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Best Served Cold

by James Ellis

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© Copyright 2020 - James Ellis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; caught; F/m; toys; cons; X


It’s really boring laying around in absolute darkness when you can’t move an inch! Especially when you had only planned a short bit of Self-Bondage before going out. I should be getting ready to go to the pub, not lying trussed to a wooden pole. My balls feel like ice cubes. The leather gag stops any cries for help, and with the tight leather hood I’m blind and my hearing is very restricted. I have to strain hear anything at all.  When Sue comes back from shopping She’ll release me, I hope.

It’s true I had kept her in slave chains dressed in nothing but her lacy bra and briefs, the night before. But I had only fitted the scolds bridle when she insisted on talking through the football. That was no excuse for doing this to me, even if Her parting words were ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’.

It was a warm summery day and we had got up late and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, discussing our forthcoming holiday. While I did the washing up Sue went to get ready to go out. As I came out of the kitchen she met me with a sly grin and presented me with a pair of brief leopard print swim briefs. "These are “tan thru’” briefs so you can work on an all over tan in the garden." She said. "I’ll be two or three hours so don’t get burnt." And with that She gave me farewell peck on the cheek and went out. We had a tentative meeting with friends at the pub for one o’clock so I had the morning to myself.

Well it was a bright sunny day and we don’t get that many, so I changed into my present, they were a quite snug, a bit skimpy but decent. I went out into the garden and sunbathed for about an hour before I got bored. Walking back into the bedroom I caught sight of myself in the mirror, Tarzan I am not, but I thought I looked as if I had swung in out of the trees. Of course in our lives heroes often ended up captured by the bad guys, I could spend a happy half-hour or so as a captive jungle hero.

The thought is as good as the deed, so I got the toy box out, selected various lengths of rope, a couple of pre tied rope coils (we both have a set of these for our wrists) and a leather insert gag. What to make it more jungle? A net, or perhaps a hunters pole? I got 70 inch 1 inch diameter wooden dowel rod out of the wardrobe. Now for a short fairly strict bit of SB I thought, so I collected a Swiss army knife and tucked it securely in the waistband of the swim brief, at the back, this was my back up release. Next I threaded a couple of long ropes through the holes at the top and bottom of the pole. Placing the rest of the ropes on the bed next to me, where I could reach them easily, and began my bondage session.

First I tied six loops of the rope tied to the end of the pole round my ankles, and then I passed the two ends between my ankles cinching the loops tight and tied them off to the pole. Next I brought the pole up my back and passed a rope around the pole and my legs just above the knees, ensuring the pole was tight against my bum between the cheeks, I looped the rope around four more times and tied it tightly at the back. Then I pushed the two loose ends between my legs and back round the loops forming four cinch loops that I tied off in front, my legs were now completely immobilised and held straight. 

Picking up the next rope I found the centre and tied it to the pole and then tied two loops tightly around my waist. I still had two long loose ends so I brought them around either side of my body and pushed them between my legs just below my crotch and tied the ends to the pole. I was now immobilised from the waist down. I picked up the leather insert gag and secured it as tight as it would go. Next I picked up the two special rope loops and put one over each wrist. Finally taking hold of the two ends of the rope tied to the top of the pole I passed one over each shoulder and under the armpit around the pole in back, pulled out all the slack I could, pulling my shoulders back as I tied them off. Because there was still a lot of rope trailing I formed two tight loops around the pole my body and arms, this still left trailing ends so I threaded these through the waist ropes and tied them off.

Now all I needed to be the helpless jungle captive tied to the headhunters’ pole was to secure my hands. This is where the pre tied loops come in the first one you pass your hands through from opposite sides, then as you bring your hands together this tightens up. Next you pass your hands through the second loops, this time in the same direction, and with difficulty work the loops up your hands until they slip to your wrists. Your wrists are now tied fairly tightly crossed behind you. Two long ends are left hanging down so that to free yourself you can pull down tightening up some loops and pulling a single loop down over the hands, once this is done the remaining loops loosen and you can struggle free. If this failed I had the Swiss army knife as a back up. 

I looked over at the clock eleven twenty five, I’d savour my bondage for ten minutes and then start to get free. So there I was the captive jungle hero tied to a pole, when I heard footsteps behind me, and Sue’s voice. “Here let me help with the last bit.”  With this she grabs the two hanging ends moves my hands palm to palm and cinches the wrist tie tight. I am now really a captive; she removes the Swiss army knife saying, “Revenge is mine says the Lady. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist the opportunity for some self-bondage while I was out. You didn’t think I would just forget about three hours wearing that beastly bridle did you.”  She was looking through the toy box muttering to her self then stood up beaming. “ Just the thing” she says holding up the black leather, back lacing discipline hood. She pulls it over my head and despite my grunts of  protest laces it up as tight as she can. Now I am in real trouble I can’t move, see, speak or even here her moving around. I stand for some time, grunting a protest occasionally, but receiving no response.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my chest and I was pushed gently but firmly backward. My rigid legs connected with the bed behind me and I fell backward, pivoting around the back of my knees. Unable to move to break my fall I landed on my back on top of my bound arms, winded. As I sucked air back into my lungs I felt a rubber sheet under me, and a gentle breeze moving over my body. Suddenly there was an icy mist spraying over my helpless body, “There that should cool you down “ says Sue. The spray stopped but the breeze continued and I still felt the cooling breeze. I lay silent for a while then started to grunt and test my bonds, but all I could move was my head. “Lets get you safely into the centre of the bed,” she says “roll over.” But tied as I was I couldn’t move at all, so after some grunting and heaving she moved me further on to the bed. “I am just going to the shops for some sunscreen and a new pair of sunglasses.” Says Sue, "You lie there and remember, revenge is a dish best served cold.” With that an ice pack was placed on my crotch spreading its icy grip quickly to my balls.




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