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Becker Selfbondage

by Becker

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© Copyright 2005 - Becker - Used by permission

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Becker Selfbondage by Becker
This is the first time I've written a story for you, but certainly not my first time trying self-bondage.  But I have to tell this story.
I work with my girlfriend, and we're both into bondage.  I have two room mates, and I share a room with one of them, so we always have the real fun at her apartment.  I guess I should say I'm a male, 5'9" and 167 lbs, and she is.... well, she'd probably not want me to say her weight.  But she's 6'1".  Anyhow, she lives with her little sister, but they have separate bedrooms, which is nice.  She works with us, too, at the restaurant.
Ok, so, last week I was talking to her about tying myself up while she was at work and waiting for her to get home, knowing we would both be horny as hell when she finally made it back.  She was all into it.  It was 2pm, and she said I work from 3pm until around 9pm, and my sister goes in at 5pm and gets off around midnight, so wait until, uh, maybe 7pm or so."  So, I was like, cool.
So, she got in the shower, and I stuck our handcuff keys and the key for the ball gag in the glove compartment of her car.  Then I chilled until she left for work.  We did what we do when she got out of the shower, and she left. I couldn't wait.  Her sister came back from playing golf around four, took a quick shower and left.  I watched her car pull away and went to some easy self-bondage.
It really was simple.  I stipped naked, put one pair of handcuffs on my ankles, the ball gag in my mouth, a scarf over my eyes, and then put myself in a hogtie with the other pair of handcuffs.  I was trapped until my girlfriend got home.  She had the locks for the cuffs and the gag.
So, after about a half hour of rubbing myself on her bed, I hear the door open.  

I hear two female voices.  

One is her sister.  

I start praying the door to my girlfriend's bedroom doesn't open.  And it doesn't... for about an hour.  

She bursts right in expecting no one to be there and finds me in a hogtie, gagged and blindfolded.  She screamed and called her friend from downstairs, and then she screamed.  I was mortified.  They asked me if I was alright, but all I could do was shake my head yes and no.  They took the blindfold off, and I saw another co-worker of mine was the friend she brought up.  They worked for a while to get the gag off, but it was no use. 

My girlfriend's sister asked if I had the keys, I shook my head no.  She asked if my girlfriend had them, I shook my head yes.
Finally, they asked me if they should call the landlord or the cops.  I shook my head no and pleaded through my gag.  

They said, "We can call the police, they have keys for this kind of thing!"  

I feverishly shook my head NO! and screamed into my gag.  They laughed and laughed.
I waited there for several hours with them while we watched Fried Green Tomatoes, a movie I hate, and half of The Big Lebowski, which I love.  I used to fantasize about being caught like that by two women, but, truly, it wasn't that fun.  I was so thirsty and sore when my girlfriend finally came home (an hour late by the way), that all I wanted to do was take a bath. Also, I didn't want to hear the conversation between her and her sister.
Still, I never lost my erection the whole time.


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