belinda

by selfbound_2000

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    Belinda had arrived from work, and in need of a release.  She was new in town, having just moved in 6 months prior, so didn't have many friends yet that she could go out with.  Also adding to things was that she was low on funds to play with.  This meant she likely would stay home in her apartment for the weekend alone.  If she was going to be alone and at home, she was going to make the best of it. 

    She had been active in the BDSM scene back home in New York, but this was a smaller city and she had yet to find a Master or Mistress.  Belinda missed being under someone else's control, being bound by them and used by them.  Over her 25 years she only had 2 Masters, one who was an abusive prick who knew nothing about the lifestyle, but the second was very experienced and followed the "safe, sane and consensual" rules.  He had been a good Master, but she had to leave to pursue her career. 

    Having practiced self bondage on herself since she was 16, she had become quite adept at it, though, and decided that she would put herself in it for as long as she could.  The frequency of her exploits had increased the past two months.  Usually she would bind herself with cuffs and chains with a gag and be free to roam the apartment.  Sometimes she would hogtie herself or bind herself to a chair or the bed.  This time she wanted something extremely restrictive, something that would be hard to get out of and even harder to do anything in. 

    First things first, though.  She needed a bath and to prepare her gear and outfit for the evening ahead.  She wanted to be clean, relaxed, and then dress the part. 

    While relaxing in the tub she thought of positions and outfits.  Hogties were great, but she did them so often that she needed a change.  Strapado?  Nah, not tonight.  She remembered seeing some photos of girls tied in ballties, and that got her attention.  She even saw diagrams on how to do the arm-leg tie, which was essentially a ball tie.  The thought of being bound in such a manner thrilled her, and she decided that she would do such a tie.  The outfit?  Hmmm.... she had recently bought a PVC maid's outfit, and decided that it would be a good time to wear it.  Soaking in the tub, Belinda planned the evening more. 

    After bathing and drying off, she got the outfit ready.  It was a sexy little number.  She admired it as she placed it on her bed.  She chose a pair of white seamed stockings, and her white corset.  Out of her closet she pulled out her ballet boots.  Sooo sexy!  She had practiced walking in them as much as she could while at home.  Not an easy task, walking on tip-toe for a good period of time was not an easy thing to do.  After her first 30 minutes she had to rest, then over time she had become fairly used to them.  Now she could walk around for about 2 hours before having to rest.  Belinda applied her make up, done in a very saucy fashion, very tarty.  Her hair was done up in a French braid, to go with the French maid look. 

    Next came her outfit.  The easy part was the clothes, the ballet boots were another thing.  Once she was dressed, she stood and ogled herself in the mirror.  Yes, she looked pretty darn hot, she admitted.  The shiny PVC, the sexy white nylons, and the ballet boots forcing her to stand in an unnatural position. 

    Out of her closet she pulled out her "toy box".  In it were her implements of bondage and teasing.  Turning off the light in the bedroom, she carried it into her living room, where she planned to spend her time.  Walking was not easy. 

    After setting the box on the couch, she sat next to it and began getting the items she needed.  Four long lengths of rope, her rope ratchet, leather cuffs, a length of 3" chain, 2 locks, her inflatable gag, her inflatable butt plug, and an inflatable vibrator.  Belinda loved things that inflated, that feeling of being full felt so intense when bound! 

    Her release would be the usual ice timer, where the keys and a knife would drop to the floor.  Her backup would be placed in a can of used motor oil.  If she had to get it, she'd pay the price having to clean up afterwards and trying to remove the stain from her carpet.  She set up her releases, then put her favourite bondage video into the machine.  It would run about 2 hours, the same amount as her ice.  She quickly moved to her gear. 

    She applied some lube to her butt hole, then a little to her wet pussy.  First she slid in the butt plug, wincing a little as it entered her.  Next came her vibrator.  Once these were in place, she pulled up her panties to keep things there, and then began pumping each, one in each hand.  The inflation inside of her got her more excited, being filled inside and feeling the interior expansion.  She turned on the vibes on both and moved fast onto her bondage. 

    First, the ankles, then the knees.  Once that was done, she bound her ankles to her thighs.  Belinda slipped the last rope between that and formed a loop that would just fit her arms in.  She put in her gag, and inflated that too.  Now the rope ratchet and cuffs.  She tied the rope she used for it to her ankles, and the ratchet was attached to the small chain.  Slipping her hands and arms into the loops, she attached her cuffs behind her with the chain between them.  Quickly, she cranked the rope ratchet and tightened her tie.  She then rolled over with an umph! 

    Belinda lay there and took in her situation.  She was bound in a ball tie, with three inflatables in her, two of which were vibrating and driving her nuts.  Testing her bonds, she began to struggle against them and tried to squirm along the floor.  She could barely move at all!  Maybe a quarter inch at a time... so how would she get free?!?! 

    Closing her eyes she pondered her fate.  She had not thought this out quite the way she should have.  Sure, the tie felt great, but would she be stuck there?  Damn, she thought, should have thought on it a little better.  I should have known better. 

    She had to try to get to her back up release just in case.  Screw the carpet.  Bit by agonizing bit she made her way across the carpet.  The plug and vibrator aroused her, as did her bondage.  This would likely take a while, but she was determined to get there. 

    What was that?  Her butt plug inflated!  She moved back.  Now her vibrator!  She moved forward again.  Butt plug again!  Uh-oh, she had a pump bulb both in front and behind her.  Which would she be able to stand more?  Maybe she could wiggle over one of them so that they won't pump?  She tried to, but dang if it didn't inflate a lot more now!  She was stretched in her ass, pumped quite full.  The feeling was intense.  It kind of hurt, but also felt good at the same time.  With her struggling around she must have inflated it another 5 pumps easily.  It kind of felt like she had to poop bad. 

    She lay there, watching the tape as much as she could, the vibrating inflatables inflated a lot and vibrating.  She was so turned on now!  Only a half hour had passed, and she made it a grand total of 5 feet, and she was near orgasm!  Seizing the situation, she squirmed and struggled against her bonds, moaning into the inflated intruder in her mouth.  Belinda exploded in orgasm, shaking with it and trembling in her ball tie.  Breathing heavily she lay there and tried to compose herself. 

    When she felt composed enough, she began to make her way the other 5 feet to her release.  The ice would be at least an hour away, and she was getting sore.  Her arms ached, her ankles ached, and most of all her ass ached inside!  Damn but that feeling was really intense!  Getting to it may prove to "expand her horizons" so to speak.  How much could she take? 

    Budge.  Pump.  Budge.  Pump.  Budge.  Pump.  Budge.  Nothing.  Budge.  Nothing.  Oh thank the heavens above! she thought.  Maybe the bulb came off!  It had to have, otherwise after each movement and ensuing pause would have pumped it and released it to fill again.  With more fervor she "quarter inched" her way to her freedom.  Her ass was really quite sore now, and she had to get free!  There was no way to release herself using the ratchet, she had done it up so tight that her finger tips could barely touch it. 

    After an eternity she made it to her release.  Slowly she maneuvered herself so that she could pull the can off the table and get the keys.  This meant turning around.  Dammit!  Wrong way!  She had pumped the vaginal one more!  Trembling and shaking, she came again, her orgasm sending shuddering waves throughout her body. 

    Eventually she had made her way around and grabbed the cord.  She pulled and pulled until it tipped the can over.  She heard the can tip and heard the oil spill onto her carpet.  Oh that will be a lovely mess to clean... 

    Bit by bit she inched her keys and knife closer.  Voila!  It was in her hands!  Fumbling with the oil slicked keys, and with quite numb hands and fingers, she worked the keys into the locks.  Her fingers barely felt like they were there, and much of her body ached.  Click!  One open.  More fumbling.  Click!  The second was unlocked.  Pulling her arms out of the rope was not an easy task.  They were quite numb. 

    Clink!  Her keys fell from her ice release.  Go fig, she thought.  Had she just stayed there she wouldn't have been further inflated.  Then again, she may not have had the two mind blowing orgasms either!  After about another 10 minutes she had managed to release herself from the rest of her bonds.  Turning the valve knobs she released the air from her pumped intruders.  Relief!!!  She lay on the floor another few minutes and massaged her limbs back to at least semi normal. 

    Peering over, she saw the mess from the can.  Belinda felt like leaving it till morning, but then it would be impossible to remove.  As she got up to get the cleaning materials, she thought on her session and pondered her next one... 

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