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Barn Adventures

by BoundBecca

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© Copyright 2009 - BoundBecca - Used by permission

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All this began when I found a magazine lying in a ditch on the lane near my parents house when I was 15. This kinda scared me, that people actually did this sort of thing, so I just hide the magazine, forgetting about it for two or three years until I was clearing out a box in my room. Looking through it I wandered what is was like to be held captive like they were in the pictures, totally helpless at the mercy of whoever came along. I had been handcuffed before by a previous boyfriend and it was kind of exciting, but not for long, I wanted more, unfortunately he didn't.

I did a bit of research on the internet into self-bondage and discovered all sorts of things you could do, the only limit is your imagination! I'd read a lot about ice timers, they seemed to be the most reliable form of release as the ice will always melt, eventually.

My parents owned a farm, they didn't do alot with the actual farm apart from own it, other people ran the farm for them, however this did mean there were a few buildings around, some of them quite remote. I chose one that I knew was hardly ever used, infact, when I tried to open the door, it needed all my strength to open it. Inside, apart from the dust and a few old hay bails, the barn was empty. Perfect for some private fun.

I decided to start off small, so froze the key to my handcuffs in a small chunk of ice and took it in an insulated bag to the barn. I closed the door and took the bag and my handcuffs up to the old hayloft and stripped naked. Before I changed my mind, I handcuffed my hands behind my back and then struggled to get the frozen keys out of my bag, oops. Once I did, I found myself handcuffed and naked, waiting for the ice to melt. I did realised that there was actually nothing I could do, I couldn't even finger myself, I really did feel like a captive.

Thankfully the ice didn't take all that long to melt and I could free myself giving me the chance to bring myself off. I did this a few more times, getting slightly more adventurous with the length of time I would be cuffed, as well as what I was wearing, toys involved and finally adding a leg spreader into the equation. Now this one was good, I'd fixed the middle of the spreader bar to one of the uprights in the hayloft so I was restrained sitting down with my hands behind me, the keys were in a dish with the ice slowly melting. I had tied a piece of string to them so I could pull them across to me when the ice was fully melted.

As the year went on, the ice took less and less time to melt and was now not becoming very useful, sometimes only taking 15 or 20 minutes to melt, so I decided to use a bucket full of sand. This bucket had a hole in the bottom through which the sand would flow, thus rising up bring the keys back to me. This proved to be very acurate and reliable, I always greased the pulley and rope so they slid across each other easily.

Being the pratical type, I built a wooden frame which would support me, similar to a whipping post, with the pulley above my head. I fixed some loops at the bottom to keep my ankles apart and another to attached a wide leather belt to. There was another metal loop above my head which I planned to padlock my wrists to and wait for the keys to be brought into reach. The bucket was behind me, initially supported on a post which I pulled out of the way with a piece of rope, this opened the hole in the bottom, allowing the sand to flow out.

Whilst I was standing there, I heard the barn door open and someone came in. Oh shit, I thought, I am standing here totally naked and helpless with someone wandering around the barn. Keeping as quiet as I could I tried to identify who they were. There was definately two people, I couldn't work out who they were, their voices were not familiar at all. Thankfully they left after what seemed like hours without discovering me. I decided to give my adventures a break after that close call as much as I enjoyed the feeling of total helplessness, I didn't want anything bad to happen to me.

The following summer my parents decided to take my brother on holiday, having spent the last year at university not being able to indulge in my activities I was glad when we convinced each other that I needed to work throughout the summer to build up my funds.

Over the last year I had made a plan which would restrain me for longer. Modifying the whipping post, I added a cross bar above my head and fixed two strong metal rings, one each side. I ran a piece of rope between them and made a loop on each end to which I would attach a wrist cuff. I then ran another long piece of rope over the pulley at the tope of the post from the mid point of the wrist rope to a large metal container supported on two strong trestles. This container had 4 holes in the bottom to allow the sand to flow out.

The container would initially be supported on 4 posts, blocking the holes and hinged in the middle. I ran another piece of rope from each of them to a pulley and then back to where my hands would be. Pulling on this rope would cause the supports to fold up, unblocking the holes and cause the container to drop 4 or 5 cm to the trestles. This would have the effect of pulling my wrists apart preventing me from unclipping them. I intended to use carabiners to attached my wrist cuffs to the end of the rope so all I would need to do is pull my wrists close enough together and unclip atleast one of the carabiners to be free.

I spent the time up until my family went away making sure the barn was free so I wouldn't be interupted and also gathering the stuff together I would need. Thankfully my home made whipping post had not been discovered so was still available for use. I made the modifications according to my plan. I intended to use this for some long term bondage, hopfully most of a weekend.

This was my plan: using the standing spreadeagle post, I would be held there until the sand allowed me to pull my arms down and free myself from that part of the rope. I would then have to wait until the light came up so I could see the keys to unlock my shoes (they are heeled stilletos with padlocks on the ankle straps) and the chain (fixed to a post) around my neck. Once I unlocked those, I would have to climb down the ladder and walk across to the other side of the barn, climb up another ladder to get the keys to unlock the chain between my wrists. In theory this would take most of the weekend.

So on the Saturday morning I prepared myself, had a shower, shaved my pussy completely (first time I had gone totally hairless) and packed the things I would need for my confinement. I hurried to the barn so as to waste as little time as possible. I put the keys to the padlocks on my wrist cuffs and gag on the opposite side of the barn and climbed up to where I would be confined for the next 36 hours or so. I stripped off and put my clothes out of the way. I put on my wrist and ankle cuffs, along with my O ring gag, securing the gag and wrist cuffs with the padlocks along with the short piece of chain between my wrists. I setup the sand container with its supports and filled it to the top with sand (this sand had been sieved to make sure it was as fine as possible and there would be nothing that would block the holes). Then on went the shoes with their padlocks. I put myself in position and fixed my ankles to their supports, attached the belt around my waist and my wrists to the rope. Then pulling on the rope attached to the support, the sand container dropped pulling my wrists upwards and outwards. I was now left sort-of spreadeagled and naked with no way out for a good few hours.

Every now and then I would pull on the rope to see if I could move the container, but it was too heavy. I soon discovered something slightly unpleasent about O ring gags: you dribble as you have no way of closing your mouth to swallow. I must have been a right sight, stark naked with saliva running over my breasts. As the sun began to go down, I realised I would be stuck here in the dark, oh well, all adds to the fun. Whilst I was there I began fantising about why I had been chained up like this, I imagined I was a small town wench who had been caught shagging, being unmarried myself this was simply not allowed. So my punishment was to be chained naked in a room and whoever wanted to could come in and fuck me or lick me or whatever they wanted to do, I was there for their enjoyment, yeah right, like that would actually happen, more likely they would abuse my body rahter making me cum, but hey I could fantasise.

After a while I began to drop off to sleep. Something must have woken me, it was pitch black. I pulled on the ropes on my wrists, but still the container was too heavy, altough I could feel it moving slightly. I could also feel the breeze blowing across my naked body, sending a chill over me. My nipples must be rock hard! By now I was starting to get very horny and really wanted to finger myself, which was obviously not going to happen.

It was now sometime in the middle of the night and my arms were starting to tire a little and my feet were hurting, having been standing there since just before lunch on the Saturday. I pulled on the ropes and could feel the container move, as I pulled hard I could just about reach the clips to release my wrists, which I did, allowing me to unchain my waist. Now came the tricky part: trying to unclip my ankles without actually being able to see anything. After a bit of fumbling around, the clips came undone and I could move away from the post.

The next stage was to unchain my neck and take off my shoes, actually no, the next stage was to bring myself off, finally after hours of getting horny, I could finally bring myself to orgasm.

Now I wanted to unchain my neck and remove my shoes for which I would need the keys which were hidden across the other side of the barn, not going to be easy in the pitch black. So I made my way carefully across to where the keys were and managed to lay my hands on them straight away. But something was wrong, they were not where they were supposed to be. I could have climbed down the ladder with my shoes on, not easily, but it could be done, but the chain around my neck was preventing me from leaving the upper level of the barn. I did fumble around on the floor for a little while in a panic, but could not find, them. I would have to wait until the sun came up and I could look in the light. So I curled up on the floor, chained by the neck and gagged waiting until I could see again.

Finally the sun came up and I could look for the keys. It seems the hook I had put into the hay bail had fallen out, the keys were lying right underneath where they should have been. Finally I could take off my shoes and neck chain. I made my way to the ladder climbed down and walked across to the other side, climbed up the other ladder and collected the keys that would finally release my mouth and wrists. Removing the ball gag was bliss, I could move my mouth again which by now was aching, opening the locks from around my wrists meant I could now get dressed and clear up my adventures.

Next time I wanted it to be longer, maybe add a chastity belt with the keys to that with the gag...


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