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Beach Selfbondage

by Adam Egg

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© Copyright 2003 - Adam Egg - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; outdoors; caught; M/f; bdsm; climax; cons; X

This story is fiction.  Don't try this at home (unless you know what you are doing).  I tried to write this from a female point of view.  I hope I got the feelings and emotions correct.

I have been doing self-bondage for some time and very much enjoy the hog tie, for which I devised a release device.  The parts list:  Two lengths of 2" PVC pipe 4" long, four 2" end caps, PVC glue, two eye bolts about 5" long, four nuts and two large washers to fit the eye bolts, one 1/4" bolt about 1" long, one nut and two washers for the bolt.  Start by drilling a 1/4" hole in two of the end caps.  Install a washer on the bolt and push it through one of the end caps from the inside.  Place the second end cap over the bolt and add the washer and nut, then tighten well.  A little glue between the end caps and under the washers will help seal the holes.  Next, glue each piece of pipe into the end caps.  Drill a large hole in each of the last two end caps, just a little larger than the washers for the eye bolts and glue them to the end of the pipes.  Finally, install a nut on each eye bolt and thread it along about 1/2", then install the washer and second nut.  Tighten everything very well.  

Now comes the tricky, two step, freezing part.  Put the washer end of one eye bolt through the large hole and hold it, centered, with string, wire, rubber bands or what ever you have.  Fill that side with water and carefully balance this in the freezer with the eye bolt up.  Don't fill the chamber completely full because water will expand when it freezes and you don't want to break this device before you try it.  Freezing the other side is a little tricky.  With the eye bolt secure you can't flip it over.  If your freezer has a wire shelf you may be able to put the eye bolt between the wires.  Otherwise, you could place the device on a large cap from a spray paint can or something similar.  Once frozen, the ice will hold the washer and eye bolt in place until most of the ice has melted, then with a little shake the washer will slide through the hole.
The night came when I decided to do some outdoor, beach, self-bondage.  There is a strip of beach near my house, which is rarely used during the day and even less at night.  There is a place to park a car, hidden behind some large boulders, so no one will see my car.  There is an old, unused, lifeguard stand about 1/4 mile from the parking area.  I got my wrist and ankle cuffs, two locks, which are keyed the same, some rope and a ball gag.  I put on a bathing suit, grabbed my wallet, release device, other item and went to my car.  The release device was placed in an insulated container to keep it from melting too much during the short drive and walk.  There was a quarter moon so I didn't use my head lights for the short drive and once parked I locked my wallet in the car and took everything to the guard stand.  With a final look around, I removed my bathing suit, added the breast and crotch bondage (a little loose), put on the wrist and ankle cuffs, and walked off a short distance.  Even though I would be able to stand up later, with my ankles locked, the walk back to the guard stand would be with very small steps.
Well, this was it.  With a last look around, I dropped to my knees, slipped a lock through the ankle cuffs, through the eye bolt on the release device and clicked it closed.  Next I tightened the breast and crotch bonds and popped the gag into my mouth.  With a quick tie of the gag there is only one step left.  One more look around and I slipped the lock through the wrist cuffs (not an easy task), through the eye bolt and click, done.
After about a minute on my knees I twisted a little and rolled on my side.  I can feel the crotch rope pull and put pressure on the right spot.  The semi-coarse sand feels good on my breasts as I roll onto them.  Next, I try to rub my stomach into the sand.  That feels good too.  Rolling and squirming, every movement increases my arousal a little more.  I manage to roll on my back and push my stomach as high as I can.  This pulls the crotch rope even more.  Oh no, a little too high and I gently fall back on my side.  That's OK, I can do the same movements from here.  More rolling, more stretching, more rubbing, more squirming, this is so....
Oh no, Why do I see a pair of feet?  I slowly look up to see a tall man standing there but it's too dark to make out his face.  He kneels down and says, "You seem to be a bit of a fix, aren't you?" 

I tried to look away and nod my head a little.  I am totally embarrassed.  How long has he been watching this show. 

Then my embarrassment turned to fear.  I feel his hand caress my side as he says, "You have a lovely body.  Very nice, especially when bound.  Since you like bondage maybe you would like a little discipline also." 

I shake my head 'no' about as hard as I can.  He takes a thin rod from his pants and moves behind me.  As he sits in the sand he puts his feet between my back and hands and pushes to arch my back and stretches my stomach tight.  Now I'm really scared.  What is he going to do?  

After he brushed the sand from my skin there is a sharp sting on my stomach.  It was more startling than painful but there was a small amount of pleasure also.  After a few seconds there was another, then a third.  "How about your thighs?", he asked.  I didn't move.  "Silence implies consent.", he said as he applied three stinging blows to my thighs about five seconds apart. 

As he stood he said, "I think you like this.  How about a few whacks on this nice ass?"  (Well, he can't be all bad.  At least he thinks I have a nice ass.)  This time I give a little nod yes.  Again, three more whacks about five seconds apart.  I can't believe this is happening to me, a bondage session with added discipline.  And I can't believe my level of arousal.  The time delay between stings gives me time to think.  When will the next whack come?  Will it be harder?  Will he hit the same spot? 

"Would you like more on you stomach?", he asks.  I give a little nod.  "Shake you head 'no' when you have had enough.", he commands as I feel the familiar whack and wait.  Sting, delay, sting, delay, sting, delay, I don't know how many times.  Some high, some low, some in the middle.  

I finally shake my head and he stops as promised.  "More on your thighs?"  Nod yes.  "Tell me when to stop."  Whack, wait, whack, wait, maybe a dozen or more times.  Each sting brings me closer to an orgasm.  I'm still a little afraid, what will he do later?  The ice will melt but I won't be able to run.  I give in and shake my head.  "How about some more on that nice ass?"  (Nice, again.  I'm thrilled.)  I give a nod 'yes'. 

This time he rolls me on my stomach and my breasts rub into the sand again.  I don't think I have ever been this aroused in my entire life.  He lifts on the release device, pulling my arms and legs back.  Only my nipples are on the sand and I try to rub them a little.  "Is this too much pressure?"  I shake my head 'no'.  I think this guy wants me to have a lot of pleasure. Whack and wait, one cheek then the other.  Then down to the back of my thighs.  Every blow makes me squirm, every squirm makes me more aroused.  If I don't have an orgasm soon I'm going to explode. (Horny woman explodes, film at eleven.)  It's too much, I shake my head, he stops and lets me relax.  

He rolls me on my side again and asks, "Do you feel OK?"  I close my eyes and give a slow and deliberate nod 'yes'.  "Lets try this."  I feel his hand gently clean the sand from my breasts.  This is really good until I feel the sting again but this time on my breasts.  "Do you want more?"  I nod and it starts, first one breast then the other, some on top , some on the bottom, always missing the nipple.  Good thing, they are so hard they would have broken.  Between the blows I notice his hand on my stomach.  For me, that is a very sensitive area.  But how did he know that?  Who is this guy?  My mind has faded in to an altered state.  I almost feel like I'm standing outside of body watching all that is going on.  Now his hand has moved down to my thighs.  As he rubs and squeezes I spread my legs.  Please, give me an orgasm, please.  

A few hard whacks bring me back to reality and I shake my head to stop.  He shakes the release device.  "Almost melted, we should finish."  I feel the rope loosen from my breasts and crotch.  His hands are rather strong as he fondles my breast but he's not hurting me, and I don't think he will.  He is only using one hand on one breast but his forearm is on the other breast.  Both are being rolled around in a circle.  My breasts aren't very large but he sure is making the most of them.  I feel a hand slide down my ribs, over my stomach, toward my crotch.  A finger slowly slides inside and the others gently caress along my labia.  'Two fingers. Please, use two fingers', I thought but he didn't read my mind. With every thing else he has done, I'm almost surprised that he can't hear my thoughts. 

He is slow and deliberate with his stimulation but I'm so aroused it takes less then a minute before the final reward starts.  First it starts in my crotch and moves up.  My nipples turn into rocks.  I'm almost embarrassed that they are so hard but I can't think about it now.  Wave upon wave of pleasure rush over me, moving from head to toe and back and back again.  His hands continued their steady stimulation.  I bucked, I moaned, I rolled, I groaned, I squirmed, I writhed, I spasmed. I did every thing except crawl out of my own skin but he continued to give me more and more and more.  When I thought I would pass out the release broke lose and I was able to roll away.  I lay there for a while allowing the orgasm to subside, gasping for breath.  When I finally opened my eyes there was no one there.  He was gone!  No, no, where is he?  Where did he go?  He can't leave now, he just can't.  I rolled up on my knees to get a better look around.  "Come back", I yelled into the gag but all that comes out was "Mmmm  mmmm".  I didn't dream this, did I?  No, it was real, I can still feel his hand on my breast.  I slumped back on to my heels.  I wanted to cry. Why did he leave?
After resting a few minutes I was able to get to my feet, start the slow shuffle back to the life guard stand and the keys to freedom.  All I could think of was 'Why did he leave?'.  It was so good, I wanted to, at least, thank him.  Oh no, the keys!  Did he steal my car!  I tried to hurry back to the stand but when I arrived, nothing had been touched.  Actually, something was added, a bottle of water.  Now I have two things to thanks him for.  After fumbling with the keys for a minute I unlocked the wrist cuffs and took a drink.  I just sat there, completely nude, trying to understand why he didn't stay.  Except for seeing me nude, he didn't get much out of this, I got all the benefits. 

Oh well, at least, I'm secure in the fact that he thinks I have a nice ass.  If I ever find this guy I'm going to marry him, or, at least, live with him.  I finally put on the bathing suit, gathered everything together and headed for the car.  The walk back seemed to be much longer than I remembered.  I unlocked the door, sat in the seat, closed the door and started the engine.  One of my favorite songs had just started on the radio so I sat there and listened for a few minuted before backing out to head home.  As I turned on the head lights, I noticed something on the windshield.  I rolled down the window and reached out to find a piece of paper.  The message: 'Hope I can see you again.'  Oh yea, you will.
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