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Best Laid Plans

by Kim

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© Copyright 1998 - Kim - Used by permission

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Life had been a bit dull lately. I was determined to liven it up some. Rob had gone out for the morning, but said he'd he be back for lunch. I went to the bedroom and got together all the stuff I wanted to surprise him with. The soft leather shackles and the fur-lined cuffs, my sexy new garter belt and an unopened packet of sheer black stockings. I piled them on the bed and stripped off all my clothes. It felt wonderfully decadent strutting about the house with nothing on. I set the heating up a few degrees, as I didn't want any goosebumps spoiling the effect.

I went to the bathroom and got out Rob's electric beard trimmer. I lifted one leg up on the edge of the tub and proceeded to trim off all my pubic hair. It fluttered down into a little heap on the floor. Next I got out my Ladyshave and finished off the job till I was completely nude and smooth between my legs. I don't shave my pubes off very often, as it's too much of a pain to keep up with it, and it sure is uncomfortable when it starts to grow back.

I knew Rob would like the effect, I wanted to surprise him in every way possible. I stooped down and swept the hair into my hand and threw it down the toilet. I had a shower and washed myself clean as far as my soapy fingers would reach. I didn't need to wash my hair so that saved some time.
I stood looking at myself in the full length mirror as I dried. The regular exercising really had returned my body to its youthful best. I was pleased with the tone and the shape. I twisted round and looked over my shoulder at my butt. Not too bad I guess, but hell, I'm never satisfied. I was glad Rob was a lot less discerning than I was.

My legs were still smooth from their last shave, so I slid the stockings up and attached them to the garter belt I'd positioned round my waist. I thought about some heels, but I figured they'd just get in the way. I wasn't intending to wear anything else. I sat for twenty minutes taking special care over my makeup. Not too much, but more than usual. A little lipstick on my nipples. A few touches of perfume, but not enough to mask my natural odors. A final brush of my hair and I stood to observe myself in the big mirror again. Hands on hips, pert breasts, lipstick red smile, naked pussy lips framed by the red garter belt. I was sure he'd approve.

I picked up the pages of the sexy story I'd printed earlier and pinned one each on the doors leading to the bedroom. I sat on the bed and attached the leather shackles to my ankles and my left wrist. I checked the time. Rob would be home in about a half an hour. Still plenty of time to finish off my preparations. My shaved puss was beginning to complain a bit, so I smoothed some moisturizer onto the tender newly-exposed skin. Next I got a tube of KY from the night table and liberally spread the gel about my lips and a bit down my inner thighs. I got on the bed and worked out where I would be laying and then squeezed out a blob of the gel onto the sheet and spread it into a realistic looking damp patch. I repositioned myself and checked the effect. Yep, it looked like I was one turned-on gal. I smiled at the artifice, Rob might guess it wasn't all me, but I doubted it. Men don't argue with a good thing when it's handed to them on a plate.

I put the KY back and set about buckling my feet to the end of the bed. I spread them as wide as was comfortable. I looked over at the bedside clock and checked the time again. I buckled my left wrist to the head of the bed. I leaned up and snapped the cuffs to my right wrist and flicked open the other cuff. Well, this would be it. Once I snapped the cuff to the bed I really wouldn't be going anywhere. I wouldn't be able to release myself even if I wanted to.

For five minutes I contemplated the open cuff. Should I wait till I heard him coming in or just take the risk and do it now? My stomach began to flutter at the prospect of being spread-eagled like this, totally out of control of the situation. I could feel my own juices start to mingle with the KY. Maybe I hadn't needed to be so liberal with the gel after all. I considered a gentle fingering of my clit, but I resisted the temptation. I wanted Rob to have first touch of my new bare pussy. This was all his treat after all.

I did it. I just reached out and snapped the cuff. A wave of exquisite anticipation rippled through me and I couldn't help but close my eyes and savor the feeling. I tried to wriggle my legs together and get some friction on my slippery, exposed pussy, but they shackles held firm and my legs remained obstinately spread wide. I whimpered in the first tremors of delicious frustration. My nipples had hardened to a painful throbbing tightness. I craved the return of Rob, but at the same time I wanted this helpless lust to continue for as long as possible.

I wasn't sure if I could induce an orgasm just by thought alone, but I felt myself building and building. My clit was singing with desire for something to rub it. I tried to twist in the hope of rubbing myself on the bed, but I was too firmly held. If I could've just touched it once, for only a second or two, that would've been enough. But I couldn't. I groaned in frustration. It was terrific. It was about then that things started to go wrong...

The phone rang. I jumped in surprise. Damn, I hadn't considered that would happen. Never mind, I thought, the answering machine would cut in. It was Rob. He was puzzled that I didn't answer, but several "Come on, Kim, pick up"s later he finally muttered "Well, I guess you're not there. I've just bumped into Tracy and Phil. They've invited us to spend the evening at a quiet dinner party. I shan't bother coming home, Phil and I are gonna play a round of golf, so I'll meet you there, say about six. The address is in the book. Don't get tied up for too long. Love you," he said, and broke the connection.

I screamed the words "shit" and "fuck" as loud as I could, over and over, as I rhythmically banged my head on the pillows in time with my rants. I eventually laid still and looked up at my shackled wrists above my head. The bed had a wrought iron frame. Strong as I was, I wasn't about to break free. I started to giggle, then laugh, then ended up crying. After a while I just laid there.

Then it got worse.

I heard a noise in the living room. I tensed and laid still. I heard the noise again. Somebody was moving about. I debated what to do. But straight away I knew I really only had one choice. I didn't do anything. I couldn't. The noise came closer and closer. The bedroom door swung open and Richard Nixon came into the room. I don't know which one of us was more shocked at what we both saw. Me, flashing my shaved pussy at him, or him with his rubber mask. Being confronted by a burglar face to face is bad enough, but to make it face to helpless pussy was extraordinarily unnerving.

"Hi," I said, and tried my best welcoming smile. He just stood there transfixed, looking at my naked body tied to the bed and pretty much inviting further inspection. "Erm, I know this looks kinda weird, an' all... but there is an explanation," I said. he ignored me and looked around the room. I expect he figured somebody would leap out of the closet any moment.
He didn't say anything, he just started to open drawers and move items about looking at them, presumably assessing their value. It was weird having some stranger ignore you while they casually burglarized your house.

"Hey, you wouldn't do me a favor and untie me, would you?" I asked hopefully. He ignored me and put a few items of my jewelry in his pocket. He came and checked my night table. He opened the drawer and pulled out some condoms and dropped them on the floor. Next came my two vibrators. He held them up to show me and I just nodded, blushing slightly. Which, given the circumstances, was kinda superfluous. He tossed them back in the drawer and stood up for another look round. He looked down at me. I couldn't see, but I felt him grinning at me behind his mask.

He walked over to the closet and spent a few moments poking about looking for anything small and valuable. There wasn't anything that took his fancy. Eventually he came and sat on the bed next to me. Up to then I'd felt reasonably at ease, well as at ease as you'd expect, given the situation. But now I suddenly felt desperately vulnerable.
"I guess, you're not gonna release me, are you?" I said, regretfully. 
He shook his head. So far he'd managed to remain completely silent. Didn't want to be picked out of any line-ups later, I assumed.

"Well, if you ain't gonna talk, then I'll have to for both of us. You're not gonna do anything unpleasant that we'll both regret are you?" I said. He shook his head slowly. I couldn't tell if it was puzzlement at the crazy situation, or an answer to my question.

His held his hand up, fingers spread, palm facing me, and slowly moved it towards my face. He was wearing surgical latex gloves. I started to turn my head away and the hand stopped. I turned back to look at him and the hand started to slowly move forward again. I began to breath in short pants, as a sudden fear gripped me, that this was it. But he just carefully brushed my hair from my eyes where it had been irritating me since my frantic head thrashing of earlier. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, not so much for the removal of my bangs, but for the fact that he didn't do anything more.

"Thank you," I said, still panting slightly, but mightily relieved, and marveling that I seemed to be blessed with an honorable burglar. 
"You know, it would be a hell of a lot easier if you'd say something," I said. He shook his head again. I sighed. "Ok, I understand."

He held his hand up to his mouth and made a drinking motion with an imaginary cup. I frowned for a moment, wondering why he was even asking for my permission, then I realized he was asking me if I wanted a drink. It dawned on me that all that shouting earlier had left my throat a bit raw.
I nodded an affirmative. He got up and left the room. A short time later he returned with a glass of water and sat next to me again. He carefully held it to my lips. I craned my neck up to accept the drink, but some of it still escaped and ran down my face onto the pillow. 
He put the drink down and fetched a towel from the bathroom and mopped my face.

"I suppose I left a window open or something, huh?" I said. 
He nodded. 
I shook my head in self-recrimination. "I guess I deserve this, don't I." He shrugged, and tilted his head slightly. He looked down at my body and I became acutely aware again that I was naked before his gaze. Not being able to do anything about it I mentally shrugged and resigned myself to his stares.

"Like what you see?" I said. He thought a moment and then held up his hand and waggled it in a so-so movement. For a moment I was indignant, then I realized he was kidding me. I couldn't help smiling. I had a burglar with a dry sense of humor.
"Yeah, well, I know the tits could be bigger, but I refuse to have any damn silicon stuck in them. I'll keep with what Ma Nature intended me to have." I trailed away into silence when it occurred to me I was telling a complete stranger, who'd come here with the sole intention of robbing me, about my feelings on breast augmentation. Just when I thought my life has twisted through every weird circumstance it's likely to face, up had popped another one.

"Look, you should go, my boyfriend is due any moment. He won't take kindly to your presence," I said. The burglar shook his head and made hand signs indicating that he'd heard Rob's call too. My heart sank. Rob's return had been my best hand, and now my bluff had been easily dismissed. Ok, Plan B.
"Is there anything I can do for you, in return for you releasing my bonds," I said. He held up both hands in mock surprise at such a suggestion. I suppose it was pretty dumb, considering he could take anything I had to offer regardless of my consent.

"Ok, well what do you want?" I asked, puzzled as to why he was still here and not apparently wanting to take advantage of me. He pointed to my mouth and then his ear, then made a continue motion with his hand. "You want me to talk to you?" I asked. He nodded enthusiastically and then put his hand inside his big padded ski jacket. He pulled out a piece of paper and held it up to me, pointing towards it and then back to me. I looked at the paper and realized it was one of the pages I'd printed for Rob. I'd started a story and written a few paragraphs on each of the pages I'd printed and then pinned to the doors. The idea was that Rob would read them as he approached the bedroom and it would put him in the right frame of mind for what I wanted.

"You want me to tell you the rest of the story?" I asked, incredulously. He nodded rapidly in agreement. I was dumbfounded. Weird on top of weird.
He pointed to the "Love Kim" line at the bottom and pointed to me. I nodded, but he shook his head and pointed to "Kim" again. I frowned, but still nodded, but again he shook his head. He put the paper down and started typing and imaginary keyboard and then pointed to me again.
"You mean did I type them?" I asked. Again he shook his head and sighed. He sat for a moment, apparently in indecision. Again he picked up the paper and pointed to my name, followed by some frantic pointing at me.

"Yes, damnit, I'm Kim, that's me, I wrote the fucking thing," I said, exasperated. He clenched his fists in frustration and struck the palm of his hand to his forehead. After a moment he went through the whole name pointing routine again. I suddenly had a flash of understanding.
"You don't happen to read ASSD on the net do you?" I asked. 
He nodded vigorously.
"So you're asking am I "the" Kim, not just any Kim?" I asked. 
His whole body relaxed and he nodded. At last I understood. "Erm, well actually yes I am that Kim, but you'd better goddamned promise me you won't tell anyone," I said, angrily. He nodded an affirmative and made a scouts honor sign.

He leaned up and took hold of my right hand. It took a moment to realize he was trying to shake my hand. Once again I was struck by the absurdity of the situation and started to laugh. He also started a high pitched giggle, but immediately clamped his hand over his mouth and stopped.
This only made me laugh some more and soon I was howling with such laughter that I was shaking the bed. I eventually subsided and laid there exhausted. He gently wiped the tears of laughter that streaked my face away with the towel he'd fetched earlier. He pointed to the half-drunk glass on the night table. I nodded a yes and he helped me have some much needed mouthfuls of water.

"So you wanna know how the story continues, huh?" I said. He nodded enthusiastically.
Hmmm, where to begin? Well at the beginning, I guess...

* * *

I entered C's impressive office. The intelligent, but sexy, secretary had buzzed me through. I casually tossed my coat across the room and knocked the coat stand over.
"Commander Kim, I have brought you back into active service on a matter of the gravest importance. The continued existence of the Western democracies rests entirely in your hands. No pressure of course. Would you like a cup of tea?" she said. It had been five years since I left the spy game and went into semi-retirement.

"What is it this time?" I said, with a sigh, as I settled into the luxurious leather-bound chair. I looked around the office. The sumptuous oak paneling and crystal chandelier contrasted oddly with the huge television screen covering one wall. I could see the pigeons of Trafalgar Square in the distance through the bombproof windows.
"Oh, the usual, just some megalomaniac jerk, wants to rule the world, normal stuff, really," she shrugged. "This was received at the Times news desk at 6 o'clock this morning." She tossed a file across her vast desk at me.
Inside was a video and a note. I raised my eyebrows at C. She leaned forward and pressed a button in the top drawer of her desk. The TV screen flickered into life.

A good-looking young woman performed a back flip and stabbed a man in the chest with a wooden stake. I looked at C quizzically. She harumphed and pointed a remote at the screen and the tape started
to fast forward.
"An episode of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' the lab tells me," she said. The screen rippled and collapsed into noise. Then a face appeared grinning into the camera. My heart leapt. I knew that face. It was none other than the evil genius Bronfeld, my arch nemesis. 
The unmistakable scar across one eye, the exaggerated grin, the stroking of her pussy.

"Hello C, I just thought you'd like to know my organization has just hijacked a satellite, a large ship, a submarine, a stealth bomber, an oil platform and another satellite. With all this equipment we're going to something really despicable, you see that we don't!" Bronfeld said, smirking into the camera.
C leaned across the desk and whispered "I thought you'd killed her?"
"Four times, so far, but she just keeps on coming back. I shot her in the head in Las Vegas, I blew her up on an oil rig off the coast of Mexico, blew her up in a volcano in Japan, and finally I dropped her off a helicopter's runner down a big chimney in London. She just won't stay dead, the bitch,"
I hissed.

"London?" C asked, raising her eyebrows yet again.
"What can I tell ya, we'd run out of location budget by then," I shrugged.
Bronfeld had stopped speaking and was looking off to her left somewhere. After a pause she said "Think they bought all that stuff? We did get the stealth bomber, didn't we?" she asked someone off camera. She looked back at the camera and said "You're not still taping are you?" The picture broke up and slowly resolved into an old episode of Baywatch. C stopped the tape.

"So, your mission Kim, is to track down that missing stealth bomber and terminate Bronfeld once and for all," C said. While she had been speaking I'd idly pulled out my Walther PPK and was absently-mindedly snapping the safety catch on and off.
"I will, of course add three tens to your record, if you can pull this one off," she said, hurriedly. I realized what I was doing and put the gun back in my shoulder holster.

"So what's first?" I asked.
"Well, you know, the usual, go to several exotic locations, shoot a few people, blow something up, make ludicrous jumps of logic, and bed at least three gorgeous babes. Maybe have a dramatic chase near the end. Something like that."

The door opened and Deegeepenny came in carrying the tea. He crashed the tray down on C's desk and handed me my spilled cup.
"Ah, shaken, not stirred. I see you haven't forgotten," I said. 
He smiled his demure smile and wiggled his way back out the office.
"Uh-huh, one question... why me? I've been retired for five years. All I do now is write the odd review and knock out smutty stories."
"The Prime Minister and I, felt that under the circumstances only you could do the job, agent Oh, Oh, Ohhhh," she said. "Report to B for your field equipment. Good luck, Kim."
I got up and left her office.
"Hey, Deegeepenny, still like it Greek? I asked. He blushed charmingly.

* * *

I made my way to the armory and my meeting with Brother B. I wondered what strange and ridiculous equipment he'd come up with this time. I stood and admired the shiny new BMW sports car parked in the corner.

B handed me a briefcase. I went to flick open the catches, but B held my arm and shook his head. "You've got to turn them through ninety degrees first," he warned. "The whole thing is lined with thin strips of C4, if you don't turn them first, it's 'boom', and anyone within fifty yards will have a very bad day."
I turned the catches and opened the case. Inside was a large strap-on dildo. I held it up
"Don't tell me, B, does this has a hidden flame thrower built in?"

"Hardly, it's just standard equipment for all our top agents. You never know who'll you'll bump into. We like to cover every eventuality."
I dropped the dildo back into the case and shut it. "Anything else for me?" I asked.
He smiled. I spent the next hour going over the various toys.
As I was leaving a young technician pulled me to one side. "Sorry to bother you Commander, but why do you call B, 'Brother'?" she asked.
I smiled. "Sure you wanna know?" I asked. She nodded enthusiastically.

"Well, one night I came down here to get something and he and one of the technicians were, erm, enjoying themselves across the workbenches."
She looked puzzled. "But how does that explain the 'Brother' thing?"
"She was dressed as a nun and he was dressed as a monk," I said, managing to keep a straight face. Her mouth fell slightly open. I walked on and didn't laugh until I was the other side of the blast-proof doors.

* * *

The plane landed with a bump. I hadn't been to the South Pole for a long time. It still looked just as white as I remembered.
It had been a tough few days. The fight with a dozen ninjas on the roof of the World Trade Center had taken it out of me. Luckily, B's rocket thruster heels had enabled me to leap from one tower to the other and evade them.
The bicycle chase through the streets of Amsterdam had been a close pedaled thing too.

I'd got the break I needed from the mercenary Tim Quon in the back streets of Calcutta. He knew where Bronfeld's yacht had sailed for, the previous week. Unfortunately he'd only give me the information if I submitted myself to him. It was an easy choice, I'd often given myself for Queen and country.
It was only later that I discovered he had unusual tastes. He'd wrapped me in Saranwrap from head to foot and tied me to a wall. When I asked him what was to happen next he shrugged and said he didn't know because I was the first woman who'd let him do it. We'd stayed that way for about ten minutes till I suggested he might as well unwrap me in that case, so he did, and we had a nice cup of tea and 
a chat.

I'd traced the yacht to Cape Town where I'd learned that Bronfeld's organization was responsible for large shipments of jet fuel south. That, and some nuclear bombs. There was only one place left to go south of Cape Town and so I hopped a flight to the American Palmer Science Base. I knew it was really a cover for the CIA to keep a close watch on the Russian base.

I was met by my old friend Felix P. Dragon, my CIA counterpart. He told me that they'd been unable to find any trace of 'S.M.O.O.C.H', Bronfeld's organization. I looked at the map on his office wall.
"I think I've found it," I said. He peered at the map.
"What makes you think that's the place?"
"Why would Iceland have a base in Antarctica?"
"Good point."

* * *

There were two guards patrolling the entrance to the single wooden building that was supposed to be the Icelandic Ice Study Center. I started to screw the silencer onto my Walther when I noticed a figure slinking up the side of the building carrying a pair of pistols. I'd recognize that slink anywhere. It was my arch rival from the KGB, secret agent Tariaski. I watched as she crouched momentarily and then launched into a forward roll and came up between the two guards neatly hitting them both on the back of the head. They crumpled to the floor without a sound.

I stood up an applauded. Tariaski whirled round and crouched, pointing the AK-47 she'd lifted from the guard. When she saw it was me she stood up and smiled.
"So, Commander Kim, you too look for Bronfeld?" she said, in her sexy Russian accent.
"You got it Babe," I said. I held out my hand, but she pulled me to her and gave me a big hug.
"It's been a while Commander. Do you still love me?"
"Of course, you're the only one for me," I lied. She scowled, but then grinned and gave me a sloppy kiss.

"What is your plan?" she asked.
"Well, I intend to go in there and shoot a lot of people, blow up anything that looks remotely like a stealth plane and finally walk into a trap so that there can be a big showdown at the end with Bronfeld."
"The usual then?"

We opened the door and peered inside cautiously. There was a long tunnel disappearing underground. We crept along, each of us now equipped with an AK-47 courtesy of the guards.
Half way down the corridor there was a door. I opened it while Tariaski covered me with her rifle. The room was empty, save for a bed.
"It's a pity you haven't got your standard issue briefcase," Tariaski said.
"Yeah, some idiot stole it at the airport. Still, that's one less thieving baggage handler to worry about. But if it's this you were thinking about?" I said as I opened up my large ski jacket. I had on twin shoulder holsters. In the left was my trusty Walther, but in my right...

"You brought it with you," Tariaski said squealing in delight. She pushed me into the room and closed the door behind us. There's nothing like extreme danger and impending explosions to get you wet and desperate I've found. Two hours later we staggered out of the room, not walking quite so lithely as we'd gone in. "If I die now it will be with a smile on my face," Tariaski whispered, and giggled softly.

We crept along the corridor to the end. It terminated in a control room. We peered through the glass door. There sat Bronfeld, still stroking her pussy. The room looked out over an immense underground space. Three stealth planes sat patiently on the floor of the cavern, with dozens of minions fussing about them like so many worker ants. I hate minions. I was looking forward to blowing up as many of them as possible.

* * *

I awoke to find myself strapped to a table with a large dangerous looking piece of equipment hovering over me. I groaned, my head hurt. I looked around me. I was back in the control room. I remembered the dramatic shoot outs, the running around and shouting a lot, the satisfaction of destroying two of the planes. It was all terribly exciting, but you don't need me to fill in the all details, do you?

There was no sign of Tariaski. Bronfeld saw that I was awake and casually strolled over to my side, still clutching her cat under one arm.
"So Commander Kim, you're awake at last. So glad you could join us for the grand finale. Welcome to Armageddon," she said.
"Do you mind if imma geddin outa here?" I said.
"Really, Commander Kim, you disappoint me."
"Yeah, you're right, I'm not very good at telling jokes."

"In twenty minutes I will issue a declaration of war, apparently from the former Soviet Union, and my plane will bomb Washington DC 
into dust. What do you think of that?"
"Would anyone notice?"
"Hah, I expected better Commander."
"Sorry, I'm new to this comedy stuff."
"Don't give up your day job."

"Erm, what have you done with Tariaski?"
"Ah, yes, the KGB's finest. Oh don't worry, she's alive and well. For 
the moment. She's strapped to the nuclear device being loaded onto the plane you so graciously saw fit to leave in one piece. I hear she likes a good bang. Well this should be the biggest bang she's ever had," Bronfeld said, chuckling to herself.

I looked at the large digital clock on the wall. There were only seven minutes left. We watched as the plane was lifted up into the air on a large hydraulic platform. I turned my attention to the machine still hovering over me.
"It's a laser, Commander. I intend to set it going at the moment the bomb drops."
"You expect me to talk?"
"No, I expect you to go 'ow' a lot! You see, it's not a cutting laser, 
it's a surgical laser. You won't be falling in half, when I've finished with you. No, I'm going to weld your pussy shut! Hah, what do you think of that, my promiscuous little spy slut? You'll have the rest of your miserable life sexless. It'll be torture for you!"

I thought about this revelation for a moment. 
"Nah, my boyfriend prefers oral, and he's fond of anal too."
"Shut up you pervert, you're ruining the dramatic finale, damn you,"
Bronfeld screamed. She stepped close and produced a pair of scissors in triumph. She cut my ski pants away and then my panties. So there I was tied up and showing my pussy to strangers.

"Hey, doesn't this sound familiar?" I said.

Tricky Dick got up and went to the dressing table. He pulled all my jewelry and credit cards out of his pockets and dropped them on the table. He looked back at me, as if pondering what to do. I saw him look down and pick up the key to my handcuffs. He swung them back and forth contemplating his next move. He tossed them in the air and caught them decisively in the palm of his other hand.

He sat down next to me again on the bed. Holding one of the keys he let the other dangle on its short length of chain. He trailed it slowly over my belly in little circles. The key slowly meandered towards my exposed pussy lips.
"Don't... erm... don't you want to hear... oh God, that feels good... about my daring escape and the invasion... oh shit... I... I... really don't think you should be... oh fuck, oh fuck, just there, please, just there... and all the CIA troops who... ooooh, ungggg, haaaaa, nnnnnnng... how... how I rescued Tariaski from... oh shiiiiiiiiiittttttt.

I laid there panting, eyes closed and shimmering, and all from a key. Jesus. I opened my eyes to see a dripping key being dangled above my face. Dick lowered it to my lips until it was resting on them. 
He leaned over and pressed on my chin with his free hand and urged my mouth open. The slick key dropped on to my tongue as he let go the other key and it hung down my chin. I instinctively clamped my teeth shut on the chain linking the two keys.

He reached up and unbuckled my left hand. It was almost numb and just flopped down beside me, limp and tingling. He pulled up the bottom of his mask and revealed a set of perfectly lipsticked lips. He leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. Richard Nixon was a she.
"I prefer your sad stories," she said.
"Phannk oooh," I said.
"See ya, Kim. It's been fun. But how come you didn't tell me the rest of the story you were writing for Rob?"

"I hidn't hink ee wash appro... apppr." I spat the key out. "I didn't think it a good idea to get you aroused, under the circumstances."
She smiled. "Guess, not."

She got up and repositioned her mask. She gave me a wave and left. I tried to wave back, but my arm still felt dead. I called out a thank you, but there was no reply. I wondered what I was thanking her for; the key induced orgasm, or giving me back my things. Both I guess. I looked at the clock. I could still make it to the dinner party.

The End

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