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Be Careful What You Wish For

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; corsets; multi-layer; enclosure; machine; program; breast; toys; insert; stuck; torment; denial; cons/nc; X

Judy had always worn corsets and owned many types and styles, she wore one twenty four seven, her “base” corset she called it, was made from a mixture of canvas and rubber and pulled her waist in to sixteen inches and was removed only once a month for cleaning or when she wanted to wear a special corset for some occasions. The base corset was made to be showered in and repelled sweat and water making it perfect for her as she felt she needed to wear one constantly, the flexible boning and small size, only riding between her ribs and hips, made it possible for her to lace different corsets on top of the base corset letting her wear it indefinitely, only removing the outer corset when she changed into another.

She slept in a punishment corset that was pulled tight by three straps that in turn pulled the laces tightly and buckled in front allowing her maximum tension but ease of getting in to and out of it, this was one of the many knee length corsets she had and every evening she would slide into her sleep corset, making it three corsets that held her rigidly every night. Judy absolutely loved the feeling of being tightly laced at all times and felt perfectly natural to her and wished she could be laced tightly forever.

Her other obsession was chastity and extended teasing of herself, she had several locking corsets that had chastity straps that would hold inert dildos and plugs inside her for extended periods, she had once wore her very firm leather corset with crotch and shoulder straps for a month with a large soft dildo and a large plug stuffed deep inside her for entire time, she didn’t care much for the daily enemas through the hollow plug or having to have a bag strapped to her thigh for her urine but she had and still does love the way she felt with her pussy being locked up and corseted tightly, unable to remove any of it and unable to touch her pussy or tits until the keys found their way home.

Judy had planned for her next vacation to stay at home locking a long punishment corset on over her locked on chastity corset while wearing her highest heels, making it even harder to go to her mail box and check to see if the keys had made it back to her or not. The problem she faced was the toilet in her long corset there was no way to sit and with no openings in it for tubes she couldn’t figure out how to get to wear it for such a long time. During the weeks leading up to her planned vacation she wore the long corset and shoes every night and weekend trying different ideas and none seemed a viable option. One evening she was browsing the internet while she stood next to the counter in her long corset and was contacted by a member of a blog she had been on asking about a solution to her problem on.

The contact name was James and he said his company made the perfect corset for her plans and it came with its own waste recovery system, shoes and hood with neck corset and a timer control unit. She read about the corset and he even sent her some pictures and diagrams with instructions on how the recovery system worked and soon she had agreed to purchase one and gave him her dimensions and eagerly awaited the corset to arrive. The only concern she had they had to make it with a much smaller waist then she was used to wearing and it would pull her down to almost 15 inches over the corset. She had wanted to be a 16 but didn’t know if she could stand 15 and decided to start getting herself ready by lacing herself smaller each day.

The week before she was to be off she had worn her corsets laced to the smallest size she had which was 16 inches over the corset and was sure she could stand another inch and the fact that once it was closed she wouldn’t have a choice for 7 to 10 days made her very excited. On the Friday before her vacation started she wore her smallest knee length corset to work, her tightest pencil skirt with a snug fitting blouse that would show her cleavage nicely as well as her tallest heels locking the corset and heels on with a large dildo locked in her damp pussy. She all most had an orgasm walking into the office and hung on the edge of one all day, as she walked with careful small steps around the office and could only sit for a few minutes at a time before the corsets increased tension made her stand again.

Her tall heels made her suddenly taller than anyone she worked with and several people made comments about her waist and tall shoes. Arriving home she found a large package had been delivered and knew it was her new corset and couldn’t wait to try it on. Opening it as soon as she got inside she was surprised by how much it weighed and how thick the material was, the material looked like leather but had a rubber feel to it and the corset had no laces! She opened it up and could see that inside the lower half was a built in pair of pants and boots, the pants had two large phalluses built into them and the boots would force her to stand on her toes with slim heels that looked ten inches long. Judy was shocked none of these things were on the diagrams and there was no way she could maneuver around standing on her toes.

She set the heavy corset down and decided to read the manual that had come with it before calling and demanding her money back, lying back on her couch still in her days attire she carefully read the instructions and found out this “suit” had been made especially for her and for her requirements for long term compression clothes wearing. The pants were part of the waste management system as were the phalluses but the plugs had other features that could be used if she wanted them to be more than just plugs. The toe boots where used to give the wearer maximum maneuverability while encased. The material was tougher than leather and made from a carbon fiber weave coated with Teflon making it not only tough and durable but water and sweat resistant.

Judy stared at the corset sitting in the corner and decided why not try it if I don’t like it I’ll send it back. After reading about the latching system she got undressed, removing her base corset for the first time in over a month and showered and shaved herself before lubing her holes with the supplied lube and slid herself down into the corset. While carefully inserting the plugs her feet naturally slipped into the boots just as she had the plugs nestled into place, both plugs looked larger than she was used to but seemed to slip into her easily and quickly she was standing and clipping the lower part of the corset closed around her legs working up to her torso. Reaching her chest she thought something was wrong when the corset came up past her arm pits and her breasts would not fit into the cups.

Reading the instructions again she started to knead her breasts past the smaller rings in the front of the corset until she had it against her chest and her breasts were now squeezed tightly at the bases. Judy stopped to enjoy this new sensation before slipping her arms into the notches at the top of the corset and closing the front clips. Once all the clips were closed she inserted the single key and turned it clockwise like the directions said and continued turning until she felt the corset pull itself closed and snap shut. It happened much quicker than she thought and she stood suddenly gasping for air and running her hands all over her encased body desperately trying to relieve some of the intense pressure she was feeling.

After a few minutes of panic she inserted the key into another hole and turned it and just as suddenly she felt the plugs inside her grow until they began to hurt and then stopped growing. Judy was stunned as she stood swaying on her toes unsure if she wanted to continue or not. Teetering on the tall heels she tried to walk and carefully made a loop around her bedroom before going to the mirror to see what she looked like. Looking at her slim body she was thinking that the dress might not be too bad but it didn’t look like it was drawing her down to the 15 inches she had been told, even her legs were not held together as closely as she had thought they would be. She raised the attached hood and neck corset and slid it down over her head and attached the connector straps to the corset and clipped the collar closed.

As she turned the key the collar closed tightly around her neck as the straps pulled tighter actually stuffing her down further into the corset. Judy was desperately pulling at the collar as she felt it tighten around her throat feeling like she was being choked as her head was being crushed. Once the tightening stopped she calmed herself and looked at the mirror again liking the way the hood made her neck look longer and held her head rigidly making it impossible to look anywhere but straight ahead. She wobbled into the kitchen and got a drink and went back and read the manual again. She found out that once she set the timer and unplugged it she would be trapped in the dress until the time ran out, the Teflon made cutting the dress off difficult and the support cables that crisscrossed in the material made it impossible without cutters designed to cut heavy steel. Judy looked at the timer and said “I might as well get started” she went to her bedroom and unlatched the hood and opened the dress before carefully removing her trapped breasts and slipping nooses around her erect nipples pulling them until her nipples were bulging over the tops of the small plastic cables.

When she was ready she closed the corset again and attached the collar and hood twisting the key until they closed around her body, Judy felt around and found the control pad plug and clipped the chord into it and held the timer in front of her face and programmed 6 days 7 nights starting now, the next options were self stimulation-auto stimulation-tease-satisfy-torture-tight-extra tight-variable-automated controls. She had quickly read about the options and just chose automated remembering that the control unit made into the dress would control everything. Judy had just pressed the auto function when her dress tightened up all over, the sudden increase in tension took Judy by surprise and in her shock she fell backwards landing on the bed dropping the timer unit letting it drop to the floor. Judy was lying across her bed, the dress holding her pointed feet straight out from the bed as it continued to tighten around her waist and chest as well as down her legs to her trapped ankles.

Judy was thrashing around on her bed as she felt the neck corset begin to tighten and with her struggles she blacked out. Waking an hour later Judy was gasping for breath as she tried to sit up and was held perfectly straight still lying across her bed and still encased in her new body corset. She ran her hands over her body feeling only the stiff material and nothing of the body underneath its thick surface. She twisted herself around and using the lifting bar she raised herself up to her pointed toes and stood swaying back and forth holding onto the bar until she steadied herself on her pointed toes. Carefully she tip toed her way back in front of the mirror and as she stood gasping for air she saw her new figure in the mirror and was stunned at the new shape she had. Her head and neck were now visibly smaller, her neck felt like it was trying to pop her head off it as it stretched her neck, her chest was crushing her sore breasts and angled straight down to her tiny waist, there it flared out slightly over her hips then angled straight down again to her ankles.

The tops of her pointed feet could be seen sticking out from the hem that held her ankles tightly together pushing her feet away from each other. Judy stood staring as she thought about how great she looked as she gasped for each breath and nothing could be seen moving from her chin to her ankles, the material looked completely smooth with only minimal stretch lines across her thighs and now even seemed like it was shinier than before. The clasps had almost disappeared under their small cover and other than a small line down the side her body she was completely smooth. Judy loved it as she stared she saw the timer on the floor and tried to wiggle over to it taking her long “grabbers” and carefully picked it up and saw that it was blank and just thought it was because it was unplugged and set it down on her night stand and continued to explore her new found body and its limitations.

Judy read the timer part of the manual again and stood waiting for her auto controller to come on and begin her torment wishing as she rubbed her crushed breasts that she had not added the tight nooses to her nipples. Twenty four hours later Judy was a panting mess, her inflated plugs were keeping her on the edge of an orgasm but her lack of flexibility and mobility would not let her increase the movement of them. After two more days Judy decided to try and stimulate herself by forcing a large gag into her mouth and setting up an ice timer before cuffing her hands to the headboard of her bed.

She fought her bonds twisting and grunting for two hours until she blacked out and hung limply by her wrists, keeping her upper body slightly off the mattress, waking she thrashed again until she was able to reach the keys and release her cuffs and lay panting on the bed. Judy wanted an orgasm and wanted one now so she removed her gag and e-mailed her friend and told him what was happening. Her friend e-mailed her back and said, “That’s easy, just plug your timer back in and let it finish its programming, it came unhooked before it finished so it’s just been waiting to start its program”

Judy thanked him and tip toed her way back to her room and snapped the connector back into the dress. Judy prepared herself this time as the face of the timer came back on and said, “Loading program” Judy felt the dress tighten even more but held on to the unit until it showed it was finished loading and what had been programmed.

'LOADED: 6 days 7 nights, auto control of all functions – starting now - no further messages until 7th night'.

Judy stared as it went dark and thought, “That was easy” when her vibrators came to life she almost fell again but managed to lay down before she fell and panted and thrashed on her bed as the vibrations brought her near an orgasm then stopped. She grunted in frustration as she felt the plugs grow inside her and her waist restrict even further making her try to scream but all that could be heard was a raspy groan as the air was squeezed from her body and she blacked out. Waking her waist was still very tight but her plugs seemed normal and she pulled herself to her toes and made her way to the kitchen to drink and eat her evening meal.

As she stood by the counter nibbling on her meal she remembered the timer saying “starting now” she almost choked when she realized it started its countdown almost 4 days after she put the dress on which meant she would be trapped in it for 11 days, “Shit! That’s two days past my vacation, maybe even three” she felt woozy from the realization that she had cocooned herself in the thick material for 11 days and tried to figure out how she was going to explain her added days off. Judy stood leaning on the cabinet for an hour letting the dress vibrate her on and off while she stood gasping and wishing it would let her cum and knowing it wasn’t trying to keep her from coming it was just not running long enough to let it happen yet.

After sleeping another night her timer beeped and said “RECHARGE UNIT NOW” Judy had not read about recharging it so she found the manual and read how to do it and clipped the wire to the dress and waited leaning against the wall in the kitchen as the timer showed the state of charge. She had to use the outlet in the kitchen because she could not reach the outlets in the walls anywhere else because they were too low for her and wished she had read the entire manual beforehand so she could have plugged it into the outlet near her bed.

By the 6th day Judy was desperate to cum and no longer felt any attraction to her corset, her chest hurt, her breasts screamed with pain with every breath, she could hardly walk on her sore toes and she was slowly losing her fight with her claustrophobic feelings and regularly caught herself tugging at the dress or hood trying to get herself out of it.

As she lay on her bed the vibrations picked up and soon she was on the edge of a wonderful climax and even though she had been denied for 7 days she hoped she would be allowed to cum this time when suddenly the plugs grew larger and her chest tightened further forcing her to black out again. Awaking Judy lay gasping barely able to breathe as she rolled over and forced herself to her toes and staggered into the kitchen and clipped the control unit onto her dress and read, 'power depleted program reset, LOADED: 67 days & nights, auto control of all functions – starting now - no further messages until 67th night'.

“What!” She screamed almost passing out from what she read.

Judy e-mail her friend who asked for her number and a technician called from the company and Judy breathlessly explained what happened and was told, “Unfortunately there was a glitch in her control circuit that when the battery went dead it reset with the numbers wrong and there was nothing they could do but once she was out of the dress she could send it back and they could fix the glitch.”

Judy slammed the phone down screaming, “Once I’m out!”

Judy thought about what to do for the next twenty four hours as the unit recharged and finally called her boss and explained the situation to her, lying by telling her it was a test program for a diet company, and asked if there was any way she could take an extended leave of absence or work from home. Her boss said she could work from home but would have to come to work once a week to listen to presentations and present her work. Judy thanked her and hung up as she thought, 'How am I going to cover all this up and control myself when the vibrators come on', when she felt her breast cups squeeze tighter around her sore breasts and gasped heavily. As she began practicing her walking she thought about what to wear to work and remembered her wish to be tight laced forever and how close she just might be and thought of the saying,

Careful what you wish for.

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