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Best Laid Plans

by Stealthbinder

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© Copyright 2010 - Stealthbinder - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; lingerie; caught; M/f; bond; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Kate nervously looked at her watch again, waiting for the workday to at last end. She was both disappointed and worried. Her current boyfriend, Craig, was going out tonight with his roommate Dan and some of their buddies. This meant that Kate didn’t have a date tonight, and with her friends all busy, who likes staying home on a Friday night with nothing to do.

She was also worried. She liked Craig enough, but they were not quite as nuts about one another as they were a few months ago, at least he didn’t seem that way. She was worried that he was going out trolling for girls, and soon dropping her like a hot potato when he found a new woman to amuse himself with. Bad enough staying home with no date on a Friday night, it would be even worse not having a boyfriend too. Better she find a new guy first and drop Craig if things weren’t going to work out between them.

The problem was, while Craig was not her ideal guy, he did have some fine qualities she enjoyed, like his usual willingness to spend time with her and spend money on her as well. But she especially liked the qualities he lavished on her in the bedroom. Several months ago, Craig introduced her to kinky sex and Kate found she liked it more than she imagined she ever would. Since then, she’d been expertly tied up by Craig a lot around his apartment and even spent some time online herself looking into bondage techniques to try out. She especially liked when he tied her to a bed and ever so slowly brought her to a monstrous orgasm. It was the first time she really climaxed, even though she wrongly assumed she had enjoyed these before. Craig showed her what the real thing was. She also liked it when he spanked and pinched her ass as she laid her naked body across his lap, at least in small doses. But bondage was the best and she looked forward to each time they got together and played their Kate-all-tied-up game.

Of course, there were trade offs on her part for this as well, for his fetishes ran deep. He always wanted her to wear sexy lingerie and ridiculously high heeled shoes when playing their kinky games. He even asked her to wear garters and stockings under her clothes on their dates, often checking under her skirt to see if she did. Even when having normal sex, vanilla he called it, he still wanted her to wear her stiletto shoes at a minimum, stating it was how a woman should always dress for her man in bed. In the end, Kate went along with his wishes for several reasons. First, Craig always appreciated her dressing up for him and rewarded her with really great sex that went on for hours as a reward. Second, he was willing to buy much of the requested attire for her, along with other more reasonable outfits, adding to her already vast wardrobe. And third, she actually felt really sexy doing it, even though she sometimes felt more like a hooker than his girlfriend.

The other trade off was many times she was made to service his needs well before any of hers were taken care of. This meant she often spend the first hour of their bondage game tightly tied up and being worked up into a sexual frenzy before being presented his swollen cock to suck on, and swallowing down his sperm when he came. Giving a BJ without the use of one’s hands takes a long time and was a lot of work, especially if one wasn’t in the mood. Other times he just would masturbate while she struggled in her inescapable bondage and blew his come all over her trussed body while she grumbled behind her gag at not getting any attention. While her reward for all this was he’d give her at least one if not two nice orally applied climaxes while waiting for his rod to restore, she wished he’d make better use of his erect rod by simply ramming it into her aching pussy and give her a good hard screwing they both could enjoy. Though the fucking lasting far longer and was far more intense, for he took twice as long to come the second time around, her selfish side didn’t understand why he didn’t just want to screw her twice and eat her to orgasm in between, which would be far more pleasurable for them both. She felt he wasted perfectly good opportunities of carnal pleasures by self pleasuring himself.

Still, Craig was a decent guy and seemed to like her enough. But things have been a little strained lately and going out with his friends rather than her tonight had Kate thinking he was loosing interest, or at least looking for other options. And it had been over a week since the last time they physically hooked up, which worried her further. So the least she could do was give him a good reason not to go looking around or to go out fighting if he did. As she waited for the clock to reach the top of the hour, she finalized her man-keeping strategy.

At last, the work day was over and Kate quickly made for the door ahead of her co-workers. She drove home quickly and changed clothes, or rather what she had on under her clothes. She then drove over to Craig’s apartment, letting herself in with a key she knew he and his roommate hid in case they ever got locked out.

Kate headed straight to Craig’s bedroom, knowing it would be a good half hour before he got home from work, and hoped his roommate Dan would be even longer. She closed the door, knowing the surprise Craig was about to get would be very interesting to him while serving her sly purposes as well.

She opened the bottom drawer of his dresser, where Craig stored all his bondage tools. He had a fair collection for items, including lots for ropes of different lengths, leather and steel handcuffs, lots of scarves, leather belts and rolls of colored tapes, along with specialized gags and other bondage items she was yet to experience. She selected a set of handcuffs, a leather belt, a thin scarf and a roll of white tape. From the closet, she got out what Craig called a spreader bar, which was a black metal rod about a yard in lengths with a leather cuff attached at each end.

She laid all the items out on the bed before she dropped the keys to the handcuffs into her purse. She would only tell Craig this after they had finished. Kate then removed her clothes, hanging up her top and skirt in his closet and hiding her bra and panties on the closet floor.

She took a quick look at herself in the mirror hanging on the back of the closet door. She was left standing in a white garter belt holding up shimmering white stockings with wide tops and a pair of white high heels with ankles straps and 5 inch heels. Her 36C boobs were already swelling from anticipation and her nipples were getting hard just looking at herself and thinking what he would do when he found her laid out on his bed. The rest of her body was well formed, slender at the tummy and waist, curvy at the hips and ass, long and lean at the legs and pretty at the face. The white garments help show off her blonde curly hair and expressive blue eyes, and acted as a contrast to her bright eye shadow and lip stick. Even her true blonde pussy hair was trimmed nice and neat, just like he liked.

With no spare time to continue admiring herself, Kate closed the door and sat on the bed. She started with her legs, sitting on the bed with the spreader bar between her feet, buckling the straps onto her slender ankles. The black bar and leather made a nice contrast to her shimmering white stockings and heels. She centered herself onto the bed and lopped belts over the thick horizontal spindle at the foot of the bed. Kate knew why Craig owned this kind of bed, for the heavy wooden construction of robust spindles and 4 solid posts offered lots of points and places to securely anchor his lover down onto to render her helpless and exposed to whatever he wanted. Kate has experience a few of these a several times already and she was recreating one of those prior amazing times now.

She feed the belt through the ring in the middle of the spreader bar and buckled the belt. She laid back and did a quick test and found it a bit lacking so she shorted the loop a couple of holes. The one thing he insisted on was the bondage be tight and restrictive. According to Craig, loose bondage lent to easy escapes which lent to a disappointing bondage play. She had to make this a tight and real as possible if she was going to get the desired affect.

With her legs held spread and secured, she balled up the small scarf and placed it into her mouth. Craig enjoyed hearing his helpless victim make sexy moans and groans, but not able to tell him what she wanted done to her and when. It was a pure control thing with him, he wanting it all and she deprived of any. She ripped off a long piece of tape and placed it over her lips, running across her mouth from cheek to cheek, and smoothed it down. A test mumbled confirmed it was good enough.

Now she was read for the last step. She locked one handcuff onto her wrist before she lay down onto the bed face up. She fed the other end of the cuff though a spindle on the head board before working to lock the open cuff onto her other wrist. It took a little work but a moment later, she locked her other wrist into the silver band, trapping her on the bed and making her totally secured, vulnerable and susceptible to his lusts. Craig had bound her like this a few weeks ago, calling it a 3-point spread eagle, and left her in it for over 2 hours, resulting in three great orgasms for her and two amazing screwing before she was released.

Kate tested her bondage, finding she was indeed trapped. She considered using a second belt on the handcuffs, just so her fingers could reach the buckle and escape if needed. By deciding against it, Kate was locked to the bed until someone freed her, hopefully a few hours from now and after a couple of good climaxes too.

The most challenging part of her plan, getting herself tied up, was over. It went faster and easier than she thought it would. Now came the hardest part, waiting for Craig to show.

This is what she liked best, being bound with no chance to escape, powerless to resist her lover from doing what he wanted with her exposed body, enjoying the buildup before he acted. Craig was good at exploiting her helpless and turned on state to satisfy both himself and her. Just thinking about the impending orgasms and deep, hard intercourse she was sure to get made her hot and caused her to squirm erotically in her restrains, wishing she had an audience to see it. She couldn’t wait for Craig to find her and get it on.

After several minutes for fidgeting, she heard the phone ring in the living room and looked at the clock next to the bed. It was a few minutes past 5:30, which meant Craig should be coming home any second. She anticipated that after his initial surprise at finding her, he’s get right down to business. Due to his limited time between work and friends, Kate hoped he’d give her body a good fondling and oral probing, resulting in at lease one climax before he’d moved between her legs and fucked her hard. Removing the tape, he could force her into a mutual oral scenario by straddling her face while he ate her pussy, as he did last time. But Craig preferred his woman gagged while having kinky sex, so she figured he’d give her a good once over, concentrating on her boobs and clit before driving his throbbing cock home and blowing off into her before she would be released.

This would solve a list of problems about tonight. First, he’d be a happy and satisfied man which meant he’d be less likely to get horny later. Second, by getting his rocks off before, he’d be less likely to have a tryst with some floozy later. Third, it would remind him of what he’s already got and how willing she was to let him have his way with her, so why blow it by finding another chick to play with. And forth, Kate got some action and satisfaction, which would make her evening alone a little more bearable and gave her something to replay in her mind when she used her favorite vibrator later.

Now getting good and excited as her kinky and erotic plan was playing out, she heard a door slam and someone moving around in the living room. Thinking Craig must now be home, she started to make some grunts and groans, hoping her man heard the sexy sounds he loved to hear and would investigate, leading him to the bedroom and the waiting surprise. She heard a voice from the machine play back a message someone left, but couldn’t hear who or what the called said, then silence again.

Hearing footsteps in the hallway, she made sexy groans and thrashed about on the bed, causing the mattress to squeak and the bed creak. For a few seconds, nothing happened as she tried to get her lovers attention. What was he waiting for? At last, she heard the door knob rattle and watched the door slowly open. She wished she would have set up a video camera to record all of this, especially the look on Craig’s face when he first saw her there.

But it wasn’t Craig’s face she saw as the door swung open, but of his roommate Dan. The two stared at one another, not believe what they saw. Kate froze, looking back at Dan as he looked at her, still holding the door handle.

Dan relaxed his stance. “What the hell is all this?” he said with a smile creping over his face.

Kate knew Dan knew full well what all this was. Naked in Craig’s bedroom, tied to Craig’s bed with Craig’s bondage toys, it was obvious that she was waiting for Craig to find her. Only problem was it wasn’t Craig who found her. Unable to cover up her exposed body or move out of his sight, all Kate could do was squirm hard in her bondage, trying to tell Dan to get the hell out.

But he didn’t. He stood there, leaning against the dresser and his arms folded across his chest, his eyes running up and down her naked body, watching her squirm against the leather and steel that held her exposed and helpless. She must have made quite a sight, in her stockings and heels, chained down to the bed and gagged so she couldn’t protest or resist. It was a long couple minutes that Dan kept his advantage, watching the sexy and vulnerable blonde worm in her self-imposed embarrassment in a near panic state.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt,” he said slowly ‘but I heard the noise in here and knew Craig wasn’t home yet.” He continued. “Safe to assume you did all this for Craig to find, the lucky bastard. I’m sorry to spoil the surprise, but maybe it’s best that I did.” He said.

This was a first for Dan. He intently listened to his roommate when he boasted of his unusual sexual practices with various women. Dan sometimes pondered what it would be like to have some horny babe tied up and gagged, at the ready for him to enjoy. After seeing a few of the hot girls Craig dated, he began thinking there may be something to it. For the first time he got to actually see what his mind could only imagine, and he liked what he saw.

He walked to the end of the bed. “I’m guessing you were hoping Craig got home before I did, and that he’d find you and this little surprise you cooked up for him.” He said as he checked the leather belt holding her legs down. “Problem is, he’s not coming home, at least not any time soon.”

Kate’s grunted her surprise and knitted her eyebrows. What did Dan mean?

“I’m also guessing you didn’t hear the message left on the machine. Craig called to say something went haywire and he’s hung up at work. He said it could be a couple hours before he would get out.” Dan said as he moved to the top of the bed, checking the handcuffs for tightness on her wrists, giving him another view of the hot chick locked to the bed. She looked fine this way too. “He said he may go straight to the bar and meet us there, depending on how late he got out.” He moved to the other side of the bed and reviewed Kate from head to foot again. All he could do what think hot and amazing she looked.

Kate groaned. She planned to be only tied up for an hour or two, and most of that time being played with while having kinky sex. Who knew when Craig would come home, maybe not coming for hours or even till the next morning. This totally spoiled her plans.

“So, good thing I found you, for you might have been here a long time had I not.” He said, noticing how hard her nipples were. “Maybe you’re glad I did.” He added as he sat down on the bed next to Kate. “Maybe.” He added.

His hand touched her stocking covered leg, slowly traveling up her silky covered thigh then back down before reaching her exposed skin. Secretly Dan had it bad for Kate, wanting to date her himself since the first time they met. He never would dare steal a girl from a friend, but he kept waiting for Craig to move on to the next woman, as he usually did as his current relationship paddled along. Then he might get his chance.

But here was a chance that he might never get again. To be with sexy Kate, nearly naked, firmly tied to the bed and gagged, all alone and apparently quite aroused. And the best part was they were alone and without worry of being caught.

“So, knowing Craig is at least a few hours out from coming home, I guess there’s a few options for you to choose from.” He said as his hand roamed up her leg and over her exposed hips. “First, I can just leave you here, alone and helpless for you to wait for Craig to come home, whenever that might be, and find you.”

Kate groaned at the thought. Waiting hours was not what she had in mind. She planned for sex now, not hours from now, and maybe not even then.

“Second, I could set you free, but I don’t know where the keys are for these,” he said as the fingered the handcuffs, “and frankly, you look too damn good to unfasten, at least for now.” he said with a grin.

Kate looked up at Dan, wondering what he was getting at. In truth, she liked Dan as the best of Craig’s friends. He was better looking than Craig too and was lacking a girlfriend at the moment. He was always nice and friendly to her, in many ways more so than Craig, but seemed to keep a respectable distance and not intrude into his roommate’s relationships. She wasn’t sure if that was just Dan or if he was attracted to her but just didn’t act on it. At the moment, she thought maybe it was a combination of both.

“Or, since you seem like you’re a bit too excited to wait and would enjoy spending a little more time in your bondage that you took all this effort to get into, maybe I could make a fair substitute, sort of keep you company for a while and help you out.”

By now, Dan’s hands were running over her naked skin but avoiding contact with her erotic trigger spots. Problem was, he was right, for between his touch and her prior excitement, she was still pretty stirred up and wouldn’t mind if something could be done about it. From the lustful look in his eye, she guessed all this was having the similar effect on him.

Kate really wasn’t too hip on the idea of being locked up for hours without any sexual contact or relief. And just giving up would be most dissatisfying too. Kate considered her options for only a second before she nodded her head, made a soft moan and started to erotically worm in her self imposed bondage again.

Dan didn’t ask again. Now using both hands, he slowly tested and teased her entire restrained body, finding what she liked and even a couple ticklish spots that he made sure to avoid. Before long, Kate went from aroused and squirming to outright sexually lust as she tussled on the bed as much as her self-applied restraints allowed.

Eventually his mouth came into play, licking and sucking on her boobs, making her pussy burn with desire. She became consumed with the need to climax, but Dan just kept slowly working her prone body over. One part of her wanted nothing more than for him to make her come, another part wanted this wonderful teasing to go on all night.

His finger found her clit and slowly rubbed it. Kate groaned uncontrollably as he did, for it felt great. Without much warning, her orgasm grew to the point it wouldn’t wait and she exploded into a massive climax, crying out behind her gag as he whole body thundered with the powerful climax, her whole body enjoying the sensational orgasm. When it was done, Dan had eased off his assault on her, lightly caressing her skin.

“That feel good?” Dan asked as he looked down at Kate.

Kate let out a soft moan, nodding her head. It felt much better than just good.

“That’s good, but I think you can do better.” Dan said as he moved down between her silk covered legs. His face came down to her naked pussy, slowly kissing between her thighs and over her sex. His hands roamed up and down her fettered body, heaping stimulations onto her that soon got Kate excited again, far faster than she ever did before after having a great orgasm.

Soon his tongue was probing inside her and licking around and over her clit. A second orgasm began to build up quickly as Dan expertly ate and probed her pussy. Her buildup was fast, far quicker than she ever thought possible, making her fight hard against her restraints while intently moaning and groaning into her gag.

His hands moved to her hard nipples as his tongue lapped at her clit. The orgasm came on fast and hard, crashing though her bound body as an even more powerful orgasm rocked her from her fingers to her toes, causing her to scream against her gag.

Even as this orgasm slowly faded, Dan was slowly working her towards another. After only a few moments of amazing stimulations applied with his mouth, tongue and hands, another strong orgasm exploded over her, making her struggle hard and cry out in wild pleasure. She had the same response a few moments later when Dan brought her off once more, the fourth marvelous orgasm in less than fifteen minutes before he finally ended the pleasuring.

Even though the orgasms were fantastic, Kate still needed one more thing to make it a perfect evening, and wanted it more than ever. Her body squirming as she softly moaned, thrusting her hips upwards to him, trying to get the message across to him that she needed his hard cock plowing into her.

Dan was no fool and knew when an aroused woman needed a good screwing. He opened his fly and pulled his pants down, moving up between her legs. His firm cock glided right into her hot and wet love tunnel. They groaned deeply as he pushed his entire length into her, bottoming out at her hot silky pussy surrounded his throbbing rod.

He made long, slow but very deep plunges into her, making them both moan intensely. While Kate wanted faster and harder action, Dan was savoring the moment while giving the bound woman what she needed, a long, deep screwing.

After a few gratifying moments of gentle humping, Dan pulled out and attacked her pussy again with his mouth. A moment later, Kate exploded into another orgasm even as Dan plunged his rod back into her again to heighten the experience. Moments later, he did it again, making her come once more by ramming hard and deep into her over and over.

Deciding he wanted to keep things going a little longer and preventing his orgasm for a bit longer and had a little surprise in store for Kate. He withdrew from Kate once again, crawling off the bed entirely. He opened the buckle of the leather strap holding her legs down. Kate suspected he was going to free her legs, but was shocked when he lifted her legs off the bed and pulled her feet up towards the headboard. With her heels pointing into the air, he lopped the leather belt around the top spindle of the headboard and bucked it up, leaving Kate in her compromising position.

While Kate wiggled around in her new and vulnerable position, Dan watched her intently as he took off his clothes. Kate squirmed while watching Dan stripped, showing off his well toned body for the first time. In this unusual take on a bondage position, Kate hoped he was about to return to screwing her, still wanting his hard cock ramming deep in her.

Dan knelt on the bed up against Kate, running his hands up and down her raised legs, enjoying how the stockings felt and how she squirmed against his body. His cock was between her outstretched legs, rubbing against her wet pussy and over her excited clit. Kate moaned and groaned, wiggling in her restraints, pleading for Dan to drive his tool into her.

After several moments of erotic teasing, he slowly fed his cock back into her hot pussy, burying his cock deep inside her pussy in a way Kate never felt before. Both groaned as Kate squirmed in her bondage and Dan pressed hard against her, feeling the wet walls of her pussy slide around his throbbing cock. He fingered her clit, causing Kate to groan intensely. After a moment of erotic toying Kate exploded into another orgasm, screaming into her gag as Dan rubbed her clit and humped her pussy.

With Kate recovering from latest orgasm Dan finally turned to his own needs, slowly pushing hard and deep into Kate repeatedly. This is what they both wanted and desired, a good, long fucking. Up to now, Dan had kept his urges under control, trying his best to give Kate a wonderful experience while enjoying the kinky situation. Now he wanted his and was going to take it from the helpless blonde. He held onto her legs as his moved faster, thrusting his solid cock into Kate harder and harder, making Kate moan and groan with each inward thrust.

The sex was intense and amazing as both knew the end was soon coming. His orgasm grew till he knew he couldn’t hold it back any longer. He pulled out and stroked his cock, his eyes watching Kate squirm in her bondage. Seconds later he grunted in orgasmic delight and blasted his first wave of come so hard it landed on her neck. More come shot onto Kate’s boobs and belly, pumping globs of sticky sperm over her naked skin. He kept on coming, spewing come over her bound body till he finally slowed to a trickle, sperm dripping off his fingers and onto her hips.

When he finished, he crawled off the bed and wiped the come off his hands with tissues, leaving Kate naked and tied in her vulnerable position and still gagged, his sperm spattered all over her. Kate was still lightly squirming in her modified self-imposed restraints, hoping he’d either soon lower her legs or screw her again.

Seeing she was still aroused, Dan climbed on the bed again and moved his face between her legs. With his hands running over her hips and ass, he slowly licked her clit and plunged his tongue into her pussy. Her orgasm grew steady till she yelled into her gag and came again, with Dan thrusting his tongue deep into her pussy as another strong climax rocked her bound body once more.

Though he was hard as a board again and would have liked nothing more than to ram his dick back into Kate, Dan knew time was now becoming an issue. He figured Kate needed a break too, and knew that while he would eventually come again, it wouldn’t be cool if he got caught screwing his roommate’s girlfriend, especially since she was bound and gagged to his bed. Dan opened the belt buckle and gently lowered Kate’s spread legs down to the bed.

With Kate more comfortable, he got dressed again, just in case Craig showed. After he dropped onto the bed next to Kate and gently removed the tape from her mouth and pulled the soaked rag from her mouth.

“That was amazing.” She said immediately. “I’ve never come like that before or so many times to quickly.”

“So you don’t want to kill me for taking advantage of you in your, ah, compromising position?”

Kate laughed. “Mad, after all that? Of course not. That was so incredible, I wish we didn’t have to stop.” She replied. “I didn’t know you were into bondage too.”

“I wasn’t, not till now at least.” He replied. “Craig had talked about it several times and I wondered what it would be like to do it, but figured I’d not get the chance. But when I saw you, I really got turned on and, well, the rest you know.”

“So this was your first time?”

Dan nodded.

“Really? Then how did you know to do my legs like that?”

“Just went on instinct. The thought came to me and I decided to do it and figured you’d make it known if you didn’t like it.”

“Damn, you've got good instincts.” She replied with a laugh.

“So, again the question is should I release you or leave you here for Craig to find?

“Get me out of this, please.” She replied. “To be honest, I’ve had enough for now. Even if Craig showed and wanted some, he’s already missed the chance.”

Kate told Dan where to find the keys and soon the cuffs and spreader bar were removed. After telling Dan where everything went, Kate went to the bath to clean off Dan’s seed and dressed again. She retuned to find the room was cleaned up, the bed straighten up and the window open to vent the room for the smell of sex.

“Mind if I ask you something? You feel guilty about what just happened?” Dan asked.

“Well, a little.” She replied. “To be honest, I did all this in hopes to keep Craig from picking up another woman tonight. Then I’ve gone and done the same thing myself.”

“Well, you didn’t pick me up, technically. More like I found you and things just happened, you know.” Dan joked.

“True. You did kind of force yourself on me, but in a really good and gentle way.” She replied with an impish smile. “And I have to admit, it was really great. So thinking about it, I guess no, I really don’t feel bad about it. What about you? Feel guilty about having sex with your roommate’s girl?”

“To be honest, not one bit and would do it again if I ever have the chance.” He said very confidently, closing the window.

Kate was completely surprised at that answer. She pondered it as they went to the living room. She didn’t have time to follow it up, for they were only were sitting for a moment before Craig came in.

“Oh, hey, I didn’t expect to find you here.” Craig said to Kate.

“Well, I was hoping to spend a few moments with you alone before you headed out tonight.” Kate said as she kissed his cheek. To Dan, is looked like a half hearted display of affection. “Dan was nice enough to keep me entertained while I waited.”

“I can spare a few.” Craig said, thinking he might at least get a quickie in.

“Sorry honey. To be honest, I’m going to meet up with friends too, and now I’m running late.” She replied as she picked up her purse. “Dan, thanks for keeping me company. Have fun tonight guys.” She said as she left.

“How long was she here?” Craig asked after the door closed, seeming disappointed he was late and missed a chance at a quickie, and not that Kate was gone.

“Not sure. She was here when I got home.”

“Oh really? Do I need to worry you two had sex behind my back?” Craig joked.

“No need to worry.” Dan replied and left it at that. Dan’s felt that you could only really call it sex when the guy came inside her pussy. In his mind, since he didn’t come inside Kate, they really didn’t have sex so he could answer it honestly.

“You know I’m only joking.” Craig replied. “Sorry I’m so late, man. We better get ready if we want to get there on time.”

“To be honest, think I’m skipping it.” Dan replied. “Not sure I’m in the mood to party tonight.”

“I’m sure once you get there, you’ll get in the mood. And TJ claims this place is always loaded with hot chicks looking to hook up, so we got a good shot to score a babe tonight.”

“Here I thought you already have a hot babe.” Dan said, nodding towards the door Kate just passed thought a moment earlier.

“Oh, you know, Kate’s OK and all, but what’s the harm with looking to improve.” Craig replied.

Craig tried his best to convince Dan to come, but in the end left alone to meet up with the other guys. In Dan’s mind, he already met a hot chick and scored this evening, so everything else would pail in comparison. Besides, he didn’t want to chance an alcohol induced confession coming out tonight on what just happed earlier.

After Craig left, Dan replayed the events over in his mind again and decided he wouldn’t have changed a thing, only wanting more time to enjoy it. About 10 minutes later, the doorbell rang. He was surprised to see it was Kate again.

“Sorry, but Craig’s already left.” Dan said after the two exchanged greetings.

“Yeah, I know, I saw him leave a while ago. Actually, I’m not here to see him, but was hoping to talk to you.”

“Good thing I didn’t go out with the guys then.” Dan replied as he welcomed her in. He was worried that Kate had reversed her earlier opinion and was now upset with Dan.

“Since I didn’t see you leave, I was hoping you wouldn’t. So, I have a question for you. You said both this was your first time doing bondage and you’d do it again if you had the chance.”

“Yeah, I said both.” He replied.

Kate smiled. “Well, if you’d like to try it again, I’d be happy to both show you and be a model for you.” She said as she placed her hands behind her back and stood with her feet together. “I could teach you all you’d need to know.”

Dan was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe Kate was saying this. The way Kate stood there, like she was in some kind of mock bondage, was so suggestive and tempting. He’d do nearly anything to have the chance to tie up the hot blonde again.

“I’d really like that, believe me.” He managed to say. “But there’s one problem.”

Kate smiled. “Craig?”

“Yeah. You two are still an item, right?”

Kate smiled again. “We are, but things have been shaky at best lately. Plus, we both know the real reason why you guys were going out night, to pick up girls. I know Craig’s only dating me so he can play out his kinky games on me, and I stay with him because I like playing those games. But I know the moment he finds another girl he’s going to drop me. I’m betting he’s cheated on me already, so it’s just a matter of time.”

Dan wanted to correct her and say it’s happened twice, but decided to keep quite for the moment and not divulge that information yet.

“So are you doing this just for a little revenge?” Dan replied.

“No, not at all.” She said as she stepped closer then resumed her suggestive stance. “I think you’ve been sweet on me for a while, right?” Dan nodded. “To be honest, I’ve liked you too. All I’m doing is speeding up the process a little, spend the evening together alone and have some fun doing so. I’m doing this because I want us to and I want to do it with you.”

Dan looked at Kate, looking so desirable. He knew she was only a temporary plaything to Craig who was actively out looking for something better, for some stupid reason. Considering his prior conversation with his roommate, why should he fell guilty and avoid stealing her way from him. Dan liked Kate a lot and she seemed to like him too.

“That’s good reason enough for me.” He said as their mouths hungrily met. Kate squirmed her body up against him but never moved her arms from her fake bondage stance. Dan liked it, he felt in control.

“You ready to start?” she asked him.

“Whenever you are.” He replied. There was no need to rush. It would be hours before Craig would be back, if he was at all.

“Wait here, I’ll get what we need.” And Kate scampered off to Craig’s bedroom. Moments later she came back carrying a load of ropes and other items that she deposited on a table. She sorted the stuff out and explained what it all was. She then showed him how to tie her hands together with a 6 foot long rope. More than an hour later, Kate was completely bound in a very snuggly applied hogtie, her bound hands only inches away from spiked heels. She had spent the last 15 minutes trying to get loose and happily made no progress.

“You are one fast learner. I’m really stuck.” She replied, realizing how perfectly tied she was and any hope for a quick escape was gone. Expect for one small misstep, Dan was quickly learning the finer points of tight bondage and the restrictive hogtie proved his new found talents. Little did she know that Dan had done some prior Internet surfing and discovered a few things about bondage on his own that he was putting into practice, now that he had the chance to try it on a lady rather then just see picture of it or fantasize about it.

“I’ve always been a fast learner.” Dan replied as he looked over his handiwork, pleased he’d done such a good job. He was proud that he was able to bind up Kate and keep her that way. And she looked really good like this too. “So what’s next?”

“Well, I’m enjoying this way too much to get untied yet. So why don’t you give me a few more minutes before you untie me, then I’ll show you something else.”

Dan had no complaints at leaving her tied up and struggling. As he said earlier, she looked to good to untie, so he let her squirm to her hearts content. A short time later, all the ropes came off.

“Now I’ll show you the best part of all this.” She said. “But first, I want to get a little more comfortable and help set the mood.” She said as she started to take off her clothes. In a moment, she was again left dressed only in her garter belt, stockings and high heels, all in white, just like Dan found her hours before.

With a seductive smile, she turned around and placed her hands behind her back. “Tie me please.”

A moment later, her wrists were tightly bound. Before Dan could move, Kate backed up and groped his crotch, feeling his hard cock through his pants. Understanding what she meant by the best part, Dan reached around and began to slowly grope Kate’s breasts, feeling her soft boobs and hard nipples. Kate moaned softly as her fingers worked his pants open and exposed his hard naked cock to her hands, adding to the mutual groping.

Again Kate was the first to make a change. “Time for you to take advantage of me again.” She whispered as she stepped forward and turned to face him. With the seductive smile still on her lips, she dropped down to the floor on her knees, looking strait at his exposed and engorged cock.

“That’s not very fair for you.” He replied. Like most guys, Dan enjoyed having his cock sucked on, but he was the kind of guy who liked to have his girl totally satisfied first before he got any attention.

“Who said this needed to be fair?” She replied with a smile. “Besides, it’s the least I can do to show you how much I enjoyed what you did to me earlier. And since we have all night, you can make up to me later, if you’re feeling too guilty about it.”

Looking as great as Kate did and with how erotic all this bondage stuff was, Dan figured he’d have no problem getting it back up again later. “That I can do.” He said as he stepped forward and presented his erect cock to her lips.

He still had a few ideas on how he wanted to tie up Kate and make her come a few times yet. And this time, he’d wear a condom when they had sex and not pull out when he came. Who knew what else they could come up with before the night was through? Dan and Kate went on to play all night, trying this and that and learning as they went till they were exhausted and crashed in Dan’s bed.

Craig more than once said ‘all’s fair when dealing with girls’. So in Dan’s mind, stealing his girl was all fair and Craig couldn’t complain. He’d make sure Craig wouldn’t see Kate the next morning, just so things didn’t blow up. Besides, by then, Craig would most likely be onto the next chick anyways, but a little upset he lost is kinky plaything in the process. Dan and Kate were getting what they always wanted, and more.

So Kate’s plan to keep her man worked, even though it didn’t happen with the man she ordinarily laid it for. And she and Dan were both very happy about how it all played out, for sometimes you just have to roll with the situation, and plans all works out for the best.


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