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Bed Bondage

by selfhelp

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8 Bed Bondage

As a way of introduction I should explain that when first married my wife was game for a little B&B  (bed and bondage) from time to time.  But her heart wasn't really in it, a situation I'm sure many readers can relate to.  The B&D and D&S was just to please me.  Sometimes when I knew what time she would be home I would be waiting for her, naked and bound on the bed except for my left hand where all was needed was to click the lock.  When I heard the characteristic car sound and her entering the house, I would then pull the blindfold down and click the last lock closed. 

Time went on and her enthusiasm was waning.   One day I was poised, bound face down to the bed in an upstairs bedroom and blindfolded.  The door opened and closed downstairs;  she was home.  I locked the lock and waited.  When she finally came upstairs to "discover" me there,  all I heard was "oh no;  not again!".  She went back downstairs and luckily I had left some slack in the chains and was able to unsnap one of my arms and escape.  No need to go into the following discussion, only to say that I determined then and there never to "subject" her to this again.

What to do?  The answer was obvious and thus began my solo adventures.   I'm not sure whether I read about melting ice somewhere or if it came to me.  (This was before the internet)  When my wife was away overnight was the perfect time, since no kids around.  Just me, myself, and I.

A king sized bed is a perfect bondage platform.  It's big enough to spread out on with the straps tight and not likely to become entangled.  Two dog leashes anchored to the bottom iron posts of the bed served as ankle straps, each being connected with a double ended snap to the ankle cuffs which were dog collars.  Now for the hardware.  I cut a couple of four foot chains from the hardware store, plus a shorter six inch chain.

Well before the evening bondage session I prepared the ice bottle.  This was an old 5 ounce hairspray bottle shaped so that the bottom was about 1 1/2 inches wide but tapering upwards to the relatively narrow neck.  Into the bottle filled with water I inserted one of the four foot chains and placed the apparatus into the freezer, knowing that six hours later the bottle would be a self contained ice cube with the chain protruding.  Back to the bed now.  On the upper right of the mattress was the other four foot chain secured to the iron post on the floor.  The master lock was hooked in an appropriate link.  My wrists were cuffed with dog collars and locked with two small locks inserted into the last hole on the leather so that the cuffs would not be removable since  the key was safely out of reach.   The key to the master lock was placed hanging on a strap above where my head would be positioned when bound  and thus avilable to me when the ice bottle melted and freed me.  The third six inch chain was then locked onto the D ring of my right wrist.  The chain would then be available to that hand to lock to the master lock and secure me finally.   All that was left was when the time came to take the ice bottle out and secure it to the left iron post of the bed with the end of the chain up on the bed to lock to my left cuff.

Okay.  So far so good.  What else would help?  The mirror in the bathroom was easily removed by sliding it out from the plastic holders.  Propping it up and slanting it just right, I would have a view of my poor (?) bound body during my captivity.
placing two upright chairs on either side of the bed, I laid a long curtain rod on them so that it spanned the bed and thus provided a place to tie the nipple clamps.  Two rubber bands would provide some small measure of tension pulling my nipples upwards.   The very thought of this made my cock swell already.  Hmmmm.....  I could hardly (pun intended) wait!   And of course a butt plug would be just right.  It was a rather smallish "T" shaped plug of plastic, but it curved in just the right place thus providing contact with the prostate gland.   It was still light out and the ice bottle wouldn't be ready for another hour or so.

I took a leisurely hot shower, taking time to stroke very carefully my cock, which was so hard in anticipation.  When it was dark I cuffed myself, locking my cuffs behind me and went out back and walked around the large yard, knowing I would not be discovered by any neighbors.  Coming back in, I found that particular key and unlocked my wrists and got the ice bottle and hurried to the bedroom.  Taping the ice bottle to the upper left iron bed post, I carefully positioned the chain on the bed with a lock available.  Then inserted the butt plug and made sure the nipple clamps were dangling with proper tension.  One last check and it was time.  I laid on the bed and secured my ankle cuffs, laying back and enjoying the spread feeling of my legs.  After attaching the nipple clamps and reveling in the upward tug of the rubber bands I flung my left arm out and with my right hand attached it to the lock and chain at upper right.  No getting away here until the ice bottle melted.  Now the moment of  truth that many reading this will relate to.  Spreading my right arm outwards I took the short chain firmly in hand and found the long chain and master lock.  After some fumbling to make sure that the lock shanks were engaged correctly in the furtherest possible link, I hesitated before snapping the lock.  CLICK! 

Many of you know the feeling.  it's that moment of truth.  The point of no return.  Looking at myself now in the mirror I smiled and noted how taut the leashes and chains pulled my limbs, and how the rubber bands stretched my nipples upwards.  And I noticed how incredibly hard my cock was.  Nothing to do now but wait and wonder how long.  The clock radio had been turned face to wall so that I would have no idea of the passage of time.

There's not much more to tell here.  Finally after about two and a half hours the ice bottle melted and my left arm was free to get the key hanging above me to unlock my right arm and free the rest of me.  The following orgasm though, was one of the very best!

The author is [email protected]  and would welcome any comments and suggestions for refining this method.  And if any actually try it let me know what happened and what other embellishments you used.


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