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A Best Friends, Friend

by Single Kinky Guy

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Hi I'm Jen, I'm in my mid 20's about 5'10" and weigh around 140lbs. I have long dark brown hair, almost black, and a very nice set of (C-cup) breasts. I keep myself in pretty good shape. Mainly for myself, but most just think it's because of Joe. He harps on me all the time about taking care of myself, he is always trying his best to stay fit. Too bad it doesn't work too good for him, He's not obscene or anything, just a few extra pounds here and there. 

I always knew I had a little kinkier side, but never really knew it until this one fateful night. John, one of Joe's best friends came over and he had this bag of "toys" as he referred to them. John had been a friend of both of ours for almost 5 years now. We always knew he was weird, so we were not surprised in the least that he was a little kinky also. John is a fairly attractive man, mid 20's, decently built. I met him at the same time as I met Joe. Lately though, since he left his girlfriend he's been coming around a lot more. He also started being a lot more outgoing. He had told Joe on several accounts of his numerous experiences. So tonight he brought his "BAG" just in case it came up. Lately he's been taking it everywhere.

Well he didn't come right out and talk about it, without a little prodding. But after awhile, he started going through it, one frightening piece of equipment at a time. It all seemed so scary, yet something inside of me was getting a thrill. I never really understood it, and I can't even explain it. It was all just so scary; I couldn't believe how anybody could even think this was sexual at all. He tried his best to explain that the sexuality wasn't in the equipment itself, that it was the experience of turning yourself over to someone, or have someone turn themselves over to you. Still even with all of this, I just can't imagine how tying people up or using equipment to secure people like animals is sexual. 

I think he could see something in me though...

The nights went on, and from time to time thoughts came and went about that night. Nothing big, just little, mere half fantasies. It had to be about 6 months after that night when Joe and I decided to try handcuffs. Well. Let's just say it didn't go well. Joe really is a great guy, he meant well. I told him about some of the thoughts I had, so he bought a pair of handcuffs. First off, he really isn't too sexual or romantic, when he doesn't have to be. So when he handcuffed me behind the back. He just threw me on my back and proceeded to "Due His Duty". Well since he first put them on, WAY TOO TIGHT, and then threw me on my back, with him on top. It was just too much. I started scream and yell, it hurt like hell. Of course he jumped right off, asked me if I was okay. I proceeded to yell at him with the most colorful of sayings, almost poetic when I think about it. He quite hastily took them off. I just sat there for half an hour, rubbing my poor bruised wrists, kind of sobbing through it, until I finally got up and took a long hot bath. My poor wrists, they wore those bruises for the next week. So to say the least, that was the end of our own little private games. It's just that sometimes when I think back I find myself getting really hot thinking about it and that sometimes I would find myself fantasying about if he didn't stop. I never told him any of this, well basically because, YES, IT REALLY HURT, and I don't want that again.

It's been about three more months now, and I was at home doing a little cleaning. Joe had just left for work about an hour ago, when I got this really weird call from John. He sounded odd, almost kind of muffled and distant. He asked if I was busy, and if I could come over, I could hear a little uneasiness in his voice, almost nervous. He said with a slight chuckle that he got himself into a little bind and needed my help. Well of course I said sure and that I would be right over, he hurriedly said that he would be busy and to let myself in. "Sure" I said, me and Joe had a key to his house, because on several occasions he would asked us to watch it for him. He also asked if when I came, if I would just go to the living room and wait and to not wander around the house. I thought that was kind of odd, but so is John. So after agreeing, I said "See you shortly" and hung up the phone.

You see, John and I used to hang out all the time, we were really good friends. On several occasions people even thought that we were together. Even though I was with Joe, he just was busy or working or just not there at the time. Even though John could have hit on me, at several different times, he never did. This is why I feel so safe with him, he has always been a good friend. Now even though we are really good friends, I do catch him checking me out all the time. That's fine, it just makes me feel good about myself, knowing that he thinks I'm attractive. 

So off to the bathroom I went, to freshen up a bit. I pulled on a fresh thong and garter belt and stockings, my new sundress, and brushed my hair, and slipped on my new open toe heels I got to match my sundress. They in all actuality looked a little slutty being 4", but that's okay, I liked them.

I really like looking good. Anytime I'm around Joe or John and I'll catch them constantly checking me out, but when my dress slips a little and they see the top of my stockings attached to my garter belt, I can see their eyes and their pants bulge. 

It only took about 5 minutes to drive to John's house. I knocked on the door but didn't get an answer. Well maybe he's in the basement, so I unlocked the door and went in. As I walked in nothing seemed odd. I heard John in the bedroom, the door was open, but I couldn't see him. He asked if I would sit down on the couch in the living room for a minute.

"Sure" I said, "Are you alright, you sound kind of weird".

"Nope, not in the least" he said, "But  please, sit down first".

So I sat down, and he started asking me about that night he was explaining his kink and his stuff to me. Of course I said yes, and that I had a funny story to tell him about it. He started explaining about how he hasn't had a girlfriend in a long time, and there were a few things that he missed. This I always found as odd since he is a fairly attractive, nice guy. I got up and started to walk toward the room, but he asked me to stop. I told him I was having a hard time hearing him and came around the corner to his bedroom. I just caught a glimpse of him, standing in the bedroom, NAKED. I turned around and started yelling at him, "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING, WAITING FOR ME BUCK NAKED, HIDING IN THE BEDROOM". 

He hurriedly said he was sorry and didn't mean to scare me it's just that he got stuck and couldn't get out. He also said I was the only person he could have bared seeing him like this. That nobody else would understand. I slowly started turning around to take in what was going on. He quickly started explaining that he really missed bondage games with his old girlfriends, and that he hasn't found another that was into bondage yet, so he thought he would try a little self-bondage. He started talking about some website he was checking out called Gromets, when I first saw the scarf tied into a knot in his mouth. Then the handcuffs he was wearing, they were attached to a small chain, which in turn was attached to his penis and scrotum. He was standing on tiptoe, and when I looked back up, his face had turned to a bright red. I could tell he was truly embarrassed. I took the scarf and pulled it out and left it hanging around his neck. He thanked me and said he couldn't quite reach it. So I sat down on the bed in front of him, just totally in bewilderment. I asked how I could help and he gestured down by his feet, he said that he had accidentally dropped the key to his cuffs. Luckily the nightstand next to him had a phone or he didn't know how long he would have been trapped there. He also started chuckling that he could only raise the phone so high, so he couldn't really understand what I was saying but rather guessed, and hoped that I would come over.

Well, I knelt down and picked up the key, but then that's when a half dozens things hit me at once. First, I saw he was on tiptoe, very high and struggling to stay up. I also saw the rope wrapped around his penis and separately wrapped around his scrotum; the rope ran through the end link of the chain attached to his handcuffs. I also saw why he was on tiptoe; the rope around his scrotum went back through his butt crack and was tied to the doorknob for the closet. It was at that point, looking eye to eye with his monster, that I realized just how well endowed he was, it looked great. I've seen in porn, that men shave their stuff down there, but never seen one shaven up-close before. John has an average amount of hair for guy, so it was kind of weird to see this. I couldn't help but also feel myself getting rather moist down there. 

I don't know why, but with the key in my hand I started to feel like a goddess. I stood up and said, "Is this the key you want", as I held it out for his inspection.

"Yes, oh thank you" he replied.

"Not so fast" I came back with. Pulling the key back, "Yes, thank you what?"

He just had this puzzled look on his face.

"Goddess." I said very evilly and seductively.

His face started to change from unknowing to frightened. I quickly reached up and redid his gag, making sure it was a little tighter. Then I took a few steps back to the bed, and still facing him, very slowly started lifting the front of my dress up. The entire time my eyes were fixed on his now enormous member. When my dress got to just about my naval I stopped. I pulled the front of my cute little panties out, and dropped the key in. I simply said "For safe keeping, until you learn", and with that I dropped the dress back down to where it should be.

I was really getting turned on by all of this. I could very easily tell that John was also, His eyes were just all over me, and taking in every ounce I was willing to show him. His monster seemed to take on a mind of its own, throbbing and dancing for its own amusement. I started to explain to him that no matter what, for now on he was to refer to me as "GODDESS". He just stood there, didn't really hardly flinch, well, most of him didn't. I told him, that I would give him a chance to get free in a bit, but for now he was to serve as his new Goddess's eye candy.

I proceeded to slowly rub myself all over as he just gazed on. I was just starting to really get into it when I saw him start to stroke himself. Instantly I stopped, and said "Can't have that, now, can we".

So I saw his bag on the floor and started to go through it. I found lots of fun things I'd like to try, but for now this collar is fine. With that I started to put it on him, he tried fighting at first, but with his present position, it really didn't last long. So with that I slapped a lock on it, so if he does reach it he won't be able to take it off. Then I locked a small chain to it then proceeded to pull his cuffed hands up to the chain, until the lower chain to his genitals was taut. With one more small lock I found, I was able to make sure he was not going to be able to do something I didn't want him too.

So then I grabbed one of the vibes from his bag, and trussed myself up, right in front of him on the bed. When I heard that distinct click, I just knew, this was for me. I proceeded to work furiously on my poor little clitty. I would look up on a regular basis and could see his frustration; his monster had swollen more I think. It just stood there bouncing, throbbing, and trying to get a little attention. Of course none was coming since he could no longer reach it. Just thinking about the situation made me orgasm damn near instantly. There he was buck naked and helpless, totally at my mercy, and to top it off, he is way more sexually frustrated than when he started. I caught a glimpse of him fighting more determined as I started to buck around on his bed, yelling screaming, flashes of light, god, it was so intense I thought I was dying. 

Slowly though, I came back to reality, and still there he was squirming, raging hard-on pointed straight at me. Coming down, all these ideas ran through my head, I almost wished they hadn't. I was still horny as hell, and maybe even still a little delirious from the mind-boggling orgasm. But, I came up with a plan. I quickly grabbed a chastity belt, 2 locks, a ball-gag and another pair of handcuffs from his bag. I pulled my panties off, and slid the chastity belt on most of the way; luckily, I still remembered how it works from all those months back. Then I turned the vibrator on full, and found it was very easy to slide it in as horny as I was. With trembling hands I pulled everything tight, then I locked it, so without the key, I was not taking the humming menace out. Then I popped the ball gag in, it was hard at first, but when it popped in, it wasn't so bad. Doing the straps behind my head was the hardest part, but I wanted to know how it was to be helpless but safe. At this point the little guy inside me is really making it hard to concentrate. So I grabbed the last lock, handcuffs and the 2 keys, and stepped up to John. 

Since I was facing him I thought I would give him a thrill without actually cheating on Joe. I grabbed his now very swollen member and stuffed in between my legs, so when I close my legs really tight, or on the vibe, it'll squeeze his little friend. Good thing I wore 4" heals. 

Neat thing about positioning is that his cuffed hands, that cannot go up or down, are exactly at my very plump breasts (added bonus). I took the last lock and made sure to put the key for it on the nightstand right next to us and locked my chastity belt to the chain from his handcuffs. Holding the handcuff key in one hand I reached around him and cuffed my hands together behind his back, pressing myself against him even more. So now I'm stuck straddling his monster in between my legs, with his hands groping me, and a vibrator working wonders on my now swollen sex, until I unlock my cuffs. 

All I could do was just close my eyes, I had gotten to a point where I just couldn't stand it anymore, I was wiggling, and squirming uncontrollably. It was evident that John was enjoying it as much as I was, the constant squirming and squeezing and just plain attention his member was getting could easily be seen in his face. Then, all of a sudden, it started. The biggest longest, seemingly un-ending orgasm I ever had. It had to have been about 10 minutes since it started and it just wasn't stopping, I had lost all control. I felt a hot splash on the back of my legs, I knew it was John. I just couldn't take it anymore, I had to stop it, and stop it now. 

I quickly started working with the handcuffs, I have no idea how, but I got them off. I grabbed the key for the lock that held me to John, but try as I might I just couldn't get it in. I kept fighting it and fighting it. Then finally it went in, and in a click it was off. Just then John grabbed me by the nipples and wouldn't let go. That was it, it drove me over my final edge. I started spasming uncontrollably, but he held on, twisting them, pulling them in his frightful grip. I couldn't even think, I just shook and quivered. I felt like I wasn't even there, just floating in a sea of sheer ecstasy. Then finally I collapsed on the floor. I started futilely fighting, trying to pull the locked belt off, or at least get to the switch. I just couldn't get it, but I had to, IT WAS TOO MUCH. Fortunately in a few more minutes of sheer bliss, that was actually sexual torture, everything started calming down. Once I was in control again, I grabbed the key and got the belt off. 

I just laid there for what seemed like forever, trying my best to make straight of what all has happened. This was a lot to deal with. I couldn't believe I ended up doing something like this. I looked up at John, and he was spent. I'm sure if he could have, he would have also collapsed. I stood up, and got dressed. I tossed the handcuff key on the bed, and told John not to worry, it'll be alright, but to give me a call tomorrow, so that we can go get coffee, since we needed to talk. In that I untied the rope on the door handle, and he just fell right to the floor and stayed there. He hardly even twitched just laying there. I then very quietly let myself out the back. 

As I drove home, I was still in a daze, as I thought about everything, and how when I get home I was going to toss my clothes in the wash and take a very hot, very long bath. I also thought, I really wonder if I should tell Joe. Things came and went, awash in my blurry mind along with thoughts of a next time, if it will ever happen, and whose turn it will be. 

Thoughts of sugar plums and floggers danced in my head.

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