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BBF 1: Vicky & Suzan

by The Watcher

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This was told to me by Vicky and Suzan. At the moment they are tied up so I will relate the story to you. The names have been changed to protect the kinky.

Part 1: Vicky & Suzan


Hi, my name is Vicky and I’m going to tell you how I met Suzan. First, a little about myself.  I’m a 28 year old, 5 foot 7 inch brunette. I’m slim with a nice set of full B cups, but I wish I had a rounder butt. But what are you going to do. I live in a small town on the east side of the lake. I own a small cottage located by the edge of park where the dunes are located, it’s mine since my parents got divorced. I was finishing my second year in college. They felt sorry for me since dad was taking off with his trophy wife and Mom decided she wanted to find herself. This was my gift from them since they were too busy with themselves.

My bondage experience is very limited. At college I went with a guy who had tied me up spread eagle a few times after we went drinking. He’d banged me and then rollover and fall asleep. I ended up grinding my hips and pulling on my ropes till I got off. He would finally wake up and lumber off to the bathroom. Once while I was grinding away, he woke up and asked what I was doing. I told him I need to go the bathroom and was trying to get him up. He untied my arms and went to the bath. After I got my legs untied, he returned and was going back to sleep. I finished myself off in the bathroom. The old saying “Slam, bam, thank you ma’am” is what I thought. I did like the bondage part, better than the oaf that was banging me.

So I decide to quit college after two years and move to the cottage. I got a job at the general store in town. I had no major expenses so this was perfect.

The dating here is dismal. These guys are just country boys that just want to get off. So I just kid with them. Don’t want them to know I have a kinky side. Irene on the other hand, seems to be quietly available to all comers.

Well, enough of my background. Now there is Suzan. She came in to my life in the late winter of the year. The first I heard of her, is that Suzan was coming to live in the big house east of town. I heard that the older couple that owned that place had passed away last winter and she inherited the property. At first I thought some old spinster will be moving in to the property. I heard from Jake the Gardner that it was their granddaughter that was moving in. He said that there was going to be a lot of renovations on the house before she moved in. For the next 2 months there were trucks and supplies moving out to the property. A host of tradesman descended on the property. The general store was busy supplying lumber and paint. I was curious to see what was going on so I went to the property and was surprised. A new privacy fence was put around the back of the house, and peeking over the fence I saw a rebuilt covered porch and open deck. Further back on the property I saw a large gazebo. Jake said that the interior was refinished. Looks like Suzan was staying.


On a fine spring day, I was standing at counter of the general store, and a van with California plates pulled up to the grocery store across the street. Out stepped a vision of loveliness, a tanned blond with a cute pony tail. She wore light green, light weight, cotton cargo pants and a baggy tan top. The clothes covered her body so it was difficult to see her figure. But seeing her face, tanned with those rose tinted glasses and sly smile melted my heart.

So I’m here. This town looks small and serine. It will be nice to be able to relax and release my inhibitions. I’m sorry that my grandparents had passed but they had a wonderful long life. Now to see what I have created. First I needed to stock up on food since the town was 9 miles from my 100 acre property. The general store looks promising; I will need supplies from them for my creations.

The weather had warmed up that it was comfortable enough to go to the beach. I was hanging with some of the locals at the picnic tables. I saw Suzan’s van pull into the lot and park at the far end, near the beach. She hopped out and walked down to the beach. She had on a black one piece bathing suit and carried a beach towel. I wanted to meet her so I went to the water and waded down the beach till I came to where she was swimming. She was starting to walk out of the water when I reached her. The one piece bathing suit was very modest. The suit was high at the neck showing no cleavage. The back covered her ass so that not a bit of cheek peeked out. But what was exposed was tan and lovely. She walked with a slow swish, and appeared to be gazing off at some distance place. The suit appeared to be made of rubber and not just black material. It hugged her body and as she left the water, the water just flowed off. It was shiny black and gave her figure a sexy sheen. I introduced myself and she indicated that she had seen me at the General Store. She was in a bit of a rush and said we would meet again when she stopped in the store.

I was tagging items on the shelf when the door chimed, and in walked Suzan. My heart jumped not from the chime but from seeing Suzan. She was again dressed in tan light weight cargo pants and a baggy yellow top. Her blond hair was in a cute pony tail, and she wore rose tinted glasses and had her sly smile. I rushed over before Bob got to her, to see if see needed help.

“Hi, I’m Suzan, I saw you at the beach, and I live at the big place and was seeing what you had as far as hardware.”

“I’m Vicky and I can help you. What are you looking for?”

“I need some rope to hang…… some flower pots on my patio.”

The pause sort of made me think, but then thought nothing of it.

I showed her some white rope but she said that it looked bland since the flower pots were white. I had some sisal rope which was brown but she said it looked rather basic. I then showed some black braided rope. I don’t know what I was thinking; when I showed her the rope, I had wrapped it around my wrist and showed her it was strong yet soft. She smiled a wicked smile as I tugged the rope. When I realized what I was doing. I dropped the end of the rope and blushed.

She liked the rope but it was a little thicker and thought the knots would be unsightly. I showed her some rope clamps, all she had to do was place the rope and the end into clamp and hammer them shut. The little teeth in the bracket would clamp into the rope when hammered down for an indestructible loop. She loved it. So she bought two dozen clamps and 200 feet of rope. I thought 200 feet of rope was a lot for hanging plants. She then bought dozens of I-bolts and I-screws, snap hooks, and pulleys. She noticed we had bungee straps, but said she had used them before and that they stretched out after time. I told her we had rubber straps with hooks on either end that had some stretch but never lost their elasticity.

The minute I mentioned rubber I swear that her eyes lit up at the mentioned of rubber. I showed her the straps and she slowly fondled them and felt their texture. She bought 4 of each size we had. Then she needed some ground stakes, I asked what for; and she said she wanted to support a canopy. I said that the screw in type restraints would be better. Why I said restraint instead of stake I have no idea and then blushed again. She just smiled. I wondered how many pots she planned to hang, and then I wonder if she planned on hanging something other than flower pots.

The following Wednesday Suzan came into the store at about 11. I saw she was looking for something specific. I asked how I could help her. She said she needed ice, and had checked with the grocery store, and was told we sold bags of ice. I said that since we opened earlier than the grocery store, the fisherman needed ice before going out so we stocked it. I said that smallest bag was 10 lbs.; she said that would be great. She bought the bag and left the store in a hurry. Usually she always walked with a slow saunter that I could watch forever. I didn’t ask, but wondered. I had read on the internet that some people use ice as a timing mechanism, when doing self-bondage. Thinking back on all the rope, pulleys, straps, and other stuff I wondered if she wasn’t planning on a little fun.

Finally; time for my awaited fantasy. I have been planning for this since I got here.

First I install the ratchet pulley on the tree. This tree was between two others were I would be enjoying my play. When I worked at the display design firm in California I had two of these devices made. It has two spools on a metal shaft that turned freely together since they were attached together. At the end of one spool was a gear and pawl. A chain hung from the pawl with a 3 pound weight keeping the pawl disengaged from gear. A thin rope was also attached to the pawl and over the frame through two eye screws to a bucket with a perforated bottom.

When there is ice in the bucket it would keep the pawl against the gear and the drum could only turn in the clockwise direction.  When the ice melted, the 3 pound weight was heavier than the bucket, and disengaged the pawl from the gear so it would turn in both directions. On one spool I wound up 4 feet of rope and attached it to a 10 pound weight. The weight was on a platform, and with a pull of a rope, the pin holding the platform would drop, letting the weight drop turning the drum in a clockwise direction. The rope tied to me would be on the other spool, taken up as the weight dropped. The pawl would be engaged so you could not pull back on the rope to get loose until the ice melted. Stretched and stuck, I just couldn’t wait.

Now I was ready to start getting ready for my fantasy. I stripped naked and felt my sleek body. Being totally tanned, 5 foot 5 inches, blond, completely shaved from the neck down. I felt my full C cups, and gave a pull on the nipple rings. No time to mess around, have to get displayed.

I got my rubber wrist and ankle restraints. I made these years ago, never like rope since it burned and cuffs were too hard on me. Always afraid a key would be lost and then you’re stuck. The restraints were simple, two plastic rings that fit my arms and legs, I cut out a small section so they would sort of stretch apart. I used a square piece of thick rubber and wrapped the end of the rubber square on to the two rings so they formed a tube with a slit from top to bottom along the side were the rings were cut. I reinforced 3 D-rings to the tubes, back, inside and outside for multiple attachments. Then the locking mechanism, I attached a bottom piece of Velcro to both sides of the slit. Then I attached a top piece of Velcro to one side of the slit at the top. At the end of the top piece of Velcro I have a nylon strap sewn on, with this loose strap I looped it back thru the D-ring above the top piece of Velcro. The strap has a ring sown on the end so it would not pass back thru the D-ring.

To use the restraint I just push my arm or leg into the restraint, the rings split open and snug up once it is in place. I then take the top Velcro and smooth it over the lower half and the restraint is secure. To release the restraint I just pull on the ring attached to the strap and peel the Velcro back so the split is free. It was strong, comfortable and made of RUBBER.

Now with my restraints on, time to get the rest of my setup done. I have the screw in stakes about 3 ½ feet apart. Two small pieces of black rope with two loops and a snap ring at each end are attached to the stakes. Above me 2 ropes are hanging down from my ratchet drum. Now for my rubber sports bra, I modified it by cutting out about ¾ of the rubber cups. I placed a reinforcing ring around the cups to force my breasts to stand out. Stretching this on and forcing my tits through the opening to have them sticking out like two melons. Now for the weights for the nipple rings, I have two ounce weights, one on each string, I attach these to my nipple rings. I feel the weights pulling my nipples. It’s sort of exhilarating now but after time I imagine it will be different.

Time for my butt plug, I gave it a good coating of lube and slowly smear some around my butt hole. It already anticipated the entry and seemed to be puckering up. I bend over and slowly I start to force the plug in. I finally need to get my butt against a tree and lean in to it till it finally pops in. That was a rush. Next my pulsating dildo, I love this one. It is covered with big ridges in the form of a swirl. You have to sort of screw it in because of the ridges. The pulsating feature is great. It starts off with short low buzzing pulses and then off, and then a stronger longer buzz, and off, and on again always longer and stronger. Once it tops out, it starts the cycle over again. So if you don’t get off the first time you start over with the slow tease. I was already so hot that my love juices were flowing when I screwed in the dildo.

To finish off before I hook up to the ratchet, I get my rubber crotch restraint. It a simple 3 inch wide belt with a piece at the center that goes between my legs and secures at the front of the belt. I secure the belt around me and tug it tight so the Velcro is tight, I take the center strap from behind and bring it between my legs, I give it a good tug this forces the strap between my cheeks and buries the butt plug and dildo; I then slipped it under the front of the belt and over to secure the Velcro.

The last items are the rubber hood, ball gag, blind fold and earmuffs. The hood is stretched over my head, got the pony tail out of the slit in the back and lined up the face. The feel and smell of the rubber just drives me crazy. With the hood in place, I secured the Velcro closure around my neck. Now for the ball gag, I have to stretch my mouth a bit to get the ball in and secure the Velcro strap behind my head. Now I place the earmuffs on to block out noise as I drift away in my fantasy.

It is amazing when all sounds are blocked out, how the mind substitutes different ideas. Before the blindfold, I bend down and secure the snap rings on my ground stakes to my ankle restraints. Now my legs are spread about 3 feet apart. I check that the rope restraints are in position; the drop rope for the weight is over my shoulder. Now the time for the commitment, I slip the blind fold in place and secure it with Velcro straps at the back of my head.

This is it. I reach down between my legs and press the little button on the dildo. It gives a small buzz to indicate that it is on and ready to get me off. I reach up and grab the two wrist restraints ropes and clip the snap rings onto the rubber restraint D-rings. Now is the time to commit or chicken out. I stood there and wondered if I’m ready for a prolonged session. I’ve done a shorten version in my townhouse in California. With the amount of ice I have in the bucket this should last for a long time. I gripped the drop rope and wondered if this is what I want.

YES, I need this. I yearn this. Just then the dildo gave a little buzz, and I pulled the drop rope. The weight went down; the take up spool took the loose tension out of my wrist restraints ropes and yanked my arms so I was spread eagle between two trees. Dare I stretch a bit further to really have me stretched out. I have committed, so yes, and I stretched out a bit further so the ratchet took up the last of the slack and I was going into my fantasy mode.

I just pictured myself spread eagle, the butt plug filling my ass and the dildo slowly pulsing me to an orgasm. The little nipple weights were starting to arouse me and as my nipples started to harden, the weights seem to become heaver.

Where will I be, what fantasy, Vicky was cute. Wait, why did Vicky cross my mind. She was interesting at the general store when she wrapped the black rope around her arm and said how strong and soft it was and blushed. She probably is riding hard on the guys in town. No, I’m the new billboard for the Ladies Bondage Ranch. I’m hung out on the expressway as an exit marker. Spread before thousands of drivers as they rushed down the highway. Then the Dildo started its cycle and I was getting into grinding my hips to the cycle to get the maximum out of the pulsations. The pulsations matched my thrusts and I was slowly coming to a climax. Then the vibrator turned off. Mrfff!!! I will have to wait for the next cycle. But I will be ready for it since I was already primed.

So what was Suzan up to? I took off early from work since it was slow and decided to sneak over to her place. The road to her place twists down through her 100 acres, so as I neared her house, I parked about 100 feet away. I snuck over to the front of the house and saw her van. I knew she was home. I rang the doorbell but no one answered.  I went around to the back yard and peeked over the fence.  I didn’t see anyone on the deck or porch. I wondered if maybe she was inside. My heart sank. Before leaving I glanced toward the far side of the yard and saw something by a stand of trees, but the gazebo partially obstructed my view. I walked back further along the fence and found a stump to stand on; I slowly peeked over the fence and was completely surprised by what I saw.

There was Suzan spread eagle between two trees. I ducked down and peeked again. I was not sure if she could see me. I took my camera phone out and set the zoom to max and pop up and took a quick picture. I reviewed the picture and saw that she had a black hood on. I popped up again and took a few more pictures. I figured that since she had a hood on, I could sneak into the yard for a closer look. I rushed to the front of the house and around to the other side to where the gate was, it was unlocked. I was surprised. Then I thought that this far out, who would be visiting. I sneaked in and walked along the fence just in case she could see till I was quite close. Now, for the moment of truth. Should I walk in front of her and maybe be spotted and ruin everything or just watch from the side. The hell with it I’ll take my chance, I can always plead forgiveness. I slowly walked in front of Suzan and waved my hand. No response. I got worried that she may have gone too far but then noticed her pelvis was doing mini thrusts.

Seeing that she had on a blindfold and earmuffs, I figured that she was in a world of her own. I decided to examine this lovely creature and see what she had gotten in to. The ankle and wrist restraints were of heavy rubber and locked tight with Velcro. It was an amazing design. The rubber crotch strap was tightly bound across her pussy and dug deep in-between her butt cheeks. She had a lovely ass, not a bubble butt; it was just a bit chubby. She had “Chubby Cheeks”; I wish I could have given them a kiss. Stretched out, she just looked amazing. The rubber sports bra with the cups cut out had her tits standing out like blimps. Those nipple weights had to be really arousing those nipples since they were erect and stretched.

She was stretched out so that she had very little movement but still was able to grind her hips. Then I heard it, a slight buzz, then off again. Then on again a little stronger, then off, then on and stronger. Suzan started to gyrate to the buzzer; she was working herself to a climax. I stood there in amazement as she started to do her best to come to a climax. She finally arched her back and made a guttural sound from her ball gag and slumped as best she could in her predicament. She had gotten off. This made me hot as hell. I wished I could join her.

I decided that the least I could do was get myself off in front of her. Before doing that I looked at the release mechanism to make sure I would not be caught mid climax by Suzan being released. The bucket was dripping water and I assumed that when the ice melted it would release her. There was some ice in the bucket and I felt safe to indulge in a bit of fun. I got in front of her, stripped off my jeans, panties, t-shirt and bra. I listened for the vibrator and when it started I lay down on the ground in front of Suzan and started to work myself to climax. I massaged my tits and started to slowly rub my pussy and finally work up to the clit and launched in to full blown orgasm. I let out a loud moan when I came. This startled me since I was never that vocal. I saw Suzan again stiffen up and she had gone through another climax. I just wondered if she had heard me through those earmuffs.

I was spent but knew that I could not stay for her release. How would I explain myself, invading her privacy? I wanted to get on her good side, well actually, her kinky side. I figured since she gave me such a good time, I could return the favor and went to the cooler and took out some ice cubes and added them to the bucket. That should give her another hour of bliss. I got dressed and was headed for the truck when I throught, I didn’t have any video of Suzan in bondage. I quickly rushed back and got my camera phone out and set it to video and did a full circuit of Suzan in her glory. I was treated to her going thru another orgasm. This will make a great video, something to watch on a rainy night.

I ran back to the truck, not that I had an appointment but that I wanted to get back home and watch the video again and again. After a quick drive, I made it home, slammed the door shut and stripped as quickly as I could. I downloaded the pictures and video into an encrypted folder on my laptop. I got out old knobby, it had thousands of nubs on the surface, a dildo I had for years. I popped in fresh batteries; got some of that black rope I had and tied my ankles. I started my video of Suzan and proceeded to work my pussy hard, those nubs and vibration sending me to a wild climax. Again I gave out a loud moan. I thought that I better get a gag.

I was exhausted, I don’t know how long I hung there or how many organisms I had. But I was a dish rag. The ice had melted and I could feel the pulley give. I pulled down my arms which were weak and pulled the rings on the Velcro straps and unlocked my wrists. I pulled off the blind fold. I bent down I pulled the rings on my ankle straps and peeled the Velcro back and stepped out of the restraints.. My nipples were sore from the bouncing weights, was ass was stretched out from the butt plug, and the dildo had done its job, sending me to multiple orgasms.  I decided to leave the stuff till later; I was thirsty, hungry and spent. I started to walk back to the house, but remember to go back to the birdhouse first.

When I got back to the house, I stripped off the earmuffs, pulled the ball gag out of my mouth, stretched and relaxed my jaw. I then peeled off the rubber hood and massaged my face. I carefully released the weights from my nipple rings and gave them a bit of a rub to show my appreciation. I then ripped back the Velcro on the crotch strap and the dildo practically slid out because I was so wet. The tough one was going to be the butt plug. I reached back and firmly grabbed the edge of the plug and slowly twisted and pulled until the plug popped out. That was a great relief. I dragged my ass to the shower and sat on my plastic stool in the shower till I was revitalized. I then dried off and went for some food and many tall glasses of wine.

As I lay on the chase lounge chair, sipping a bit of wine, I thought on how I could intensify my latest bondage adventure. I needed something to really impale me. I am going to give it some thought.



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