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Beach Selfbondage

by Adam Egg

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© Copyright 2003 - Adam Egg - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; denial; M/f; bond; tickle; outdoors; climax; cons; X

This story is fiction. Don't try this at home (unless you know what you are doing). Never meet a stranger alone, it could be dangerous.
Part Two

The night on the beach was memorable, it won't be forgotten for a long time. The experience even crept into my dreams a few times. I would awake rolling all over the bed and need to put a hand between my legs to finish what the dream had started. Just thinking about that night made the orgasms better.
It had been nearly two weeks since that night as I left the house for the drive to work. It started as a normal Thursday morning until I arrived at my car and found a note: 'For more of the same, come to the lifeguard stand midnight Friday night.' I had kept the previous note and compared them both. The hand writing and paper were the same. It was him. A slight chill of fear went down my spine, he knows where I live. I quickly looked around, almost expecting to see him standing there, but it was a fruitless effort. Concentrating at work wasn't just difficult, it was almost impossible, good thing it wasn't a busy day. My supervisor is normally in meetings during the morning but I caught her after lunch. I made up a story about a plumbing problem and was given Friday off. I even managed to slip out a little early.
Evening rush hour, in this small town, isn't a big deal but there is always ONE slow poke. "Come on grandpa, put your foot down!", I yelled but the car windows were closed and Mr. Wilson didn't hear me. He's a real nice, senior gentleman and I shouldn't yell but I wanted to get home, NOW! "OK, get a grip on yourself. Relax!", I said to myself. "You have over 30 hours before anything happens. Oh, great! Now he's got me talking to myself." Then it hit me, 30 hours! Holy geewiz, 30 hours of anticipation, 30 hours of 'What will happen?', 30 hours of 'Are we there yet?'. (Well...sort of.) 30 hours, holy crap.
Finally, I roared up to the house and almost skidded to a stop in the driveway. "Chill out!", I yelled to myself. I can't believe, how this one guy, has gotten into my head. I just had to relax. After a few good, deep breaths, I got out of the car, picked up the mail and went inside. Junk, junk, bill, junk, letter. No stamp, no return address, just hand writing on the front: 'To the beautiful, self-binder with the nice ass'. I stood so fast that the chair fell over with a crash. I jumped at the sound, and ran to the door to lock it. In this small, quiet community there is rarely a need to lock doors but this was different. He had been right here, outside the front door, on the front porch. Was he in the house? I ran to the desk and retrieved my pistol. It's only a .22 cal. but with a ten round clip it will do some damage. My dad was an avid hunter and even though I didn't want to shoot a "Bambi", he did teach me how to handle firearms, VERY well.

After I released the safety and cycled a round into the chamber, I returned to the table where the infamous envelope still lay. It had not been sealed as I opened the flap and removed the letter. With shaking hands, I unfolded the single page, which read: 'Please don't be scared. I won't hurt you. If you want more of the same pleasure, come to the beach at midnight Friday night. Bring your equipment including your 'release device'. When you arrive, just wait and I will be there very soon. Don't worry, I will be alone and we will have a chance to talk, in case you want to back out. This will be for you, again. If you don't arrive by 12:15 am Saturday morning I will know you don't want to do this and you will NEVER hear from me again, I swear.' 

"You shouldn't swear. It's not nice.", I said to myself trying to make a tiny joke. His words were, somewhat, calming but I was still shaking inside. OK, maybe something to eat will help me relax. There's too much in my head, I can't think about cooking. No problem, leftovers, thank goodness for microwave ovens. Vegetable soup is always better a few days later and with a turkey sandwich, I was nearly back to normal.
I read the letter a few more times. 'The same pleasure.' I thought about how much pleasure there was two weeks ago and my level of arousal went from three to seven. Just great! 28 hours to go. (Yes, I'm counting down.) How an I going to keep my hands away from myself? I don't want to have an orgasm. I want him to give it to me. I don't have that much will power. Wait, I'll secure myself overnight, I've done it before. I tried a spread eagle, bed tie one evening but fell asleep before the ice released the key. I have never had such erotic dreams, before or after, that night. Must have been the crotch and breast ropes. That was the only morning I was late for work. I had a real good excuse but I was NOT telling them. But first I need to prepare the release device. Water into one side and into the freezer along with an old, one gallon ice cream container. It was only half full of water and I added some ice to help it freeze faster. I placed a key in a piece of foam and floated it near the center of the container. In a few hours the water would freeze enough so the container could be filled completely. It would take a few hours to melt Friday morning and I could fill the other side of the release device when I removed the container with the key.
Turkey has a chemical that makes people sleepy and I could feel the effects of the sandwich. I'm not a big eater but I ate as much as I could. I wanted to sleep as long as possible. I took a large bowl, filled it with ice and water, added a straw and placed it on the bathroom sink. This way I could get a drink if needed. Also, I placed a towel on the side of the bath tub. If I needed to urinate during the night I could dry myself by squatting on the towel. The turkey was taking effect so I checked the container. It was froze enough to fill completely then I turned off the lights and went to the bedroom. I got the 'good' wrists cuffs, the 4" wide, double buckle, sueded lined type. Once properly secured, the lock passed through the buckles and they will NOT come off. I use part of an old pair of cotton socks, with the toe cut off, to absorb any perspiration so the suede wouldn't be ruined. They cost too much to damage with something this simple. I normally wear pyjamas but, If I need to use the bathroom, I didn't want to fumble with anything without the use of hands. I remove all my clothes, applied the cuffs, got into bed, turned out the light and put my hands behind my back. The lock was passed up through one cuff and down through the other, then I stopped to think. Did I forget anything? A quick mental check list said 'no'. I move into as comfortable a position as I could find and click, done. Almost, out of habit I glanced at the clock. 10:00pm, T minus 26 hours and counting, Houston. I rolled over, closed my eyes and was out in seconds.
I awoke, needing to use the bathroom, NOW. With a roll and a wiggle I was out of bed and on the way for some much needed relief, as the night light guided the way. Oh no, I forgot to raise the lid. Quick, turn around, grab the lid and sit, Fast! A-h-h, that's better and I thought 'What a smart idea, putting a towel on the side of the tub, and, in about a minute, everything was out. I stood, put one foot in the tub and squatted down. As soon as my crotch touched the towel I realized, 'What a stupid idea, putting a towel on the side of the tub'. My level of arousal went from one to nine in the tiniest fraction of a microsecond, my legs betrayed me and went totally limp then my hips started an involuntary rocking motion. "NO! Not like this. I just can't.", I whined.

Gathering every last ounce of strength, and a little more, I forced myself to stand. My legs were shaking, I couldn't move for fear of falling. After a good, deep breath my head cleared so I could step out and go back to bed. I can't believe I'm doing all this.', I thought. 'He better be good or I'm going to kick him in his crotch and let him feel the way I feel now!.' (Well...kind of.) It was now 4:00 am. This stupid clock is getting on my nerves. Why didn't I unplug it or turn it around or put it in a drawer or something? Wow, am I in a bad mode or what? First, I want to kick a guy, then I curse a clock. With a wiggle and a roll I was back in bed, mostly, and with a big, deep sigh I closed my eyes. Sleep didn't come as fast this time, too much going on between legs. Maybe I should have given myself an orgasm.

Maybe I could have held back to make it a small one. Maybe it would make it easier to sleep. Maybe he will...z-z-z.
Beep...beep...beep... That stupid clock is going to die! With the roll and wiggle, again, I'm out of bed and trying to turn it off. It's a lot easier when you can see your hands and I need the bathroom, again. I must have the world's tiniest bladder so I grabbed the clock and walk to the bathroom pulling the cord from the wall. At least it stopped the incessant beeping. Still holding the clock, I sat sideways on the toilet and allowed the cord to slip through my finger. It's a perfectly good clock. Why let it drop and break. But, I won't make make the same mistake twice and squat on that towel, there's got to be another way. Forget it, it's not that important, I'm going to the kitchen and get the key. Oh no! You stupid woman! The key is in the ice, the ice is in the freezer and the freezer is in TOP. I expected to wait while the ice melted but it won't melt unless I get it out. I can bend over and reach the handle but my arms are too short to reach inside. I need a little altitude, and one of the chairs should be enough, just enough. The container falls with a bang. At least it's out and it will start to melt and I need to fill the other side of the release device. 

All the ice had melted in the bowl in the bathroom. If I put this ice in that bowl it will melt faster. I wanted to use hot water in the kitchen sink but I can't reach the valve. OK, I'll just pick it up and take it to the bathroom. WOW! That is cold on my ass. OK, plan B, I'll push it with my foot then pick it up, quick. Down, grab, stand, cold ass, in the bowl. No, I missed. The ice went in the sink and the bowl went on the floor. What a splash, at least it's only water. And good thing the bowl was plastic, I would be in serious trouble if it was glass. Hindsight is always 20/20, why didn't I put it in the tub? Doesn't matter, I can reach these valves and with the drain closed, the ice should melt rather fast. With the sink full of hot water, I went to the bedroom to relax, can't do much until the ice melts. I did the roll and wiggle again and got back in bed. Wet, naked, aroused and cuffed, what a way to start the morning. Maybe the night will be better. Maybe he will...z-z-z.
Bang...bang...bang. I was startled awake by someone at the front door. Now what! I could see through the curtain that it was only the mail man but my heart was still pounding as I manage to open the peep hole with my nose. 

"Sorry, I can't open the door. Just got out of the shower. What can I do for you?"

"Oh, nothing. Just saw your car. Wanted to make sure you were OK."

"Yes, fine, thanks. Just took the day off."

"Sorry to bother you. Have a good week end", he said as he turned and waved good bye.

"No problem. Thank you, bye." He looked to be a few years older than me and his voice, almost, sounded familiar. Could it be...? No way. 

If he had only known what was really happening on this side of the door. What a thrill he could of had. Better check on the key. It was nearly melted but the water was only luke warm so I drained it out and added more hot water. I still can't do very much while cuffed so I went to the living room and tried to turn on the TV. Not an easy task. This town is too small for cable and I hate soap operas. They are all the same: The wife is pregnant to the brother-in-law and she thinks that the husband thinks that he is the father but, unknown to her, the husband had a vasectomy before they got married, three years ago, and he didn't tell his brother either, so the brother thinks that the wife thinks that the husband thinks that it's his baby. I think? Oh, forget it. 10:00 am, 14 hours to go. Wow, I've been cuffed and nude for twelve hours. My shoulders are a little stiff but otherwise, just fine. I'm going to use these cuffs tonight. Better check the key, almost done. Maybe I should plan a few details for tonight. I need to urinate again so I will just sit and think and watch the ice melt. Exciting.
I've always had a problem undressing in front of a man and letting him see me nude, once down to the underwear, that's it. I really like it when he removes what's left, but the lights must be off or we must be under the bed sheets. In the past two weeks, the moon went through the full phase to the last quarter so it will be about as dark (or light) as it was then. I have a, very revealing, strap-less, tie on bikini. The bottom ties on the sides and the top ties both front and back. When I bought it, several years ago, mom thought it was fine, but dad called it "dental floss". (A good dad can't be beat, sarcasm not withstanding.) I could add a shirt as a cover-up and he could remove the bikini later. After a big, deep sigh I checked the ice, done. I took the key and went to sit on the bed. This way, if the key drops, it will only fall an inch. A little fumbling and freedom! Oh-h-h, it feels so good to finally stretch, but how will I keep my hands out of my crotch? Will power, it will just have to be, will power, and if I get dressed, it will help keep me under control. I know they aren't clean but I will put on what I took off last might. There are several things to do which will keep my mind occupied but first, I must fill the other side of the release device. To help it freeze faster, I filled a glass with crushed ice and added water. After a little stir with a spoon, the water is poured in and back into the freezer. Time for breakfast, actually brunch. Get the coffee started and get the mail. 

Junk, junk, bill, junk, but no letter. I don't know if that's good or bad. The coffee is almost done so I can put bread in the toaster. In a few minutes I'm getting my first cup of coffee about four hours late, and after about ten minutes, breakfast was over. It wasn't enough, being aroused must burn a lot of calories. I need to remember that for the next time I feel the need to diet. More toast, more coffee, now I'm ready, but for what? The grass needs mowing, that will keep me busy until afternoon. After ten minutes, I put the ride-on mower back in the shed, it bounces too much. I'll finish with the push mower but even walking turns me on. OK, think of something else. Z, Y, X, W, ah, V, ah, U, ah, ah, crap! Not working. I'll sit on the back porch and look at the clouds. That one looks like a duck and that looks like a horse and that looks like a...a... pencil! No, it does NOT! I'm not going to make it. Will power, more will power. I can do this, I have to. I haven't really done anything but I'm exhausted. I'm taking a nap right here.
I woke at 5:00 pm feeling refreshed and less aroused so I can finish mowing the grass. That took about two hours and I was able to keep my mind on what I was doing. Well... most of the time. With that done, it's time for supper. Macaroni and cheese is normally a good meal and since I slept through lunch, I will add will add some ham. Carbohydrates and protein, that should keep me going through the night, how ever long that will be. While I'm waiting for the water to boil I should fill my bag or tricks. The 'good' wrist cuffs, the ankle cuffs, a bunch of rope, adjustable and spring nipples clamps, a hand full of clothes pins, ball gag, blind fold, some extra locks with keys, and a towel. Don't forget to bring a towel, or something like that. I put a small foam cooler in the freezer to chill it, the release device will stay solid longer. The water is boiling so I can get supper cooking, and with a good full stomach, I take another nap.
Beep...beep...beep. 9:00 pm, three hours to go. OK, plenty of time for a shower and maybe I'll shave too. I can't believe I'm doing all this. I'm starting to feel like a high school girl getting ready for the Prom. Into the bedroom to remove these really dirty clothes, get the bikini and cover shirt then into the bathroom for a much needed shower. The warm water feels good as I step in and start with my hair. I need to be careful what and how I wash, don't want to drive myself into a major frenzy at this late stage of the game. Game! That's what this is, a game, a challenge, who's stronger. He must be feeling the same anticipation. Wondering, 'Will she come?'. I actually feel better now, I'm doing the same thing to him that he's doing to me and I didn't even know it. After a few quick and careful swipes with a razor, I'm out, towelling off, and blowing my hair dry. The bikini is tied on and I catch myself in the mirror, sure hope he likes it. Too bad if he doesn't, this is all I have. 10:00 pm. Maybe there is something good on TV. 20/20 is normally good and that 'Give me a break' segment always makes me think, 'What is this world coming to?'. And the news is always the same, crime is up, stocks are down and the weather is, well, the weather. At least it's not suppose to rain tonight. That's good.
11:30 pm. Time to finish. My wallet and bag are put into the car. I always take a wallet. If stopped by a cop, the last thing I want to say is, "Sorry officer, I left my license at home". (I hate that picture.) Next, the release device is placed in the chilled cooler, the cooler is placed in the car and I'm ready to go, I think. Now I'm getting nervous. With the car started, the clock says 11:40 pm and I start the three mile drive to the beach. About half way there, I turn off the head lights, cruise with parking lights and slip behind the boulders. 11:53 pm. Good, this should work out perfect. Turn off the engine and lights, grab the bag and cooler, leave the wallet and get out, locking the door behind me. Counting 'one thousand one, one thousand two', I arrive in about five minutes, close enough. It must be crab mating season or something. Every few steps a small, shiny creature will scurry away. They are only about an inch wide but there are a bunch of them and they weren't here two weeks ago.
Even though the lifeguard stand is old and unused, it had been well maintained, all the boards are smooth, straight and without splinters. The high seat is rather small, about four by four feet, but it's built on a raised platform about twelve feet square, lots of extra room. I placed the bag and cooler near the middle of one side and sat down beside them. Thinking that he isn't a fish, I sit facing away from the ocean. There isn't anywhere to hide around here but I'm nervous enough. 

"OK, I'm here.", I whisper to myself, "You said you would be here soon."      

"Good evening." I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of his voice. Between the walk and the excitement, my heart was going pretty fast, but now it's going about a million miles an hour. "My name is Adam. Didn't mean to startle you. May I sit?" As he sat down I made an involuntary movement sideways as anyone would when a stranger gets a little close. Realizing how rude it was, I turned toward him.

"Ah...yea, sure...ah, sit.", I stammered. "M-m-my name is J-J-Julie." What a good first impression that was.

"I know. I'm glad you had the courage to come. Take a deep breath and relax. Nothing will happen without your approval." His voice was strong and steady. He held out his hand to shake hands and with another involuntary response, I placed my hand in his. Well... it's the friendly thing to do. With a gentle squeeze he turns his hand palm up, then released his grip but doesn't move. It's like we are holding hands but not. The game is still going on, do I pull away or not, do I run away or not, do I get tied or not, do I.., do I.., do I. He is going to let me make all the decision. Geewiz, how did I know that. I curved my fingers and dragged them across his palm as he did the same. Sure hope he got the same chill down his spine I got. I don't normally play too 'hard to get' but I'm NO push over either, but with this guy... I don't know. I'm in control but not in control. And in a little while I may be totally out of control.

"Are you better?" I give a little nod 'yes'. "OK, unless you are opposed, I would like to see you spread-eagle."

"Do you mean, on the sand?", I question.

After a few seconds thought, he replies, "If you want, but I was thinking, on this platform."

"Oh good, there are too many little crabs. I couldn't stand them crawling on me.", I said as I stood to remove the shirt. I should have kept my mouth shut. The last thought went through me, crabs crawling here, pinching there and doing other things else where. Once during a self-bondage session a large fly landed on my inner thigh and started to walk around. The indescribable feeling paralysed me until it left then a few seconds rubbing against the crotch rope and 'orgasm city'.

"There's that nice ass." he said as he gives it a firm squeeze. I gasp and jump away. "Sorry, should not have done that."

", it's OK...ah, I-I just didn't expect it. Do you really think it's nice?", I said as I ACTUALLY turned it toward him. I really DON'T believe I did that.

"Yes, very." Good thing it's rather dark, he didn't see me blush. 

He reached under the platform and retrieved several pieces of foam rubber and a bag. From the bag comes some thick rope, a 2x2 spreader bar about two feet long with notches in the ends and an eye bolt in the middle and a large round metal object. The moon isn't bright enough, I have no idea what it is. He placed the largest piece of foam near the center of the platform and four smaller pieces around it. I stood there watching when he looked over. "To prevent injury." He sure can say a lot in a few words. Maybe that's my clue to start. I opened my bag and took out the cuffs and started with my ankles. He stepped over, sat down and said, "May I?". I handed him the ankle cuff and started with the wrists. "Nice cuffs." Now, how often does a girl get that compliment. He leaned forward for a closer look. "Sueded double buckles, you know quality." I whispered a thanks and we continued our work. 

When finished he put his hands on my shins and ask, "Ready?".

"Ah, listen, Adam, ah, I have this little problem with undressing in front of a man, but maybe you could take the bikini off later, maybe?"

"It may stay on the whole time. Would you lay on the foam, please." There is that solid voice again.

I stand and ask, "Do you want me to use the gag or blind fold?"

He thought for a moment and said, "We don't want to attract any attention. If you feel the need, then use the gag, and I may put the blindfold on you later."

Then I thought for a moment. Considering what happened last time, I better use it. As I buckled it on, I walked over and laid on the foam. He came over and tied a rope to one of the wrist cuffs, slid the rope into the notch on the bar, wrapped it around the eye bolt, through the other notch and tied it to the other wrist cuff. Then he pulled my arms over head, tied the release device to the eye bolt and moved the small pieces of foam under my arms. I could hear a metallic clanking noise and a gentle pull on my arms. Next, he went to my feet and tied a rope to each cuff then tossed them over the end of the platform. After spreading my legs about four feet wide, he secured the rope to the edge of the platform and placed a piece of foam under each leg.
He knelt beside me and said, "This is you last chance to back out. Do you want to be released, yes or no?" I think for a second and shake my head 'no'. He walked toward my hands and off the platform. "Nod your head 'yes' when you have been stretched enough. Oh, goodness, he's build a rack and put me in it. I've seen bondage pictures of racked woman and thought how terrible it must be, stretched in all directions and held so tight you can't move a single muscle. I feel the pull on my arms increase and I start to panic a little. He's not going to pull my arms off, is he? Wait, he said 'nod to stop'. I've tried suspension before but I can't bare my full weight for more then about five minutes, even with the good cuffs. The pull is even greater now and when it feels about half my weight, I nod. 

"That was very good, almost 60 pounds of force." That's a good guess but I won't tell you the real answer to how much I weigh. "I'm going to massage your joints to relax them."

I'm able to lift my head and look down as he goes to one ankle then knee, then other ankle and knee and finally my hips. He's not really doing very much, just twisting, lifting and pulling a little. Next, he steps over my arms and works my shoulders, elbows and wrists. You know, this isn't that bad. With the massage I have stretched a little longer and my back feels great! 

"One more thing to do. Using only your arms, I want you to pull as hard as you can. Go." That won't be very hard but I do it as he lifts on my hips. "Good, relax." and I can feel the rope being pulled. He walks to my hands and gives them a gentle squeeze and I try to squeeze back. "Give me a 'yes' or 'no'. Are your hands OK?" Nod yes. "And your wrists, OK?" Another nod. "Is there too much force on your arms?" Shake no. He leans down, close to my face and, with a sarcastic tone, he asks, "Do you want more?" I give him a fast shake no. "Didn't think so. I wouldn't give you any more, even if you had said 'yes'. 60 pounds is a lot. How about your feet and ankles, they OK?" I nod yes as he gives them a firm but gentle squeeze then he steps over my hips and squats down. He's not putting a lot of weight on me but I know he's there.
"OK, time to get down to business."

Another wave of panic, maybe we should have talked a little longer, maybe I should have ask what he intended to do, maybe we should have insisted on a time limit, maybe I should have left the gag out so I could talk to him. Oh, crap, too late for maybe's, this is it.

"To start, I want you to know that I won't hurt you. Also accidents can happen but I will do my best to prevent it. I could have said all of this before you were tied but it should mean more now. Understand?"

Nod yes.

"Earlier you mentioned about removing your bikini. I would like to make that a little game. In this game you would rather die then have it removed. I want it off but I can't remove it without your permission and I'm going to use any means possible to make you give in. All you need to do it nod 'yes'. Understand?"

I nod 'yes' and he pressed his index fingers into my lower ribs and moves them in small circles. I'm not very ticklish but being stretched made me more sensitive and he found a good (or bad) spot. I try to arch my back but with him on me I can't move. I try to sit up but I'm pulled too tight and I can't move. I try to bend my legs but they are pulled too tight and I can't move. Plain and simple, I can't move. I can't stop him as he moves his fingers along my lower ribs. I am completely at his mercy and the panic really sets in. How did I get talked into this. Wait, I can stop him. What do I need to do? Do I shake my head or nod it. Great, this is a hell of a time to forget the safe word. But there is a tremendous feeling going through me. I don't know what it is, I've never felt this before. I'll try nodding. Thank goodness, he stopped. I'm trying to catch my breath, I think I forgot to breathe. I think something else happened. I think I had an orgasm, not a big one, but I'm sure I had one. Wow, I don't believe that happened.
I'm still breathing hard as he leans forward on his hands and asks, "Did you forget to breathe?" I nod. "Thought so. I was going to stop soon if you hadn't nodded. Now, I want you to be honest, if you didn't enjoy that, at least a little, then I won't do it again. Yes or no, did you enjoy it?" Still breathing a little heavy I think for a few seconds. If he tickles me longer, will I have a bigger orgasm? I give him a nod 'yes'. "Good. We'll call that a practice run. I want to add to the game. If you shake your head, very hard, side to side, that will be a 'game no' but a small shake is a 'real no'." He ask me to demonstrate a few times to make sure everything is clear. "Don't forget to breath this time. Back to the game." 

He leans forward, face to face, and with that solid voice says, "I want that top off. Do I have you permission?" I give him the game 'no'. "OK, you asked for it." and his fingers are back into my ribs but a little higher this time. I was expecting it and every muscle in my body pulled tight. Got to breathe, don't forget to breathe. This feeling is so good but so intense, maybe if he would ease up just a little but I don't want him to ease up. I can feel it, it's starting, the orgasm I have been waiting for. It surges through me from top to bottom and back again. Waves of pleasure pass over me and I can still feel his fingers. This was not what I expected but more that I could hope for. I finally give in a nod yes. He leans forward and says, "Catch your breath. Do I have permission to remove your top?" I give a nod, he unties the front and lays it open but his hands don't touch my breasts. I wish he would.

"Did you have an orgasm?" Again I nod. He leans forward and says, "Good. Now, I want that bottom off. Do I have your permission?" I give him a game 'no' and he's at me again, but this time is different. He is only scratching with his finger tips and working up and down while moving toward my underarms. I never knew how sensitive I was in this area. I arch my back and try to squirm away but I'm not going anywhere as my arousal begins to climb again. The feeling is too intense and I give in with a nod. "That's a very sensitive area." I nod 'yes'. "I need to remember that." Even gagged I have a big mouth. 

He stands, unties the bottom and lays it open then looks down for several seconds. As he sits again he says, "Thank you for taking the time to shave." A twinge of anxiety runs through me, nude, in front for a man. He must have great night vision, the moon is only a little above the horizon. I can barely see him but, obviously, he can see ALL of me. "I want to fondle your breasts. Do I have your permission?" I nod 'yes'. "I guess you don't want to play the game any longer." 'Oh, I thought the game was over.', I thought, 'OK, sure. we can play this all night.', and give a game 'no'. He's into my lower ribs again. That's a good area, I like it but I give in quickly because I want him to fondle me. He doesn't ask permission a second time as he slides his strong, warm hands over my breast. As he teases my nipples I squirm with pleasure, this is so-o-o good. He leans forward and sucks on one nipple while gently pinching the other. 'Use your teeth, please, use your teeth.', I beg but he can't hear me. After a while he moves his mouth to the other side. This is getting even better. 

Without his weight pressing down I can lift my hips and press against his body. After I bump him a few times he stops and says, "I hope you won't be disappointed but there will be NO intercourse tonight, sorry."

Well... maybe a little disappointed. I've only slept with one man after the second date and almost married him. When he found my interest in bondage, he thought it was too kinky and left. Funny how thing seem to happen for a reason, if he had stayed, I wouldn't be here now.
I can see him reaching into my bag and finds the adjustable nipple clamps. "For this next phase, you will be tied more securely but first, I want to install these. Do I have your permission?" Good, the game is still going, but you want me 'more secure'. How, in the world, can you get me more secure? Guess I'll find out as I give a game 'no'. He drops the clamps and starts in at my underarms. He DID remember. The feeling is too strong and I give in after a few seconds. He stops then restarts. I nod again and he stops but starts again. Wait, what's he doing? He's suppose to stop. I nod again hoping the third time will be the charm and it was. "Sorry, I couldn't resist a little tease in such a good area."

'Like hell you're sorry, you enjoyed that,', I thought, 'but so did I.' 

My nipples are rock hard as he begins to tighten the clamps. "Nod when they are tight enough." After a few turns the first one is on, then the second as I nod each time. "They won't be on long, maybe they should be tighter." Thinking fast, I give him a game 'no' and he starts to twist both at the same time. I arch my back a little to make him think he's really doing something, like he hasn't already. Hey, I can play this game too, you know. A little more pressure and I nod. He stands and steps to his bag and retrieves several long straps and a rod with a hook on one end. He tosses half of the straps toward my hands and steps to my feet. He squeezes my feet to check for proper circulation and asks if everything feels all right. I nod 'yes' as he pushes my foot flat on the platform and drops a strap through the boards. He pushes the rod through the boards to retrieve the ends and ties it securely over my foot. I'm trying to watch, in the dim moon light but my neck muscles get tired after a while and I need to relax. He moves to my knee then foot and knee on the other leg. With that done, he stands and says, "What a beautiful sight." With his good night vision, I'm sure he saw me blush that time. Next, he moves to my hips and performs the same tie. "Is anything too tight on your lower half?" I try to move but can't and it all feels fine as I nod 'yes'. Then a strap goes across my chest, above my breasts along with my elbows and wrists and they are all tied down. Now I understand 'more secure'. I have never been so well tied in my entire life, other than my head, I can't move a single inch.
He gets a bottle of water from his bag, inserts a thin straw and slips it past the gag. After a few sips I pull away. I didn't really need it but it was still good. He sits beside me and says, "You can consider this as part of the game but it's not. First, do you want the clamps removed?" I look at my breasts and give a real 'no'. "I enjoyed the first part and I hope you did too." Big nod 'yes'. "Good. Now I want to try to make the pleasure more serious, starting with your feet, I will work my way up to you underarms. When you have had enough, nod your head and I will move to another area. And there won't be any teasing this time, I will stop with the first nod." I give another big nod. "OK, here we go." 

I haven't been tickled on my feet since I was a child and have no idea what it's going to feel like as his fingers touch the soles. As he starts to scratch, I'm glad he add the extra straps. The feeling goes through me like a shot and without then I could have broke free. No, not really, but it sure felt that way. I want to resist as long as I can. I know I can have an orgasm like this and I want it to happen again. I give in and he moves to my thighs, that's another good spot. As he rubs and squeezes I think, 'Higher, please go higher.' He moves up and down my thighs but won't go the whole way to the top, hopefully that will come later. I give in and he moves to my lower ribs. This is where I like it, I can hold out a long time. His fingers move in small circles as he works in and out and moves upward. My arousal is building, the orgasm is almost here. 'Hurry, get to my underarms.', I think, 'This is going to be great.' And it was, wave upon wave for pleasure surge through me. Good thing he added the straps otherwise I may have injured myself. I didn't nod my head but he stopped tickling and fondled my breasts near the start, which made the orgasm even better. It kept going and going and going, I didn't think it would ever stop and I didn't want it to.

I have no idea how long it lasted but when it subsided I could feel the clamps being removed. I feel like I died and went to heaven as lay there like a limp dish towel. His hand touches my cheek as he asks, "Are you OK?". I manage a feeble nod as I recover. "Would you like a drink?". I nod 'no', not with this tiny bladder which is already half full.
"You relax while I check the release. Almost melted." He sits beside me and rubs my stomach. I wish he would rub my breasts or go lower but I still enjoy being touched. "Unless you have already had enough, I would like to use my hand to give you one more orgasm." I lie there and think while he continues to caress, then I had an idea. I look at him and give him a game 'no'. He is no idiot. One hand is on my thigh in a fraction of a second and the other hand is on my upper ribs moving toward my underarm. I wasn't expecting him to do it that way but this whole night has been unexpected. I resisted for a while as my arousal raised, then I gave in. In another fraction of a second there is a hand on one breast, a mouth on the other and a finger inside me. Wow, can he move fast. It's only takes a few seconds, I can feel myself straining against the straps, and the strongest orgasm of my life rips through me. He is slow and deliberate with the right pressure, just like last time. It builds and builds as he rubs and rubs. Good thing for the gag, without it, they would hear me on the other side of town. Orgasms, while bound, are the best but sometimes they can be too much. I nod 'yes' and he stops. I'm spent, I'm wasted, I do not have one ounce of strength left. 

"Was it good?" I slowly nod several times, it's all the energy I have. Maybe he will remove the gag so we can talk for a while, he can even leave me tied. This is so-o-o great. "The release is almost melted, just a little more to do." More? There's more? You can't be serious. He reaches into my bag, gets the blindfold and puts it on. Now what! All of the straps are removed. I feel some rope slide under my back and my breasts are tied, not tight, but still tied. Another piece slides under my lower back and ass then it's tied around my waist and up through my crotch. This one is snugged rather tight. Next nipple clamps are added and there is a gentle tug on the chain and the crotch rope. I can feel some pulling and movement on my wrists and a metallic clanking sound. Then I feel something scratching on my stomach, it doesn't tickle or hurt but I have no idea what it is.

"I must leave." I quickly raise my head, shake it and yell 'no' into the gag. "I am sorry but your release will let go in a while and you can go home. I've tied your breasts and crotch and tied the clamps to the crotch rope. You should be able to stimulate yourself it you want. I will close your bikini, cover you with your towel, and you can keep the extra rope holding your wrists and ankles along with the spreader bar. I will be observing to make sure you leave safely. You will be able to get in touch with me later. I would like to ask small one favour, put the foam under the platform before you leave." I nod. "You are beautiful." I feel a kiss on my cheek and there is a slight rustling then only the sound of the ocean.
I can't believe this, he left me alone again but he said I could get in touch with him. Guess he will send another letter. Well, at least, I got a kiss this time. I was too spent to think about any more pleasure. It didn't take very long until the release let go. I barely moved. If it wasn't starting to get too cool I would sleep right here. I removed the blindfold, ropes, cuffs and put everything in the bag. I didn't even bother with the bikini, just put on the shirt and put the foam under the platform. The walk to the car and drive home were long and boring. Once inside I dropped the bag and cooler and went to the bedroom. Aw shucks, my wallet is still in the car. Forget it, I'll get it later. Better hit the bathroom before I go to bed and after relieving myself I stood and looked in the mirror. In the dim light of the night light I could see some marks on my stomach. I turned on a brighter light, opened the shirt and could see something written there but I can't read it in the mirror, it looks up side down. I look down to read: For a good time call 756-4132.


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