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Beach Bondage

by Chris

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© Copyright 2001 - Chris - Used by permission

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Bondage on the Beach (A First-timer's True Story)

It was my last night at the beach.  My friend and I had gone down for a few days to meet some women and have a good time.  We went to a bar the last night to see an awesome band but unfortunately, struck out with the women there.  We returned to the hotel and my friend quickly passed out (what a lightweight).

I was still a little excited from grinding with the women at the club.  I wanted to have an orgasm but didn't want to do it with my friend there even though he was passed out.  Because of the Internet, I've ready many self-bondage stories and have tried it at home over the years.  I always wanted to do it outside and this was my chance.  I put on my swimsuit and shirt and grabbed a pair of handcuffs I keep handy "just in case" I meet a woman at a club who's into bondage.

I went to the beach and walked a few minutes in one direction.  Unfortunately, I came upon a couple having sex in the sand.  So, I tried the other direction and found it was deserted.

Since this was a spur of the moment adventure, I would have to keep it simple.  The first part of my plan was to leave the key at the base of the lifeguard chair near my hotel.  I did this and I then walked a few minutes up the beach to another lifeguard chair I saw while scouting the location.  This is when my heart really started pounding.  I quickly took my clothes off and threw them on the lifeguard's chair.  As you may know these chairs are about ten feet high and you have to climb to get into one.  Normally, this would be no problem, but with handcuffs on I wouldn't be able to get my clothes down.

It was time for the proverbial moment of truth.  I put one handcuff on the first wrist.  I put my hands behind my back and before I could chicken out, I snapped the other one on.  Now it was too late. It was then that I really understood what other writers mean when they describe the feeling at the "point of no return."  I felt two things: exhilaration and fear. My only option at that point was to go to the other lifeguard chair, get the key and come back naked.  I started walking.  I was still pretty drunk (fortunately, because I'm sure I wouldn't have done this sober).  It was kind of hard walking in the loose sand, but I only fell once (not a pleasant sensation, especially since I couldn't brush the sand off.)

I walked for what seemed like a very long time.  I could still see some people milling around their hotel rooms, although most of the lights were off.  I made my way to the first chair, found the key, and removed the handcuffs.  After brushing the sand off, I climbed up in the lifeguard chair and masturbated while looking at the waves and stars.  After I finished I quickly returned to the other lifeguard chair, grabbed my clothes, put them back on, and returned to my hotel room.

The whole adventure probably only took about fifteen minutes, but it was fifteen of the most exciting minutes I could imagine.  Looking back while sober, I realize it was a pretty stupid thing to do.  I guess the combination of beer and sexual frustration overcame my good sense.

Will I do it again?  I don't know, but I have a beach memory that will last a lifetime.



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